Mom’s Kitchen – Cabinet Doors Installed, Countertop Underway

So, the world is a bit different, huh? To say that the current situation has slowed progress on my mom’s kitchen would be an understatement. I think we’ve all been a bit pre-occupied lately. But we have made some progress, and it’s so close to being finished! There are still some pretty big things to do, but we’re definitely on the downhill slide towards the goal. So I thought I’d share our progress so far!

We got 20 of the cabinet doors finished and installed, along with the new door pulls. It looks so different now! Here’s the window/sink wall…

kitchen update 1

We don’t actually have the walls painted yet, but my mom did get some “cutting in” done a couple of days ago, so we can actually see what the new wall color will look like with the new cabinet color.

kitchen update 2

The difference is amazing to me! Here’s a reminder of how this side of the kitchen looked originally…

mom's kitchen before - 2-2

We removed the scalloped canopy around the window, made some very simple* new cabinet doors, added some new trim just above the cabinets, filled and sanded smooth the routed lines in the paneling above the cabinets, and took the paint color all the way up to the crown molding. You’ll notice that we also removed the dishwasher and replace that space with a cabinet where my mom can store her KitchenAid mixer on a Rev-a-Shelf mixer lift.

kitchen update 5

We’re still on the lookout for a pretty light to go above the sink. We also need to do some painting around the window, add some trim below the window sill, and find a shade for the window.

As for the other side of the kitchen, here’s a reminder of where it started…

mom's kitchen before - 1-2

And here’s how it looks with the changes so far…

kitchen update 4

It’s come a long way, right?! 😀

So right now, the big project we’re focusing on is installing the new countertop laminate. And after one smart person asked a few posts ago if it’s possible to install new laminate over old laminate, I did a little research. The thought of that was so exciting to me because it would make the project SO much easier, faster, and less expensive.

Well, sure enough. It’s possible! So that’s exactly what we’re doing. Yes, it takes some prep work, and I’ll do a post sharing all the details when we’re finished. We started working on it yesterday, and we got all of the pieces cut out (that was the hardest part of the whole project) and then started installing the edge pieces on the sink wall and peninsula. We got one piece installed and trimmed, and then got the second piece installed but not trimmed yet. Hopefully we can get this countertop finished today.

kitchen update 3

And again, I’ll share all of the laminate-over-laminate countertop details with you in a future post.

Anyway, I still have several drawers and pull-out shelves to build, but it’s getting there! It’s a bit disappointing, because the whole reason we started this in the first place was because my mom was going to host a party for my grandmother’s 108th birthday. Now it’s uncertain if we’ll even be able to have that party at the end of April. But either way, we’re knee-deep in this project, and there’s no stopping now! 😀



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  1. Beautiful! Love the color. The way you painted and trimmed to the ceiling made so much difference. I bet Mom loves it! Good job.

        What an amazing talent you are!
        Please share the brand/color you and mom used on the cabinets.
        Thanks for helping all of us wanna-be’s feel more confident! You rock! Happy Birthday to grandma!

        1. I agree 100 Percent!!! So much talent. You are the inspiration for getting started with a bathroom refresh until everything was shut down.
          Happy birthday to your Grand.. Your Mom Rocks, also

  2. Im sorry the world has gotten to this point and you may not be able to have the party. I thought about that the other day. Maybe you can do a virtual party with her and then a party later.

    1. I have a question regarding putting the laminate over the laminate. Does it make the counter top higher? Sorry if it’s a dumb question but I’m short….

      1. We’re a short family also. 🙂 My mom and I both are five feet tall. But no, it’s not an issue. Laminate is very thin — only about 1/8 inch thick. The difference isn’t noticeable at all.

  3. I have so missed your posts and Instagram videos!!! Loving how this kitchen is turning out, beautiful!

    1. I’m sure I missed this, but are you keeping the same backsplash? I absolutely love how it is turning out. That green is so soothing.

      1. Yes, the backsplash will stay the same. I tried to get her to go with a new one (just because I love change and a good DIY project 😀 ), but she didn’t go for it. She’s wanting to keep costs down as much as possible, and she’s fine with her neutral backsplash.

  4. So nice! A huge improvement. I just painted almost my entire first floor Aged Beige. I know you’ll like it. You are amazingly talented. As a recently retired interior designer, I’m in awe of your talent. Your green kitchen (yes, the green one) took my breath away!

    1. This is an amazing transformation! I bet your Mom dances a sweet little jig every time she sees it. I would love to paint my kitchen cabinets but hubby hates, I mean hates, any change so it will never happen. (-:

      I want to second someone’s idea of sending your Grandma a birthday card. That would be fun. Also, if you can’t party at the end of April you can always throw a belated party. 108 is certainly something to celebrate!

    1. This is beautiful, but everything you do is!! Love how you changed the doors on the tall cabinet by the stove. It all looks so fresh and clean!

  5. Brilliant. Love it. Amuses me how colors hold great appeal, then THEY DON’T. Had a similar color in my house that I loved for years…. then all of the sudden I was this has to go!!!! Changed to lighter color in palette as your choice. Victory, fresh and beautiful. Congrats to you all on your splendid progress.

  6. And we’ll all send happy birthday wishes/cards to your grandma if you give us a proper address. We can love on and honor her in a big way. I’d happily get a greeting mailed.

