Looking Back Can Certainly Be Encouraging

After lamenting (or more accurately, throwing a hissy fit) last week about my still-outstanding to do list for my kitchen and breakfast room, I was reminded just how much I’ve actually done. My mom left a comment saying, “Kristi, I think you need to look back at a picture of your kitchen and breakfast room before you started working on it, then look at it now… That list is not bad at all when you consider where you started.”

Well, she was exactly right. Last night as I was going through my photo file with 3700+ photos, I also came across the pictures of our condo that we took about an hour after we were handed the keys. I was so anxious to get my “before” pictures that I didn’t even wait for the electricity to be turned on.

Oooohhh, yeah. It was definitely a condo in need of some t.l.c.

So I guess I have come a long way! And I’m definitely making progress on my list from last week. I haven’t shared everything with you, because even I would be bored to tears with a post about how I recaulked my tile, so I certainly wouldn’t expect you to be interested. BUT…I’m making progress. Hopefully it won’t be long before I can show you the full “before and after”, and I can move on to finishing my bedroom!!!



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  1. It is always good to see how far you have come- You will make it to the end. I can't wait to see it when you are done!

  2. That's amazing!! I think I mention this on a daily basis, but you are so inspirational! Maybe my kitchen IS savable…

  3. You know what? This is the first time I've been able to understand how your kitchen fits in with the rest of your house….because of these photos! I've seen all the rooms (that you've shown!) separately, but I've never been able to understand how they 'flow', especially the seating area in your kitchen….

    Anyway, it really is a great thing to do because there is no way you can see that and not be encouraged!

  4. Give yourself a huge pat on the back, Kristi. AMAZING progress. And another pat on the back for remembering to TAKE "before" pics. I don't have a single good "before" shot of my kitchen before I remodeled it and it makes me want to cry.

  5. WOW you really HAVE done a lot. AMAZING seeing before and after…. you will have to do one of those before and after changing pictures. :o)

  6. You've done a great job. What does your living room look like?? I'm curious to know because you always have great ideas, and I can only imagine, after seeing the before and knowing what your kitchen now looks like.

  7. Good gravy look at everything you've done. Amazing!!!! Isn't it so encouraging to be able to look back and see the progress? Makes what's left seem like kids play…I guess unless you're the one having to actually do it, huh?

  8. We moved into our new home last August. I know how you feel it's so frustrating to have so much to do and so little time. Thank you for reminding me to pause and remind myself of what we have achieved and not just focusing on what we haven't done. That's life isn't it!

  9. Nice start! I can't wait to see the result of your condo renovation. Looking forward for your next post.


  10. You are a rock star! No one would even know that is the same space. You are definitely on the finishing touches.