What About Celtic Hearts & Turk’s Heads?

Well, surprisingly, I don’t have any type of DIY project to share with you today! I’m working on a couple, and I thought I’d have at least one done for today, but nope.

Of course, I probably would have gotten finished with at least one of them last night had I not gotten online and gotten completely sidetracked. Do you ever do that? Do you ever follow a random link, and before long, you’ve found yourself on some website or blog that has you captivated for hours? Oh, I’m sure you have. I’d be shocked to meet someone who HASN’T ever done that!

So do you want to know what had me so mesmerized last night? KNOTS! I know…it sounds incredibly strange. Knots. Let me just show you. It all started with someone posting this video on Facebook…

I love that! And it doesn’t seem too difficult, right?

So I started looking at other videos by this knot-tying genius, and decided that this one is my favorite…called a Turk’s head knot, which I love in the “mat” configuration.

I started thinking of all of the ways this could be used in decorating: on pillows, as a design on the leading edge of draperies, on lampshades. The cylinder Turk’s head knot could be used as napkin rings. I’m sure I’m the first person ever to think of this!!

Well, not quite the first, but perhaps the second!  I was actually pretty shocked that the only accessory I could find with a google search was a Turk’s head knot pillow, but it’s not even a real knot. It’s embroidered!

Turk’s head knot pillow from Bassett

So now I really want to give this a try and possibly make a pillow of my own…with a REAL Turk’s head knot on it.

Am I just really strange, or are you just as amazed by this decorative knot-tying stuff as I am? Can you also see the possibilities with these, or do I stand alone on this one?



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  1. No matter if you will use your new knot tying skills for the design of an accent pillow, as you are saying, or if it will be a napkin ring.
    I know, it's gonna be something just fantastic looking. This is what makes me getting so addicted to your blog.
    Anyway Kristi, can't wait to see the result.
    Oh, concerning your latest craislist find, you gotta be kidding you found that piece for only those few bucks!
    Best Regards
    Paula Jo

  2. You don't stand alone… very cool! Wish I wasn't at work and had something else besides my ear buds to practice on.

  3. You don't stand alone… very cool! Wish I wasn't at work and had something else besides my ear buds to practice on.