My Master To-Do List For 2015 (House Goals)

One of the things I did during my end-of-the-year break from blogging was to go through each room of my house and make a mental list of all of the projects I want to accomplish in the house in 2015.  Mental lists are good, but written lists are much better for me.  So today, I’m turning that mental list into an actual written list so that I can have something to look at throughout this year, and actually cross things off the list as I make headway.  I fully expect that this list will change a bit as I go along.  Things will be added, while other things will be eliminated.  That’s fine, but at least this will give me a good jumping off point, and it’ll help me make the most of my time and keep me headed in the right direction.

If you’ll remember, a few weeks back I shared my main goal with you.  I want to completely finish my living room, entryway, and dining room. Completely.  And then I want to make every other room of the house presentable.  I don’t need those rooms to be perfect.  I just need them to be presentable and comfortable.

And let me make it very clear right now.  I completely plan on being all over the place this year, even more than ever.  🙂

I may do a project for the living room one day, and then do a project for the bedroom the very next day.  Then I might head back to the living room to work for a couple of days, and then spend a day working in my my office.  In other words, I have absolutely no plans to tackle one room at a time, start to finish, before moving on to the next room.  With a list this long, and the knowledge that it’s pretty much all on my shoulders to get it done, the only way I will stay motivated to press on, without getting completely overwhelmed, is to go where my inspiration takes me each and every day.  So if I wake up and feel like painting, I’ll find a room that needs painting.  If I feel inspired to sew that day, I’ll find a room that needs a sewing project done.  But my hope is that by the end of this year, all of my scattered projects will fall into place to create a cohesive and comfortable home where every room is at least presentable, if not completely finished.

So here’s what needs to happen in order for me to meet my goal:

(Sorry, but I didn’t take time to take all new, updated pictures of each room, so you’ll notice that some changes have already been made since some of these pics were taken.)

Front Exterior:

The goal – make it presentable.

This house just looks lifeless from the front.  I have big plans for the front of this house, including a brand new extended front porch with added gables that will completely change the look.  Unfortunately, there’s no room in the budget for that this year.  So for now, I’ll need to stick with some simple cosmetic changes that will brighten up this dull exterior.

1.  Paint trim and windows white
2.  Paint the front door and side door
3.  Wrap columns in new wood and paint them white
4.  Remove the overgrown plants in front of the dining room and garage
5.  Add some colorful plants
6.  Get new house numbers that actually show up
7. Buy (or make) and install shutters on windows
8. Buy or make a new mailbox


Entryway and Living Room:

The goal – finish it completely.


These are old pictures, but the living room and entryway look pretty much the same today.  I did do an update to the fireplace to make it more traditional in style.  I also rearranged the furniture and painted the front door.  There’s so much to do to get these areas finished!

9.   Remove tiles and 1 x 4’s from the ceiling and re-drywall the ceiling
10. Rewire for lighting and move the junction box for the living room light fixture
11. Build an overmantel above the fireplace
12. Skim coat walls to remove heavy texture
13. Paint walls
14. Install wainscoting (changed my mind!)
15. Install grasscloth (changed my mind!)
16. Install trim (baseboards and crown moulding)
17. Replace aluminum window
18. Repair other wood windows so that they’re functional
19. Reupholster sofa
20. Reupholster wingback chairs
21. Turn ottoman into a coffee table
22. Purchase (or make) and install a new light fixture
23. Make new window treatments
24. Caulk and paint trim around front door
25. Find a new area rug


Music Room:

The goal – make it presentable.

how to build pony walls with columns - 26

That is a very recent picture, and this room is well underway!  I highly doubt that it’ll actually look like a music room this year since my piano is in storage somewhere in east Texas, and getting it here this year really isn’t high on my priority list.  But I can make it presentable.  Here’s what needs to happen:

26.  Build pony walls and columns for separation from entryway/living room (Done!  See it here.)
Remove ceiling tiles and 1 x 4’s and re-drywall the ceiling.
28. Frame the doorway to the hallway
29. Patch drywall on walls (from moved electrical outlets and such)
30. Paint walls and finish wall treatment
31. Install baseboards and crown moulding
32. Purchase (or make) and install new light fixture




In the midst of all of these unfinished rooms, my kitchen is my happy place.  It’s finished!  I actually have one room that’s 100% finished!!  🙂


Dining Room:

The goal – finish it completely.

