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I’ve been so focused on my pantry lately that I haven’t taken much (or any) time to do relaxing, artsy things — the types of things that actually refresh and rejuvenate me. So I decided to take some time yesterday and do just that by finishing up four new macro photography collections.

If you missed the details about my fun new hobby, you can see more here. And if you’re wondering what the heck a resin petri is, and how it’s made, you can find that tutorial here.

But now, let me show you the four new collections…

The Underwater Collection

The Underwater Collection - a series of 11 macro photography prints of resin and alcohol ink artwork in blues and white

The Underwater Collection has eleven images in blues and whites that remind me both of underwater plants as well as frozen ice crystals. Click here to view all eleven images in this collection.


The Iris Collection

This collection of eight images contains just about every color of the rainbow, thus the name, Iris (the goddess of the rainbow in Greek mythology). Click here to view all eight images in this collection.


The Rhododendron Collection

The Rhododendron Collection - a collection of eight macro photography art prints of resin and alcohol ink artwork in pinks and purples

This collection is one of my favorites with those fluffy flower petal-like explosions of alcohol ink in purples and pinks. Click here to view all eight images in this collection.


The Spring Collection

The Spring Collection - a series of eight macro photography prints of resin and alcohol ink artwork in greens, blues and purples

This collection lacks the depth that the other collections have because the front of the petri was actually a big flop. But I realized that the flat back of the petri had amazing designs that I couldn’t resist capturing with my macro lens. There were tiny bubbles and other imperfections all over the surface that added an incredible texture. Here’s a closeup…

Click here to see all seven images in this collection.


I still have several more collections that are waiting to be edited, so those will be coming soon. And if you missed any of the previous collections, you can click the thumbnails below to see all of the images in that collection.

Previous Collections:

All of the images are available for purchase on Imagekind right now. All of the pictures above are linked to the Imagekind pages where you can purchase unframed prints, framed and matted prints, and prints on canvas.

And I still have a list of all of your suggestions and requests for future color combinations. Hopefully I can find some time in the next couple of weeks to play with resin and test out your suggestions.



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  1. Some of these look good turned horizontally, too. I had to tilt my head so it didn’t give me a perfect view, but it might be helpful if at the site they could be rotated to give different views of the same picture. I’m glad you took some time to nurture yourself with more of this fun project.

  2. Just waiting quietly, until I see my colors come up on the screen. I’ve already designated the space in the living room.