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Good morning, all!  I have two more small projects that I need to finish for the bathroom today, so I’ll be showing you the final before and after tomorrow.  So if you’re thinking, “Just give me the decorating!” then you might want to skip this post and check back tomorrow.  🙂  It’s okay.  You won’t hurt my feelings.

Yesterday as I was working on all of the finishing touches (Why is there soooo much painting, grouting, and caulking in such a tiny room!?!), I started thinking about exactly why I write this blog.  What are my goals with this blog?

Let me back up and explain why this topic was even on my mind in the first place.

Recently a fellow blogger made me aware of a website…a forum…that is specifically dedicated to the topic of bloggers.  People join the forum to discuss bloggers…and it’s generally not in a flattering, uplifting, positive way.

I guess I’ve just been living in a bubble of naivety, because I honestly had no idea that such a place existed online.  So when I found it a few days ago, I became obsessed.  Every spare second I had, I’d check in on the forum to see what had been said.  (Just to clarify, they aren’t talking about me.  Thankfully, I seem to have flown under the radar so far.)

Of the DIY/decorating bloggers they do focus on, every design decision is picked apart, analyzed, and often mocked.  Bloggers’ financial situations and how they spend money are talked about, analyzed, judged.

From the way that some of the members talk, you’d think that John and Sherry’s front door color choice was a matter of national security, and their blue door has just left us completely vulnerable to a nuclear strike at any moment.  As I was reading, I just kept saying over and over, “It’s just a door, people!”  Seriously.  A door.  With paint on it.  I think even John and Sherry would agree that it’s not a topic worthy of pages and pages of discussion and analysis.

And all throughout the forum are comments and insinuations about several DIY/design bloggers that are along the lines of “who do they think they are giving decorating/design advice?”

Anyway,  my point really isn’t to talk about that website.  (Edit:  To be clear, even though I’m not a fan of the overarching atmosphere of negativity on that forum, I don’t think it’s completely without value, and I certainly think that people are entitled to their opinions.  See my comment here.)

My point is to say that after reading that forum for a few days, it really got me thinking about why it is that I blog.

Do I think that I have this whole decorating thing figured out?  Not at all.  Do I think that my color choices are perfect for everyone?  Absolutely not!  I don’t know of many people who could live with an orange front door.  😀

So I thought I’d share my thoughts with you, just so you’ll know what I’m all about here at Addicted 2 Decorating.  🙂  Here’s why I blog…

1.  To share my projects with you.

That’s really pretty plain and simple, right?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed working with my hands and creating things.  I love to use power tools, build things out of wood, create small craft projects, sew, upholster, paint, etc.  I have a gallery of my projects that you can look through, and while I sincerely hope that people find inspiration there, I won’t be hurt if you don’t.

DIY Projects Gallery

But most importantly, that gallery isn’t so much a “Look at me!  Look how amazing I am!” kind of place.  It’s just simply an index of things I’ve done.  Quite honestly, there are projects in there that I’m not particularly proud of, while there are others that I’m immensely proud of.

But I keep them all in there, whether I’m proud of them or not, because even the ones that I consider duds can be a jumping off point for someone else in their creative endeavors.  I’m often shocked by the places and things that inspire me.  You just never know where and when inspiration will strike.

2.  To inspire, but also to learn.

While I love DIY and decorating, and I’ve done it for many, many years now, I certainly don’t get it right all the time.  While I know (just from the emails that I get) that I’ve done my fair share of inspiring others, I can also say that y’all have inspired me and taught me so much.

I love that I can come here, post a question (which design should I use on my built-ins?) and read the input from all of you.  Your input allows me to see things from perspectives that I don’t see on my own.  And I know for a fact that you’re not just helping me, but you’re helping others who read my posts and then read the comments.  We’re all just sharing and helping and inspiring each other, and I love that aspect of blogging.

By no means do I think this is a one-woman, Kristi-centric show.  So many of you have blessed and enriched my life in ways that you will probably never know.

3.  To stretch people’s imaginations.

This is a big one for me.  And one of the most important.

I know that orange front doors aren’t for everyone.  In fact, I would venture a guess that the overwhelming majority of people who read my blog would never in their lives consider painting their front door orange.  Am I right?  😀

And I’m sure there are many people who look at that door and think, “Oh my gosh, I hate orange!  What was she thinking?”  But for me, it’s not necessarily about an orange door.  It’s about using color in unexpected ways.  Someone can hate orange, and hate my orange front door, but still be inspired by that post to find a way to inject some unexpected color into their room.  It’s fun!  Give it a try!  It doesn’t have to be on your door.  And it doesn’t have to be orange.

