The Order Of Things To Come

Now that Matt’s dad’s visit is over, you might think that I can refocus my energy on the bathroom remodel and get it finished up, right?  I have about a week’s worth of work left on it, and it would feel amazing to have another room in the house completely finished.  Sadly, that can’t happen…not quite yet, at least.

I started the bathroom remodel at the end of January, and had no idea it would take me this long.  Of course, when I started, I also had no idea I’d be doing a down-to-the-studs remodel, either.  (That seems to be a recurring theme in this house.)  The original plan was to do my quick and easy temporary makeover on the bathroom, and then head to the condo to finish it and get it on the market all before Matt’s dad arrived for his visit.

As his visit drew closer, it became obvious to me that not only would I not have the condo finished by the time he got here, but the completion of the bathroom was even looking doubtful.  So Matt suggested (very strongly, I might add) that his dad, Oto, help me with the condo during his visit.  That was the plan for quite some time, until I got to thinking about it.  Every single project left at the condo is one that I’m fully capable of doing by myself.  Not a single project over there requires heavy lifting or an extra set of hands.  But I had projects at the house that required two people (e.g., drywalling ceilings), and until I got that finished, I’d be spinning my wheels on this house.  Those stupid ceilings were holding up so much progress.  So I thought it made more sense to take advantage of Oto’s time here by getting things done that I couldn’t do by myself.

After making my case to Matt, he reluctantly agreed that Oto and I should work at the house, but only under one condition.  The condition was that as soon as Oto left, I would refocus all of my attention (or at least as much as possible, and as often as I can get away and leave Matt alone at the house) on the condo and get it finished up ASAP.

All of that to say that starting yesterday, I’ve focused my attention on the condo, and will be working over there until it’s finished.  I spent all day yesterday over there working, and I plan to spend every day that I can get away (and leave Matt alone) over there until it’s ready to put on the market.

I know many of you have suggested to sell it “as is,” which probably seems like an option since all you’ve seen of it are pictures that look like this…

condo finished rooms

…but you might notice that I’ve never included pictures of a finished second bedroom, or a finished living room.  There’s a very good reason for that.  I’ve got half-painted walls, ungrouted portions of tile flooring, torn up wainscoting that had to be removed for the living room built-ins and was never repaired, and on, and on.

I really wish I could procrastinate on this longer, or at least until the bathroom remodel is finished, but Matt and I had an agreement.  So all of that to say, I’m working on the condo.  And please don’t hate me for leaving the bathroom unfinished and working on something else.  🙂  Matt keeps reminding me that we’re about to lose out on yet another prime season for selling a condo close to a university, if we haven’t already.  But what’s motivating me even more is that he keeps reminding me that as soon as the condo is finished and on the market, I won’t have any other outside obligations, and I’ll be able to focus all of my energy on this house without having those nagging “I really should be working on _______ instead” thoughts hanging over my head.

So here’s the plan:  I’ll spend the next couple of weeks at the condo and get it finished up.  As soon as it’s done, I’ll be able to spend about a week or so finishing up the bathroom remodel at the house. (It’s so close to being finished!!)  And then I can get started on the newly drywalled areas at the house.

I’m thinking I’ll just start at the front door and work my way through, meaning that I’ll work on the dining room and entryway (probably simultaneously), and then move on to the music room, and finally the hallway.  That means that I could potentially have these areas of my house completely finished in the near future.

rooms that can now be finished

(I use the term “near future” very loosely there. 🙂 )

Who’s with me?  Sound like a plan?  🙂  And who thinks I’m a total flake for not finishing the bathroom remodel before moving on to something else?  😀  That’s okay.  I understand if you do.  But right now, it’s more important for me to honor my agreement with Matt.  I’ll have plenty of time for house fun very soon, with nothing else standing in my way.

Oh, and in other news, Oto is tentatively planning a return trip at the end of August, during which we will tackle the drywalling of the breakfast room, bedroom, and my office.  That would be amazing, and way beyond my expectations, if all of the ceilings get done this year.  And oh, the possibilities once that happens!



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  1. I’m with you! That condo needs to get gone, as it’s been hanging over your head for ages. Good luck!

    1. Yes the condo is top priority. I totally agree with Matt. The rest of the house comes after the condo is on the market. But good thinking on your part that Otto could help with the house and not the condo. Way to go Kristi. Keep up your momentum. Doing a wonderful job.

  2. I bet once you get the condo sold you will find an up swelling amount of energy and relief at having that over and and done with!

    1. I think not having the condo hang over her head, will definitely be a relief, but I don’t know how Kristi could have any more engery. She’s ALREADY THE ENERGIZER BUNNY!!!

      On a side note, it’ll mean more money for those big ticket items, you’re trying to save for.

  3. Would you give me the color brand & name that’s in the bedroom? Its blue with maybe a touch of green… Its beautiful, I would love to paint my kitchen that color!

    Also… You are so inspiring! You do so much as far as decorating, remodeling, your weight loss journey. Just everything you do is so inspiring to me, and I am sure many more people! I’ll always follow your blog and facebook page!

