You Get To Choose My Studio Countertops (Because I Can’t Make A Decision!)

I remember when we were still in our condo and I was just beginning to blog about my DIY projects, I had this idea to design and decorate the entire condo using a democratic method in which I present my readers with options, and no matter what the outcome of the vote was, the majority vote would win, and I’d have to implement whatever idea the majority voted for.

That ended up not working out because, at the time, we had very little money, and I had no idea at any given time when I’d be able to actually implement my design and decorating ideas into the condo. I still think it would be an interesting social experiment, but I don’t think I’d have the courage to decorate our house in that way. I’m a bit of a control freak, if you haven’t already figured that out. 😀 Plus, I like the freedom to change my mind on any decorating decision, and sometimes I do so several times a day.

I do ask for input regularly, but when I do, I pretty much never do so with a “majority rules” approach. At times, I will go with the majority. Very often, I’ll have many comments from people giving their input, but it will be one or two comments that really catch my attention with unique, outside-the-box suggestions, or points that I never would have thought of on my own.

But this time is different. I’ve narrowed down my studio countertop options to two — a light choice and a dark choice. I’ve been staring at these samples since Tuesday, and still, I haven’t budged one way or the other. I like them both for different reasons, and I can’t seem to decide between the two.

The dark one is an engineered hardwood flooring from Lowe’s, and the color is Saddle Hickory. Each piece is 3/8″ thick, 3.5″ wide, and 4 feet long. It’s $2.99/square foot. The light one is an engineered vinyl plank flooring from LL Flooring in the color Capistrano Beach Oak. Each piece is 1/2″ thick, 7.5″ wide, and just over 4 feet long. It’s $3.19/square foot.

Here are both of them next to the wallpaper (the old wallpaper, not the new one with the edited colors, but this one will have to do for now), the floor paint colors, and two paint colors that are similar to the color that will go on the cabinets.

I love both of them! I like that the light one is…well…light. And I like that it’s that happy medium between a natural (brownish) wood tone and a light gray wood tone. It comes off as a warm gray, just like the Classic Gray that I used on the floor, except that it’s a touch more on the brown side than the floor color. And I think the light would be very pretty with the cabinet color.

On the other hand, I love the richness of the dark sample. And I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a neutral dark wood in most rooms. I think it looks beautiful with the floor, the cabinet color, and the wallpaper. Darker wood adds such a beautiful warmth to a room.

And while I don’t have an example of a light wood color countertop with warm colored cabinets in our house, I do have the whitewashed red oak countertops that I built for the pantry

I do happen to have an example of a dark wood countertop with a warm color on cabinets in our hallway bathroom. This is the butcherblock-style countertop that I made nine years ago. As an aside, I’ve never found this dark wood countertop difficult to keep clean, and it’s in the most used bathroom in our house. So I’m not really concerned about the dark countertop being hard to keep clean in my studio.

So y’all get to decide, and I’ll go with the majority on this because, quite frankly, I’m tired of trying to make this decision. What say you? Light countertop or dark countertop?

I’m glad I don’t have to think about it anymore. 😀 It’s up to y’all!


I finished the studio countertops! You can see the whole DIY process, as well as the finished countertop, in this post:

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      1. I love both as well, but I would choose the light. It won’t show dust, so for me that’s a win. You can’t go wrong with either one. You have amazing taste and I wish I had half your talent. Thanks so much for taking the time to share all this, I know all your followers appreciate it.

      1. I love the dark wood color. It brings out the colors in the wallpaper. But,both are beautiful……….

      2. I would go with the brown, but not because of the color. While I prefer the gray color, it is vinyl plank. I have LVT (plank style) in my bathrooms and I love it. Its waterproof, scratch resistant and easy maintenance. BUT it is not fully repairable the way wood is – even engineered. Scratches might get treated to be less noticable but not fixed. If your countertop will get serious use that may require even a minor refresh it would be problematic. You can always sand down an engineered wood. I went with LVT because my grandson sees a bath as oodles of splashing and giggling so I needed waterproof.

