Second Studio Work Table Is Finished! (50 Square Feet Of Awesomeness)

For over a decade now, it has been my dream to have a huge workroom table (or craft table) where I could spread out one full drapery panel without the fabric draping over the edge of the table. And now, I finally have that!

Oh my goodness, this is 120 inches by 60 inches of glorious goodness right here. And if I’ve done my math right, that’s 50 square feet, y’all!

large DIY workroom craft table -- two tables that can be clamped together to form one huge table - 2

I have been sewing draperies since around 2005, and never once have I had a proper table to work on. I’ve used the floor, which is hard on the back and knees. I’ve used a large dining table with extensions, which is never wide enough. And I’ve used a piece of MDF set on sawhorses, which again, is not long enough or wide enough for a length of fabric for a drapery panel.

But now, I have this — two big craft room tables that can be pushed together to form one big 60-inch-wide by 120-inch-long workroom table. It’s a glorious thing.

large DIY workroom craft table -- two tables that can be clamped together to form one huge table - 1

I added two of these adhesive tape measures (one to each side of the table)…

But I learned very quickly that you don’t want those to go right to the edge of the table. They’re metal, and those sharp ends will cut you. I learned that painful lesson not once, but twice, before I decided to cut them 1/2-inch from the ends of the tables.

large DIY workroom craft table -- two tables that can be clamped together to form one huge table - 3

That means that I have a section missing in the middle, but I made sure to clamp the tables together, line up the measuring tapes, and adhere both sections to the tables before I went back and cut out that section. So even though there’s a small section missing, the measurements are accurate when the tables are clamped together.

large DIY workroom craft table -- two tables that can be clamped together to form one huge table - 4

And speaking of being clamped together, I haven’t yet found a way to add permanent clamps to the tables. I thought of using those really strong rare earth magnets (neodymium magnets) to the ends that would connect, but that would require drilling holes into the trim around the edge of the table tops. And then if it didn’t work out, I’d be stuck with having to fill and repair those holes.

So for now, I’m just using two long clamps on the aprons from underneath the table top to hold them together.

large DIY workroom craft table -- two tables that can be clamped together to form one huge table - 5

That may actually end up being my long term solution. It’s quick and easy, so unless I can think of a better and easier solution, this one seems pretty good.

large DIY workroom craft table -- two tables that can be clamped together to form one huge table - 6

And they can be easily removed in seconds if I need two separate tables for projects…

large DIY workroom craft table -- two tables that can be clamped together to form one huge table - 7

Excuse the mess. 🙂 I literally finished the second table at 1:30am this morning, and I was so exhausted that there was no way I was going put all of my tools away.

large DIY workroom craft table -- two tables that can be clamped together to form one huge table - 8

Anyway, I’m so proud of how these turned out. And in hindsight, I’m so glad that I decided to keep them simple. The open shelves on the bottom help to keep the room feeling open and airy. Had I filled up those sections with lots of cubbies and drawers, they would have looked (and would have actually been) very heavy. As they are, they tables are a breeze to move on those big casters. Even when they’re clamped together, they roll very easily as one big table. And I’ll have plenty of cabinet and drawer storage in the rest of the room.

large DIY workroom craft table -- two tables that can be clamped together to form one huge table - 10

Now I’m actually excited about sewing! And for me, that’s a rarity. Of all of the things I do, sewing is probably my least favorite. But maybe that’s because I’ve never had a proper work table. This might be a huge game changer for me, and I just might find that I actually really love sewing now that I won’t have to struggle with crawling around on the floor or working on a too-small table where I have to continually shift and move the fabric around.

large DIY workroom craft table -- two tables that can be clamped together to form one huge table - 11

But for those projects where I actually do need floor space (like upholstering chairs), I can just push the tables right against the wall and still have plenty of space to work.

large DIY workroom craft table -- two tables that can be clamped together to form one huge table - 12

I think this will work out perfectly. Now as soon as I get my sewing machine back from the repair place (ugh!), I can get to sewing some pink draperies!

