My Kitchen Wall Mural…Finished!!

I finished my kitchen wall mural! I have to be honest…I’m a little surprised that I actually got it finished. I was so tired on Saturday evening after a long work week (I’m still getting used to all of this physically demanding work), but I was determined to be able to check something off of my “to do” list this weekend, and I was feeling pretty motivated to do something with my kitchen wall after looking at this for the past month.

So using this photo from Istockphoto as inspiration…

and a little bit of leftover paint, I transformed my kitchen wall into this…

Now, of course, I’ll be hanging a chalkboard right here…

…that will look something like this when it’s finished…

I ended up drawing everything freehand…well, everything except those little birds.

I just couldn’t get those right, so used Paint Shop Pro to enlarge the birds on the inspiration picture, printed them out, and traced them onto the wall. But with everything else, I just winged it.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be, and it took a couple of tries before I got it right. My first two attempts at drawing a tree were a little too “perfect”, and I learned quickly that trees are far from perfect. They’re not curvy and precious. They’re bumpy and bent. They’re not smooth and rounded. They’re jagged, with lots of “elbows”. It took me a while to get it, but I finally did (I think).

The best thing about this project? It was FREE! The brown paint was left over from when I painted my concrete floors, and the other colors were left over from my hand-painted family name sign. Absolutely free–now THAT’S my kind of project!!

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  1. Hi Kristi!

    Your project turned out beautifully! Just the right touch in the right spot.


  2. A wonderful job, Kristi! Looks amazing! I've painted a couple of tree murals – did it with oil pastels and a lot of finger-rubbing – but mine were full of curves and spirals and scrolls. Love your natural look!

  3. LOVE it Kristi! You are so talented! Hey did you see I started my own blog??? Thanks for inspiring me and for all the wonderful friendship and support!

  4. Kristi…this is nothing short of AWESOME! I love it! Wow…wish I had the talent to do something like this!!! You must just love it whenever you walk into the kitchen…beautiful!

  5. WOW Kristi, that is amazing…and the fact you drew that free hand makes it more so. LOVE IT…. You inspire me each and everytime I stop by.

  6. Oh my gosh! I can't even tell you how wonderful I think this is! A work of art, for sure. You should be so proud of what you've created.

  7. OMGoodness, that is awesome. At first glance I thought you had used a vinyl sticker but hand painting, wow.

  8. Kristi, I love your mural, you did a fantastic job painting your tree and birds, love it!

  9. Great job & I love that you did something that made you happy. It might not be everyone's style, but you made it uniquely you!

  10. ADORABLE!! I just love it and to think you free handed it! I have some vinyl decals up in our half bath I am getting ready to trace around and then paint the scene on the wall. You did such a great job maybe I can just have you come and do it! Ha!

  11. I totally love this! I wish I had a large blank wall to try this out. You did a great job!

  12. Love the Color of Your Cabinets!! Do You happen to remember what Color / Brand / Type of Paint that Was??

  13. Hi krishti,
    i don,t know u.but,after seeing these pictures,i become speechless.will u b my friend?

  14. Oh my… this is simply gorgeous.. Can I share these on my blog… Please.. please.. let me know..

    PS – You've got an awesome blog!

  15. I want to do something very similar for my son's room. Could you tell me what kind of paint u used and any tips that would help me ?

    ~ Krithiga

  16. Hi Krithiga~
    I didn't really use anything special. For the brown, I used leftover concrete paint. 🙂 For the other colors, I used sample pots of Behr paint from Home Depot. They cost about 3.99 each. For most of the painting, I actually used a tiny little round artist brush. All of the other bigger brushes I tried actually made the painting much harder. Using the tiny brush was more time-consuming, but the details turned out much better. Hope that helps!

  17. Hi! I just recently discovered your site and had to leave a comment here too 🙂

    I SO love your tree! I'm a lot like you…give me an inspiring drawing/picture and I can copy it 🙂 I did a much more simple tree (inspired by a picture) on my 1 yr olds wall. Also w/ extra paint!…yay for free!

  18. Oh my… this is simply gorgeous.. Can I share these on my blog… Please.. please.. let me know..

    PS – You've got an awesome blog!

  19. I totally love this! I wish I had a large blank wall to try this out. You did a great job!