    Also, I highly encourage you to do some kind of interview with her…. zoom, recorded phone call….. covering her experiences with fortitude, resourcefulness, community during the depression, WWII.. Share in a blog, youtube to inspire all of us, esp. young folks. They have gems to share. I wish I had taken the time to write down, record my own parents that would have been 98 and 96. They were amazing people, would have handled these circumstances with their shoulders back and heads up in git’r dun mode. I bet your grandma is amazing to.

    So let us gift her a celebration from afar, and consider sharing her with us.

  7. The changes to the kitchen are beautiful! Hopefully, everyone will smarten up and follow the rules of the quarantine, and we can shorten the length of it all so you can still have a party 🙂

  8. So happy to see you just “living life” – hope that party will happen!!!!! Actually a blessing that you and your mom had this project already planned 😀👍🏻

  9. Awesome progress. I love the green so much I got a sample and might paint my dining room built ins with it.

  10. This is one of your most exciting projects to me because my kitchen is just like your mom’s with the exact same cabinet doors. The thought of being able to make new doors and put new tops on the counters to update is thrilling. Looks amazing.

  11. This is gorgeous! I love that color and it looks so fresh and new. I am so looking forward to seeing the laminate.

  12. So pretty, nice to see an update without changing the layout! I have a pull-out shelf for my Kitchen-Aid – so great. I call it my magic shelf and it is a back saver. Thanks for sharing.

  13. it’s looking superb! The update is great! One question – what is the standing gizmo in the picture that has the painter’s tape wrapped around it.

    1. I think I’ve figured it out – it’s a gizmo to protect the edge banding from the clamps on the counter top while the glue sets! Tell us if I’m wrong Kristi.

      1. Close! I actually used the paint sticks to extend the “clamping” surface of the clamps that wouldn’t reach to the top edge of the edge laminate where I really needed it to be clamped while drying around that corner. Just clamping the sticks didn’t quite get the laminate snug enough around that corner, so I had to bend and tape them together to get the laminate where it needed to be.

    2. Ha! I knew someone would ask! 😀 The laminate wrapped around the edges of the countertop wouldn’t stay pressed tightly against the edge in two places, so I had to come up with something to press those two areas tightly. I had to use a combo of small clamps, paint stir sticks, and painters tape.

  14. Love the green color. This transformation is stunning. Your talent never fails to impress. If I could accomplish half of what you do I’d be thrilled.

  15. If you like the idea of a birthday card shower for your Grandma’s birthday, I’ll send one. Just post an address and it will be in the mail! Great work on your Mom’s kitchen, at least you have a project to keep from being bored during this “staycation”.

    1. Please don’t do this for anyone, especially not a 108 yr. old. Germs have been found on paper for days to a week or longer.

  16. MY, it’s looking SO GOOD! I love the cabinet color, and the countertops will be so fresh! I kind of think that when she’s ready for new appliances, it would look great with white. Or something softer, maybe the pewter? Anyway, I’m glad to know you are all doing well in Texas, as I have been thinking about people all over the country. All of our peeps are well and keeping confined to home as directed. I pray every day for everyone, and hope this passes soon, so we can all get on with things.

  17. It’s beautiful! I can’t believe what a difference painting it all up to the ceiling makes.
    Are you putting the same color laminate in?

    1. I think it’s the exact same laminate, actually! But because the existing laminate is about 15 years old, it has yellowed and has some stains on it. The new laminate is brighter. So the new laminate won’t change the look of the kitchen any, but it makes the countertops look brighter and cleaner.

  18. What an amazing change! Love the cab color in relation to the floor, everything looks SO fresh and cheerful. Kudos to you for taking the time to do something so nice for your Mom.

  19. Hi Kristi. I, to, love the way Mom’s kitchen is turning out. What caught my eye was the style and colour of the handles on the doors…such a pretty colour in everything you’ve done so far. Say hi to Matt for us and to your 108 year old Grandma. You all deserve a hug!

  20. It really does look so fresh & lovely! Once this is all over, I can only imagine how happy she’ll be to cook in that kitchen!

  21. You are amazing! Beautiful job!
    Somewhere down the road will you show/explain the installation of the cabinet door hinges, please? From the front it looks like you used euro-hinges and how does that work on the face frames? Did you use a hinge jig etc.? Thanks!

  22. Wow! It’s looking like a brand new kitchen! How wonderful of y’all to do this for your mom. I hope you can somehow still have your grandma’s 108th birthday party. Y’all please be careful, these are scary times!

  23. This looks fantastic!! Love everything about it, but of course the green cabinets are my fave. Great job!!

  24. Great job with this kitchen! I know your mom will love the clean, fresh, updated look. Kristi, you never disappoint!

  25. love the cabinet color reminds me of the “crocodile tears from behr. and the Versailes from annie sloan. My kitchen cabinets are this color with a cherry floor and red accents. I love red and green. Its a warm feeling and can be festive

  26. Everything looks great!!!
    Gosh, here I am feeling sorry for myself that I’m going to have to have a quarantine birthday, (as did my middle daughter a few weeks ago, but she got a new -to her- house) and it’s kind of a significant birthday for me (not that I REALLY want to celebrate the age part ) but OMG! your grandma is going to be 108!!!! WOW Amazing! God Bless her and Happy Birthday to her.