Yesterday’s post is also a good example of my desire to stretch people’s imaginations with thinking through the whole “how can I make this on a budget?” process.  I was inspired by a mirror that I saw on the Joss and Main website for $334…

Scalloped mirror from Joss and Main - the inspiration for my DIY mirror

And I made my own DIY version for $25

DIY Decorative Mirror With Scalloped Frame, from Addicted2Decorating.com

Now of course, there’s no way that I think that every single person who reads my blog will like that mirror.  Some people may see the design as too juvenile, or too feminine, or too mustachioed 😀 , or too something else for their own taste.  And that’s definitely understandable.  Not all of us like the same things.

But perhaps if you’re one of those people who don’t particularly care for the specific style of my mirror, there’s still some valuable information you can take away.  Maybe one day you’ll see a mirror that is more your style, but with a price tag that doesn’t fit into your budget.  Hopefully rather than settling on a plain, boring, generic mirror that you can afford, instead you’ll stop and think, “Okay, I’ve seen Kristi make three different styles of mirrors now.  I wonder if there’s a way I can replicate that expensive mirror using some of the techniques she’s shown me.

Does that make sense?  It really is fine if you don’t like my mirror, or if you don’t like my color choices.  That won’t hurt my feelings (unless you say something intentionally rude or snarky about it).  My goal here isn’t to convince everyone that they need an orange front door, or teal kitchen cabinets, or a big tree painted on their kitchen wall.  But if I’ve inspired anyone to get over a fear of color, or to think outside the box when looking at high-dollar items to consider how to make it for much less, then I’m happy.

4.  To inspire and empower women.

I have to admit, this has become probably the main motivating reason for me to write this blog.  In fact, yesterday as I was thinking through all of this, I started remembering different emails that I’ve gotten from women who have been inspired to pick up a power tool for the first time in their lives, and it literally brought tears to my eyes.

Not all of us women have the good fortune of being married to a man who is handy with tools and can get things done around the house for us.  And I know for me, it can sometimes get discouraging reading these blogs with husbands and wives working side by side on home improvement projects.  There are plenty of times that I would LOVE to pawn off these “heavy lifting” projects onto my husband.

But I can’t.  While Matt is the most encouraging husband in the world who thinks I practically walk on water, he’s not able to physically help me with anything.  So it’s all left to me.

And over the years, I’ve come to realize that there are so many other women in the same boat — women who are single, or recently divorced, or who are married to men who are…well…not quite so handy, or who are married to men who just really don’t give a care in the world about the house and have no interest at all.

I’ve heard from so many of you wonderful and amazing women in so many different situations that all boil down to one thing — if things are going to get done around the house, it’s up to you.

And let me tell you, nothing makes my heart swell more than getting an email from one of you telling me that I’ve inspired you to learn how to use power tools, or to try a building project for the first time in your life.

Call me a sap, but I’m getting tears in my eyes even now just writing this as I remember some of your emails and comments.

While I’m beyond thrilled if men read my blog and find inspiration here…

Ladies, this is for you.  And with each other’s encouragement and inspiration, we CAN get these things done!!  🙂  We may be women, but we’re strong, CAPABLE women.

So that’s it.  If you’ve gotten this far, I commend you for wading through my rambling.

Tomorrow…the finished bathroom.



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  1. Way to be, Kristi! I’m a new follower, and I love your honesty, your “can do” attitude, and the inspiration your provide (both your style/projecting and yourself as a human being). Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m so glad that you do blog! It is one of my favorite blogs and I check in every day to see what you’ve been creating/for inspiration and you rarely disappoint. You give 110% to your craft and your blog and I thank you.

  3. I’ve visited that other forum, and couldn’t believe how negative it was. Haven’t been back. I love your blog and check nearly every day to see what’s new. You are one of my top 5 “daily visit” blogs. I may not always like the project or color or whatever, but I love how it all comes together for you and looks beautiful. I can appreciate the work and the talent involved. I get encouraged when you share the good and the not so good, the attempts that need a re-do. And, you have some of the best tutorials I have seen.

    So, thank you Kristi and keep on doing what you do. We (your fans) love you!

  4. There are some who can only feel good about themselves when they are tearing others down. So sad!

    I am beyond thrilled that you share your talents with us!

