My New Black Office (and Addicts (not so) Anonymous Link Party No. 6)

**I’m still trying to figure out this link party thing.  From now on, I think I’ll post the link party on Sundays at or around noon (Central time), and leave it open for submissions until midnight on Monday night.**

Welcome!!  It’s time once again to show off what you’ve been working on!

Let me show you what I’ve been working on this weekend…my office!!  I finally got a coat (or two) of black paint on the walls. (Please kindly overlook my lack of baseboards.)

office walls black

I love the color.  It’s a deep, dark, rich black called Beluga by Behr (Home Depot).  When I was looking at paint chips, I started to second guess myself, and almost went with an off black, but decided to stick with the original plan and go as dark as possible.  I’m so glad I did!!

The one thing I’m still unsure about is the sheen that I chose.  I’ve never used a paint color this dark, so I just went with a satin sheen like I always use.  Well, with black paint, a satin sheen looks more like the semi-gloss sheens that I’m used to seeing in the lighter colors.  And because my walls are pretty heavily textured, the texture is really noticeable.

black office wall texture

I posted this picture on the A2D Facebook page yesterday, and the reaction was pretty split.  Some people really liked the texture, others thought I should go with a flat paint, and still others thought that once the artwork, bulletin boards, draperies, shelves, etc., were in the room, the texture wouldn’t be so noticeable.

As it turns out, I ran out of paint, so I need to purchase another gallon anyway.  I had originally thought that if that happened, I would go with a flat paint for the new gallon, but after reading what a couple of people had to say about their experiences with flat paint, now I’m unsure about that as well.  I may end up somewhere in between, with an eggshell finish.

Decisions, decisions!!

But the bottom line:  I love the black, the room doesn’t feel dark and closed in like I thought it would, and I think the black will make the perfect backdrop for all of my bright colors that I’ll be bringing in with artwork and fabrics.

I did end up making some pretty huge changes to the floor plan, but I’ll share that info with you later.

So now it’s your turn to show off what you’ve been working on!!

What should you post?

  • Décor-related DIY projects;
  • Room transformations (outdoor rooms, front porches, patios, and decks count, too!!);
  • Furniture before and afters;
  • Holiday décor;
  • and any other home-related decorating item you’ve worked on.

What should you NOT post?

  • Recipes;
  • Party ideas;
  • Kids’ crafts;
  • Clothing/Accessories/Jewelry;
  • Your Etsy store;
  • Your giveaway;
  • and anything else not directly related to interior (or even exterior) decorating.
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Alrighty, link ‘em up!

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  1. I don't know if this is a regional/national thing or what….but in Toronto, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who uses anything but FLAT paint on their walls.  And yet, in reading blogs, I see that most Americans use eggshell or semi…just a little interesting tidbit. (Ben. Moore has an amazing washable flat, do you have that in the US?)

    Anyway, I really hope you won't change your walls. I love the textured look and think it really adds something. I would actually TRY to get my walls to look like that!   

  2. Hi Kristi!
    Thanks for the link party! I love the black by the way and can't wait to see the final result in the room, it's going to be stunning! Keep the pictures coming. 
    Studio Ten 25

  3. Hi Kristi,  Thanks for hosting another great party.  I love the black, I think it is stunning.  I think I would go for the flat paint, the texture is a little too much for me. 

  4. I am not a big FLAT paint lover….. I just like at least a little sheen like in Eggshell, but have been going with a little more gloss. I just like the look more. 

  5.  I LOVE eggshell finish for paint. It looks really soft and silky. Is there a way to get a small sample in that finish to see how you like it? I can't remember if HD has different finishes for samples or not.