The Case Of "It Has To Get Worse Before It Gets Better"

I have a vision in my head. It’s fantastic–one part practical, one part gorgeous. My vision has yet to be realized. So far, I have MDF boxes. Lots of MDF boxes.

There are the two really big boxes that will eventually become the closets…

And then there are the eight smaller boxes that will be the storage base for my bed.

What do you think? Can I pull this off? At this point in the process, I always begin to have a little twinge of doubt in my mind. But then I remember the miracles that caulk and trim can do.

After all, I turned this…

into this…

with essentially the same process on the storage cubbies and the banquette seat…build a box, add trim, caulk, prime, paint. If you can build a box, you can build just about anything.

Check back tomorrow to see the amazing difference that trim makes.

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