        1. I agree! I choose wood over LVT, too. I think wood is more durable and scratches would not be as problematic. I like both colors but wood would definitely be my preference!

        2. I agree on both counts. I prefer the lighter color with the rest of the room, but using LVP as a countertop material in a workroom concerns me for all the reasons you pointed out.

    1. Same here. Another vote for darker. It’s also so lush looking with all the pretty colors in the wallpaper.

  1. I really prefer the dark wood. It looks richer and I think it grounds the other colors in your room very well. The light wood doesn’t do it for me at all. My two cents. 🙂

          1. I vote for light. As you get older it will be easier to see what you are working on with a light background. Good luck!

    1. I agree with the lighter version. Since it will no doubt be covered in project materials the lighter color will hi lite them

  2. They don’t make any of that flooring in a black like you first thought of? Just wondered as it would go with your lights and desk.

  3. Light! While I like the richness of the dark wood, I think that, in the quantity that’s involved with the length of the countertop, it’ll be too darkening and distract from the wallpaper and cabinet fronts color.

  4. I am home from work today, so I get to vote early. My vote is for dark counter top. I love the bathroom cabinet and dark top.

    1. Dark has my vote. Much richer looking and will ground the room better. Light one is kind of blah!

  5. I really like the darker color, and think it will add a richness to the cabinets. However, I wonder about he grooves and natural grain of the wood if you plan on crafting on the counter surface. Drawing straight lines, or cutting could be problematic, and take a little more time cleaning.

  6. I absolutely prefer the darker. It richens the cabinet color and the wallpaper and gives balance to the overall feeling of the room. The lighter option seems to make the cabinets and wallpaper float on their own and doesn’t seem to bring everything together.

  7. My personal preference would be the light color, but in such a large room, it might read as too cold, so I’m voting for the dark in this instance. Especially since your non-wallpapered walls will be light (if I recall correctly).

    I absolutely adore your pantry countertops and want to copy that look in my kitchen, so it’s a big deal to me to choose a darker color! 😁

  8. Well, I might be in the minority here, but I love the darker one for your countertop. I love dark wood of any type because of the warmth that I feel from it!! But I will love whatever you choose!!

  9. Dark! It gives richness to the colors of the room and also will give the eyes a place to rest among all the color.

  10. Wow! Glad it’s not up to me! My final decision is light. My decision is based on seeing the dark bathroom counter with a bright color(orange). It gives it a “fallish” feel. The light color seems to go better with the bright, summery colors of the wallpaper. The painted floor was the final decision maker for me. The wallpaper and cabinets are a team and the light countertop and floors are a team. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

    1. I agree Denise. To me the darker gives a harsh view of light and airy of the wall paper and cabinets. The dark destroys it for me. Makes it look to heavy IMHO.
      I vote light. But then I don’t live with it 😂😂

  11. This is a tough one! My vote is for the light gray. I think it will create a flow from the guest bath (you’re going to change the counter top in there to light gray – right?) all the way up the flooring to that countertop – a cohesive look.

  12. Although both are great colors, I would choose the light one because it’s wider so in my mind there would be less grooves to contend with.

  13. I prefer the lighter one. The color you have chosen for the cabinets is dark. The wallpaper is going to darken that area as well. The light color will be pleasant to the eyes and blend well with the floor colors.

  14. A good way to make a decision when you don’t think you care is to flip a coin, if you’re happy or disappointed with the outcome then you did care.

  15. I’m choosing by the material, not the color, since you like them both. We have laminate flooring and I can’t imagine using it for a counter because it will scratch, has cracks in the joints and you have to be careful of too much water. The vinyl plank is more durable and stands up to water and most types of abuse. So I vote light.

    1. That was my thought as well,material over color. Wood is more durable, can be sanded & re-stained if a change is desired. Vinyl flooring is not as forgiving. Though I do like the warm wood tone also.

