Installing My Favorite Woven Window Shades In The Studio

Y’all, I actually did some work yesterday! I didn’t do much. I don’t want to push myself too hard and end up having to spend more days in bed. (Severe sciatica brought me down like a darted elephant, and I had to spend about ten days in bed. More about that here.) But yesterday evening, I was feeling pretty good and relatively pain-free, so I decided to install the woven shades that I had ordered for the studio.

When I find something I really like, I stick with it. And that is true with these shades. I used to buy this exact style and color at Home Depot when they carried them in stock years ago. In fact, I used them in every room of the condo, and that was over ten years ago.

And then when we moved into the house, Home Depot no longer carried them in stock, so I found pretty much the same shades at Blindsgalore (affiliate link). I got those in the color Hana Tranquil. Those were quite a bit more expensive than the Home Depot shades because they are lined with blackout lining, and they’re also the top down/bottom up style. But the wood part looks exactly like the Home Depot shades that I had been using for years. I have the Blindsgalore shades in the living room, breakfast room, and guest bedroom.

Breakfast Room (Sitting Room) – After
guest bedroom - finished - bed and closet walls

When it came time to put shades on the windows in the home gym and master bathroom, I didn’t want to do the more expensive lined, top down/bottom up shades from Blindsgalore, so I went in search of a new source. And I found these shades from Mood Store on Amazon (affiliate link). The weave is exactly like the Home Depot and Blindsgalore shades, and the Rustic Walnut color is very similar to the Blindsgalore shades, although it might be just a little darker and richer in color. I actually prefer the darker, richer color. And because I didn’t need the top down/bottom up feature, and I didn’t need them to be lined, I saved quite a bit of money. I buy the cordless version, and they’re great quality.

Here’s the Mood Store from Amazon shade (affiliate lilnk) in the master bathroom.

And here they are in the home gym

So let me show you how the look in the studio…

Isn’t that pretty? I absolutely love these shades! I personally think that the color goes with just about everything. Every room can use the warmth of wood, so I can’t really think of a scenario where I wouldn’t use these. I don’t think that woods in a room need to all match, so I didn’t feel the need to use window shades that match the countertop.

And one of my favorite things about these shades is how easy they are to install. Each shade requires two brackets, which are super simple and quick to install. And then the shades attach to the brackets with two wingnuts. I’d say that each shade takes less than ten minutes to install.

The company will cut the shades to fit the window. They’ll customize both the width and the length so that you don’t have a bunch of extra bulk at the bottom when the shades are closed.

You simply buy the size from their drop down list of size options that most closely fits your window (size up for inside mount), and then once you place the order, you can message the vendor via Amazon to give them the specific measurements of your window. I always send them the exact measurements of my window with no deductions. They’ll figure any deductions that need to be made.

So now this wall is 100% finished. There are no other little details that need attention. This is it. Finished. And I think it’s perfect. 🙂


A few people requested pictures of the shades from the outside, pictures taken at night, etc.

First up, these are the lined top-down/bottom-up shades from Blindsgalore (affiliate link) in the color Hana Tranquil that we have in the living room. This is what it looks like from the outside when the shades are open. They’re lined with white blackout lining.

And this is what they look like from then outside when they’re closed.

I didn’t include pictures of those shades closed at night because…well, they’re lined with blackout lining. You can’t see a single thing through them when they’re closed no matter what time of day it is.

A few people asked about the top-down/bottom-up feature. This is what those same shades look like from inside when they’re closed.

And then they open from the bottom up like Roman shades, just as you would expect.

But then they also open from the top down. This allows for privacy in the room while also letting sunlight in. We use this feature every night on the shade on the bedroom window because I like the privacy it gives, but I also like to wake up to sunlight in the room every morning.

Now moving on to the unlined shades from Mood Store on Amazon (affiliate link), this is what they look ilke when they’re open during the day. I actually prefer this look to the more expensive ones lined with white blackout lining. You can’t even see these during the day on our windows, whereas the Blindsgalore shades with the white lining can be seen.

Here’s what they look like at night with the shades open.

I took a few pictures with the shades closed, but I also wanted to test the privacy at night. So I turned on all of the lights in the studio (minus the pendant lights on this wall because this circuit isn’t connected to the breaker box yet), and then put my Ring light right in the center of the window. I had all ten recessed studio lights turned on, plus the four bulbs in the ceiling fan.

And this is what it looked like from the outside. I walked back and forth in front of the window, and I couldn’t see the Ring light at all.

So I went back inside and turned the light around so that the white part was facing the window.

And I still couldn’t see anything from outside. I couldn’t make out any shape that looked like a ring. And again, that was with 14 5000K (bright daylight) lights/bulbs turned on in the room.

In front of the other window, I put this plant.

And from the outside, I couldn’t see even the faintest hint of a plant sitting in front of that window.

