It’s Time To DIY An Ottoman

My mom has been waiting…and waiting…for the final piece for her family room.  In fact, she’s been waiting for two years.

You see, after searching and searching and finding nothing that really excited her, I told her that I’d make an ottoman for her to replace the coffee table in her family room.


There’s nothing wrong with the coffee table.  In fact, it’s quite nice.  We purchased it at Bombay Company several years back.  (Oh Bombay, how I miss you so!!)

But let’s face it, glass isn’t the most comfortable thing to prop your feet up on when you want to get comfy.  No, they definitely need an ottoman.  So last night I started poking around the internet, trying to find just the right style for their family room.

I really like the simple styling of these ottomans, and these would be so incredibly simple to make…

ottoman west elm

West Elm ($349.00) via Pinterest

ottoman shades of light

Shades of Light ($1,125.00) via Pinterest

(Side note:  Don’t you wonder why there’s such a discrepancy in price between two very similar-looking ottomans?  Something’s not quite adding up there.)

Those are nice, but I really think my mom’s family room needs something with a little more detail, perhaps some tufting.  (And you know how I love tufting!!)  Something like this is more what I had in mind…

ballard tufted ottoman

Ballard Design ($495.00)

Those turned legs with the casters are so pretty!  They’re the perfect traditional touch for my mom’s family room.

I thought I had settled on that design, but then I saw this…

ottoman layla grayce

Layla Grayce ($1,139.00)

I mean, if it’s possible to fall in love with an ottoman, I think I’ve just done it.  Isn’t that gorgeous!?  As it is above, I think it looks a little too Old World for my mom’s very traditional family room.  BUT…I think if I were to stain the wood a medium brown rather than distress it, that would make it more appropriate for her room.

Oh, and that tufting!  It’s gorgeous!  I think I just mostly like that it’s different.  It’s like the perfect combination of a coffee table and ottoman.

So, we’ll see what my mom has to say, and which one she likes (or if she’s seen another style that she likes better).  But one way or another, it’s time for me to make her stop waiting!  Two years is long enough, don’t you think?



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  1. I love the last one because of its gorgeous lines but also its function and sturdy construction lend itself to a family centered environment.

  2. I would go with ROUND…something like the Layla Grace version but round.  I would also do wheels to keep it flexible!

  3. i love the last coffee table.  I was actually planning on DIYing something similar myself and bought this table:  But in the end i decided I liked it plain for now, since if I covered it then everything would be covered, and I like the look of the wood with my couch.  Can't wait to see what you end up doing!

  4. These ottomans are
    great. Hard to pick one out of them. Your mom must be knowing about
    what she
    just needs around in the family room.