  16. Definitely the dark wood. I like the gray option, but I feel like it would be drowned out by the wallpaper and the matching floor.

  17. Personally I prefer the lighter worktop colour. The dark is just a little too dark for me and too different a contrast to the rest of the colours.
    Am interested to see the outcome of the vote though – and you’re one brave lady letting us decide – I must be more of a control freak than you because I couldn’t pass such a big decision over!
    Whatever the outcome it will look stunning as usual 🙂

  18. I like the darker one too. It’s a nice, rich contrast to the light colors and makes the wallpaper really pop.

  19. looking at the swatches all together the lighter blends and the darker pops. both look great and give a different look. My final choice would be the lighter because the planks are wider.

  20. I prefer the dark choice, however, is there a raised grain? Would that make a difference? You have your work tables and desk with smooth surfaces, so probably not?

  21. I vote for the light one. But whatever your choice it will look awesome because you’re an awesome decorator.

  22. It never goes my way, lol, but I’ll weigh in. Love the light one! It’s refreshing and not at all heavy – a nice contrast to the wallpaper and cabinets, and a beautiful coordination with the floor.

  23. I would opt for the light vinyl plank. It would keep the room looking light and airy and is so easy to work with and keep clean.

  24. I like the light one, but worry about the texture. Is it smooth? I feel like the dark would stand out too much.

  25. I vote for the lighter one! I like the tone of it better with all the components of the room, there’s just something about the dark wood that seems to clash to me. This is a very weird vote for me, I normally like darker wood better. 🙂

  26. I would normally select a dark wood over a light one but in this space I like the light one better. I think it looks great with the floor and has more contrast to the cabinet paint samples. I do not know the depth of the cabinets or how wide the countertop will be. I am wondering how the 7.5″ width of the lighter sample will work out. Will you have full three widths with a fourth strip that needs to be cut much narrower? I’m wondering how that would look.

  27. I like both. They both have interesting perks.

    So my vote is towards for material durability in a workspace… Also sticking with the non contrast, lighter neutral option gives your work more room to shine.

  28. They both would look beautiful! Have you thought about the kinds of projects are you planning to do on these countertops? I find I prefer to work on a lighter countertop vs my darker table. I assume it is more comfortable for my eyes, especially in the evening.

    1. I won’t really be working on these countertops. They’ll be used to store things I may not want to put inside cabinets, like my sewing machine. But I have my two big work tables with white tops to actually work on.

  29. Dark for sure! I also think the greyesque is lovely but I wonder about the longevity of the ‘grey trend’?
    Rich and classic makes the colors in the beautiful wallpaper (yes, the revision too) that much more so IMO.
    Good luck!

  30. The light is too matchy-match and it’s vinyl which is not as durable and can’t be repaired if you damage it. Plus, I sense you prefer the dark wood. Dark for me all the way!

  31. I like the light one. I prefer the look of your pantry contrast in colors as opposed to the bathroom

  32. Regardless of the color, I wouldn’t choose anything with a groove between the planks. Crafting crud would get in there and be difficult to clean, and as someone else mentioned, drawing a line on paper that goes over a groove in the countertop would be problematic. They are both beautiful 🤷🏻‍♀️

  33. My choice would have to be based on the material itself, rather than the colors, as each looks good in the room. The wood would be easier to maintain and repair, doesn’t give off fumes, is easier to remove when you change your mind and want to try something else. Spills happen, dents happen. I know you’d protect the surface when working on it, but from experience, I’d rather have a surface that has a longer shelf life (pun intend)

  34. I would match the counter top to any wood furniture you would be adding to the room. That way both the wood furniture and the counter tops would compliment each other and pull the room together. Just like you did in your exercise room. You had very specific ideas about the color you wanted in there to make it all cohesive. I’d do the same in this room.

  35. I like the light because it plays as a neutral and it’s easier to see things on/against for colors in an art studio setting. Dust shows less. Just personally, I’m over dark wood.