This is an old picture, taken during my kitchen remodel.  While the room isn’t this dirty anymore, it’s still piled with lumber and tools.  This room, out of all of the rooms in the house, is the one that overwhelms me the most.  Of all of the rooms in the house (with the exception of the ones that we plan on tearing down completely and rebuilding in the future, like the sunroom and master bathroom), this room needs the most structural work.  So here goes:

33.  Remove plywood from ceiling and install drywall
34. Patch the shiplap walls where needed and add drywall over the shiplap
35. Level the concrete floor and install plywood subfloor on top
36. Install hardwood flooring
37. Repair and paint front windows
38. Replace back left window with a smaller window
39. Remove back right window completely
40. Build pantry in back right corner of the room
41. Widen doorway to the sunroom and trim out
42. Make window treatments
43. Reupholster wingback chairs and heighten to dining room chair height
44. Trim and paint the door to the garage
45. Build beverage/ice machine station in the back left of the room
46. Rewire and move junction boxes for new lighting
47. Install chandelier over dining table
48. Complete pantry with lots of shelving
49. Stencil or paint walls
50. Install wainscoting



The goal – make it presentable.

This room will eventually be torn down completely and rebuilt, level with the rest of the house, as the family room and utility room.  But for now, I need to make some cosmetic changes so that I don’t cringe every time I walk in here.

51.  Remove the rest of the old curtains and add new curtains
52. Paint walls
53. Remove ceiling panels and find a way to make the ceiling look presentable
54. Figure out a way to remove/replace the green carpet.  Perhaps cheap carpet remnants?
55. Remove the shelves and declutter



The goal – make it presentable.

house hallway - january 2015

I actually made some headway on the hallway last year, but just not quite enough.  At least the polystyrene tiles and 1 x 4’s are gone from the ceiling, and the ceiling has new drywall!  This year I need to:

56.  Replace all of the doors with new doors and door knobs
57. Tape, mud and paint the ceiling
58. Skim coat walls to remove heavy texture, and paint
59. Install trim – baseboards and crown moulding
60. Buy (or make) and install new ceiling light


Hall Bathroom:

The goal – make it presentable.

This room had me overwhelmed also, as I had no idea how to just make it presentable for now.  But just over the last 24 hours I think I have clarity on how to make it presentable.  I eventually plan to do a complete gut job and full-scale remodel in here, enlarging the bathroom so that it extends into the hallway about two feet (taking up the area that is now used by the small hallway closet).  I’ll be removing the tub and adding a nice walk-in shower (or rather, a roll-in shower for Matt to use while we’re doing our huge remodel of the master bedroom, master bathroom, utility room, and sunroom at some point in the future).  But for now, I just need to do a relatively quick and inexpensive makeover.  I plan to:

61.  Cover the floor with peel and stick groutable tile
62. Cover the wall tile with beadboard
63. Paint the walls
64. Finish removing the ceiling tiles and 1 x 4’s, and patch and paint the ceiling
65. Paint the tiles around the bathtub
66. Add a new, inexpensive vanity and faucet
67. Add a new mirror
68. Rewire and install new lighting
69. Install a new toilet
70. Add a pretty shower curtain
71. Remove the door to the linen closet (behind the entry door) and make that area open shelving


My Office:

The goal – make it presentable.

This is a very old picture, taken even before we moved into the house, but the only thing I’ve done in here is remove the carpet and refinish the hardwood floor.  Sadly, I still even have those curtains up.  So the plan is to:

72.  Paint the walls
73. Install baseboards
74. Paint the door
75. Add new window treatments
76. Buy or build a large work table that I can use for sewing projects and such
77. Install a new ceiling fan
78. Set up a usable and efficient desk area.


Matt’s Game Room:

The goal – make it presentable.

This is another old picture, but just imagine the room filled with about 20 different video game systems, about 1000 video games, and controllers and wires strewn about, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what it looks like now.  The walls, ceiling, and floor are exactly the same as pictured above.  I need to:

79.  Paint the walls and ceiling
80. Remove old blinds and add new window treatments
81. Find a way to organize Matt’s gaming systems and games
82. Install a new ceiling fan
83. Install baseboards


Master Bedroom:

The goal – make it presentable.

