Inspiring Design:: Natasha Baradaran

Natasha Baradaran is certainly no small town designer.  Her work spans from Beverly Hills to Dubai, from modern to traditional, and everything in between.  Peruse her portfolio, and you’ll understand why this designer is in demand.

natasha baradaran 1

The draperies absolutely MAKE this room, in my humble opinion.  Don’t you just love the way they frame the beautiful arched doors?


natasha baradaran 2

I DREAM of having a kitchen so full of gorgeous sunlight!!


natasha baradaran 3

And yet another gorgeous sunlight-filled room.  I really like the neutral color palette used here.


natasha baradaran 4

But we all know I’m a huge fan of bright colors.  I’d LOVE to wake up every morning in that bed, under that fun striped canopy!


natasha baradaran 5

I love that she used not one, not two, but THREE lanterns above the island.


natasha baradaran 7

More stunning draperies…and of course, the wall mural is one of my favorite features of the room.


natasha baradaran 8

Marble countertops are my absolute favorite in a kitchen.   Another bright, light-filled kitchen.


natasha baradaran 10

I always find myself being drawn to kids’ rooms because of the bright colors.  I’d love my whole home to look this bright and fun!!  And that rug…amazing.


Click here to learn more about Natasha Baradaran, and to see more of her portfolio.



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  1. Those lanterns above the island are incredible! And so is that entire kitchen! I'm usually a contemporary girl, but I'd be okay with that kitchen. 😀