  36. I think you should wait to decide. After the wallpaper is up and the cabinets are painted you can audition the countertop samples and have a much better feel for which one you want to live with.

  37. I like the darker but I think the lighter would be a better choice for this application. I think the vinyl will be sturdier as a counter top. But, you really cannot go wrong with either!

  38. How textured are the samples? They look textured in the pictures. Do you want a textured countertop or a smooth top? Both samples look great. I think I prefer the lighter one, because it picks up on and ties into the floor color. I think the darker one will be very heavy on a wall of cabinets that are a dark pinkish color and the dark colors in the wallpaper.

  39. I feel like the darker one is warmer and “richer” looking. That would be my vote – but there’s nothing wrong with the light one either! 🙂

  40. The cabinet color already seems dark to me, so I vote a lighter top.
    I do prefer how the dark option has the break in the middle and will look like thinner planks of wood. It may look less like flooring used for a counter.

    No matter which you choose it will be lovely.
    Good job on the floor BTW – looks gorgeous!

  41. Throwing a wrench in the decision. Go get a second sample of each and lay them together like they will be installed. I am concerned that there will be a groove where each plank joins that you will not like once they are installed. I would also paint and install the wallpaper before I decided for sure, it may look different at that point and it may change your perspective. Either color works for me, my concern is groves / cracks where joined and making the decision. Based on small samples of wallpaper and cabinet color.

  42. LIGHT! I love the dark also just not in this situation. The wallpaper and cabinets are more on the “heavy” side so this lightens it up and ties in better to the light background of the paper. This is an interesting experiment you’re doing!

  43. The dark one is only 3 1/2 inches wide, so there would end up being lots of grooves on the countertop. Seems like it would look like flooring you put on the countertop, not like a butcher block countertop. The vinyl plank is wider, and with the vinyl planks butted up they wouldn’t have grooves like the dark one. (I think). For that reason, the lighter one gets my vote.

  44. Dark. I think it will add some nice warmth to the room and blend nicely with the cabinet color rather than be too contrasting.

  45. They are both beautiful, but I would go with the light one. I like how it works with the floor and wallpaper and the bonus for me would be that it wouldn’t show dust as easily as the dark. I had a dark counter top once and it was the bane of my existence – every tiny bit of dust showed up on it!

  46. It was a difficult decision because they do both look good, but I vote for the lighter one, mostly because I prefer to do my art and sewing and stuff on lighter surfaces.

  47. I’m Team light. The dark is beautiful, but I just like the lighter tone with all the other colors in the room. I’m looking forward to seeing your completed studio!

  48. Lighter. I like both choices but, with the long length of counter top you are dealing with I think the lighter has enough darker highlights in it to ground and not be overpowering as I feel the solid dark would.

  49. I feel you are leaning towards the dark just from your comments. Can you get a vinyl plank dark brown flooring because it would be waterproof. That way you have the protection of waterproofing in a color you prefer. I like the dark for your room but maybe the light for something else. Just my opinion, paint the cabinets more muted color like the tea kettle in your pantry. Glossy paint on all those cabinets overtake the room, I think. A whole wall of bright pinkish color is too much. Of course I think wallpaper in the entryway is too much to because I so love the green paint so what do I know! Whatever you decide will be perfect.

  50. I vote for the lighter color. Perhaps save the darker one for when you put on your addition.

  51. I like the dark, it breaks up all the light gray colors in the floor, and the whites on the trim and flooring also. I think it makes the cabinet color have more depth as well.

  52. Both are beautiful colors and either would probably work. Which one better complements your desk top, if that matters? Also, depending on what types of projects you’ll be using the surface for, is the textured surface going to be problematic? For myself, whenever I’ve had a choice to make and even after giving myself plenty of time to ponder it and still can’t decide, I move on and look for other options, because maybe neither is the best choice?