    (BTW, were in knee deep in a full on home remodel and it is so refreshing to see how much you do completely on your own!!)

  4. Awesome! btw, can I ask (you may already have it posted somewhere) what is the name of the paint color on the kitchen cabinets? I think that will work for me in my bathroom 🙂 Thanks and have a blessed day!


  5. It’s a great plan! I personally would have to keep reminding myself to stick to the plan!

  6. I feel just the opposite Kristi! I am ALL for you finishing the condo!!!! In my opinion, you have just been throwing money away by NOT getting it on the market:( And that is just not conducive to my DIY-find a cheaper way-Kristi. You can do it sister! You have a lot of people rooting for you.

          1. Ditto!!!

            How you accomplish all you do and for the most part alone is totally amazing girl!

            Don’t be so hard on yourself!

            Now, forward March!

  7. I agree with Matt to finish the condo, as tempting as it is to finish the house bathroom first. It will be so freeing to finally get that off of your shoulders, not to mention easier on the purse to have it sold! You got this!

  8. I know a lot of us want to see the bathroom finished, BUT your plan to get the condo done first totally makes sense! The world won’t tilt off its axis because we wait. 😉

  9. I have never understood why you didn’t make that your first priority – to finish condo and get it on the market! Cudos to you for doing that now!!

  10. Kristi, can you tell me the color of the paint you used on your condo kitchen cabinets?
    Also, yes, get that condo finished and sold! You’re doing a great job… on everything.

  11. Not flaky at all, an absolutely fabulous idea. That condo has been on your plate for a long time now and you will feel so much better when it is done and on the market and even more so when it sells (I am betting it will be pretty quick) You will be amazed at how much energy you get once it is done and not really on your mind anymore, because it is always there right now, lurking…Good luck and git -er- done! That will leave you with nothing but time and mindset to do your forever HOME!

  12. Awww. He’s a good man. I’m sure he sees how torn you re between the house and the condo. He’s right, it will be a huge relief to get the condo on the market!!!!

  13. Oh yea, get the condo sold. I know you have said the payment is low, and that you will not make a ton on the sale, but it will still be positive cash flow, and will help you get HVAC that much quicker.

  14. YES! FINISH THAT CONDO! You will feel so free!And perhaps you will see enough return fom the sale to get your HVAC installed at the house ! The bathroom will wait patiently for you to finish it. And you can always sit in your beautiful kitchen when you need a “finished fix”lol.

  15. Of course you honor your agreement with Matt! And may you both be greatly blessed for it by a quick and lucrative sale when it is done!

  16. Absolutely finish the condo and get that monkey off your back. What a huge relief you will feel both financially and emotionally when you have it sold!

  17. Of course we’re with you. You are not only an amazing remodeler, writer and blogger, you are a very good spouse and an example to us all.

  18. Sounds like an excellent idea! Once the condo is done and on the market, you’ll be amazed at how much mental energy that unfinished business has been sapping you outlook! I totally agree with Matt- get it done!

  19. and if you need an extra pair of hands at the condo…….
    a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!!! and a certain redneck would probably give us some help too!
    Be blessed,

  20. I think you should be able to finish the condo in a week. I think you should stop trying to decorate it the way that you’d want it to look. Only make the wall repairs needed in order to paint, grout the floor, paint and be done with it. Decorating and colors aren’t that important at this point- leave room for the buyer to see their own style in the home. Time is money. Push for that week, don’t think about it as though you can extend it. Once the floor is grouted, list it and let people take a look even if you’re still working on it. The agent can explain that you’re finishing up. Also, he/she should be able to tell you what they think is needed to get it sold. It might be less than you expect. You’ve done enough that potential buyers know you care, and will finish what’s promised. Anything they feel is missing, and they want, will become a part of the offer. Get in, get out.

    1. Actually, I’ve always heard (and seen first hand) that you should never put a property on the market while working on it. Most people lack vision and all they will see are the problems, not the potential. It would be terrible for the perfect buyer to come through and see it not done and pass on it when that same buyer would jump on it in a completed state–Even if it’s not exactly to their taste. If it’s done, a buyer won’t be required to work on it as soon as they move in and it will look decorated even if they do nothing but move their stuff in!

      1. The answer to everything is always: “it depends.” I’ve sold houses in far worse condition for a tidy profit to the seller- they saved time and money. Also, the current state of Kristi’s condo will be easier to sell than a house/condo full of collections, walls full of pictures, junky closets, etc.

    2. I agree with Sheila-just get it finished enough to list. When we are buyers, we see with rose colored glasses anyways- after all, Kristi, you bought your current house in the unfinished condition it was!! =]

  21. It is a good plan Kristi. I totally understand your dilemma as I am in a very similar position – we live in a house that needs new kitchen, new bathroom, new utility room, and total redecoration, and already started doing the most urgent changes. Apart of that there is a house I bought just before I met my partner, and it is half way done at the moment, and I have a mortgage on it.