This is kind of an old picture, but the room is pretty much exactly like this — big paint swatches painted on the wall, old blinds and vinyl window shade, and absolutely nothing comfortable or inviting about it.  That needs to change, so I need to:

84.  Make a headboard (Done!  See it here.)
85. Remove old shade/blind and add new window treatments
86. Paint the walls
87. Install baseboards
88. Move seagrass rug (from living room) into this room (Done!)
89. Find or make bedside lighting
90. Fix up the bedside tables
91. Replace the closet door
92. Replace the bathroom door
93. Paint the trim and windows


Master Bathroom:

The goal – make it presentable.

This is another old picture, taken before we moved in, but it doesn’t look much better now.  Of all the rooms in the house, this one grosses me out the most.  I keep the door closed and try to forget about it.  But just like all the other rooms, I do need to make an effort to at least make it presentable since it will probably be at least two or three years before we can do our huge remodel.  We’ve already replaced the toilet, but I still need to:

94.  Replace the vanity, sink and faucet
95. Paint the tiles around the tub
96. Add peel and stick groutable tiles to the floor
97. Add beadboard to the walls
98. Hang a pretty shower curtain
99. Repair the ceiling and paint
100. Paint the walls
101.  Replace the mirror
102. Replace the vanity light


Back Yard:

The goal – make it presentable.

I don’t plan to do much back here at all this year, but I would like to enjoy the back patio in nice weather.  So I just need to:

103.  Add some seating to the patio
104. Add an outdoor rug
105. Make a hammock and hammock stand (I’ve been wanting to do that for a year now!)
106. Clean up the mess from my projects that I have strewn about


The Garage:

The goal – make it USABLE!

The garage has basically become my storage building.  That needs to change.  I’d love to actually be able to work on projects out there.  I plan to:

107.  Declutter and get rid of the stuff I’ll probably never use
108. Arrange the old kitchen cabinets as workbenches
109. Install inexpensive countertops on those cabinets so I can actually use them
110. Arrange all of my tools in the garage for easy access


And that’s it!  Easy peasy, right?  🙂

I kept telling myself, “I have a whole year!  I can do it!”  But then I have to remind myself that there are only 52 weeks in a year, and those go by pretty quickly when some of these projects will last for several weeks.

So I fully expect that I’ll have projects left on my list at the end of this year that remain unfinished.  But that’s okay!  I just love having something to strive for, and I like challenging myself.  I think I work better under pressure.  This will definitely be a challenge, and I plan to get as much done as humanly possible.  It’ll be fun to see how much I’ve actually accomplished at the end of this year.




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  1. Good luck with it all – you can do it! You can bring comfort into your home! In my imagination there would be a paint fairy with one of those big systems that spray paint on walls instead of the rollers flying over the entire house in one go! I can imagine you achieving the results in a more down-to-earth manner! lol But seriously, order is a great thing that can happen much faster than perfection and has huge effects on someone’s psychology. You got this!

    1. Order is a great thing that can happen much faster than perfection and has huge effects on someone’s psychology. Order is a great thing that can happen much faster than perfection and has huge effects on someone’s psychology. I must hand write this one hundred times so that it will be retained by my aging memory. What a powerful realization. I’ve always been way too much of a perfectionist. My doctor used to tell me I had to let that go. Then he died, and I haven’t been reminded of that again. THANKS!

  2. Well, NOW I’m tired! That’s an impressive list but I know it will be a big relief to have things in their place and “liveable” while you wait for the big remodel. My only suggestion would be to tackle the garage first … having all your tools, paint, etc. in one place would make the other projects easier. And doing it before the Texas heat hits would be awesome.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. If you have a usable work space in your office and in the garage it will make it so much easier to make other rooms presentable without having to keep moving stuff in and out of rooms as you are working on whichever project you choose on any given day.

    2. Kristi you really need to build yourself a toolbox on wheels. This way you can put your air compressor and nail gun, tape measures ect on it to wheel from room to room. one of the other bloggers built one of these, but I can’t remember who. Can someone out there help me on this. Thanks, Janis

      1. That’s exactly what I was thinking – although I thought that would be a thing to buy. Making one is a nice idea!

  3. Whew! That’s quite a list (sounds like mine, actually. . .:/) And, only 52 weeks. But the thing that never gets started never gets finished. So Tally Ho!

    Looking forward to following your progress.

