Studio Questions: Wallpaper In The Back Entry? Black Countertops?

I’m still working on the floor in the studio, and hope to have that finished in the next few days. So, of course, I’m thinking about the next steps towards getting the studio finished. The next steps include painting the ceiling and walls, putting up the new wallpaper, installing the lower cabinets, and building countertops.

Most of that seems pretty straightforward. The ceiling is going to be white (Behr Ultra Pure White). The walls are probably going to be white (Behr Polar Bear). That’s the easy stuff. But then I get to the wallpaper, and for the life of me, I can’t seem to make a decision.

Don’t worry. I’m not still redesigning the wallpaper. My mom and I have made all the tweaks that we’re going to make to the design, and I’m in the process of working with a company to get it printed just like I want it for the long wall in the studio. (More on that later.) If you missed those posts, my mom and I just tweaked the colors some (mainly so that the dark purple flowers would actually look like flowers from a distance and not just dark purple blobs of nothingness. And then I’m having it printed larger so that the flowers are much bigger and there are fewer repeats in the pattern.

So the wallpaper redesign is finished. There will be no more editing of that wallpaper. And it’s going right back up on the long wall where the original wallpaper was. Nothing about that plan had changed.

The issue that I’m trying to decide is whether or not I want to put the wallpaper in another area of the room, and specifically, I’m thinking about putting it in the back entry. I just can’t decide if that’s a really bold and awesome thing to do in a studio that is all mine and that I get to design only to suit myself, or if it’s just way too much. And while I’m generally not opposed to trying something and redoing it if it doesn’t quite work out, that’s just a lot of money to spend on a test.

I tried to do a mock up to see what I think, but of course, seeing a photo (and especially a very bad mockup) is vastly different from seeing something in real life, and actually standing in the room where you can see much more of the room than you can see in a photo. But for now, it’s all I have.

This is the picture that I started with. This is the back entry pretty much as it looks now with the painted black and white chevron floor, very green walls, etc.

I’m glad to be getting rid of this look because it just looks and feels dark and heavy to me. I haven’t gotten to the floors in this part of the room yet, but keep in mind that the floors are actually white and super light gray checkerboard. Here’s a peek in case you missed yesterday’s post…

And here’s the overall plan as to how the main room will coordinate with the back entry, storage closet, and half bathroom…

So with all of that said, here is my very bad attempt at a mock up to give us an idea of what a wallpapered back entry might look like, but keep in mind that the bathroom walls will be changing also…

It’s just so hard to decide because I do like a whole lot of color, and I do tend to like things a bit on the busy side. I like more pattern and color than the average person does. But there’s definitely a point at which things can be too much even for me.

And again, things look and feel so much different when standing inside a real room than they do when looking at pictures or mock ups. For example, from that photo/mock up above, you don’t get any sense at just how big that main room is, and you can’t tell just how much white will be in the room once the ceiling and all of the other walls are painted white. So it’s just so hard for me to determine, based on a mock up, if this is busy and crazy and colorful and fun in a good way, or if it crosses that line into “too much” for my color- and pattern-loving self. I kind of want to go for it.

The second thing that I keep second-guessing is the countertop issue. I had thought that the decision was made, but then y’all keep sending me ideas!! 😀 Y’all aren’t ever allowed to get frustrated with me and my indecision because you contribute to it with all of the amazing and creative ideas you send me! 😀

I’ve had so many emails and DMs on Instagram with some really creative countertop ideas, but one really stood out to me, and I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. But if I use this idea, it will result in black countertops. So what do we think about black countertops for the studio? The mock up above gives an indication of what black countertops would look like in the room. They would tie in with the light fixtures in the room, and I’ll probably also keep all of the doors in the room black as well.

But here’s the idea that was sent to me yesterday. I’ve seen this process done on exterior siding and furniture, but this was my first time seeing countertops made with this process.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that. It would probably be the cheapest option of all of the ones I’ve considered, and it would be fun! I’ve never tried the charred wood look before, and I love trying new things. I just hadn’t considered black countertops before (I had only considered white or light to medium wood tones), so getting my head around black is just a complete change from what I had pictured. But it could look really amazing! Should I consider it?



