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Cassandra’s Dining Room

Cassandra’s dining room is finally finished!!  It was a long project, taking right at a year to complete, but I think the final result is quite spectacular.

For those of you who don’t remember Cassandra, let me start at the beginning.

Cassandra contacted me at the beginning of last year wanting help with her dining room.  At the time her dining room looked like this…

cassandras dining room before 1
cassandras dining room before 2
cassandras dining room before 3
cassandras dining room before 4
cassandras dining room before 5

This room was a challenge for several reasons, including the wall of windows and doors, and also the size of the room.  I don’t know the exact size, but it’s really big!!

So I did a Virtual Room (re)Design to get Cassandra going in the right direction. You can click here to see Cassandra’s Virtual Room (re)Design.

Most of the work on the room was done by Cassandra and her husband, but since they’re only a thirty minute drive away from where I live, I was a little more involved in this redesign than I usually am with my Virtual Room (re)Design clients.  My drapery fabricator, Faye, made the draperies for the room, I installed them, and I did some of the accessorizing.  Other than that, Cassandra and her hubby tackled the rest themselves!

Ready to see how it turned out?  Here it is!

cassandras dining room after 10
cassandras dining room after 11
cassandras dining room after 12
cassandras dining room after 13
cassandras dining room after 14
cassandras dining room after 15
cassandras dining room after 17
cassandras dining room after 18
cassandras dining room after 19
cassandras dining room after 20

Isn’t that an awesome room?!  I just love how it all came together.  That turquoise piano has to be one of my favorite features of the room, right along with the bright floral dining chairs.  But my absolute favorite thing in the room…the draperies!!  I just never get tired of that Imperial Trellis fabric.

So what do you think? It’s definitely different from anything I’ve designed before, which I LOVE!! It was so fun to work with someone who has different, eclectic, outside-of-the-box taste, which is actually quite a rare opportunity for me here in central Texas. Sometimes it’s just nice to let your hair down and have a little fun!

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  1. WOW! I LOVE IT!! I'm so impressed how you can take a room and somehow magically make it flower together! I'm having a really hard time right now with my eat in kitchen.

  2. well done! i do have a question about the centerpiece. i love what you did, but where can they be moved to? Looks like it would be hard to see around them should she have a full table.

  3. Hi Kristi-
    What a huge change. I love it – very modern and fresh. I think the best transformations evolve just as this one did over the last year. The room has great lines – love the windows and doors. – you brought out the best in it.
    My best- Diane

  4. M4M4~~A centerpiece such as this one is more of an "everyday" look. For a dinner party, she would remove these (perhaps store them away out of sight, or arrange them in a corner of the room for color) and use a more appropriate and much lower arrangement for the middle of the table.

    1. love the ceiling and wall colors…what happens to the ceiling in the kitchen? my favorite piece is the piano…how fun

  5. LOVE IT. I LOVE the 3 vases your chose for the middle of that FABULOUS table. This is a BEAUTIFUL room and those windows make my heart flutter. LOVE IT!

  6. Still remembering your first post about turquoise piano and how once I told you, I didn't care for it. I'm glad you posted pictures of entire room after it was redone. I love it – incl. the turquoise piano! 😉

  7. Those drapes are such a dramatic statement!!
    I never would have tried painting the piano, it's such a fun touch and really brings the room together! 🙂

  8. I love the plates on the wall, the fabric on the dining end chairs and the colour of the ceiling! Gorgeous!

  9. This is a gorgeous room… What paint color did you use? I've been looking for a gray color that is exactly like that.. but i keep ending up with grays with lavender undertones that come out only when the whole room is painted!

  10. Kristi, this is fabulous! I love the idea of having you create a storyboard that can be transformed by the owner. Can you give me a clue about how much this Virtual Room (re)Design costs?

  11. Wow, beautiful work! It looks a gazillion times better, so much life and colour, luv it all, specially that turqoise piano!

    1. I couldn’t find any info at that link, just an ad! Would you please share the paint color/brand/etc. re the piano? I am looking for that exact shade and everything I’ve found so far is too meek!

  12. That piano is truly fantastic – I love the turquoise. The room is amazing! Those windows, the grandeur. Lovely.

  13. Love the bright colors and the piano adds a splash of turquoise. Relaxing room that I could spend lots of time in.


  14. What an amazing makeover! Love the windows! The curtains are beautiful and love the mix of chairs.

  15. Amazing!! The turquoise piano is totally awesome! Love the curtains too and the dining room chairs!

  16. I love this room! Since the first time you showed us, I can't get those plates above her piano out of my head. The layout is perfection!