  4. For my birthday last year, I asked that “everything” be repaired around our home. My husband asked me the dangerous question, “What all needs to be done? Just make a list.” I ended up with 52 line items! We hired a handyman and he knocked out 13 of them, and now we’ll start another round in a couple of months. Having a list is so very helpful. Can’t wait to see all that you’ll accomplish this year.

  5. You mention using peel and stick grout able tiles in several rooms. These are a great, relatively inexpensive floor solution but they don’t come with instructions. I installed them in four different rooms in two houses and they look great initially. The missing instruction is this…LEAVE a 1/5 inch gap around the outside edge of the room for expansion/contraction! One would think that a tile that was glued down couldn’t go anywhere but without the gap they do expand and soon you have a big hump in the middle of the floor because they have no where else to expand to. What a mess! They look like there has been a water leak under them and the wood has swollen. When I told the floor person at Home Depot about the problem she told me about the gap needed. It would have been nice if the product had a sticker on them or something to tell the user about that requirement. (it helps if you acclimatize them to your room temp, humidity etc for a week or two before installing also. In the room where I did install them correctly they still look as good as new six years later.

  6. I bet you took a deep breath after each list……You will get as far as you can each week Kristi, that is just who you are! You are an amazing decorator, and an inspiration to all DIY ers. I love the fact you don’t beat yourself up, for not getting as far as you wanted each day, you just start where you left off the next day and getter done when the finish line has come. That is the greatest lesson you could teach as far as l am concerned. Pushing yourself to hard to get done just has room for mistakes, right? The steady work of a mastered hand is how l see your projects, and you and Matt’s home is going to be Amazingly Beautiful!!!!!!

  7. Great list. My impression as someone who has been with you since the condo is that this house was a wise buy. It has so much potential inside and out! It really comes through to me as I scroll through the photos.

  8. You’ve got your list, and that’s a great start. It will be very satisfying to cross projects off that list. I agree with the commenter above that organizing your garage/workshop and office would facilitate other projects. The first of the year is great for getting organized. (But you have to do some FUN projects in between the not-so-fun stuff.) Also, just finishing some things like finishing the sheetrock and painting the hall walls and celing and installing the baseboards and trim, even if you can’t afford the new doors at this time, would make the hallway ‘presentable’.

    For me, I’d focus on finishing the pony wall, getting the music room walls finished and the baseboards and trim done in that room and the living room. Other than the missing baseboard and trim, the living room is already ‘presentable’. Then you need a nice bathroom for guests. Finishing those things would go a long way toward making the ‘public’ rooms of the house ‘company ready’.

    I too look forward to seeing your progress, and continue to be amazed at all you do.

    Onward and Upward!

  9. Wow! Can’t wait to follow your progress! We are still working on finishing our total kitchen remodel. Started it Nov of 2013!! Have taken breaks along the way. All the cabinets, doors and trim are being made out of one tree that hubby sawmill so all the wood is starting out rough cut with bark on the edges! Just to process that Lumber to use able state takes forever! Everything is done except doors and crown moulding, all of which will be cut and made on the numerous machines.

  10. One word of advice for the peel and stick tile. Be sure to use the grout that is designed to go with it!!! I was trying to save a $$ and used what I had already and it’s all chipping out and now needs redone. What they sell is stickier and stays in the shallow grout lines.

  11. Whew! I need a nap after reading that list! Love that you are a finalist with your kitchen remodel. I looked through the other entries and, although I like them, yours was definitely at the top! Good luck! Also liked that you are extending the hall bath wall. That will make a big difference.

  12. Kristi,
    Your work is wonderful, well thought out, and reasonable. I applaud you, your insite,
    imagination, and your ability to think things through. The ONLY problem I seem to have is I want to come and help! I believe this is a process that is in your blood, and the more I read, the more involved I become. Cuddos from one woman with W-A-Y too much ambition and creativity, to another. I am so grateful I found your blog. Thank you.

  13. I used the link to go to the Notjustahousewife webpage, and while it said it would have a place to vote at the bottom, there was not. I then opened a new window and went to it directly via its URL and that did bring up the voting box. I’m guessing it’s rigged up somehow so the forwarded URL won’t le the voting box show.

    I just wish they allowed you to have a before picture too and a notation about how much of the work you did entirely on your own.

    Good luck!

  14. 1. I voted for you! All the projects were really nice but yours was such an extensive remodel that it was the clear choice. Good luck!