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    1. The smaller the print, the more repeats, and the busier the wallpaper looks. For my taste, it either needs to be printed large, like a mural, or I won’t use it at all.

    1. It probably would, but none of these countertops are really going to be used to work on. They’ll probably just be used to store things on, like my sewing machine, or a printer. My two huge work tables are really all the work surface I need in the room.

  1. Oh My Goodness…that countertop is cool when done! I think you could make the countertop any color/material you like, but you know how it will tie in with the rest of the room better…I forget what your desk looks like, fixtures, etc. Even though I am more conservative with color and pattern than you, I think I like the look of the wallpaper in the hall quite a bit…Since there is some covered with cabinets in the main room, it is kind of a preview as you come in! I LOVE the floor you are doing…it is very eye pleasing to me.

  2. I rarely comment but I read all your posts. I decided to speak into your back entry today. Like you I like color and pattern and could never live in the current trend of an all white or gray house. That said I’m also trying to create a sense of calm in our home so I’m backing off some things. All this to say I think you want the back wall of your studio to be the focal point. The back entry is connecting to so many areas of your home I respectfully suggest keeping it ‘Calm’ on the walls. You can add art later on or paper. Choose a paint color and live with it for a while then decide. Also had a thought today after seeing the mock up again…. Consider doing the painted checkerboard rug in smaller tile sizes so it would look more like a ‘matching’ rug. Think hard about the black counters, they would look great but they will also show everything. We moved 5 years ago and I’m still trying to get things completed. Can’t believe how indecisive I am. I really frustrate myself!😉

    1. The back entry is only connected to the carport. The doorway to get to the rest of the house (from the studio to the breakfast room) is on a side wall, and it’s just a simple 15-lite pocket door, and through it, a person might only get a small peek of the wallpaper.

    2. I agree with MaryBeth. Your studio is large and quite colorful so think a calm color would be perfect for the entryway to/from the carport. Added artwork or even framed pics of the wallpaper would be enough to add color. Would whatever you do in that entryway play well with your plans for redoing the bathroom? That might make a difference in your plans also. I look forward to what you decide to do.

      1. I really like the mock up w wallpaper myself. With the floors repainted, iwill be much lighter. I love your bathroom as it is. It is the happiest bathroom I have ever seen, just fun!But understand getting bored w something after a while too. I would not do the burned wood because it seems too rustic & busy with the wallpaper. I can see using an ebony wood stain though. My experience w glossy black is it always looks dusty. Love your ideas!

      2. I like the wallpaper in the entry. It draws you into the studio and the colors get you excited to be creative .

      3. I’ll firm up the plans for the back entry and then come up with a coordinating plan for the bathroom. I wouldn’t do the other way around just because, to me, the back entry is more important since it’s more visible.

  3. I love that wallpaper and to me, the more the better. So definitely in the back entry. As someone who has a black topped desk—I hate it. It’s easy to lose small things on it and dust shows ALL. THE. TIME. I still like the idea of lighter wood countertops to add a little warmth.

    1. I agree! I have black counter tops in my kitchen (matte finish) and I hate them as they show every spec of dust, they never look clean! I am going to change them, but just like most of you I haven’t decided with what??? Go with what you love. I wallpapered in the 70’s and NEVER AGAIN!!!!

      1. I too, chose black countertops for my kitchen (quartz). I knew going in it was a risk with showing every speck of crumb and dust, and it sure does. It doesn’t bother me the way it might others, but if I had to do it again, I’d choose something not solid black.

      2. I agree! I was just going to comment the same thing, black shows a lot of dust. But its your house and if your ok with the constant wipe down, go for it! They look great

  4. I say yes to the wallpaper in the back entry – there’s not a lot of walls there and you’ll get a bit of Frank Lloyd Wright compression/coziness and release as you walk into the larger studio. I think the charred countertops will end up too rough for precision crafting – but you do have the desk and worktables for alternate surfaces if you really love the idea. (I prefer to do be able to do any task anywhere — it’s hard to predict every use pattern in advance.)

  5. The wallpaper in the entry way looks STUNNING!! By the time you have countertops, cabinets, windows, lighting, projects, etc, a ton of wallpaper won’t be seen on the front wall, but you’ll have a wonderland in the entryway! 😍

    And the black countertops look like they would be absolutely awesome!! Sooo creative! I LOVE seeing your mind work! Thank you for sharing the journey, the process and the finished product! Thank you for sharing you!