All of that to say that I personally wouldn’t hesitate to put these shades on a bathroom or bedroom window. If you can’t see things that are right up against the window with 14 5000K lights on in the room, you’re not going to see something that is further from the window with normal bathroom or bedroom lighting.

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  1. If you are able to update the post with a photo of what the cord system looks like from the street, that would be wonderful — there are almost no photos online for any brand with that view, and I suspect it is because the woven blind industry doesn’t want it out there! 🙂 The retailers are always pushing lining, which can look like rumpled bed sheets, from the street view.

    I do know from that unlined woven shades are *completely* transparent at night, so heads up for your bathroom and whoever buys the flip nextdoor!

    1. Thank you! I stand corrected, the Rustic colors are the tightest weave; the other colors I’ve ordered are see-through at night. I prefer unlined too from the street!

      1. I noticed there is now a competitor to Mood on Amazon; the site Award Blinds is offering same woven patterns for less (top down, too) so would love to know if anyone tries them.

  2. Bravo! Don’t forget to check that off the list. Looks like the studio won’t be all yours after all! Could you please post a photo in the evening with the lights on? That would be a nice shot.

  3. Please make sure all future photos include at least one pet! Loving this kitty friend and I always love your pup when he makes appearances, too!

  4. The blinds look very nice. I have never had blinds so not sure what top down bottom up means. Can you show a photo of the blinds using top down bottom up. Also I would think they would get very dusty and hard to clean but since you have them all over your house I guess not.

    1. Top down/bottom up means they open from both directions. This is especially useful in bathrooms, as you can drop the top of the shades down to let in light, and the bottom stays closed for privacy.

  5. Such a beautiful wall and I’m glad to see you found the perfect countertop accessory (she knew she was being photographed). I think I have those exact blinds in my bathroom. Or at least that style and color. Mine had the option to hang them on the outside of the window casing, which is what I did since it was easier than dealing with hanging them on the inside. Glad to know there are some that are easier to hang. I’ll keep those in my Amazon wish list for the future.

  6. I love your 100% mural finished wall with all the trimmings. I went back and looked at all of your wood shades and they are all beautiful, complimenting the rooms nicely. I do not understand what you mean by ‘drop down’ and ‘inside mount’. Looking at all of the other rooms you have them in they all look like they are installed the same way, which looks inside mount. I love the way they look. I love the way you have them on the windows that have curtains. I do not like the way blinds look from the street so we don’t have them. I’m wondering if you could take a photo of the wood shades lowered so I could see how they look. It’s okay if you don’t want to do that though.
    We are cat people and absolutely loved your kitty sitting on you countertop in your studio. Our cats own us. I figure your cat owns you and Matt…and it is letting you know the entire wall is perfect.
    Don’t work too hard too quickly because as you say, you don’t want any added time in bed.

  7. I think the studio looks great and your kitty thinks so too. Glad you are almost back to your old self. That nerve really knocked you out.
    So what is next for you? Finish the studio bathroom? Hallway from outside back door?
    Have you met with the guy who draws your plans?
    Please stay well.

  8. Love these blinds! I got them for my home after seeing yours. They really do go up so easy. I have white woven in our bathroom, and a tortoise look in the bedrooms, all are lined. I’m just amazed you were feeling that much better to install the shades! I bet this will be kitty’s favorite spot to guard the neighborhood from now on, especially if she has a bed on the counter — hint, hint!

  9. Woohoo! Well done! Sounds like you could do a blog post on just your shades. Thanks for the info about what you use. Our house backs up to woods so the top down would be great! Stay healthy!

  10. Dear Kristi,
    The main studio wall looks amazing! Would you please include the specific link for your shades or e-mail me the link, whichever is the easiest? I can’t seem to find the right ones on the blindsgalore site.
    Thank You!

    YHWH Bless You : )

  11. And YES, it is perfect indeed. It looks wonderful, enjoy as you are feeling better, emptying your stored supplies wherever you decide to keep certain things…that HAS be feel like a wonderful accomplishment. Then, one to the next!! Love the shades.

  12. Perfect. And I’m really starting to like the wall light, too. I think it will be nice to have some extra light at that spot of the countertop.

    So glad you are feeling better!

  13. The wall is absolutely stupendous! Perfection indeed. Thank you for using the cat for scale lol and for the very detailed photos of the shades. Everything is really shaping up.

  14. I’m happy you are feeling better. Take it slow…I think sorting and organizing is the best thing you can do to accomplish making space for your painting, etc and at the same time, giving your body a break. This post was amazing and I Love those shades.

  15. Great advertising for both the Mood Store and Blinds galore! Pretty … wonderful! Also, the studio wall now looks purrfect especially with pictures of Felicity in them. She matches the countertop and blinds so well and adds warmth and beauty.

  16. Kristi, Oh thank you for all of the photos you took to show your wood shades from the outside. All of the photos helps me to make the decision to add them to my windows. I will be re-reading this blog over and over and showing my friends what I’m going to do.
    Thanks again.