My Favorite YouTube Artists & Makers To Inspire You

Well, the world seems to have come to a screeching halt, but YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu are still here for us! 😀 As we’re trying to stay busy and keep ourselves entertained, I thought I’d pass along some of my favorite YouTube artists and makers that inspire me.

My favorite YouTubers fall into two main categories — artists and makers. The artists obviously create art. The maker category consists of people who build furniture, create non-art resin projects, turn things on lathes, etc. So that’s how I’ll break down this list. Just click on the pictures to go right to each YouTube channel. Let’s start with…

Favorite YouTube Artists

Jay Lee teaches some pretty simple art techniques that result in really beautiful artwork.

youtube - art - jay lee painting

I don’t love everything that John Beckley does, but I’m often amazed at some of the techniques he comes up with. If you love abstract art, you’ll probably like this channel.

youtube - art - john beckley

Kanella Ciraco does mostly Dutch pours with acrylic paints. They’re quick, easy, and entertaining.

youtube - art - kanella ciraco art

My list of artists wouldn’t be complete without at least one watercolor artist. Makoccino shares some simple ideas and techniques for beginners.

youtube - art - makoccino

Mely D. is the first acrylic pour artist I subscribed to, and is still one of my favorites.

youtube - art - mely d artist

Molly’s Artistry is another favorite liquid acrylic pour channel of mine.

youtube - art - molly's artistry

I find Paul Startart so entertaining because he loves to try out new and random techniques. The final result may not always be my favorite, but the journey is always fun.

youtube - art - paul startart

Rinske Douna does some of my favorite quick and simple acrylic pours.

youtube - art - rinske douna

My absolute favorite liquid acrylic artist is Sarah Mack. I could watch any and all of her Galaxy pours all day long. They’re mesmerizing and amazing.

youtube - art - sarah mack

Favorite YouTube Makers

These guys are amazing at furniture builds. I learn something new with each of their videos. Plus, they’re very entertaining.

youtube - building - four eyes woodworking

Nick Zammeti is also very entertaining. He loves to experiment a lot with resin, sometimes using the most random items to create fun projects. He also loves to turn both wood and resin on his lathe. Not every project turns out, but it’s always incredibly fun to watch his creative mind at work.

youtube - building - nick zametti

I’ve already introduced you to DIY Huntress in a previous post, but she’s certainly one of my favorite YouTubers. She build amazing things in her 12 x 12 shed shop, and her videos are great.

youtube - building - diy huntress

I also introduced you to Pneumatic Addict in a previous post, and she also deserves a place on my list of favorite YouTubers. She also builds mostly furniture, and she breaks down the builds step-by-step in her videos.

youtube - building - pneumatic addict

So those are my favorites! Do you have any favorite YouTube artists, builders, makers you follow regularly? If so, pass them along so that we can stay entertained and inspired!

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  1. I have a lot that I follow but 3 I look forward to: Chest’er, he never speaks and I don’t know what country he is in but he makes the most marvelous furniture. Tamar at 3X3 Custom has taught me a lot. And Cristiana of Get Hands Dirty. She is in Portugal and it is so fascinating to see how different materials are in other countries.

    1. same here, the only person on the WWW I follow is you!! But thanks anywayfor the links, some sound interesting and this might be the right moment to find some distracting entertainment! Stay safe, you all!

  2. You are the only person I follow, but I added the first one on your list, Jay Lee. I love the music almost as much as the painting. The painting reminds me of the late Bob Ross who I dearly loved. Thank you for sharing these. Stay safe!

  3. I love watching Finish Carpentry TV on YouTube. He does amazing work and gives step by step instructions for Crown, wainscoting, coffered ceilings, etc. Truly a master and so informative. Makes me want to trim out my entire home!!

    Thanks for the new sites to visit, my daughter and I will definitely be visiting them during her time home from school!

    I’ll have to check back again to visit the comment section and see what others post, thanks for this!

    1. Oh my Gosh, I LOVE Richard!! He is amazing!

      His tips are great. He gives such detailed instructions. Great sense of humor, too. ha! Very humble.

  4. My favorite Artist, Woodworking, Furniture repair, & Home repair YouTubers (besides Kristi, of course) are:

    Ana White
    April Wilkerson
    See Jane Drill (Leah is AMAZING!!)
    Sea Lemon

    (above are all ladies)

    Finish Carpentry TV
    Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration
    Steve Ramsey – Wood Working for Mere Morals
    Baumgartner Restoration
    Dashner Design and Restoration
    Homemade Home
    Lost Mountain Restoration
    Ross Taylor Woodworks