Out of Curiosity:: Is Orange For You?

As strange it is sounds, orange just might be my favorite color right now.  There’s just something about that warm and vibrant hue that I find myself drawn to.  Probably the first time I really started paying attention to orange was when I saw this room by Tobi Fairley

I love everything about that room. Those side tables! Wow! Now it’s true that Tobi could probably make any color look fantastic. Heck, she could probably design an entire room in lavender (probably my least favorite color of all) and I’d love it. But still, there’s just something about orange.

I like it used in any amount, from small accents, like in this room by Kara Paslay Designs

…to much bolder statements, like this room by Artistic Designs For Living

I like it on furniture, on walls, on accessories…anywhere!  And yes, I like it on doors…

That’s my very own front door.  As you can see, I opted for a yellower version of the color, but I like ’em all!

I know that we’ll be seeing much more of this color throughout the year. After all, Pantone’s color of the year is Tangerine Tango, a vibrant reddish orange hue…


…but I’ve noticed that people generally have very strong opinions about orange. Either they really like it, or they hate it. So when it comes to orange, where to you fall on that love/hate continuum? Do you have orange in your home? How do you use it? Small amounts? Entire walls? Do you prefer the reddish orange, like the Pantone color of the year? Or do you prefer the yellower version, like my front door? Or do you like (or detest) all of them?

Share your thoughts! Orange…yay or nay?

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  1. I have never liked orange, until just recently when I saw it starting to pop up everywhere. In fact, I’m redoing my daughter’s room in pink and orange right now and I’m loving it!

  2. Nay for me! I’ve never been an orange fan (except for Univ of Tennessee items) and not much of a fan of yellow.

  3. I love bright colors but had always been on the fence about orange until this recent plethora of orange posts and articles. Now I’m converted! Though, if you’re like me, maybe the best way to work with orange is to mix it with other tones you’re more comfortable. Check out the orange mix into this bright print.

  4. Hate orange, and don’t like this trend at all. (It, too, shall pass.) It was big in the 60s and I was kind of into it then in the Mary Quant/Pucci/mod (I had shiney orange patent leather shoes!) and psychedelic eras. But when the ubiquitous harvest gold and avocado color schemes — which were horrible enough on their own — began adding orange to refresh them or whatever the reason was, which segued into brown/tan/rust/orange, that just created an orange hate in me that has lasted.

    1. JP, I completely understand that! I wasn’t around during the 60s, so I don’t remember the orange, or harvest gold, or avocado green. But it would be like my hatred of mauve and country blue. I remember in the 80s, mauve and country blue were EVERYWHERE! I just can’t stand those colors now…especially mauve.

  5. i LOVE orange! i just bought an orange rug for my living room which is painted gray…and today we painted our son’s nursery vintage orange by behr. ( you are right, very yellow, but im loving it!)
    orange is so fresh, and it goes nicely with my favorite color , turquoise:)

  6. Oh I dig orange in a big way! I’m trying to incorporate some into my living room which is gray/blue and cream. Love orange in small doses!

  7. Kinda funny. I didn’t know that’s the color of the year until just now. Over Christmas I got an armoire I’m redoing and I decided to paint is a lovely shade of blood orange! I guess I’m following the trend, even though I didn’t know it! So, yes, I like orange!

  8. The more I see it the more I like it! I have a hint of it on a pillow and I love it..now to get brave and make a bigger splash!

  9. Love orange but not orangey orange. I lean more to the terra cotta side. Have a game room in that color and the black felt on the pool table, black wrought iron light and tan carpet and neutral chairs make it a very cozy “man cave”.

  10. I have traditionally hated it, my least favourite in the spectrum, but as part of my new project I am having to learn to incorporate it into our designs as I have to accept not everyone on the planet shared my distaste for it. I’ve even started a pinterest board with examples of orange I can stomach!!! 🙂 http://pinterest.com/PaintedPatched/orange/ Think orange will feature in the quilts we’re designing but probably an earthy or cumin-like shade he he he.

  11. Orange has been my favorite color for 40+ years. Whole walls or little splashes – it is the perfect color

  12. Hey Kristy, I love orange and also dislike lavender too! I have loved orange for a long time so I was disappointed when Tangerine Tango was named color of the year. I don’t want it to become a trendy color! Oh well, I will just enjoy my little slice of orange ! Have a great day!

  13. I love Orange. My favorite jacket is an Orange Corduroy Jacket from Gap that I bought several years ago, it still looks great, and I still get tons of compliments on it. The best part, it was on clearance because no one else wanted the Orange Jacket!

  14. Oh! I LOVE ORANGE! The thing is that I haven’t really liked it as much as I do know… But I’ve sort of discovered this color the last year. Usually I love purple, darker shades… And I think a darker purple and a clear, strong orange is a nice contrast!

    btw: love your blog!

    hugs from sweden!

  15. I love orange…..now. I warmed up to it (har har) after seeing a BH&G spread circa 2003 featuring a room done in orange, robin’s egg blue, and chocolate. Ever since then, it seems like the photos of rooms that make me happiest have a little punch of orange.

    I still hate pink, though.

  16. I love orange! My office is a rich orange, similar to the Pantone Tangerine Orange, and I’ve also added it as an accent color in my son’s room with gray, brown, white and blue/navy. I love how vibrant, bold and refreshing orange is!

  17. I am not sure orange is my favorite. (My husband would disagree) I think it can be quite over powering. However, I guess done correctly it can add some drama to a room

  18. ORANGE IS THE COLOR! whether used as accent or main color and used with other hues, reds, cranberry as well. I’m redoing my condo and orange is the color I will use throughout. Along with turq and lime and yellow in the kitchen. My LRm has an orange sofa! Cream loveseat aand textured tweedy biege ottoman sparked with muted lime green, cranberry, creamy wheats for chairs, pillows and accents. I love orange-it really perks up a room and makes it fun and cheerful!

  19. My mom always gave me a lot of latitude in dressing myself, but I grew up knowing that I was not supposed to wear orange to Grandma’s house; she hated it. It’s definitely not my favorite color, but I think my grandmother was just reacting to the dingy sorts of orange that were so popular during the ’70s which remain in the carpet of my high school. I like it as an accent color, with other bold colors.

  20. I love the colors orange, the combination in the living room with the puff is great, I guess everything is related to the environment, thanks for sharing, now I have more references to my painting and decorating

  21. I LOVE ORANGE! My car is orange, my phones are always…you guessed it, orange. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to orange. Most of the accessories in my house are orange. I love it. I think people shied away from orange for years because of the 70’s! Shag carpet anyone? I would love to get a new, vintage inspired stove in orange. Have you seen them? OMG amazing.