  53. Kristi, I vote light! And, I have a question. I have a diy island that is made from stock kitchen bottom cabinets. It is 48×60 and I need a diy top. My kitchen cabinets are oak and I don’t plan to paint them. When I saw you are using flooring, I wondered if that would be an option for my island? I would love your input!!!

    1. If you’re needing a DIY option, I think oak flooring would be one of the best DIY options because it’s a hard wood, stains can be sanded out, etc. Just as long as you set your expectations. Wood countertops of any kind require maintenance, so I would really look into it to make sure you’re up for that.

  54. When I look at the 2 samples pictures the wood tone stands out too much, fights for attention. I like how the lighter just blends in without drawing attention. The wallpaper and cabinets are the stars of the room and everything else are supporters. I choose light.

  55. My vote is definitely the darker countertop. I agree with you that both are beautiful choices. Butor me the darker countertop showcases both the wallpaper and your gorgeous floor instead of blending in. I notice in your rooms that everywhere you have a lighter countertop, you have a dark floor and where you have a dark countertop, you have a light floor. Like the cohesiveness of your 2 paint colors used in different ways in each room throughout your home…using the dark countertop would give that same effect. Not mimicking or copying but more of an echo ☺️

  56. Kristi I can understand why you can’t decide. Like you, I think both look good but I will go with my initial gut feeling- the dark one. I went back and forth but I will stick with the dark one

  57. I like the lighter color. But as someone else has stated, the material of the darker sample would be preferable. If you could find that in a lighter color that would be my choice.

  58. Ha! Not sure you will get a consensus from this group! I’ll be interested to see who wins! I vote for light. I just think it will blend better. Or maybe the dark…it’s really rich. No….no, I’m going light! I think.

  59. Go with the vinyl plank, it’s a great colour and will be very serviceable! You’re welcome. 😊

  60. I choose the light one so your wallpaper and cabinets can remain stars of the show. What I would really like is the countertops you have in your pantry, it would be a show stopper.

  61. I vote light. To me the dark looks like a heavy weight sitting on top of your cabinets. The light also keeps the light airy feeling of your wallpaper and floors. The dark will also show dirt and every piece of thread and speck of dust on it. Depending on what you use it for, any sanding or sewing dust will show like a sore thumb. But that’s just MHO 😂

    1. I agree that the dark will show dirt and every piece of thread and speck of dust on it. But is that a bad thing or a visual reminder to wipe off the countertop so you are working on a clean surface? And I also think the engineered wood will be more durable and repairable for nicks and scrapes.

  62. I like the light one best since the rest of that wall is so dark with the dark color on the cabinets and the wallpaper.

  63. Absolutel go with the dark wood! It’s beautiful and will ground all of the gorgeous colors in the wallpaper and cabinets.

  64. I like the light choice because I think a dark countertop with the cabinet color will make the room look dark.

  65. Go with the vinyl plank flooring. You can not destroy so it will be so easy for clean up after a project. I have it through out our home and I love it. Even dropped a bottle of nail polish remover on it and it didnt damage it.

  66. The dark sample looks like 2 different woods separated by a groove. The top half looks awfully rough. Would you smooth that out & then seal it? But that still leaves the groove. I had a dining table with groves & hated it the minute it was delivered!
    Don’t consider what MIGHT happen in the future…that something may cause damage to either one. And if it did, in typical Kristi fashion, you’d find a way to fix it. Lord knows you’ve done that plenty throughout your home!
    Now, after reading me thinking out loud, my choice is the LIGHT OAK!

  67. I’m sure both would look great but I lean toward the light. Hopefully, neither has a textured finish.

  68. I prefer the light selection. But did you ever consider the whitewashed red oak countertops like for the pantry? That would also be gorgeous!

  69. Light. I would do the cabinets and countertops all the same so the wallpaper is the focal point.

  70. I don’t care for the darker wood for this project as it is rich looking it will hinder the ability to see the projects you are working on, as where the light gray-toned will give light to the project making it easier to see while working on it. Plus it ties in with the checkered floor. Good luck.