By the way, for those of you who have asked for building videos, I did video the whole process of building this second table. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to edit those hours and hours of video, but I’ll post it as soon as I get it done. We can finally put to rest the question of whether or not I actually do these projects myself. 😀

Just joking. In my twelve years of blogging, I’ve only actually ever had about three or four people seriously question whether I actually do these building projects myself. Each time, I thought to myself, “If you only knew my mom, you’d know that there’s NO way she’d let me get away with lying to the internet about my abilities.” 😀 But now I actually have video proof, and I’ll share that later this week.

If you just want to stick with the written instructions for these DIY craft tables that clamp together to form one HUGE workroom table, you can find that here…

In the meantime, I’m going to go gaze lovingly at my new massive workroom table and dream of the things I will now accomplish in there. 😀

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  1. Gaze away and I can already see bolts of colorful fabrics laying underneath! This is every sewist dream workroom! And perfect for crafting. I tend to not finish & pack up a project before starting something new so the sewing & crafting materials get all jumbled together on my work table & then it defeats me. This is a perfect solution! They’re gorgeous too.

  2. I’m having serious craft/art/building/sewing room envy right now. Very serious. My Fella can build some wonderful furniture but he works so slow…
    I’d have to move a sofa in so I could sleep here, I wouldn’t want to leave😉

  3. I’m a quilter and having a long table like that would be a dream! The measuring tape will come in handy! Love how the room is coming together. Can’t wait to see your drapes done and up.

    1. They’re 34 inches tall. I decided to go with a height in between table height (which I’ve worked on, and is too low for me), and counter height (which is too high for me since I’m only five feet tall 😀 ). So far, the 34-inch height has been perfect for me. Of course, I still haven’t used it for a sewing project, so we’ll see how that works out. But I think it’ll be perfect!

    1. Wow, love! I suddenly have an urge for a craft room and table. Adding the reassuring tape was such a great idea. Well done! I can envision people standing around those at one of your instructional workshops, as well!

    1. Those are what came to my mind, too. It looks like you can install them far enough from the edge so that when the tables are apart, you won’t be bothered by them. Fabulous tables!!!

  4. I’m incredibly jealous. Congratulations!!!

    For clamping the tables together, I wonder if you could just use some sort of latches on the undersides. Maybe even those round/rotating ones they put to hold table leaves together (that kind of look like window locks). Or for that matter, just simple hook latches like you’d put on a door.

    1. That’s a fabulous idea! The latches that lock together would be strong enough to hold easily when moving the tables around.

  5. Awesome!! I just did some simple double width panel curtains, working on the floor, and wish I could have transported to your craft room for a couple afternoons.

  6. Beautiful! I sew and I make curtains, so I am as jealous as can be. But you have earned this workspace and you deserve to enjoy it. Enjoy away and make us all jealous while you do so.

  7. What a wonderful addition to your studio! The tables are perfect. Will you position your sewing machine so it is always accessible on top of a separate table along with an ironing board or will you pack it out of sight and bring it out only as needed? Just curious.

    Pink wonders are coming to life soon. I am anxious to see them hung.

  8. If I remember correctly you have a new, really nice sewing machine. Between the new machine and your new workspace I suspect you are going to enjoy making those pink drapes. Although I am keeping my fingers crossed that the fabric behaves. Maybe I am remembering wrong but I think it is not typical drapery fabric but has a little give. I am looking forward to watching you take a break from building and finishing to watching you do some of the pretty things you enjoy. Of course after a few of those projects I will be ready to see more building 😄 It has been so much fun watching you transform your house. You are one amazing woman.

  9. Every fan of yours that sews or crafts is drooling with envy right now. I am eagerly scanning my space to see where I can do this! Great job!

  10. I love those tables! I just had to crawl around yesterday while getting the sewing pattern right and I wish I had a table space like that! I keep my fingers crossed that it makes you enjoy sewing more. And I for one think the clamp solution is great and doesn’t need changing – things don’t always need to be perfect in order to work 🙂

  11. Wow, just wow! That looks so great! And I’ll bet you’re so happy to have them both done! 😍Now on to more fun things 😋

  12. Color me jealous because I love sewing and I’m not near as good at it as you! In my house, I would have to guard those beautiful wide open horizontal surfaces with a stick because my family members have never seen such a surface without putting all manner of litter on it!

  13. Congratulations on finishing a task that you’ve been mentioning for some time. We all have table envy and that color is so pretty.

