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DIY Custom Window Treatments:: Painted and Stenciled Curtains

If you’re looking for high style window treatments, but your a bit short on cash, you can create your own amazing diy curtains and draperies with some inexpensive fabric or ready-made panels, a stencil or painters tape, paint, and a good dose of imagination.  I’m in the process of creating my own painted curtains for my hallway project and needed some inspiration, so I thought I’d share these awesome painted curtains and stenciled curtains with you also just in case you’re in need of some inexpensive window treatment inspiration also.


Painted stripe curtains from The Picky Apple



Painted stripe curtains from Reckless Glamour



Painted stripe curtains from Perfectly Imperfect



Ombre chevron painted curtains from Owen’s Olivia



Painted chevron curtains from Kristen F. Davis Designs



Freeform design painted curtains from How About Orange



Painted stripe curtains from Dear Lillie



Stenciled curtains from From Gardners 2 Bergers



Stenciled curtains from A Little Of This, A Little Of That



Stenciled curtains from All Things Thrifty



Stenciled curtains from Apartment Therapy



Stenciled curtains from Design Par Deux



Stenciled curtains from Home Stories A To Z



Stenciled curtains from Lollie Jane



Stenciled curtains from Lovely Nest Designs



Stenciled curtains from Our Fifth House



Stenciled curtains from Our Lovely Bungalow



Stenciled curtains from PB&J Stories



Stenciled curtains from Sawdust and Embryos



Stenciled curtains from The Thrifty Abode



Stenciled curtains from Too Much Time



Stenciled curtains from Twenty Something


So are you feeling inspired? Ready to pick up a roller and start painting some fabric? I am! I’ll have mine finished soon to show you!



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  1. Thanks so much for including my curtains. I love all these ideas and may be using some as inspiration for my next curtain project! Love it! Thanks!

  2. I wonder if this could be done with just a plain down comforter. I’ve been searching and searching for something for my 9 year old son’s room and everything I see is either too “little boyish” or wayyyy too expensive. I’m thinking maybe some circles in shades of navy, sage green and tan? Anybody got any ideas if this would work with a plain white machine washable down comforter?

    1. Hi Sherri. You probably could paint a comforter, but keep these things in mind. Will the paint leak through to either the feathers or the other side of the comforter? If the feathers get paint, I can imagine them drying together forming a hard mass between the comforter. Second, you will need to add a fabric medium to your paint, if you are not using fabric paint. This will let you wash the comforter without messing up your work.

      I say go for it. If never hurts to try. Yeah, you might be out a comforter, but in the end you can say you tried it. Maybe buy a thrift store blanket and try it on that first?

  3. Thank you again for the feature! You’re great and honestly painted curtains are the WAY TO GO! You really get your moneys worth out of the time you put into making your own DIY curtains!


  4. Thanks for the shout out! I saw a bunch of traffic coming from your site and had to come check it out! I’m stoked my project was included in such a gorgeous group of painted curtains! Thanks!

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  7. Thanks for including my stenciled panels in this fab round-up! It’s amazing what you can do with paint! I still love my curtain panels – they’ve been up over a year now.