  6. 1000x yes on the wallpaper. Walking through a small area of bold color into a vast space with loads of white seems like it would balance each other out in a fun way. It’s like a hype hallway to get excited going into your workspace!

  7. While I love black countertops, I swore I would never have them again. I loved the look, but they ALWAYS looked dusty/dirty. I prefer projects to cleaning, so I am going with lighter now.

  8. When I saw black countertops in your post title, my first thought was NO. But the base of your desk is black and the doors are black and it looks great in the mock up. And I really like the wallpaper in the back entry hall. With it’s arched ceiling, it looks like the grand entrance to your studio. Once all your cabinets are installed on that wall, you won’t be able to see much of the wallpaper. So my vote is GO FOR IT!

    1. I agree. And it’s not that the counter is black. I think they’re hiding a lot of defects in that counter by not showing it up close. It is rough, the color is uneven and not in a nice way. Even though they covered it with polyurethane, it looks weak and I have to wonder if it’ll start rubbing ash on everything as the sealer breaks down or it gets dings in it. It is a cheap black countertop and it looks like one. It’s a cool idea but I don’t think it’s practical for actual use.

  9. Everybody has different tastes. Some people love the burned wood effect used outside primarily for waterproofing when nothing else is available. Looks good from a distance but up close it just looks like burned wood. You’ll have to put a sealer coat over it because it is burned wood and that rubs off on your hands and objects. AKA charcoal! The fad of using singed pine years ago came and went quickly for a reason.
    I agree that black shows EVERYTHING. If you are going to be cutting fabrics in there, I can guarantee there will be dust. I have to run a couple of HEPA filter air units to keep from choking to death on the dust after a few days of working on a quilt project. We’re not even going to discuss the massive sinus infection I got after sewing a furry costume from fake fur. Try laying some black paper down on top of the cabinets and live with it for a bit and then make a decision. Once you’ve burned the wood, there’s no going back.

  10. How much traffic will that back entry get? Will you be bringing in big, awkward items if you have a workshop just outside that door? My concern would be spending a lot of money on wallpaper for the back entry then having it get banged up from hauling things through the area. A painted wall is easy to patch & paint. Wallpaper not so much.

    Although the countertop is cool, it might be too heavy with the pretty coral color you’ve chosen for the cabinets. And like someone else commented, darker surfaces will show every little bit of dust. I would assume there will be plenty of that in a studio.

    1. The back entry has French doors. I think if something I made in my future workshop were so large that it could damage the walls bringing it in, I’d opt to just finish it in the workshop or under the carport.

  11. I love the wallpaper in the entry way but I don’t care for the counter tops in the studio. They are really cool and beautiful but I don’t think they would work well for a studio (not smooth, dark and dusty…) and wouldn’t you end up with seams that you didn’t want or is this the process you were considering for the hardwood flooring you were going to use?

    1. Agree. Love the wallpaper. Am confused by the countertop. You nixed a butcher block one because it would either have seams or be too heavy to work with. Wouldn’t the charred butcher block have the same problems?

  12. Kristi,
    The entry way will look totally different if you extend the studio floors on in the entryway. The big loud wallpaper belongs in the studio only. You want that wall to be special and if you paper the entryway, it will distract from the studio. Leave the beautiful green paint where it is because it is so beautiful. It gets one ready to enter the studio. Don’t do black countertops. Those burnt wood things won’t fit in your modern studio. Of course all of this is my opinion! Love reading and seeing what is going on in your world. What does Matt do while you are doing all this redoing? Does he have an opinion about color?

  13. Sorry Kristi but the wallpaper in that small space is far too overpowering for me. It detracts from the impact on the rear wall of the workshop. It could make what to put on the small bathroom walls difficult. Keep it simple and add art work.

    The new floor treatment looks great, but it isn’t shown in the mock-up which will affect the overall appearance.

    A definite “no no no” from me for the knotty charred wood despite it being a cheaper option and may be fun to do. I have black laminate worktops and they show every bit of dust. Don’t do it unless you really enjoy cleaning.