  5. Wow. I stumbled upon that same forum when I was looking for a blog that I’d followed for a year that suddenly dissappeared. She closed her blog for a few months due to the type of stuff they were saying about her blog , her house and her personal life. I could not believe it. People can be so cruel but then I thought about the world we live in. I was the kid that was picked on in school for being too dark skinned and too chubby. I look at those people on that forum just like the kids that picked on me in school. They have nothing better to do and are more likely followers and not leaders.
    I can’t believe that I even started my own blog AFTER reading that forum. I’m glad I did because like you said Kristi, it empowers us to stretch our imaginations and to learn. I’m growing because of bloggers like you.

    1. Ayisha – agreed

      No matter where we are in life there will always be the ones who criticize those who enjoy what they do…how sad!

      It is up to the rest of us to lift above it and find fun…even if we personally would not choose the “orange door”…not everyone has the same taste, that includes in ways we “judge”.

      Kristi – I love your blog, I may not be a DYI but someday when I have my own home I plan on looking at all those things I “pinned” and finding many of your amazing projects to inspire me to make my space my own…in the mean time, I get to dream big and enjoy watching you do all the hard work (wink).

      Looking forward to tomorrows photos!

  6. I am that single woman who needs to save money and thus do DIY. You are an inspiration to me. I am constantly amazed at what you accomplish on your own. It IS an inspiration, believe me!

  7. I kinda wonder how many other guys follow you, but that is another topic. I agree that your colors are not for me, but you are right that your projects are a jumping off point. After seeing the side tables you made for a bedroom (out of a single sheet of MDF), I made my own. They aren’t totally done (need to finish making the skirt and I’m putting a mirror on top), but they are way better than what we had before and they store a bunch of stuff. I really appreciate that you take the time to write up all the details and that you include all your trials and errors (refinishing the kitchen countertops and the kitchen table top how many times?). Thanks for all you do. Keep doing it and ignore the haters.

  8. I have seen that forum and some of their comments are very valid. Especially on the topic of the ‘Mommy Bloggers’ who, to be blunt, pimp out their children’s private lives to make money. I’m sorry if you, or your readers find this offensive, but it’s true.

    You HAVE been mentioned in the past on that forum, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON who commented, said that you were a hard working, dedicated blogger, filled with integrity and wisdom and honesty.

    I agree that the time some of those people spend obsessing about each and every detail of blogger’s lives is ridiculous.

    However, I also think that it’s too easy to dismiss them and say they’re just mean and jealous and need to get a life . There is some truth to what they say. This new world, where people Instagram & Facebook every minute of their lives means that they’ve opened themselves up to some of this…… In my own opinion, especially parents who leave no dignity for their children because they’ve posted every moment of their lives.

    1. I agree that quite a bit of what is said there is valid. I haven’t read any of the threads on mommy bloggers, since I have no interest in that topic. I just read the DIY/design blogger threads.

      But you are right. There’s some valid stuff there. My eyes were definitely opened up to some things that I need to avoid because they clearly frustrate readers and cause them to lose interest.

      I actually think that any blogger who is mentioned there with a thread dedicated to their blog would benefit from reading it, no matter how painful it might be. I was reading one last night about a particular blogger, and the whole time I was reading it I was thinking, “She really should read this, because she needs to know that she’s alienating many of her readers.” And interestingly, it was a thread that started out as a real love-fest for that blogger. But as the blogger has changed the tone and focus of her blog, it has frustrated and alienated some of her readers, and as a result, that thread has completely changed in tone towards her. It would be hard for her to read it, I’m sure. But I also think it would benefit her to know.

      I guess just some of the over-the-top obsessing about design decisions, questioning bloggers’ character and integrity, speculating about the quality of their marriage, etc., are the things that really bothered me.

      1. Your thoughtful, measured reply to my comment is exactly the reason you will never see a forum dedicated to you on that site.

  9. I have been following you for a few months and I find you to be inspiring, uplifting, motivating and I always look forward to your new posts. I’ve learned quite a lot from you. Please, don’t change a thing about your blogging! Although I’m sure the blog you are speaking of has some good points, I can’t imagine that blogging about home designs and project ideas would be something to “talk” about.

    Thank you for continuing to inspire me!

