Let’s Have a Contest (and Yes, There’s A Prize!)

I need your help with something, and I thought it would be fun to turn this into a contest…with a winner…who gets a prize.  Sound fun?  Let me explain.

I have about 10 to 15 old weathered cedar fence pickets that I want to use to use for a project.  I don’t have a picture of the particular pickets that I have, but they look very similar to this…

cedar fence pickets

They have that grayed patina, they’re wonderfully weathered, and they’re perfect…for a coffee table top!!

I’d absolutely LOVE to be able to make something like this Restoration Hardware coffee table

restoration hardware coffee table

restoration hardware coffee table 2

Isn’t that amazing?!  It’s made out of reclaimed French floorboards, and that thick, distressed wood is simply gorgeous.

In my search for inspiration, I actually came across this DIY coffee table from The Handmade Home that was inspired by the Restoration Hardware table…

coffee table from the handmade home

Very nice!  I love the top!  But sadly, this table wasn’t completely a DIY project, as they paid someone to weld the base for them.  Well, I don’t want to do that.

So here’s where you come in.  I need your brilliant ideas.  Or ideas that you’ve seen.  I really don’t care where they come from…whether it’s your own brilliant idea, or it’s from a blog that you’ve read, or a magazine that you have…whatever!

But help me come up with a unique coffee table base idea that will complement my beautiful weathered wood pickets.

Here’s where the prize comes in!  If I use your idea, then I’ll send you something handmade by me.  Ready to see what it is?  It’s two matching patchwork Euro shams, similar to these, but in the color family of your choice (I’ll select the fabrics based on the color family you choose, and pillow inserts are not included)…


patchwork pillow sham

That’s a nice little prize, right?  You could keep them for yourself, or give them away as a gift, or whatever your little heart desires.  Okay, so get those creative juices flowing, and tell me your ideas!!

Again, it needs to be DIYable, and I’m looking for ideas for a coffee table base only.  The worn weathered fence pickets will be used as the coffee table top.  Got it?  Okay, share away!  You can explain your original ideas, you can link up a blog post that you’ve seen, you can link a magazine article…whatever!  It’s pretty flexible.

Oh, and in the event that I don’t use any of your ideas (like if I happen to come across the most amazing metal table base in Goodwill or something), then I’ll take the names of everyone who contributed an idea, and put them in a drawing for the prize.  So someone will definitely win!!

Now start sharing those ideas, alrighty?!  And since I probably won’t get to this project this week, I’ll give you until midnight on Sunday (May 22nd) to submit ideas.  Ready?  Set?  GO!!

By the way, you can leave as many suggestions as you’d like, and if I end up doing a drawing instead of using one of the ideas, each suggestion will be one entry.  And for the record, your suggestions don’t have to be something metal.  That’s just where my mind immediately went.  Okay…NOW go!


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  1. Hi there! What about using copper piping and elbows to create the base? Or I think they also have steel pieces (in the plumbing dept?? at Lowes or HD) . It would be a nice contrasting texture to the warm wood. Can't wait to see it!!!! 

  2. How about using a metal shelving unit structure as the base…you know like they have at Lowes.  You could remove the shelves and even cut it down using a hacksaw if the size wasn't exactly what you wanted. (but they do have several sizes).  Just a thought off the top of my head, but I'll keep thinking. 🙂

  3. I am loving Tracie's idea. I used metal piping and ends to make my curtain rods and I spray painted them "hammered bronze" by Rustoleum.  I LOVE the curtain rods and I think they would be PERFECT for a coffee table. Just spray paint those babies and use the elbows to connect the pieces as Tracie mentioned.

  4.  How about stacks of old looking books? Or maybe something not as heavy that just looks like that…

  5. I like Missy's idea. 🙂
    Another thing you might consider is using 2"x2" pieces of wood, cut to length, nailing/gluing them together for the frame, and then spray-painting them with a "metal" finish. You already have the tools for woodworking, and since the top wouldn't be that heavy, you wouldn't necessarily need full-on steel tubing to support it. And you could use strategically-placed nails w/large, rounded heads to look like bolts when they were spray-painted.

  6.  What about building a chunky frame out of wood, wrapping it with metal flashing, and giving it a patina with some sulferic acid?  OR, you could find a couple of cool metal wine racks & affix them to make a base.  

  7. What about looking for old metal outdoor bistro chairs and using a sawzall or grinder to cut the backs off and use the bases as the base for your pickets???  You could even use the backs as legs if they were really pretty… 

  8. Love this coffee table, and actually we're going to be building this one in the near future! My wonderful husband is handy with the welder so we'll be taking that route.

  9.  I just had another thought, but it may be too shabby chic for your style.  I think it would look cute to find an old radio flyer wagon & affix the top to it- maybe with a piano hinge so you could use the inside for storage.  You could either leave the wagon red, or easily paint & distress it! 🙂  I would totally do this, but my kids would then be pulling my "coffee table" all over the house! 

  10. We used the darker plumbing pipe for our diningroom table and LOVE it!  It is so solid and rustic looking… the hardest part was to get the stickers off! ha!

  11.  http://www.horchow.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=cprod71680031&parentId=cat6050748&masterId=cat2020732&index=16&cmCat=cat000000cat000001cat000010cat2020732cat6050748 
    I love this!  Just using two different wheels add so much more interest and isn't a heavy looking base…

  12. I had another idea..what if you could find an outdoor patio table or even a kitchen table at Goodwill or Salvation Army (or yard sale) and just cut down the legs.  You'd even have something to attach the wood to in that instance.  You could always just build a base….ana-white.com has tons of easy to use building instructions for EVERYTHING! 🙂

  13. I don't know where I saw it (and maybe I should scroll comments first) but I saw somewhere that they used those metal air conditioner risers (two side by side) for a base.   

  14. What about using storage trunk(s) as the bases to the table?   Depending on how heavy the top of the table is, the trunk(s) (depending on if you use one or two)  could also provide some storage.

  15. Hey again!  I was thinking that it would be really different to use those inexpensive metal lanterns as legs… the square ones that you can get in tons of different colors… I think it would look unique if you could find a bunch of different ones too… I might give this a try… 

  16.  Well this metal welding really looks odd but you can definitely use some dark colored wood as this table's leg which will definitely enhance the table's look.

  17.  What about using some sort of fencing materials… I know they sale the decorative metal panels..or even the more industrial pieces… is there a way you could manipulate them to work as a base? 

  18.  Love , Love , Love this idea…check it out http://www.wisteria.com/French-Industrial-Coffee-Table/productinfo/W2328/

  19. Something that can be done is a fence in a bedroom, living room, or any other room in the house. It can also be turned in to lattice work for a climbing garden.

  20.  Not sure what the metal base pieces are called, but consider something like Thomasville's Boulton and Watt cocktail tablehttp://www.thomasville.com/Furniture/Living-Room-Furniture/Reinventions/i318453-Boulton-and-Watt-Flip-Top-Cocktail-Table.aspx

  21. I would make a simple rectangle coffee table. Planks running vertically on the sides and along way across the top of table. I then would glue several planks together and use a jig saw to cut a more ornate shape out of them and overlay it on either end. I did a similar thing out of barnwood for my boy's tub surround.