  14. I’d test the countertop idea with a cutting board sized sample and leave it on a surface you use like a trivet, to see how you like it’s usability, finish, and durability. It’d be a fun test weather you use it or not. Plus you can still talk about it more if it makes you that happy about it’s potential in the blog. I like that the back can border and tie in details.

    On the paper in the entry- I’m team calm. You are such a perfectionist there could be a view it doesn’t look lined up right and you’ll want to change it.

    1. The sample like a cutting board size is a good idea. I love the charred wood look in the Instagram post. I made my original comment before reading everyone else’s opinion and negatives of it. You all make some good points.

  15. I’m for white counter tops. Just my choice.

    What about some WIDE stripes for the back entry. Verticle. Wallpaper colors – limit it to maybe 4 colors.

  16. I think the entry wallpaper will take away the wow factor of the wallpaper in the studio. It really grabs your eyes and I wouldn’t want anything to compete with that.

  17. I love the wallpaper in the entry. Once you build out the cabinets and factor in the window the wallpaper on the back wall isn’t overwhelming. i love the shift in scale standing in the entry and look at both dimensions of the wall paper. I remember you mentioning changing the powder room walls from the rainbow key but do have ideas for that if you put the wallpaper in the entry?

    I’m not sure about the charred counters. I like the idea/look of them but i would also worry about keeping them clean and dusted. i prefer smoother easy to clean surfaces. Have you looked into custom terrazzo or a resin pour?

  18. I love the wallpaper in the hall area! I hadn’t noticed before that the wall had such a nice upward angling . It gets lost in the dark paint color. And I really like the blowup of the floral design so much better! Other areas of your home have a calm feeling- but this studio is where the action is!!!!! And the wallpaper is very lively and perky!
    The countertops aren’t going to be a huge visual component in the overall design, since you plan to put things on top and have working projects/work in progress on them. I don’t think you can wrong with any durable finish. The darker color might be a good contrast to the light flooring. And I think you’ll enjoy the burning process!

  19. I absolutely love the wallpaper…have it bookmarked…I’d love to do my main bath (half wall all way around…beadboard is on the bottom). The entry looks fabulous as it is now!! Flows beautifully into your work space. Why are you changing the bathroom walls? Just curious…I love colour and patterns! Charred counters? Nope. Dislike the idea immensely…looks cheap and your beautiful home looks anything but cheap. And fug-ly. But to each his or her own…it’s your home.

    1. Ever since someone told me that the walls look like the LulaRoe logo, I haven’t been able to unsee it. They really don’t look similar if you see them side-by-side, but if you can’t see them side-by-side, it’s easy to think that the walls do look like that logo.

  20. Yeah, you should totally try that, it looks really cool. I guess the only thing you’ll have to reconcile yourself to is that fact that if you do do this, you’ll inevitably end up with a seam in your counter, because 20 foot lumber doesn’t exist (I don’t think), and even if it did, you probably wouldn’t be able to get into your studio in one piece. Lol.

  21. Would you consider using the wallpaper in that bathroom? I believe you mentioned that you were going to redo the walls in there. Or how about on just the ceiling of that hallway? So many fun options! Can’t wait to see what you do!

    1. I’m open to different options, but the main thing is that I do want to use it in a second location since there won’t be much of it showing on the main wall because of the windows. I just want to find another place where it will be prominent, so I guess it would either have to be the bathroom walls or the back entry walls.

  22. I like the idea of beginning the journey into the Design & Art Room through an entryway ‘Pergola’ of year round Spring flowers.🙂👍🏻

    I also think the Blackened Counters would be loads of fun to do, and be a great juxtposition against the bouquet wall and large white expanses of the rest.👏🏻

  23. Maybe do a striped wallpaper that has all the colors of the floral paper in it for the back entryway. I love the black counters but would they be constantly be shedding black pieces? I have never seen that up close enough to touch it.

  24. I like the wallpaper in the entry, but not if the bathroom walls stay patterned. Very much dislike charred counter idea…looks “unclassy” (cheap) and from experience, black always looks dusty.