  10. I’ve been following your blog for about two years now. You have a very different style that I have (you love colors, I love black and white), but I keep coming back because you have great DIY projects and tutorials and I’m always interested to see your affordable renovating ideas. You have also given me great blogging tips! So thank you for all the inspiration and advice! 🙂

  11. I’m glad that you chose to blog. When I am working on my house alone (which is pretty much all the time…) and I the get so frustrated that I am on the verge of tears because I feel like I can’t do something, it’s knowing that you and other female bloggers are in the same place as I am that keep me going. Thank you!

  12. Hola Kristi, sigo su blog desde hace un año (aunque me he suscrito hoy) y he de decir que me encantan no sólo los proyectos, los tutoriales… sino sobre todo la personalidad que se intuye detrás de cada realización DIY. Me gusta su honestidad, su empuje, su optimismo, su inteligencia para ir resolviendo los problemas a medida que se van presentando y también la gran cantidad de trabajo que hay detrás de todo ello.
    Doy gracias a este tiempo que me ha tocado vivir porque, gracias a la tecnología, puedo tener el placer de “conocer” a personas tan interesantes como usted que alegran un poco cada día, (doy gracias también a google traductor que me permite enterarme de lo que escriben, porque no sé inglés).
    Respecto a los comentarios que libremente se vierten en internet, me gustaría decirle dos cosas nada más: una, que es el precio de la “fama” (en España a veces dicen “que hablen de mi, aunque sea mal”; y la segunda es que es más fácil opinar que hacer, que opinan más los que menos hacen, que no hay una “Biblia de la decoración”donde esté escrito en piedra lo que es correcto y lo incorrecto, que se trata de vivir en un lugar agradable y bonito…
    Y cada uno puede elegir qué blogs quiere seguir y qué foros leer. Si no merecen la pena es mejor dejarlos de lado y vivir en paz.
    A usted, gracias.

  13. Kristi,
    I’m so glad that you blog! Your posts are an inspiration to be creative. I first started reading about mid-way through hour bathroom renovation, and since reading those and your kitchen makeover posts, I’ve been inspired to paint and make new doors for 2 of my 20-year-old ’90’s ‘builder standard’ oak bathroom vanities. A pop of color was just what the master bathroom needed! My master bathroom vanity, medicine cabinet/mirror, and storage shelf are all now a lovely shade of blue with a rich walnut glaze. Thank you! I may have done beige if not for you (my hubby loves beige and neutrals). PS – I got my nerve up and painted the cabinet with the color and glaze one Saturday when Hubby was at work, so he wouldn’t say “blue, are you kidding?” before even seeing it and then I’d chicken out. He saw them when he got home and said, ‘wow, that’s pretty!’ Love it! Please keep doing what you do! You inspire! 🙂

  14. I figure there’s enough negativity in the world, I personally avoid web sites that seem to obsess on negative opinions. I find so much inspiration from other bloggers! Maybe their style isn’t always mine, maybe a color choice wouldn’t be something I would choose, but that doesn’t keep me from admiring the creativity of others! 🙂

    PS – I so admire that you know what you like and what colors make you happy. I think your orange door is beautiful!!

  15. I’ve tried reading many DIY ‘can-do’ and decorating blogs. This is one of the very few I’ve stayed with – and I look forward to it every day. I *love* many of the things you’ve done from your kitchen eating area, to the tree on the wall, etc., (and I may still try my hand at that tree).
    I’ve had some experience (not much) with power tools and actually built a 5′ Christmas sleigh being pulled by 3 dogs. Quite proud of that accomplishment. You are an inspiration to me and I look forward to seeing what you do with your new house.

  16. I feel like I leave so many comments you’re going to start feeling like I’m stalking you! lol But I really needed to hear this today. Thank you so much for this post. My husband moved out exactly 4 years ago, after a 25 year marriage. And I am now in the process of turning this house into MY house. And I’m doing it by myself. And, Kristi, you are a HUGE inspiration to me. Yes, we CAN do this!! We are women, hear us ROAR!!! 🙂

    1. Kristi, you are an inspiration to any woman who may have been led to believe (by others or her own negative thoughts) that she can’t do certain things. Or that she can’t live in a home that makes her happy because it has her own taste and style. I painted a wall in my house a really saturated turquoise and it makes me happy every time I look at it. So I am painting my dining room chairs that color, and an accent wall in my kitchen, and maybe a lamp base. All I hear from some people is, “Oh that is a terrible color for resale value.” So? The house is not for sale now, and when it is, I will paint it a boring shade of beige.