    2. You are so ambitious! I love how you’ve broken down all that you want to do in each room. Remember, step-by-step and you will accomplish much.

  15. The list is impressive, Kristi. You are a master multi-tasker! Being a creative person, it is sometimes a real challenge to finish one project before starting another. I know from experience. But try to focus on what is most important…personally, I could live with your living room but as I do, I start cleaning out closets first, then I do the rest. That way, I have a home for everything. I agree with starting with the garage first, get that cleaned up and organised to a usable space. That will give you great incentive for some of the other projects.
    So, take a deep breath and go girl! you have our prayers and support and will share in your joy as the lists get shorter.

  16. wow, what a list. I might suggest you work on your workroom first so that you have a place to store those projects you really want to do and the “mess” is out of the house. I have found that sorting and setting up a home base to work helps my mind sort through the rest of the jobs that need doing. Go for it! You have done so much in such a short time…way to go Kristi!

  17. First off, yes, I followed the link and voted for your kitchen. Looking at the front of the house; it appears to be very shady. May I recommend some Rhododendrons or Azaleas, and Hosta? The front of my house is in the shade and those plants are affordable and love the shade. I love your backyard fireplace/grill. I am sure that you will make great headway on your projects, but you are right, there are only 52 weeks in a year. Pace yourself. How is Matt showering now? I would make having an accessible bathroom a priority.

  18. Whew! I am worn out! Just reading your list is exhausting!
    I don’t even have my Christmas deco put away yet!
    Think I’ll have another cup and make some lists for my house, that doesn’t take too much effort!
    Seriously,I believe you’ll do it! Can’t wait to watch your projects!

  19. Looking forward to watching you get some, if not all, of it done! Knowing me, I would have to get the outside spruced up in time for spring, then the master, then the master bath. A girl has to set her priorities, ya know! lol

    1. Wanted to add that I have used the peel and stick groutable tiles in two rental properties that we have. They have held up extremely well, were very easy to install, and look remarkably real! Another benefit? They are no where near as cold as real tile.

  20. I’ve been following you blog since you started the kitchen renovation and have found your posts to be so informative! The kitchen is absolutely beautiful (yes, I voted for you). I also loved what you did with the condo. It will be perfect for some Baylor student.

    I do have one question, and maybe it’s even something you’ve addressed before and I just missed it. Why did you buy a house that, for all practical purposes, is having to be almost completely rebuilt? Was it the bargain of the century? Did someone give it to y’all? If a Realtor had shown me this house, I would have run away.

    I admire you tenacity, but it just seems such an overwhelming project.

  21. Wow sounds like enough projects for at least five years. I look forward to every one! One thought regarding the music room because this is something I would overlook if I was the one working on it – will your piano fit through the opening in the pony wall? I don’t remember if it was an upright or a grand so I am just wondering.

    Voted for your kitchen, by the way. It should definitely win as it is spectacular and impressive considering it was completely done by one small girl (with bit of help).

    1. I’m thinking that probably any/all of the doors to the outside of the house are likely smaller than the opening she’s made to the music room. Could be wrong, though.

  22. I’m tired just reading that list! I just found my 2014 list for my house. It had eight things, including one question mark — a new HVAC system. You can see why that would be a question mark, I’m sure. Five things got done, and two of those were just purchases (new mattresses, new couches). The other three? Painting my dining room, finish trimming out and staining a counter we built into our old formal living room (in 2013), and finishing a random project in my son’s room. Yea, the dining room table didn’t get replaced/built, nor did the trim get painted in one room that would be DONE once I do that (until baby boy grows into a bigger boy room, that is). All that to say, I wish I had your get up and go….

  23. Making lists is an important thing. I have lived my life this way and believe me, it helped especially when I was raising four kids.
    I would make a few suggestions based on my own experience.
    Break you year down into months, and months into weeks. You can still jump around, but I have found that by doing this, you stick to a better plan.
    You may get sick of patching and mudding and trimming in one room, that is ok, just see of there is something else listed for that week or even for that month, that you can turn your attention to.
    I don’t know what your weather is like, but you do not want to be painting outside in the rainy season, or the cold season or the very hot season, so you might want to put the front of the house project in a month where the weather is mild. Speaking of the front of the house, you might want to hire a power washer company to come in and give it a good wash down, before you paint. You would be amazed at how good the porch and walkway would look after a good power washing. Again, I know so little about TX, what kind of flowers can you plant? Can you plant bulbs? Do you have problems with deer? We just had 450 bulbs planted on our property and they are all deer resistant. We planted them among the rose bushes that the little darlings ate last year. We are hoping that the daffodils and Irish Spring soap will keep the deer away from the roses so that they can come back. Anyway, my point is, Dafs are a wonderful natural landscape bulb. Your walkway would look beautiful with dafs and jonquils blooming on either side. If you do not have a problem with varmints then you could use tulips or any other bulbs that you like.
    We have roses up here called “Knock Out” roses. They are a shrub rose, not really for cutting, but more for landscaping. You could plant those in front of the house for color.