  25. I say, go for it all! To me, using the wallpaper in the entry says “you are entering Kristi territory, this is Kristi’s studio, this is Kristi”! I love the subtleness of the checkerboard floor, and with your white walls and white ceiling with only the end wall with the colorful wallpaper and colorful cabinets, you might need more color. I think the entry would be a great place to use it. The black countertop is very cool, and I think it looks great in your mockup. Rooms always need a touch of black in my opinion. If you don’t use it there, perhaps on the top of your desk?

  26. I love the wallpaper but I think it would be too much in the entry way. How about pulling the coral from the cabinets out to the entry way? I’m a big “No Thank You” on the charred countertop. I love the look but all the dust and fabric scraps would drive me crazy. I have dark marble countertops in my bathroom and I HATE THEM! They’re clean for about 5 minutes. I’d stain the countertops to match your desk.

  27. I always assumed you’d make counters like what’s in your pantry and whitewash them. Love them. It ties your house together. Hate the charred black counter idea. Also, I liked all of the studio and bathroom floors, etc in the check. Just plain white floors in the bathroom seems awfully plain and prone to dirt. All of these different ideas sort of make the studio disjointed from the rest of your house. You’re going to end up with a pretty big house when it’s all finished, why not keep things more simplified and with some symmetry from room to room. On the practical side you would almost be forced to have a cleaning person come in regularly with such a big house if you don’t keep things rather simple.

    1. Phoebe, again. Also, why drive yourself crazy with complicated ideas if you’re going to get the studio done by August. You hit the wall with the gym. The studio is huge, respectfully, it seems impossible to go for a zillion ideas to incorporate into this room and still make your August deadline.

  28. Honestly, I love the wallpaper in the back entry AND along the main studio wall. But, I think it would be glorious with white cabinets or at least very light cabinets. Plus, that would allow the black countertops to be brought in without being too heavy. Let the wallpaper shine and scream COLOR! I think it could reach overload with pink cabinets in the mix too.

  29. Have you thought of putting the wallpaper on the ceiling of the entry instead of the walls? I think it’s too much on the walls, but might work well on the ceiling, making the entry flow into the larger room with the huge wall of wallpaper. I do not like the charred countertops. I would stick with wood flooring like your pantry.

  30. My understanding is that a charred wood finish is very brittle and may flake. I think you need something that will stand up to use. If you want black maybe try an ebony stain. If you do go for the charred wood I would do a test piece to see how it would hold up/

  31. What about just having the upper part of the walls in the entry wallpapered? The bottom part could be a color from the wallpaper.

  32. I love it ALL!!!
    GO FOR IT!!!
    The entry enveloped with the large, floral, happy color will look sooooo charming through your gabled and bracketed entry door!!! A whimsical welcome! Sets the ‘Kristi’s studio’ tone – which the entry has an obligation to do!
    The black countertops idea would be a welcome high contrast and a visual rest amidst the brightish pink cabinets and floral wall – and will make a great statement with the black pulls/knobs!
    It’s YOU, Kristi!

  33. How do you feel about dust? In a studio, even if all the saws and sanding stay outside, the dust factor is going to be high. And black countertops are going to show it a LOT. I think the black would look sharp, but would stick with wood.

    And if you say, but I have a housekeeper now who helps!! I do too, but she doesn’t clean up my mess in my studio, I have to do that if I’d like her to clean the countertops. She can’t clean what she can’t get to.

  34. Good comments. I read them all.
    Good idea to refine the purple flowers. (Something about the wallpaper bothered me, which became clear once you decided to make that change.)

    Hmmm? Wallpaper in the hallway? In one respect, it is like the “preview of coming attractions.” A dramatic entrance. Would it be too busy? Scale too large? Instead of ordering more paper at the same time, why not unroll what you are getting for the studio or better still, remove enough of the current rendition and tape it up in the hallway to judge the impact? Seems to me to be the only way to tell if it works or not.

    Practically speaking, ‘things’ will be brought in through that space. Aside from the design aspect, why install something you have to patch when the wall gets dinged? Not fun to hassle with wallpaper in that case and not easy.

    Rather than decide piecemeal, shouldn’t the bathroom changes also tie in with the hallway? Thus, be part of the overall plan?