      For me, your blog is about taking risks and learning to honor myself and not letting others dictate my choices.

      And all your great step-by-step tutorials make it possible for me to actually do some of these things! That is the best part. Thank you for taking the time to share with us, and to live your life for yourself.

  17. Well put!!! I couldn’t have said it better:) As a relatively new blogger, you continue to be an inspiration to me. I always love visiting to see what new projects you’ve got going on. Can’t wait to see the bathroom reveal tomorrow!


  18. I’ve followed your blog for several months now and I don’t think I’ve ever commented. I am inspired by you. You are creative and thoughtful, and you write beautifully. While I haven’t done much with my own space yet, I’ve been soaking up the inspiration and ideas as I try to figure out what it is that I want to do/create in my own space. Thanks for sharing your passion.

  19. Well said. I love reading your blog for all of those reasons! Although I’m more of an “armchair decorater” (meaning that I read about decorating but don’t do it much) you are very inspiring to me! And I’ll get there one day.

  20. I’ve been following you for years now, feeling in awe of how you do all that you do. And I know you posted that you learned your DIY attitude from you dad, and how to be fearless from his projects when you were a kid. But for those of us who do not have a DIY dad, how do you learn to do the things you do? I’m scared to mess up my projects and end up with something unsafe or that will fall apart in just a few years. You only have to have paint fall off the walls once (even though I primed and everything!) before you start getting nervous about messing things up. Since when it comes to a house, messing up is expensive.
    Anyway, I have just been thinking about this because there’s a piece of wood on our deck that is rotting and needs to be replaced. This seems like something I should totally be able to handle, but I don’t even know how to start. How do I remove just one piece of wood? How do I make sure nothing else is rotted? How do I figure out what type of wood it is so I can match it? And how do I replace it securely?
    Do you have suggestions on where to even start finding answers to this stuff? I really want to try this DIY thing, but to do things right. (Sorry for the rambliness.)

    1. Great question, Anne. I know that Home Depot has Do It Herself workshops specifically for women. You might check your local HD and get a schedule of classes, and then start going to as many as you can. One thing I know is that even if the class isn’t on the specific thing you want to do, sometimes just getting into “DIY mode” can give you the confidence you need to do another type of DIY.

      Also, YouTube is a FANTASTIC resource for DIYers. I had never installed a pre-hung door until the beginning of this year. So I watched several videos on YouTube, then gave it my best shot. It didn’t turn out perfect, and I didn’t do things exactly like the videos shows, but at least I kind of knew what I was getting myself into with that project.

      So those are the two places I would start. Someone else might have some suggestions as well. If so, I hope they’ll comment here.

      Oh, and if I start having my DIY workshops in a year or so, you can come to those!! 😀

    2. Anne, I hate to sound like a smart alec but you would be surprised how much information you can find in OLD books. I’ve found books on home improvement at estate sales for pennies. Even if the book is 30 years old the basic structure of how to do things don’t change. Readers Digest used to publish DIY manuals in the 60’s & 70’s and I’ve learned a ton from them. Check out your library too. I’ve only been in my house 2 years and I am amazed at what I’ve accomplished on my own with no experience or supervision. My suggestion would be to start small and build on it. Good luck and I hope to soon see some DIY projects featured on your blog.

    3. In some cities (Austin, Overland Park KS) there are businesses or groups that exist to help women with DIY. I bought an air compressor and nail gun from Amazon for a good deal but then it sat for a year. I called them and had an hour private tutorial in my house using my stuff. Best $50 I ever spent. Gave me much more confidence using the tools
      And for the woman who said she doesn’t want to make a mistake. I try things I know a professional can fix if I screw it up. Its the best way to learn. Thank goodness for Utube also.

      As for the other website. NO ONE IS HOLDING A GUN TO MY HEAD TO READ ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET. Why anyone feels the need to criticize is beyond me. Just don’t read it. And seriously get a life or borrow someone’s if yours sucks.

  21. Love your blog, your honesty, and your willingness to help and inspire.
    Thank you.

    P.S. I live in the Gator Nation…. so there are quite a lot of us that will paint our front doors orange… and around here, you may even see the whole house painted in the color! O_O lol.

