Mirrors Hung…Finally!! (And Looking For Your Input)

Yesterday, I finally finished the large mirror for J & A’s master bathroom, and got all of the mirrors hung. Actually, the large mirror still needs polyurethane, which is why it still has tape on it, but you can image what it will look like once the tape is removed and the mirror is cleaned.

Small mirrors made from large builder’s plate glass mirrors.

Again, here’s what it looked like before. I think it’s pretty amazing what framed mirrors can do to a bathroom! They can really take the space from boring builder’s grade to customized.

But I do have one issue with these new mirrors, and this is where I need your input.

You see, I love symmetry, to the point that when I walk into a room and something is “off” just a little, I’ll straighten it, whether it’s my own room or someone else’s.  When designing rooms, I generally get out a measuring tape to be sure that a bed is perfectly centered on a wall, or two chairs are exactly the same distance from the wall, or an occasional table is sitting perfectly equidistant between two chairs.  Yes, I’m a little OCD in that area.

So when I think something should be symmetrical, but for some reason it can’t be symmetrical, it drives me a little crazy.  And that’s what I’ve run into with these mirrors.  Because of the configuration of the sinks, the distance between the left mirror and the center mirror is smaller than the distance between the right mirror and the center mirror.  Can you tell?  

But, had I made three different sizes of mirrors, that would have just sent me right over the edge.  No, it had to be two smaller mirrors the same size, and then one larger mirror.

So the question is, how would you deal with this?  Hang something decorative in that space between the large mirror and the right mirror?  Put a tall arrangement in a vase in that area to further create intentional asymmetry?  Or just leave it alone and ignore it?

Psstt…This bathroom is finished now!  Want to see the completed bathroom makeover?  Click here to see the whole before and after.

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  1. I did this a few years ago in my own bathroom. My mirrors might be a bit bigger than these, but I put the widest one on the widest wall. Have you tried centering the small mirrors on the small walls and the big mirror on the big wall? That way all three would be evenly spaced and be in proportion to the wall they hang on. Just a thought.

  2. PS That mirror placement was tricky for me. After getting them spaced appropriately I had to re-hang my mirrors lower on the wall. I too have a little drawer and place to sit to put on makeup, and I do. The first time I hung the mirrors they were too tall for me to see my whole face while sitting down. 🙂

  3. From the vantage point the picture was taken, it doesn't look completely off. If you put a lamp (or something tall with volume) within that space it might make it look that much less noticeable. In my opinion, it almost gives a "self-explanation" as to why you put the mirrors up like that.

  4. I vote for the tall arrangement in the extra space. And to be honest, I didn't even notice until you brought it up 🙂

  5. Hang the right mirror the same distance from the center mirror as the left. Then put an arrangement or something on the wall on the right side of the right mirror. Your mirrors will be symmetrical that way and you'll add a decorate element where it won't be in the middle of the arrangement. Just my two cents…

  6. Wow, great improvement, but I see what you are talking about, it would bother me. Before reading down the post I was thinking of a decorative sconce placed there, though I think a tall vase might even be more effective.

    I love your comment on my post today! When a roadblock is encountered I simply get more determined, thanks for the ideas and encouragement!!


  7. I'm guessing that you can't move the mirror on the right because of the sink. Sooo, I would put a tall arrangement in the space to make it look asymmetrical on purpose. I have to be honest, I noticed it right away and I wondered why they were different distances. Can you put something there and show us??

  8. I definitely noticed it right away before even reading the post. Since you can't move the sink along with the mirror on the right, something decorative needs to fill that space or its really gonna bug me!!! Something big enough so you can't tell its not equal anymore. Laurie

  9. I also think a tall vase would fill the space nicely. Maybe a vase with twigs or branches? It would tie in nicely with the drawer / door pulls and your original idea for the mirrors… Either way, it's a huge improvement over the original setup!

  10. I'm with SG…I would hang the biggest mirror on the biggest wall or it would bug me every time I walked in there.

    Can I just ask how you got the old mirrors off the wall? Were they glued on?

  11. I do like the tall arrangement idea. However, do you really need the mirror in the middle? Could you just put artwork there instead?

  12. I agree that accessories are going to be the answer here. Once they are in place, I think it will resolve itself.

  13. Maybe three mirrors all the same size would crate the symmetry you are looking for. But I agree accessories would probably solve the issue. Looks great!

  14. I say embrace the fact that they aren't symmetrical by adding a focal point between the large mirror and the one to the right of it. If you make the asymmetry obvious it won't look like a mistake.

    Earl Grey – a little blog full of big inspiration.

  15. The bathroom looks great. You can see the spaces are a little different in size, but it doesn't look bad at all. I think the tall arrangement would take care of it perfectly.

  16. If it was me: I would center the right mirror to the cabinet doors, this is probably what makes it look off. Then add a tall floral arrangement, wall hung towel rack with beautiful rolled towels or open shelving to the gap. All depending on how it looks in person, your plans for the space and room layout.

    Here are some inspirational pictures 🙂


  17. Never Mind on the moving the mirror…looking at it again I see the mirror is centered to the sink, and the sink is not centered to the cabinet.

  18. Does the lady of the house really use the vanity area? If not, I'd eliminate the center mirror completely. The three mirror bathroom has a sort of funhouse effect–admittedly improved with your recent contributions.

  19. Because you can't move the sink and hence (in my opinion) the right mirror, I'm with almost everyone else. Something between the center and right mirror. I'd love to see a tall thin lamp but don't know if you're doing sconces or if lighting will change, etc. Most people would never notice even if you do nothing….

  20. I didn't notice it ~ until you brought it up. But, I'd try something tall there ~ to see how it looks. 🙂