    OK, back to the inside, you said back left corner in the dining room for a beverage center and ice maker? Why not have that on the back side of the peninsula? You have the plumbing, the water lines etc. I cannot picture what you have in mind.
    Lastly, the sunroom. I assume you are taking the glass slider out. Rather than go through the whole knock down process, why not fix it up as it stands and put in a short ramp for Matt to manage the floor change. It could have railings so that he cold control his speed and railings to pull back up, if he is capable of doing so. It seems to be a much cheaper idea than tearing in all down. Anyway, you have your list and you will do it your way, but I do agree with the person that said FINISH THE CONDO, that should be your first and only priority right now. That is money going out the window that could be used towards many of these projects, plus the money you make will also help with what you are doing. Blessings

  24. These are really good, organized lists to work from, Kristi! If I don’t write it down and try to keep it in my head, I’m sunk! Yes, the condo needs to be completed so it no longer takes up your time (that’s the responsible me speaking), but otherwise, I look forward to projects galore and tutorials in 2015!

  25. My eyes are probably deceiving me, but the pony columns don’t look level. Love your house and your blog. You are an inspiration. 🙂

  26. That’s a big list, but I have faith in you. I hope that the condo is almost done, because I know that you wanted to list and get that gone and over with. I love your blog. Keep doing and sharing what you do. I rely on you. 🙂

  27. I love your new approach to getting everything presentable and then going back to tackle major renovations. It will be fun to see you jump around this year. I kinda wonder, though, about the condo. It’s so close to being finished and I think spring would be a great time to put it on the market. Perhaps that could go on your list somewhere? Imagine how free you would feel to not have that hanging over you too.

  28. This list is fantastic, a great way for you to kick off the year. My only suggestion would is to consider if the temp renos will just cost you more money and time down the road. Trust me, I completely understand the need to make something look presentable, its actually a borderline phobia of mine to let people see rooms in progress or out of date. But I have come to accept the fact that I am not the only one with a house with outdated bathrooms and as long as the outdated stuff is in good condition, well, its not a big deal, most people dont care or get a good kick out of my master bath which has baby blue tile on the wall, all the floors, the shower, the counter and to add a touch of class… saloon style doors… lmao.

    I know that I tend to way overestimate what I can get done in a year, so I would say for your bathrooms and sun room, leave them for last, because it may turn out that by the time you get to them, you are ready to tear them down and redo them anyway, which means you save time trying to spruce them up for the short term and you save time pulling out the short term fixes, plus a bonus, you save money. But I wouldnt worry about the carpet or removing the ceiling panels if you are going to tear down the whole thing and rebuild it later. By the way did you know that you possibly could dye your carpet? Then you wouldnt be pulling it out, replacing it, pulling it out again and losing money on carpet remnants, a medium to dark grey would cover the green and be much more pleasing to the eye. I have had drop ceilings in my old sun room before too, and honestly once I painted the room and cleaned it they looked a whole lot less hideous and I left them until I ripped out the old sunroom and converted it back to a porch (it was rotted).

    I can understand making the need for the hallway/guest bath to look good. But I wouldnt spend money on a vanity, sink or faucet for the time being as long as the old ones are in good condition, unless the ones you get you plan to keep when you knock it all out and redo it. I think all the repairs and paint will make a huge difference. I would definitely patch and paint the master but honestly if you are going to tear it all down, I would say leave the rest as is, no one but you and Matt should see it and it would be less time and money spent on something you are just going to rip up and replace. But like i said if you just put them on the bottom of the list, you may find that you are ready to reno them when the time comes.

    Either way, good luck with all your renos in the new year, your blog is the one where i always ee the biggest changes and best progress with great updates so I love checking in to see what you have done.