  22. Was nice to read this. I like your blog because people are nice and your ideas helpful and your talent is apparent to your followers.
    I also like your blog because I am not rich and I do like my home to be comfortable and beautiful, well to me and my family and friends. Now I have never had a lot of money to accomplish that goal, for all the usual reasons, college, marriage, family, college ,again, for the kids, saving for retirement and all of life’s little bumps along the way. The same reasons most folks have I guess. I also love creating and finding bargains.
    So for what it is worth, I quietly cheer you on in your endeavors all the while enjoying your accomplishments ,sharing with friends and family and yes even stealing a few ideas for my own use . So continue on my far away blogging idol and know you are indeed appreciated.

  23. I love your site, because it is YOU. I may not want the exact same thing in my home but I can appreciate it in your home. (for the record there is not much I would not keep). I am a reader not a writer in blog land, but I am a doer in the real world. Unfortunately, many people take written word as gospel (and lets face it Bob Villa would not be known- if not for Norm Abram’s skills). I have found on some blogs, it has just turned into a pay check. A stepping stone to the new spokesperson. Poor information is given out as complete works, and not stated these people are not the experts and at times have not even done the work (or been there while it was being done). You are not under the radar, You my dear are above the radar. Stating what does and doesn’t work and why. (along with great taste). Look at some of those blogs…..Yes right, I believe I would quit my 6 figure job to stay home with my 6 kids. Live on a $30,000. budget and still be able to maintain a million dollar home. You are the Bar that others should be held to. But of course everyone is intitled to their opinions, this is just mine.

  24. Those who can (such as yourself), do, while those who can’t, all-too-often hate.

    Let the haters have their forums…misery loves company, but it will never accomplish anything good. In the meantime the rest of us have a whole LOT of internet left where we can learn, share, grow, explore, and encourage one another’s talents and accomplishments.

    Oooohs! and Ahhhhs! are way more fun than grousing and grumbling. ~:0)

  25. I only read a few blogs, and YOURS is my FAV! So, just keep plugging along, doing what God wants you to do and that’s what encourages, challenges and blesses all the rest of us!

  26. Amen sister! This is why I have followed your blog regularly for over two years! You DO inspire me and make me think. Thank you for sharing that wonderful mind of yours with us. Sharon

  27. You are such a sweetheart!

    PS: Thanks for incorporating spellcheck in your “comment posting area”. I had no idea that was even possible.

  28. Dear inspirational Kristi,
    I came across your blog a few months ago while I think I was surfing on pin-interest. Your’s is the first and only blog I fervently follow…I love your posts and ideas, they just make this Kiwi do-it-herselfer want to get outside her little comfort box and try so many new ideas.
    One of which I will mention.
    I saw your cat feeding bureau a while ago and just had to try it. So for a whole $20 I went out and bought a 1960’s bureau, spent just over a week sanding, painting, removing, jigsawing..just totally having the best fun I’ve had in years making my own version. With all your step-by-step instructions, you made the project look inviting and fun which it was, and I have to say it also went down a treat as my donation to ‘Paws for Justice’ to raise money to care and feed unwanted pets over here. Now I am working on a slightly bigger model of it for both my cats and dogs, this one I definitely won’t be donating though as it took a bit to try to get our old cat of the first one 🙂 You have motivated and inspired someone halfway around the world, so keep up the good work and all your great blogs..my home would be lost without you <3

    1. I have the biggest smile on my face right now after reading your comment!! I LOVE that you made a pet station and donated it for raising funds. Brilliant idea! And bravo to you for getting out there and DOING. You’re right…it’s so fun. And addictive. 🙂 I hope you’ll send me a picture of the one you’re working on now when it’s finished!!

      1. I am very glad I made you smile Kristi 🙂
        I am loving redecorating my grotty old 1950’s rental, and I only started through reading your blog. Your black spare bedroom wall actually gave me the idea to paint a wide blackboard strip around my sons bedroom wall. I had always thought that black in a kids bedroom would look harsh, but my little man and I love drawing pictures and writing notes to each other now and its been one of the best ideas.
        I also sent you through 2 photos of the one I made and will definitely send through some of the next one…although this one is taking a while to do as I still have a few quirks in the bureau to work out so it will be perfect for my Chihuahuas and the cats to share..maybe making some stairs or cutting the legs down…I’ll surprise both of us 🙂
        Creative talented women rock!!

