A Bold Option For The Hallway Bathroom Walls

As most of you know, I’m making some changes to our hallway bathroom. I had planned to do these changes at some point in the future, but then when I was forced into swapping out the countertop much sooner than I had planned, it set things in motion now.

So within the last couple of weeks, the bathroom has gotten a new countertop (Vicostone Eysian quartz), a new vanity color (Behr Glamorous), and a new shower curtain fabric (which hasn’t been sewn into a shower curtain just yet).

I’m still planning on swapping out all of the silver fixtures for a brushed gold (actually, champagne bronze) color, and then swapping out the accent tile around the room.

But I ran into a bit of a snafu because, quite frankly, I don’t like the wall color in here with the new countertop. The current wall color is Benjamin Moore Classic Gray. I have it throughout the entire house. You can see the different ways I’ve used it to create a cohesive design throughout our house right here.

While that paint color goes with almost everything, I don’t like how that warmer gray looks with the cooler gray countertop. I tried to come up with another wall color, but I haven’t found anything that works so far. I even tried two ultra super light greens (taken directly from the shower curtain fabric), but I didn’t like those, either.

And then it dawned on me that instead of using the floral print as a shower curtain in the room, I could order it as a wallpaper and put it on the walls! I mean, I’m kind of in my “wallpaper all the things” phase right now, so why not? 😀

So I went onto the Spoonflower website to look at that print in the wallpaper option, and that’s when I found that the designer who made the print I loved also made that exact design with a teal background!

Y’all! A teal background!! So naturally, I had to order a sample to see what it would look like in the bathroom. And…I love it.

It has the same colors in it that the one with the white background has, but this would add so much more color and flair to the room.

And it looks beautiful with the bathroom doors and the rest of the doors in the hallway.

I absolutely love the idea of using this wallpaper. If I were still using this bathroom as my main bathroom to shower and get ready for the day, this wallpaper would be too much. But this is just a guest bathroom now, and no one is in here putting on makeup anymore. So I kind of want to treat it like a dramatic little powder room. And it’s not like there’s a whole lot of wall space in here anyway.

If I go this direction, I’ll want to change other things as well. (If you give a mouse a cookie, right? 😀 )

  1. I obviously wouldn’t use the white fabric with the same pattern as a shower curtain, so I’d have to come up with another plan for that.
  2. I wouldn’t place any artwork on the end wall. The wallpaper is art enough.
  3. I’d remove the shelves from above the toilet, and maybe just hang one framed picture.
  4. I’d remove the current mirror (which is HUGE in relation to the room) and put up a smaller mirror so that more of the wallpaper would show.
  5. I’d find another tile (something that doesn’t grab attention) to use on the backsplash and around the room.
  6. With teal on the walls, I’d probably have to paint the ceiling white. And I’m okay with that. It would match the music room ceiling.

But y’all! Just take a look…

I mean, come on now. How can I not do that?

The other option, which seems so boring in comparison, would be to wallpaper the walls with the same pattern with the white background.

And I do love the pattern with the white background…obviously. I wouldn’t have purchased the fabric with the white background if I didn’t like it. But ever since seeing that pattern with the teal background, I can’t get it out of my mind.



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  1. If you use the white background wallpaper, you could still use the fabric for a shower curtain. OR — if the teal background came in fabric, you could make a shower curtain out of that. Yes, it is a lot but maybe in a good way especially because the fabric would have some curves/pleats. We had a very small bath where we wallpapered everything and made simple curtains as well as a shower curtain and it worked very well. (It was a smaller pattern though). Just a thought. Anyway, love the teal!

  2. Love both papers white background and the teal. I wonder what it would look like with the main wall in the teal and the rest in the contrasting white paper? I can’t wait to see what yo do, I love your home so much.

  3. Really like the idea. I kept wondering how you were going to tie the teal doors and pink cabinet together and I think this is it.