  29. Kristie,
    I love all your work and they way you bounce from idea to idea when the inspiration hits, but for the sake of sanity, I would humbly suggest that you take a break on some of these projects and focus on what truly NEEDS doing. For example, your master bathroom. Make that GREAT and skip the band-aids. You will spend so much more money doing these rooms over twice. Peel and stick tiles? Please! I love the old tiles. If you are talking about a band aid, how about a quick coat of pain and some new grout? I would never do over two bathrooms with the intention of doing them over a second time. Also, your office. What an easy room to make great with little expense.

  30. You have set a lot of goals for yourself this year but I am sure you will finish them, or at least the majority of them. I have a question to ask though. Isn’t making the rooms “presentable” as you call it taking money away from other projects? I mean, reading your lists you are talking about doing things like changing out floors and so on. So wouldn’t this be a huge waste of your money and time?

    We are totally different. I would tackle the room that needed the least amount of work, and money and do it till it’s completely done. Then move to the next, so on and so forth.

    But again, to me making presentable it basically making it clean, shine and livable.

  31. WOW…your list gives me a big headache…..I feel sure you will knock out most, if not all, of the projects you have listed before the end of the year. Just voted for your green kitchen and I sure hope you win. You so deserve a win!!!

  32. Bouncing around from one project to another is a lot of fun. My fiance and I are talking about buying a house (we currently live year-round in a fifth-wheel trailer), but we don’t know if we want to tackle a fixer-upper or build our own, or even just go with a manufactured home. It would mostly fall on my shoulders since he’s an over the road long haul truck driver…. I’m trying to persuade him to just go with the manufactured home since it would be less work. I admire your drive to get your projects done. LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchen!!!
    BTW, I did go vote for you.

  33. We will be watching eagerly, and don’t worry about the projects jumping around. That’ll keep us from ever getting bored! You go, girl.

  34. “WOW” that’s one long list of work for one person. I can only do one room at a time, you do so much in many rooms. I admire the way that you do set yourself a plan, and get it completed. The work in your Kitchen was huge! And you completed it beautifully. Now with your Pony Wall. Yet another project looking excellent. So I guess small steps with each room may see that you can end up with presentable rooms. Looks like a great year to follow your progress. So may I wish you all the best.

  35. I cannot believe that your house is in such condition. You are so talented and hardworking but there are still too many things to do. May God help you. I am sure it will be perfect at the end.

  36. Love the list and can’t wait to follow along as you progress. I also have to say that when I went and voted for your kitchen makeover, I realized that your project is 1000% better than all the others you’re running against. Hope you win!

  37. Oh my, that’s a big list. But you work faster than the speed of light, so maybe it is possible! Your goals of what make something “presentable” are pretty high – I’d just have settled for painting everything an immaculate shade of white, even the dreaded ceiling tiles. And getting rid of the old curtains and hanging something inexpensive, but also an immaculate shade of white in all your unfinished rooms. Then do your thing when you’re ready (seeing how much you love vivid color, it wouldn’t be too long). Thoughts: I really love your tufted ottoman in your living room. You really want to replace it? I have a tufted ottoman in mine, on which I have a wooden tray of burled wood. It works perfectly as a coffee table that way. And I can move it and stretch my legs, if I please. Also, when you build the overmantel for your fireplace, perhaps you can echo some of the design elements of your pony wall on that fireplace wall? Love what you’re doing.

  38. was just looking over your to do list for make it presentable. Which is quit long. I know you’re making a new headboard in Navy blue & new living room curtains. I was thinking to save time why not use the living room curtains in the bedroom. You should have enough from the big window to cover the 2 windows. Saving money to boot. Can you reuse your living room shades in your office for a while? Maybe pick a different color out of the material for wall coloring. That would be a time saver/money saver allowing you to consentrate on the harder things but achieve your get presentable goal sooner. I moved in a house with water melon color carpet. Couldn’t afford to replace it so I used maroon to offset it till I could. I still have few things from that time.

  39. In your sunroom- if your ceiling has the 1×4’s under the tiles, you could get some 4″ on center siding and paint it, it has a look like bead board. I used in my new kitchen/dining room and painted it a lovely sky blue and I love it!

  40. I really love your system! I feel really inspired to start making my To-Do list and finally to start moving around! Thumbs up! 🙂