  29. In the first place my reaction is this…this is your place….you own it and can use it as you want…it is a place in the universe that is yours alone…you can do with it as you like…as long as it does not hurt others…I am here reading your blog everyday because I find everything you do of interest. You really inspire that woman in me who would love to be able to create as you do. Your drive and your knowledge have helped me in many areas of my life…it inspires me to find some knowledge in the areas where my hobbies lie..but most of all I think you are a fantastic woman and every mother should have such a daughter and every daughter should have such a mother…you totally rock…as for a reason why you blog…I really like number 4….this is the reason I find myself looking for your blog within my emails everyday…and if there is not one….I am disappointed…but then again you can’t have only this blog going on in your life…you are much to driven to allow anything to control you…so I say those people who are pulling about the attributes of blogging are huey…but then I guess they also have that right….I just won’t be visiting their blog….it has no interest to me…yours does and I appreciate your sharing your talent and your drive with me…you are purely inspiration…and I like you…thanks…my 2 cents worth!!!

  30. Kristi, your blog is so great because you are as real as we are. We all make mistakes, and the ones you make (if they could be called mistakes), you clarify that if you had that project to do again, you would do a little something different to make it easier. But you show that although you might make an error or two, it turns out OK. We learn from your few mistakes as well as your many, many accomplishments. Thanks for making our day.

  31. Hi Kristie! I am so glad that I found your blog several months ago! By sharing your creativity and imagination, as well as your skills and talents, you’ve shown me and others so many wonderful ideas and solutions in a down to earth, friendly way. Never pretentious, always light-hearted and humorous – real writing for real readers! I look forward to more posts and photos! Take care! Hugs, Leena

  32. As a blogger, I am impressed by your response to Carol-Anne.

    I was wondering if you would feel comfortable sharing the name/addy of the forum that prompted this post. Good, bad, fair or not, I would want to know what people are saying about my blog.

    Just as an aside, we just had our front door painted blue. It came out quite a bit brighter than we thought it would (Do you watch Dr. Who? It looks like a TARDIS.). At first we thought we would repaint but it is starting to grow on us, so we will leave it for now. 🙂

  33. I had to close that other web site moments after opening, couldn’t stand all that negativity. Then I clicked on A2D on my “favorites” bar. Whew! Much better now!

  34. I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago following a link from Better After. I absolutely love your design ideas and have been greatly inspired by your creativity. I just might tackle an argyle wall in the very near future. Don’t get discouraged by anyone’s negativity. More people think you are fabulous than you probably realize.

  35. That is a very good post…reading it found most of the reasons i like to blog too.
    Keep going write nice and useful posts.

  36. Kristy yours is truly my favorite blog to read. I probably would not paint my kitchen cabinets blue or my front door orange, but I can appreciate how it works in YOUR house. I like your ideas and seeing the before and afters even if I’m not planning to copy your plans. I agree with you that inspiration comes from everywhere, and your blog inspires me to try. I’m not a decorator, I’m an editor, and I’m not even close to knowing what I’m doing most of the time, but that doesn’t really matter. I like knowing that, just like you, I can make my house feel my own with items I created.

  37. Thaks Kristi, That was a great post. When I started DIY’ing it was out of necessity. I was a single mom. Luckily I had grown up with a carpenter father. While he didn’t teach me much, I must have inherited his genes for DIY. So, yes, I’m remarried and I have a great hubby who helps me with my projects, but I still identify with the single woman who needs to get stuff done and realizes that she can. I help my friends in any way I can. You are an inspiration to all the women who read your blog. Keep up the great work.

  38. Kristi, My momma always told me there will be 2 kinds of people in the world. The ones who wish they were like the ones they are dragging through the mud. Jealousy is an ugly outfit for anyone to wear. Usually when people are picking others apart it can boil down to being jealous of what they are doing and realizing they can’t or won’t be able to imitate them.
    Your blog is so refreshing. You are honest and straight forward. I have learned a lot of things from you and am a fairly new follower. Keep being YOU and don’t worry what the others say. They just can’t or won’t admit their shortcomings and so it is easier to pick someone else apart.
    Rock on Kristi….I am a follower until you quit being the AWESOME blogger you are!


    I just started reading your blog recently. I found you on Pinterest somehow and fell in love with the mini-overhead fan you put in your bathroom. I, too, live in a condo (less than 700 sq ft) and it would be perfect in my tiny condo bathroom and help with how humid it gets (and stays) in there.

    When I went back to the pin and clicked on the image hoping to find out where you got it so I could get one too, your blog came up and I found a lot of other projects to inspire me to personalize and spruce up my condo. Coincidentally, I have adapted a similar color palette. Mostly white, accented with green, then cream/yellows, then orange, and lastly blue.