    Black countertops, maybe? A heavy look to me. Charred wood? Intriguing but ghastly. As so many experienced readers have voiced, they would be a pain to keep up once the wheels of industry go into motion in that room. I can’t see cleaning being tops on your priority list of tasks. Yet, dust would be everywhere. ’nuff said.

  35. What about wallpapering the ceiling of the entry and wallpaper up to the top of the doors, use the cabinet color for the upper walls. Love the shape of the ceiling and the wallpaper would draw the eye up. Anything you do would look great.

  36. Kirsti, I think the black or charred worktops might be a mistake. Think of the dust, dog hairs and any cutting or sawing you would be doing in there. They certainly will match with the black lights and doors, but I don’t fancy them with Coral cupboards either. Lighter, might be a better pick. Also, love the idea of papering the back part. It would be a great blend with all your white walls and ceilings. I’m sure you’ll work it all out.

  37. Love the floors. Love the new wallpaper. For the back entrance why not start off with one wall. Easier to add to the side walls than removing wallpaper because it’s too much. I think doing the walls in the back entrance the same as the studio would give a more cohesive look. Or use it in the powder room but trfuce the size od the flowers. As for the charred counter tops I’d be worried about residue transferring onto projects. What about designing your own brand? Brand the wood countertops. Whatever you decide will be remarkable.

  38. Black countertops: I think you are just not a “black” person and at some point you will want to re-do the counter tops (I thought the same thing with the dark green and black/white floor of the entry…). The black accents in the gym work–for now at least–because you have so much other black in the equipment, but is that going to be true in the studio? Just my two cents! I can’t wait to see the studio all done–it’s going to be amazing!!!!!

  39. Love the Black countertops…. Frankly it will stand back and “Ground” your revised wallpaper… I say…”GO FOR IT”…

  40. You will be living with the results. It’s not my thing. I wonder about using it and maintaining it. And I am not crazy with the black Not matching any of the other colors. If there was some black in the flowers, then maybe. I love the floors, outstanding. You will make the right decision for you and it will be spectacular, absolutely !!!!!

  41. IMO the wallpaper is a yes. I would also say yes to using any of the colors of your wallpaper instead. As for the charred wood – it sounds like fun, but I would definitely save that for another project that isn’t so important. Maybe a side table or something outdoors. The addition of stained wood in the studio is just the bit of warmth that the space is craving.

  42. I say go for all of it!!!
    You’ve never had a problem redoing things (kitchen floor) so get it out of your head and on the walls/counters. Who knows if you’ll love it? But you won’t know till you try.

  43. I LOVE the wallpaper in the entry way AND the charred countertops. That feels like a DIY you must attempt, and where better than the studio?!

  44. I vote yes on both! The wallpaper looks wonderful in the back entry and gives you a place to really showcase the design. The charred countertop is also an interesting take. I think black will help to ground the room. My preference would probably be the lighter shelves which were not burned quite as much.

  45. Those black countertops are my choice. Nothing like a strong contrast to spice things up. Plus if you are as messy as me, black won’t show as much and the distressed look covers a multiple of sins.

  46. May I just say, I kind of LOVE the wallpaper in the back entry! Honestly pulling that floral print in there, feels happy and cheerful. I hope whatever you choose makes you happy every time you are in there!

  47. Hi Kristi,
    Love the floor you’re painting. So glad you didn’t put a border around it.
    As far as the wallpaper goes, I say go for it. The first thing I thought when I saw it was “it makes a really nice frame for the main wall”. And since you’re putting up cupboards that will hide some of the wall (most?),I don’t think it will be too busy. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to each one. God Bless.

  48. I have a friend who had black counters in her kitchen and she hated them because every little speck of anything showed and they were always dirty looking. Just a thought.

  49. I like the paper in the entry. I think the floor should be completely painted also. Not sure about the counter being black wood. If it were stone, I would like it, but not wood.

  50. Yes on adding your wallpaper in back entry. It will make that area more cohesive with the studio. Love what you are doing with the wallpaper pattern – showcase it in the entryway.
    The comments on black countertops showing dust and debris ring true and this seems like it would be adding another more frequent cleaning chore to your already full schedule.