  71. I prefer the lighter colour mainly due to the amount that will be needed. I think the dark colour would be too much. Good luck with your decision.

  72. The dark is beautiful. In my mind the word cozy defines the dark and also brings a relaxed look to my mind.
    But, the light brings the phrase ‘get up and go’ to my mind.
    My choice would be the light because the room is going to used for you to work, plan, and think, about whatever project you are working on or going to work on.

  73. Capistrano Beach Oak. The light one is a more soothing color to go with all your color choices.

  74. Just wondering if you will miss that smooth countertop with no beveled edges—will that matter to you. Is one easier to work on than the other. I have a feeling the vinyl plank will have lots of grooves in the plank itself. Food for thought.

  75. I vote light! But I would like to be reminded and see your desk finish. Isn’t it dark wood and black? If so, then dark would be better to have the counter look similar to the desk.

    1. Why don’t you wait and make a decision when you are ready to do the countertop. By then the wallpaper will be up in both rooms, cabinets in and painted, walls and ceiling painted, bathroom may or may not be started or finished and the floors obviously finished. The room will look and feel more like a room and you won’t be making a decision on small samples. Just a thought. I did vote, but if I were you I would just wait.

  76. Dark. I think the weathered gray wood flooring, while attractive, is starting to look quite dated. Admittedly, the flooring will be used as a countertop surface, but you don’t want to date the project to 2023 (or before!). Dark will always be classic and will ground the pink.

  77. Light for sure. It’s cohesive with the floor and it has warm brown tones, so in a way, it’s the best of both options.

  78. I vote for the light. Dark is great, but something about this wood and your colors just doesn’t work for me.

    Or choose the dark and prove me wrong!

  79. I’d go with the light color. The dark is pretty too but the dust that will show up more when your working on a project would drive me nuts! Lol so light for my vote.

  80. I’m surprised I’m saying this, but I like the darker one! I almost chose the light, but seeing your bathroom countertop with the vanity, I remembered how much that appealed to me. But I honestly like both, so it doesn’t matter to me!

  81. I’d go with the light counter top. For me, I have ‘lost’ sight of things while doing projects on a darker surface. It will beautiful whichever way you go.

  82. I like how you balance the tons in your house so nothing feels like it’s competing for attention. So with that in mind, I vote for the light tone. Both are lovely, but with such bold colors and pattern, you don’t need the dark brown.

  83. I’m conflicted. I like the lighter color the best but i think neither is a very durable surface for a work top… if you are using tools, cutting anything etc n while meant to withstand for traffic they are not meant to withstand the things workstation counters will…

  84. Dark, imo, is a better backdrop for a room that size that will already have so much light area; the other walls, the ceiling, and the floor.
    I also think wood will be easier to repair should there be any need to that comes up.

  85. I say the Light is better to tie in with the flooring. But whichever you choose it will be beatiful.

  86. I’ve gone back and forth, but I think I have to vote dark. No wait – light. Errr, maybe dark. Hah this is hard!

    Fine. My vote is for light. I think I like that there’s not as much of a contrast.

  87. I like the dark–but only because of the width of the other one (like someone already mentioned). I’d vote light if it was narrower.

  88. I think the dark looks much better with the cabinet paint color but 20 feet of dark countertops with your gray painted floor may be too much. The floor gives off a Swedish or Cape Cod vibe which is usually paired with light to medium wood furniture. I love color but I worry there is too much going on with a patterned floor, bold wallpaper, dark pink cabinets, light green work tables and a desk and chair that isn’t in the style of any of the former.
    In terms of surface material, I don’t like either and agree with the person who said that maybe the reason you can’t decide is that neither is the right choice. I worry the counter is going to look like you used flooring and not like a butcher block as your pantry counter does. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer.

  89. I like them both too but I think the light one would balance out the other bold colors you will have in the room.

  90. Based on color I vote light but I do understand what some are saying on wood vs. vinyl. I would prefer wood as the material but i still prefer the light color.