  4. Wallpaper is perfection! Could you eliminate the tile strip altogether and have paper meet the wall trim? That would remove a distraction in the design. If you found the wallpaper getting wet by your guests, you could add a backsplash that matches your countertop. Plains shower curtain please. I’m not loving the 80’s trend of matching wallpaper and fabrics.

    1. I agree, if you go with the teal wallpaper–or even the white one–the shower curtain needs to become a solid color. A white fabric with the teal wallpaper would be great. And I like the idea of having the wallpaper meet the trim. Or just have a very simple white trim. I thought you were doing a toothpick type thing? I know it wasn’t actually toothpicks, it was dowels or something. But I thought you were doing those in white for the new backsplash? That would still work probably.

  5. Love it! All the way teal background wallpaper. Looks marvelous with cabinet color, counter top, and the doors!

    1. Yes came to say this! Love the teal paper. So dramatic and beautiful! But leave the dark wood ceiling! No need to paint it white.

      1. Maybe hang the paper first and then decide? But I love the wood ceiling contrast with the paper too. I think it looks amazing.

    2. I agree with Arli’s idea of the teal floral wallpaper as the showstopper, leaving the wood ceiling because it goes so well with the brown and tan colors in the teal wallpaper. The backsplash, definitely needs to be a calmer look and a plain color shower curtain is the way to go. The teal wallpaper, vanity color, countertop and ceiling (which I love) are so beautiful and cheerful and looks like your love of color.
      Once you find your backsplash and shower curtain fabric you will love seeing the bathroom like your other rooms you have done. You always discover the best for your home, you’ve got this space moving in the direction you always love to be around. . Looking forward to
      seeing your final plan. 😀

  6. That looks great on the walls. Considering the colors in the WP, I would leave the ceiling color alone. I love the warmth that it brings to the room. Am I imagining it or are there some brown tones in the wallpaper?
    I also love the big mirror in there. It seems like that mirror helps to expand the space visually. Now, in view of all the pattern you will have in the WP, would a solid color shower curtain help to tone things down a bit? Something light that would go with the WP and the vanity? Need someplace restful for the eyes.

  7. Mmm, I rarely disagree with you, but this time I’m all nope! I don’t have a problem with the wallpaper, but I don’t think this is the place for it. Too… top heavy? Though I usually like powder rooms with dramatic wallpapers, even on the top half of the wall; I’m not sure what makes this mock up different. But if I had to guess, it’s: a) the mirror, which kind of kills the “dramatic wallpaper” vibe (so I totally, totally agree with replacing it with a smaller one that will be using the wallpaper as a background), b) the vanity, which is contrasting, and it’s at the lower, white bottom half of the room… it would make sense to me to see it against the wall paper, it would make perfect sense, but this is essentially next to it, and it feels kind of… not right? I’m not sure why… (I guess that’s why decorators make rules, to put a name to those “not rights” lol), and c) the features to the right of the room, especially the shower, and shower curtain. Would you go plain colour there? Because I can’t think of what else you could do, lest you used the white fabric… That entire side of the room would create the same kind of discontinuum that the mirror is causing.
    Maybe that’s what I’m not liking: If your vanity was at the centre of that back wall, and you were to dress the entire back wall so that your contrasting vanity was in front of the wallpaper, that would be the “dramatic background”. Using it on the top half of an otherwise white room, and only to the left part of an otherwise white-tiled right part of the room, AND with a striking vanity to draw attention to the white parts, the wallpaper is sort of losing the “dramatic background” vibe, and just becomes a “very busy wallpaper” to me. I think (?) lol. Sorry for expressing thoughts rather than a coherent opinion, but I’m pretty sure you are more capable than me to address these points… also, could you use some teal-coloured fabric in here? Would that change things?
    A completely irrelevant thing now (or rather, two, I have a question now I think about it): I have been battling my own home these days, and I am using Floorplanner and I actually headed to the blog to write a thank you for recommending it! <3 Which I think I have done in the past, but it doesn't matter, thank you so much! And this just reminded me of something I was discussing with a friend a couple of days ago: You had also recommended a software that is much more reasonably-prized than Photoshop, which is it please? Many thanks and keep on! (Oh, and your studio looks amazing, I'm glad you loved the IKEA kitchen, and oops about the drawers, I would have warned you about the lower drawer, but I had honestly forgotten! lol)

