Wall Treatment For My Home Office:: Trees Or Horizontal Stripes?

I didn’t get the quilted patchwork throw finished for my client this weekend. I did get the face of it finished, with all 56 rectangles sewed together. So far, this is my favorite throw I’ve made. The colors are gorgeous! I’ll be finishing it up today, and I’ll show you how it turned out tomorrow. I’m also working on another DIY project that I’ll share with you tomorrow (hopefully).

But in the meantime, I’ve been giving some thought to my home office. I really, REALLY need to get that room finished so that I can get organized. It is, after all, where I run my business, so I need to be as organized and efficient as possible. But I still want it to be pretty, of course!

I’ve been thinking about doing a decorative wall treatment, and I’ve been pondering doing some sort of tree mural. It would be subtle…my wall color is a very light robin’s egg blue, and the mural would be white. Here are some examples I found. I love the subtle nature of the first one, but I really like the design of the second one. What do you think?

Via Design*Sponge


Via Better After

But just when I thought I had my decision made, I was reminded this weekend just how much I love horizontal stripes. Again, they would be subtle…robin’s egg blue and white, and maybe an accent thrown in here and there.

Via The Lettered Cottage


Via Apartment Therapy

One of my all-time favorite rooms!

Another favorite room by Sarah Richardson

So there they are…my two choices: trees or horizontal stripes. What do you think?

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  1. If I remember correctly, your office has some bold colored geometric looking desks? I think horizontal stripes would be way fun in there. After all, horizontal stripes are pretty much a no no anywhere but a wall am I right? 🙂 I love the room you love too!

  2. Kristi I really like the first one. It seems very soothing. I also like the softness of the pink horizonal lines.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Good Luck!

  3. i really like the first one of the trees, and the stripes from The Lettered Cottage.
    and i really enjoy your blog by the way!
    all the best.

  4. I think either would be great. I think for an office the stripes would be a better fit. Can't wait to see it!

  5. Well, it's stripes either way you go. Do you want regimented stripes (horizontal level and precise striping) or less rigid stripes (beautiful vertical nonlevel trees)? Do you want your office organized and regimented and orderful, or somewhat flowy less structure and not so strict?

    I vote for trees and the first example. It's calm, soothing, and flowy which way better fits my personality (though I love the pink horizontals too). Too much forced order in my life so I'd go with trees…

  6. i like the trees in the first picture. it is so very unique… and beautiful. i dont think i could ever get sick of it…

  7. I'm loving the trees from the first image. But it still depends on which room you're going to use it for. Happy decorating!

  8. I'm loving the trees from the first image. But it still depends on which room you're going to use it for. Happy decorating!

  9. How fantastic look it has. I can't imagine this kind of artful and decorated home in my life