  91. I don’t know much about the materials, so not sure if that is a factor. But I do like the lighter color…I adore the floor, and it just seems so nice together. Then the darker cabinets will look nice with the light countertop. I guess I would like a studio to be light like an art studio would be. I can totally relate to how hard some decisions are!

  92. The darker counter color brings a warmth to the room that the lighter counter doesn’t. I vote dark

  93. Are you determined to use those products? Why not consider a laminate like Formica or Wilson Art? You can be creative with this very functional product. Keep flooring on the floor.

  94. Light! Absolutely light! I find the dark sample to be dull and drab, and I think it will bring the whole vibe of the room down down down. That cheerful wallpaper, the cabinet color, the bright floor — it would be like throwing on a winter coat over a pretty summer dress!

  95. Light for me! I think it keeps the beautiful light and airy look going. It really lets the cabinet color and wallpaper shine without a darker distraction.

  96. Dark. It reads more like furniture to me and I think the room can use that bit of contrast and grounding.

  97. I’d choose the darker – it’s warm, it’s wood, it’s repairable if it gets gouged, and if you want to lighten it up down the road, it’s easily done using your special techniques.

  98. When you first showed these along with the others…I immediately liked the look of the lighter one…and still do ..not that the darker one is not a what I would call a traditional look…but the other one…the lighter one is just a soothing look to me.

  99. Dark. It makes the wallpaper colors more vibrant. When you showed on another post, the black as it would look in the room, I didn’t think I would like it until you mocked up the picture and post. I’m sure the Dark would have the same effect in the room. Makes a statement, doesn’t get washed away.

  100. Both are beautiful but I am leaning towards the light beach oak to balance the countertops and floor with the rich color of the cabinets and the bright wallpaper. Just my two cents! Will be waiting for the results! Take care!

  101. My vote is the dark.
    Seems more timeless and I love the warmth.
    Can’t wait to see – whichever is the winner!

  102. I vote for the light option. Darker wood has always been my preference but when I saw the all of the samples together, how they work together, I love the light wood. 🙂

  103. I like the light. The dark countertop, together with the darkish pink cabinetry, will make that wall so much heavier than the rest of the room.

  104. Do you have any issues with using LVP on a countertop? Do you just install in the method as for flooring?

    PS. I like the lighter color.

  105. Im with the vinyl one for durability. I had bad experience with manufactured wood. I cant decide between the colors. The light is a bit too light and the dark is too dark for me personally. Good luck. Whatever you do is going to be beautiful.

  106. Light one. Though I wish it were actual wood. The dark is lovely, but I think for the type of use it will be getting and the fact that this is an art room and creative space, the light wood keeps things a little more neutral. It will look cleaner as well.

  107. I prefer the lighter one. I just think it blends in better with the entire look. To me the dark would distract (somewhat) away from the cabinet colors and wallpaper. Plus as others have said you can see your projects much better on the lighter color. The older you get the more you will appreciate that.

  108. Ceteris paribus “other things equal” — I prefer the light. However, I know all other things aren’t equal. I know there is a price difference. My main concern thought would be durability. Which will allow for easier cleanup? Which will stand up better to accidents? Which has the right “feel” to you? Which will have an easier installation? I have had both laminate floors and LVT floors. LVT is awesome!

    Either way, I know what you select in the end will be beautiful.

  109. The light one only because it ties the floor in. I like the dark as well, but it doesn’t relate to anything else.

  110. LIGHT!
    both are gorgeous – and either would look amazing. light one isn’t boring white –
    but the lighter one “plays better” with all the rest. including the 2 colours which are the mainstays in your home (referring to your previous blog on paint colours used throughout your gorgeous home).

  111. I agree this is a tough call—both look great! I vote for the lighter vinyl plank because of its combo of neutrality and sturdiness. Not hard to scratch a hardwood but plank is pretty indestructible. And this is for a work area, right?