  51. I’ve read through most of the comments and would like to throw my 2¢ in! I am intrigued the idea of painting the entry the same gorgeous coral as the cabinets to welcome you into the carport. That with some artwork would be gorgeous. Really, really dislike the charred wood idea. I much prefer the idea of the counters you did in your pantry being applied in your studio. I’m very excited to see you finish this room just for you!

  52. What about just doing the wall with the wallpaper instead of also incorporating the walls? This might give you the desired look, and keep it symmetrical with the studio, but not be so overwhelming. My vote is no on the black countertops.

  53. I love the wallpaper in the back entry. It is like walking into a garden! It is a small portion that is mostly walked through. Also, my husband is a wood worker and he did a burnt wood ta le top for me. Once sealed it is beautiful and long lasting.

  54. Since you always ask for our two-cents worth on your ideas, here is mine re the black countertops. If you have any issues with your eyes, as I do, let me point out that if you lay down anything dark like a tool or your phone or glasses, you will waste a ton of time looking for that item because it just visually melds with the black countertops! Another thing I would mention is that I do love your wallpaper. In my opinion, an area like the back entry with a vaulted or uneven ceiling looks best when the paper is carried over to cover the ceiling because it looks less choppy and jagged that way. Just a thought.

  55. I like the idea of black countertops. I think they would go well with the black accents you have in the room. My only concern with that process is that it appears to give the countertops a textured surface – not surprising since you are literally burning away some of the wood. They may require an epoxy pour to level them to completely smooth. I’d do a couple of small test sections first before you dive right in.

    As for the wall paper in the entryway? Go for it. The mock-up may appear overwhelming screamy because you’re not seeing the natural shadows that define that space – it’s like you are looking at a flat wall rather than something in 3 dimensions.

  56. I LOVE the wallpaper in the entry… it draws the eye right to the workroom wall! I’m curious as to how it looks from the opposite direction. Personally I do t care for the charred countertops in that room. They look good, quite unique, but I think they look too rustic for this space.

  57. I wonder how it would look to have the checker floor in the entry be 1/2 or 1/4 size of the main design? The entry is a small room. I think that having a chair rail in the entry, which would help protect the walls against damage as you move stuff in and out, would be pretty. You could strip the lower part of the wall in the wallpaper colors and paint the upper part to match the studio walls.

  58. LOVE the wallpaper in the entry area. It will tie everything together and look amazing. I find the bolder choices I’ve made in my own home are the ones I absolutely love so I think once’s it’s up in your entry, you’ll be thrilled with it and won’t second guess.

    I like the idea of black counters, but not with the charring method. If you want black counters, stain them. It’ll smell like campfire all the time, even with a sealer. To truly eliminate the smell, there is a spray that can be used (it’s used when people rebuild after a house fire) but it’ll ruin the black appearance. We have a mallet with a wood handle that somehow got too close to the fire during a camping trip 20 years ago. Every time I open my tool box it smells like camp fire to this day and I ask myself why I haven’t thrown it out and replaced it with one that doesn’t stink.

  59. I love the wallpaper in the back hall mock-up. As for black countertops, those are a no for me personally because black shows each speck of dust/dirt and I don’t like to clean THAT much!

  60. I love the wallpaper in both areas. I have no doubt that it will NOT be too much!

    I do not have a strong opinion regarding the countertops. You will still have the issue of carrying long, heavy pre-assembled countertops if you do the torch thing, won’t you?


  61. The mock up above of the entry does not show the checkerboard floor. If you showed that, I think having wallpaper in the entryway would be too busy, even for someone who would tend to like ‘busy’ rooms.

  62. It depends on what you would do in the powder room, but I would paint the vestibule the pink of the cabinets to tie everything together.

  63. What about using the wallpaper just on the arched wall that faces your cabinets and then using the cabinet color on the remaining walls? You would see the wallpaper when you walk in the door, but not from inside the room, which would maybe make it seem less busy.

  64. I think you NEED the wallpaper in the back entry for a cohesive look. The scale is striking but so large without a connection to another area that it feels off. The countertop you like is similar to the Japanese shou sugi method of charing wood. They use cedar and finish it with natural oils. It preserves the wood and is so elegant.

  65. On the countertop- have you looked at drafting table mat? It’s a self healing vinyl and is just a fantastic work surface. Brand name Vyco. Comes in a roll so it would be seamless!