  17. Amazing!! The turquoise piano is totally awesome! Love the curtains too and the dining room chairs!

  18. LOVE that piano!!! I have my husbands grandmothers piano that I am not allowed to get rid of (i do play) but it looks alot like that one did before being refinished so it's not my favorite piece. Hmmm…..sounds like a big project! It looks great!!!

  19. I absolutely love this room. I can't believe that piano was painted? It looks fantastic!!! I love the turquoise and yellow together and how both colors are tied in with the chairs. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  20. this room looks so great – i LOVE the drapes – i love that fabric! and the piano is to die for. what a great idea to paint it!!! sooo cute – the room looks so different. love it. great job!!!!

  21. I would love to have this room in my house! What a transformation! LOVE the yellow ceiling with gray walls. I've been lusting after curtains like those for my master bedroom for a year…they much such a statement! Wonderful job, this room is my favorite! Who knew gray could be so cheerful 🙂

  22. I know I commented yesterday, but I couldn't stop thinking about this room all night and just had to feature it on my blog. Wanted to let you know.

  23. I saw your room on frugaleclecticchic. I LOVE the colorful aspect! Looks fantastic! Great work. Especially loving the blue piano and the yellow chair!

  24. Oh…my…goodness! I am in LOVE with the turquoise piano!! And those green stools – which I like there because I think they're garden stools. =) The change in wall color makes quite the difference as well. Overall, lovely room and great design!

  25. Looks Fantabulous!! I love the piano!! I've been looking for a grey like that could you please tell me what color you used?

  26. This is beyond fabulous! But, I wonder, what did you do with all of the kid stuff pictured in the "before" photos?

  27. It's my room, and I am forever grateful to Kristi for making it SO amazing! As for the kid stuff that was in the room before: the playhouse was moved outside (where it belonged) and since this whole process took me a year to complete my littles just outgrew the table and chairs so they were garage saled. Glad you like the room 🙂

  28. Hi Pamela, the color that I recommended for the piano was Teal Bayou from Behr, but I'm not 100% sure if that's what Cassandra ended up using. The chairs are from Collectic Home in Austin.

  29. Ok, just had to share!  I pinned that piano and plate wall on my Pinterest board!  At the time I didn't know it was one of your rooms!  Love is not a strong enough word for how I feel about that piano wall!  The whole room looks amazing!  You got some skills, girl!

  30. What a great makeover!  Could you please tell me what type of drapery rods you used for the 3 windows?  I have a window just like that in my family room and I've been looking all over for hardware to fit the window nook.

  31. This came from Bed Bath & Beyond.  They have little connector elbows that you use with the metal rods to bed around the corners.  If you prefer wood rods, Lowe's has the connector elbows that work with wood rods.  They also have a beautiful selection of wood rods and finials.

  32. Hi! I am totally amazed! Love the piano! Love the tone of the floors too. Could you tell me if they are tiled or srained concrete. I am in want of wood flooring but cant afford. I am looking for an example of a stained concrete in a living room.

  33. They're stained concrete.  Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the color or any other details.

  34. Kristi, that room is gorgeous.  I am wanting to find some curtains or some fabric to make curtains that are similar to the fabric that was used on those chairs.  Something with the bright turquoise, yellows, greens, etc.  Have you seen anything similar to that?  Please e-mail me if you do happen to know of any.  My e-mail is [email protected].   Thanks, Leigh

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  36. I love how it all blends together to create your dining room. I really like the 9 pictures next to the yellow chair. What did you use for those pictures? Are they fabric or prints? Where did you get them from? Such a great idea.

  37. LOVE this room!!! Especially the print on the chairs!!! I am looking for a print like that for curtains. I am doing red, aqua and yellow in my living room and I’m having a hard time finding a fabric that ties in all those colors. Do you have any ideas where I can get a fabric like that? THANKS

  38. this room is so gorgeous!!!! Did you paint the piano yourselves? i love the plates over the piano as well. This turned out beautifully!

  39. I love your use of color. I was alarmed to see the chair and table in front of the railing next to the staircase, however. With small children in the house (who climb on everything) I think it is a mistake to put anything near the railing. Looks cool though.