    The other DIY blog I like is http://www.uglyducklinghouse.com/
    Also written by a woman (she is currently single and even before was very self-sufficient).
    My boyfriend lives with me, but I can’t help but make a point to rely on myself (proudly)!

    Finally, thank you for standing up for positivity.


    “4. To inspire and empower women.

    I have to admit, this has become probably the main motivating reason for me to write this blog. In fact, yesterday as I was thinking through all of this, I started remembering different emails that I’ve gotten from women who have been inspired to pick up a power tool for the first time in their lives, and it literally brought tears to my eyes.

    Not all of us women have the good fortune of being married to a man who is handy with tools and can get things done around the house for us. And I know for me, it can sometimes get discouraging reading these blogs with husbands and wives working side by side on home improvement projects. There are plenty of times that I would LOVE to pawn off these “heavy lifting” projects onto my husband.

    But I can’t. While Matt is the most encouraging husband in the world who thinks I practically walk on water, he’s not able to physically help me with anything. So it’s all left to me.

    And over the years, I’ve come to realize that there are so many other women in the same boat — women who are single, or recently divorced, or who are married to men who are…well…not quite so handy, or who are married to men who just really don’t give a care in the world about the house and have no interest at all.

    I’ve heard from so many of you wonderful and amazing women in so many different situations that all boil down to one thing — if things are going to get done around the house, it’s up to you.

    And let me tell you, nothing makes my heart swell more than getting an email from one of you telling me that I’ve inspired you to learn how to use power tools, or to try a building project for the first time in your life.

    Call me a sap, but I’m getting tears in my eyes even now just writing this as I remember some of your emails and comments.

    While I’m beyond thrilled if men read my blog and find inspiration here…

    Ladies, this is for you. And with each other’s encouragement and inspiration, we CAN get these things done!! 🙂 We may be women, but we’re strong, CAPABLE women.”

    Read more: https://www.addicted2decorating.com/why-i-blog.html#ixzz2ZXioNXs3

  40. I am a newly minted subscriber (today) and wanted to chime in with my remarks.

    I am a wannabee blogger, and I wanna have a blog like yours. I have always been a DIYer, and I have always had tools, mainly for woodworking. Your 4 reasons for blogging EXACTLY match mine, and I am excitedly anticipating the time when I can start my own blog. I have looked at hundreds of DIY blogs for inspiration, and yours is one of the very few that says and does what I envision for mine. Thank you for sharing so generously your projects, your ideas, and your knowledge. You have truly inspired me.

  41. I for one really enjoy following you on facebook! I DO feel empowered and inspired by your talents! You should stop reading those negative blogs and just do your own thing !x! Who cares what anyone else thinks…don’t let negativity creep into your life.

  42. Kristi, I’m so glad I read the reasons you have a blog. I could tell that you use most of those reasons, but I often wondered why you would ask our opinion when you obviously know better than any of us what to do. Now I do understand that our opinions do cause you to look at things from a different perspective and see points you might have otherwise overlooked. You are so super at this, and your projects always end up perfect. Your thought process also teaches us to consider all angles of a possibility. And while no one has mentioned this before, I would like to say that I really appreciate that you are so careful to use proper grammar. And that you can explain things to make them so simple. I love watching you grow into your home, and I especially love that you are taking a slightly dilapidated home and restoring it, not only to a sound structure, but also to a warm, lovely home. You feather your nest beautifully. And while I might not paint my door orange, I live in Tennessee and I bet there are more orange doors here than in any other state. You have caused me to take a second look at everything in my home, and I will be doing quite a few changes, thanks to you. You do a great job of fulfilling your reasons for keeping a blog. If someone should post negative comments on your blog, it is their failure, not yours. Some people live such a negative life that they cannot except positive attitudes from others. Please don’t ever let it have an effect on you. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Noticing my own grammatical errors in reading back over my post. Too bad we can’t edit, but I really should have done better proofing before hitting the post button. LOL.

  43. Kristi, I LOVE this article! I blog because I to feel empowered when I make things I can share with others, and because I hate waiting 6+ weeks for hubby to get around to actually getting it all done. Thank you for sharing this article – Learning to do for myself has truly stirred up a DIY junkie in me and created quite the DIY Decorating Ripple Effect – which I wrote about a couple weeks ago! Thanks for sharing all your projects – truly inspiring!!!