    You and all the comments supporting your plan are giving me inspiration to organise myself, finish and sell the house and get that stone off my neck 🙂

  22. If you get the condo finished won’t you have more money to use on the house? When it sells. Near a University definitely by the end of summer. You can use it for your house or to hire help even (I know ow you hate drywall). Good luck . Hope you can finish that condo by the middle of June, perfect market time…..

  23. Good plan ! I keep thinking that when the condo is sold It will free up $$$$$ for HVAC and all the beautifulness at your home!! VERY EXCITING!!!!

    1. Ad if I were planning on drywalling in August, in Texas, I would move heaven and earth to get the HVAC in before then. Best of luck!

  24. Getting your condo complete and on the market will be a huge load off your mind. I think its a good plan and will let you totally focus on your home when it is on the market and off your hands.

  25. You are doing it in the correct order! The market is at its peak right now! Think about how wonderful it’s going to feel when the condo redo is all behind you and sold! Whoohoooo happy dance is coming!

  26. You’ve explained before why you are only able to leave your hubby for short periods of time and it certainly makes sense but perhaps you weren’t ready to let the condo go. After all that was your HOME that you put a lot of effort to make beautiful for you and your husband. When you make the decision to finally sell the condo you will need to change your mindset to it being just a piece of property that you need to prepare to sell as quickly and cheaply as possible. Make a list of your projects, get someone to assist your spouse while you are gone and get the work done. You both will feel much relief with the added stress of this property hanging over your head is removed. Remember, as beautiful as your work has been, the potential buyers may just rip everything out and paint over everything to their taste. It is no longer personal-just business. Best of luck to you.

  27. I agree, get the condo on the market ASAP. As they say, wither thou goest, I will go…and Matt wants you to goest to the condo!!

  28. Getting the condo done and on the market will be such a relief! Also, following your plan to remodel the core rooms in your house is excellent! Just think how nice it will be to walk out into a finished hall, through a finished music room, and into a finished kitchen (the best I have EVER seen) for your morning coffee. Your tenacity, creativity and attention to detail amaze me. Your house is less finished than mine is and yet I find remodeling mine daunting.I am sure part of it is the fact that I have three kids, (the youngest with special needs), two dogs and two cats to contend with. I have texture on the ceilings that need to be removed in each and every room. Yuck! Right now, I will live vicariously through you and continue to cheer you on. God bless you Kristi!

  29. I agree, that as much as we all want to see the bathroom finished, it’s far more important to get the condo finished and finally on the market. You’ll feel a big relief to get it sold and out of your hair, so to speak, and then you can fully concentrate on your house without nagging thoughts of the condo. Kudos to you, and we’re looking forward to seeing pics of the condo finished.

  30. Sounds like a great plan! If at all possible, if I were you, I’d hire out the floating and taping of the ceilings. The drywall guy who helped prob knows someone who will do it on the side for cheap? Good Luck with your plans, will enjoy following along.

  31. I agree with Matt, the condo needs to get done and sold. You are losing money the longer it sits there and when you get the money from the sale you will have that much more money to work on your house. Two house payments are a real bummer. Don’t lose another prime sale season.

  32. I’m worried you may be wasting your time at the condo if the new owners want to ‘stamp their mark’ and renovate differently, i.e. rip everything out and start again. You could be cutting yourself some slack by putting the condo on the market now and seeing if you can get the price you want without all the extra work. Then you can also get a feel for what the market wants and do the rest of the work if it pleases interested buyers.

  33. When you consider that by June 1st, you could conceivably have a completed condo AND bathroom, your plan sounds amazing. Go Kristi !! 🙂

  34. Hi Kristi,
    I think what you do is amazing and it is your perogative (sp?) to do what you want, when you want. With that being said, I was just wondering….your house plans only show 1 bedroom (master). Will you be making Matt’s game room or your office into a multi-functional guest room? If yes, I can’t wait to see it. Hope you are having a blessed day. Stay Calm and Keep on DIY-ing.

  35. How fortunate you are to have such a great father in law!! Your husband clearly learned how to be a man from a truly giving gentleman. Lucky him, lucky you!

  36. Kristi, your thinking is absolutely spot on to get the condo out of the way first. I’ll bet it sells quickly and you’ll be getting that new HVAC installed in your house soon!

  37. Great plan! Glad you have such a great FIL, nothing like family and a good church. You are blessed and I am so glad you share your joy throughout your blog!

  38. I’M too all for getting the condo on its way! It can be the lovely and beloved home to somebody else, give you a bit more flexibility moneywise and, what’s most important, will free you when it’s no longer there as something you have to do! The bathroom is usable as it is? Then just get that weight off your shoulders/conscience or whereever you have it parked… I think Matt is very wise in insisting on this order now!!

  39. I agree get the condo on the market. You have 4 rooms done beautiful. Don’t kill yourself doing the other 2 as if you still lived there. People need to invision them self living there so patch holes and paint the walls and do repairs clean & that’s it. They say nutural colors best when selling . Then you can start getting HVAC estimates. Plus no more 2nd mortgage so more money in your pocket.

  40. Totally 100% agree with the rest, get the condo done and move one with the rest! one foot in front of the other 🙂