Weekly Wrapup (and My New Blog!)

Hey everyone!  Well, as you can tell, I almost forgot to post the weekly wrapup this weekend!  I been busy…well…setting up my new blog!  🙂

I’m a little excited about it.  This will be a blog that Matt and I do together, but more on that in a second.  First, if you missed a post last week, you can click on a thumbnail below to go directly to that post.

Last Week’s Posts:

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My New Blog:

If you’ve been around A2D for a while, then you know that at the beginning of this year, Matt and I decided that we needed to make some radical changes in our diet.  Not only had we both packed on an enormous amount of weight because of our almost constant diet of fast food, but Matt’s multiple sclerosis was spinning out of control.  We had to do something.  If we had continued on that path, it’s doubtful that either of us would have seen our mid-forties.

So we made drastic changes, we’ve been journaling some of the progress, and I’ve shared bits and pieces here with you.  But now we’ve decided to take it to the next level.  We started a blog called Deflate the Mate!

So far it’s just an empty blog, but soon it’ll start filling up with posts as we share our weight loss progress, Matt’s progress in overcoming MS, our favorite juice drinks and recipes, and more!  Our hope is that the blog will be real, honest, and raw.  We want to share our trials and our victories, but we won’t be putting on any facade and pretending everything is great if it’s not.  We just want to be real.

So I hope you’ll join us on our journey!  At minimum, we will be posting on our blog twice a week…on Sunday and Thursday.  On weeks where we have more to share, we’ll definitely do it!  Also, we’ve started a Deflate the Mate Facebook page.  Again, it’s brand new (seriously, about two hours old), so there’s not really any info there yet, but we hope that will change very soon!



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  1. Beautiful to know, Kristi! I’m really excited for you and I’ll be RSS-ing that site for sure! I was just sharing with a bloggie friend today that weight is the biggest battle of my life! You mentioned juice drinks, are you doing some kind of juice program?

    Maybe I just need to pop on over to your new site and check it out, LOL.

    Lesli @ BeautifullyCoastal.com

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