  8. I think the white floral is prettier BUT I LOVE the teal color overall, and it does tie the doors in with the cabinets and it’s perfect with the countertops. I agree that the wood ceiling should go white. Definitely don’t love either of the trim/backsplashes now. As for the shower curtain, single color but with texture. Love seeing how one inspiration or idea leads to the whole re-decoration of a room!

  9. I say do the teal wallpaper and still do the matching white floral fabric shower curtain. It will be a fun tie-in that will sink in, instead of being immediately obvious.

  10. Love. Love. Love the teal. Go for it. I picture with a wide mat will go great over the toilet. Have you considered painting the ceiling the same as the vanity? And how Would the white background shower curtain look with the real paper? Just curious?
    You are such an inspiration!

  11. Oh, yeah, that teal background is soooo YOU. It is definitely a dramatic look, and I love it with the wood toned ceiling and pink vanity cabinet. Would it be too much to use the fabric with the teal background for the shower curtain? Or a white shower curtain with the teal background fabric for accents on the shower curtain? Ruffles or something?

  12. Yes! Teal wallpaper for sure. And no tile chair rail. Get rid of that and just put up a backsplash in the leftover counter material that you have. Less is more! It’s going to be stunning! I’m so excited for you.

  13. Sorry, but I do not like the floral wallpaper. As one comment stated, “too top-heavy”.
    Wallpaper is in, but not this one. Not worth all the changes you would make. Love everything you do, but had to be naysayer about this one.

  14. Looks like I am the lone voice in the crowd. I think it is too dark and busy, even with the other changes you will be required to make. It feels overbearing to me in that small space. I love that wooden ceiling and bold vanity with the lighter walls, tile and shower curtain. But it is your house and I know you like bold and I usually love your bold choices. Your house is so full of color and life I can see why you love this but for me it is too much. I may change my mind when the bathroom is completely done.

    1. I agree. Teal is too dark and shrinks the small bathroom to nothing. The white background lets the room breathe.

  15. If you give ar mouse a cookie…. You crack me up! The teal wallpaper is gorgeous and sings KRISTI. And,of course, the remaining changes to the bathroom make perfect sense. I do hate to see that beautiful ceiling get painted white, though. Can’t wait to see to see the complete transformation!

    1. I agree. Love the teal, would be sad to see the ceiling painted. I’m thinking a color block shower curtain with a darker color on the lower part to help ground the room (since some people think it’ll be too top heavy).

  16. I agree, how can you not use that teal wallpaper? It’s gorgeous and I know you’ll do it right! Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  17. Teal wallpaper. You have to do it! Also, I’m in the process of my master bath remodel and I purchased the same tub that you put in your master bath. I love the look of it. So thank you for that!

  18. I think I would just have a chair rail without the tile trim. I think it fights with the paper and commands attention. But everything you do always turns out so beautifully so I’m sure whatever you decide will look gorgeous as always. And I love the contrast of the wood ceiling with the paper. It’s unexpected too.

  19. I wish the backsplash was only behind vanity. The rest of the walls look cut into equal halves with backsplash as is. SusanP

  20. If you use the wallpaper, please consider getting rid of the tile “backsplash” which adds “busyness” but not in a good way. Not sure about the ceiling…I’d decide that issue after the rest of the room is finished.

  21. Stick with white. The teal overwhelms the room. If your sample is material make a tiny bunch of hearts of different sizes tied together with twine colored rope and display on your shelves. Or frame the sample in an interesting frame to hang on the wall.

    The huge flowers in the Studio will clash with the flowers in the teal. Just too much.