  14. FYI — verify your tape measure markings are accurate. Some are not — something quilters eventually figure out when they buy different rulers or rely on vinyl tape measure. etc. I’ve bought a few thru amazon that were really off.

  15. I have a different kind of table leaf lock hardware, called a table yoke, which are simpler and work like a dream.

    Mine came on a vintage Baker Furniture table that is a reproduction of the one at the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg. I have had it since the early 1990s, and used those clips over and over to change my table size. They are sturdy and simple and beautifully designed.

  16. The tables remind me of a lady I used to know who had an upholstery and drapery shop. Even as a kid, whose interest in sewing was still in the budding stage, I admired that enormous work table. It will certainly make any project easier. Well done!

  17. I’m just finishing four drapery panels using your tutorial, which is great! It would have been so much easier with those tables. Maybe someday I’ll have space. Dreaming😉

  18. I want and need those tables so bad. I LOVE them. You did an excellent job and I hate green, but I love the green you put on them, really looks great with your wallpaper. I wish we lived closer, I have so many machine, like about 30 that I would like to get sold and it sounds like you need a much better one for your future plans.

    1. I actually have an incredible Viking machine that’s only about 2 years old, but I was trying to clean it, dislodged the cutting blade somehow, and then lost a little piece that holds it in. I decided to send it in because they’ll replace it, thoroughly clean and service it, and that will make it eligible for warranty renewal.

  19. Go Kristi! go Kristi! go! go! go! go!….(that’s acutally a song and dance for you! :-)….those are fantastic! I just want to lay on them and “swim” LOL! They are going to be so gloriously helpful for so many “activities” (“Step Brother” movie reference)….So Happy for you!!

  20. I am one the people who keeps asking for videos, because watching you actually work on a project make it less intimidating. Love your videos & Blog – learning so much from you. This weekend I worked on and painted a vanity and what a difference using the Floetrol and light sanding between coats made. The finish came out super smooth (big thank you Kristi for sharing your knowledge).

  21. Love the tables, especially the open areas, functionality and versatility of them!
    The open area underneath is perfect for storing bolts of fabric too. So excited for you and doing a happy dance that you have completed a dream wish project that will help simplify projects so you don’t have aches and pains. You are amazing!

  22. Room envy is right! I was in love with one table, but two!! I hear the hallelujah chorus! Nicely done.

    I saw some other suggestions. I also thought that the kind that keeps sectional pieces together might work as well. However, that one posted by Christine was really awesome just because of it’s streamlined simplicity!

  23. I can only imagine how excited you are! When I got my first workroom all for myself, I was so happy I just sat in there smiling for about two hours! And it was no where near the awesomeness that you already have. I am envious of those tables! But I don’t need them these days, since I’ve given up making drapes for the most part. To have all that continuous space is heaven! Enjoy it!

  24. Regarding the issue of securing one work table to the other, I wonder if you could use sliding locks on the underside of each table top–one set on each side mounted underneath? I’m thinking something heavy duty (like would work? Congrats on finishing the second table. I absolutely love your workspace and am thrilled for you!!!

  25. It is something increadible for me! And i am always happy to read yout text knowing you got some progress in a new project!
    Please reply me on my emai.

  26. WOW! Those are awesome! I smiled when you said sewing was your least favorite task. And then when you said perhaps it won’t be because of these tables, I smiled again, because although I DO like to sew, it’s clothing in my case, but I’m not a fan of the cutting out part, and these tables would make that part easier. I AM confused about how you placed the “measuring tape” specifically how you said you attached them. And BTW, the picture of the tape on the link you provided does NOT show that it has two sets of numbers (i.e., so that you can read it from left to right AND right to left) AAMOF that was a complaint more than 1 person had in the reviews.

  27. All the “grunts” in the office were given a small yearly stipend which could be used to “enhance” their work space. Mine was spent having a retractable electrical cord installed over my huge worktable…no more extension cords. OH, what a difference it made!

  28. What is the router that you bought? Forgive me if I’ve overlooked it. I did a general search on your website and you last mentioned it in your bathroom tile post, but I didn’t catch what it was if you mentioned it in your video. I’ve done the ctrl F for find on various posts with Router as my search word. I only ask because I bought the same Dewalt orbital sander you had and I LOVE it. So the router is next on my “wish list”. I watched the video but I was multi-tasking. lol