    1. Technically, it will create a very long countertop, but it won’t really be used as a work area. At most, I’ll probably be storing things on top, like my sewing machine, printer, etc. But I have my two really big work tables with smooth white laminate for an actual work surface.

  112. Hopefully you’ve made a decision by now, but if not, I’d go light simply because the planks are wider. I have a table which has a planked top and HATE trying to keep the cracks clean. I’m constantly vacuuming crumb and lint and dirt out of them. While the crumb factor won’t be high in the studio other debris will be. I’d do whatever you can to minimize the seams between the planks.

  113. I’m serious leaning toward the darker of the two simply for the reason that I think it lends the warmth as well as an anchor piece for the room full of light and bright colors. The floor, walls, ceiling, with the exception of colorful wallpaper and painted cabinets, every single surface is light/painted and or bright. Not that thats a bad thing, I love it all! My point is simply to add the warmth of the darker toned natural beauty of saddle hickory to make all the other colors pop even more! Just my preference….I love a bit of warmth even though the other is so pretty as well, holy jeez, what a decision! LOL

  114. If you still haven’t finalized your choice, here are my thoughts: I like both options in respect to how they look and complement the other elements in the room but I try to think of the function of the wood. If it is supposed to work as a workspace, I would recommend the light version. I have a dark countertop in my kitchen (haven’t chosen it myself) and it is a difficult background for getting colours right when I take pictures of food on top of it. So I think it’ll have the same effect on any kind of project you work on there. If you do chose the dark one, I’m pretty sure, it’ll also look fantastic, though!

  115. I like the lighter color as the dark may have a sharp of contrast to the floor…everyghing is darker on the cabinets and wallpaper, the lighter color would balance it our. However, I agree with other comments regarding engineered wood. If the projects may require you to have to touch it up down the road, engineered wood would give you 1-2 sandings depending on the thickness of the actual wood layer. Suggest the lighter color but in engineered wood.

  116. I can’t go by color because I don’t like the dark one and I am over the driftwood gray tones so I’ll focus on material. We have vinyl plank flooring and I hate it. Previous owner put it in so I don’t know the quality but it doesn’t seem to be great. Planks slipping apart, edges peeling and chair legs getting caught. So this would lead me to lean towards the engineered wood which can at least be sanded/repaired. Can you find a lighter color though, lol?

  117. The darker one is going to show dust/fabric fluffies more than the lighter one. Since it’s a working studio, I would go with light.

  118. I think it depends upon what you will be doing on top of the countertops. Will it be sewing, painting, staining, woodworking, planting, or what? I would recommend the darker color if you do a lot of “messy” stuff on the top because it will hide splotches and drips better than the light selection. If what you do isn’t particularly messy, I like light colors in almost everything. Will you be trying to find pins and needles on the surface? Will you be tracing pieces? My sewing/desk area is white and I like that because I can little bits easily. It just depends upon exactly what you will be using the space for.

  119. I love the light countertop choice as from a distance it has a hint of black in it. It looks great with your cabinet color and the floor.

  120. Light gets my vote.
    Question: How will you use your countertops? Looks like quite a bit of texture in the samples — will that affect function in any way?

    1. It won’t affect anything. I have to large work tables with smooth white tops for actual work. These will mostly be for storing things that I probably won’t want to put into cabinets, like my sewing machine.

  121. I’m voting for the dark.
    I like that it’s wood. It also speaks “cabinet” to me where the white speaks “work space”. Maybe because of all the work spaces I’ve been in have white countertops/art desks. You don’t plan on using it for work so it seems like the dark wood would designate it as a “storage cabinet” space. Then you could match your furniture/desk to that.

  122. My initial vote was for the lighter color but after reading several comments above about LVP not being as forgiving with scratches, I’d say go with the more durable option since this .
    Are you planning to keep the same desk and chair that you’ve shown in past posts about your studio? If so, the warmth of the darker counters would tie in quite nicely to your desk. Also, are you keeping your rolling work tables the same color, or do you plan on repainting those?