  22. finish the studio first, all your fans want to see the studio completed and functioning. The bathroom is lovely as is.
    I know how hard it is for you as I am the same jumping from task as other idea comes to mind that you have and want to do. I know how you need to have a break from such a huge job, but you are so close just a few more walls and cabinets and wow, wow, wow.
    However the joy of completing a job/room is so great.

  23. I like the dark wood ceiling with the wallpaper. I also agree with those who suggest eliminating the backsplash border.

  24. I like the teal wallpaper but it makes the room feel claustrophobic to me, especially with the darker tone vanity and dark ceiling. I think the white background wallpaper feels fresh and airy. It would compliment the vanity rather than compete with it. I would use the matching fabric for the shower curtain, perhaps adding a wide ribbon trim about 6″ above the hem.

  25. I really hope you leave the wood ceiling! It would tie in with the brown accents in the wallpaper really well.

  26. Kristi I love the idea of using the teal paper! It brings a richness to the room. And it ties the vanity and doors together beautifully as well as other colors from adjoining rooms. It almost seems it was made especially for you! I agree with your other changes as well but I actually love the dark ceiling with the paper. It really pulls out the brown touches from the paper. This may not even be possible but would it work to eliminate the tile altogether? Maybe have the wallpaper meet the trim? If not, maybe the penny type tiles like you used in the master bath? I can’t wait to see the final reveal! And the finished studio! Thanks for always inspiring us

  27. I LOVE the teal wallpaper! Go for it! The white background would be nice, but nothing special! The teal background it so YOU!

  28. Oy! I think the wallpaper overwhelms the room, so here’s my compromise suggestion. Put the wallpaper in the trimmed out panels on the bottom half of the wall and paint the upper half (perhaps in the teal or vanity color)! You could even still use the material you got for the shower curtain.

  29. I do like the teal wallpaper, but think that the tile strip would not work with it. Perhaps you could put framed boxes in that strip instead, or take out the strip entirely and wallpaper down to the paneled wall.

  30. I think the teal background wallpaper is beautiful, and looks great with the vanity… but the contrast with the white lower portion of the walls looks too stark, in my opinion. I’d paint them some other colour from the wallpaper that plays nicely with the vanity, AND leave the ceiling dark for some real drama!

  31. Maybe it’s time to remove the wainscoting and paper floor to ceiling. For over-the-top drama, the shower current in the teal-background pattern fabric would carry the whole pattern around the room (and then you could add some art to the walls). The paper is beautiful, and maybe a white ceiling would make it feel not so “top-heavy”… In any case, It will be lovely and I can’t wait to see which way you decide to go.

  32. I love the teal wallpaper, but as others mention, it can be a bit busy or top heavy. I think I’d like it better if there were no tile backsplash, or just tile by the vanity, with the lower paneling painted to roughly match the background of the wallpaper. I’d love a shower curtain kind of like some curtains you’ve made in the paste, with maybe a Greek key design in the same teal, or maybe the same pink as the vanity, against a white background. The pictures also don’t make me love the exact pink of the vanity against the wallpaper (the pink of the wallpaper reads cooler), but I know that can really get distorted in online pics/rendering.

  33. I love that wall paper! Please leave the wood ceiling natural. It looks great. Personaly i would retink the backsplash trim.. maybe just around the cabinet. All over seems too much now. JMO! it always ends up great whatever you decide.

  34. I am torn between the two colorways, but I do like that the teal ties in the hallway doors so that it makes sense that they are there. I would leave the stained ceiling either way, just because it looks nice with either background. I am not a fan of the border tile at all. I think the wainscoting is enough. I would also use a white shower curtain that has a textural design and NOT another color! Agree that a smaller mirror, little artwork or a single shelf so the wallpaper can be seen as much as possible.

  35. I really wish I had your boldness to jump in and DO things… aaaand then change my mind later. You are a rare gem who allows yourself to change and doesn’t view it as a series of shameful mistakes. I love the wallpaper!