Bathroom Progress (or not) and General Randomness

I missed y’all yesterday!  So today, I have a super rambling, random update post with probably no definitive point or ending.  Let’s just pretend we’re sitting in a cafe, sipping coffee (tea for me!), and just catching up.  🙂

While I’ve been so super focused on my bathroom remodel over these last few weeks, I’ve hidden a dirty little secret from you.  Well, actually a dirty BIG secret — the entire rest of my house.  My house had gotten to the point where it was basically unlivable, completely filled with tools, construction stuff, bagged up debris from the bathroom, sawdust covering every surface, etc.  Since I’ve been working on my bathroom during the cold weather followed by our nearly four weeks of endless rain, I’ve had to do all of my cutting, sawing, sanding, etc., inside the house.  (My garage is unusable at this point, too.)

I’ve had bags of debris lined up in the entryway, plus along the entire front of my house and the side of my garage, for weeks now.  The front exterior of my house was starting to resemble a public landfill, and the entire interior just looked like a construction zone.  It certainly didn’t look anything like an actual home…where people currently live.

So last Friday, my brother took me out to my sister’s so that I could borrow her truck (she lives about 30 minutes outside of Waco).  We made it back into town in time to load up one full truck bed of debris (probably about 15 big black construction bags full) and head to the landfill.  Then day before yesterday (Tuesday), my mom came over and spent all day helping me load up more debris and just basically get things a bit more under control over here.  We made two more trips to the landfill, got the entire front of my house cleaned up, and made a huge dent in cleaning up the interior.

I’m such an independent person that’s it’s really hard for me to ask for, and accept, help at times.  But I’m learning that in remodeling an entire house practically by myself, it’s absolutely necessary for me to let people help me.  I simply cannot do it all by myself.  And while I’ll continue to do as much of the actual remodeling and decorating by myself, it’s becoming easier and easier for me to accept help with the cleaning up, hauling away, etc.

And speaking of help, my father-in-law is coming for a visit in a couple of weeks!  He’ll be here for two whole weeks, and my mind has been spinning with all of the possibilities of things we can get done.  I should have the bathroom completely finished by then, and our top priority will be working on the condo and getting it completely finished and on the market.  Hopefully that won’t take up the whole two weeks, because I’ve decided that the main thing I’d like his help with at the house is drywalling the ceilings in the living room, entryway, music room, and dining room.  That seems like a lofty goal, so I have no idea how much of that we’ll actually get done.

But my main priority right now is getting the bathroom completely finished before he gets here.  So yesterday, I decided to try and get the double doors finished.  The last time I showed you the doors, they looked like this…

bi-fold closet doors turned into double doors - 4

So yesterday, I installed the door casings on both sides, and then I removed the doors, added some MDF strips to the bottom of the doors to cover the big gaps under the doors, got the strips all wood filled, sanded, primed, and sanded again.  Then I wood filled, sanded, caulked, primed and painted the door jambs and casings.  I got one coat of paint on one side of each door and two coats of paint on the hinge edges (so that I could rehang them and finish painting without having to do any painting around the hinges).

In other words, I spent hours working on this yesterday.  It was basically an all day project.  I got everything done to the point that I could rehang the doors, and I was so excited that once I got them rehung, I just needed to paint the other sides of the doors, add the stop on the casings, prime and paint the stop, add a couple of magnetic closures, add some door handles, and install the door lock.  This project could easily be wrapped up by the time I went to bed…or so I thought.

So I got the hinges reattached to the doors, and got them screwed into the door casings.  Then I moved the ladder and tools out of the way, stood back, and closed the doors.

THEY WOULDN’T CLOSE.  They wouldn’t close!!!  They closed perfectly after I added the door casings.  They closed perfectly right before I unscrewed the hinges and removed the doors to add the strips to the bottom and primed and painted them.  But now that everything was almost finished up, they wouldn’t close!!!

By this time, it was around 7:00pm, and I had been working on these doors and the doorway since about 10:00am.  I was tired and frustrated, so I gave up for the night.

So that’s where my double door project stands right now.  I sure was hoping to have some finished double doors to show you today, and then be able to get started on the linen storage today.  But nope…my doors won’t close.  *Sigh*  I guess at this point, my only option is to remove the doors and use my table saw to cut down the edges just a tiny bit.  And while I’m at it, it’ll probably help if I add just a bit of a bevel to the edges as well.  I’ll let you know tomorrow how I go about fixing it, because I WILL have this done today!!!  I’m determined.

That’s what’s been going on with me.  So how have you been?  🙂

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  1. Oh, I hate it when things won’t cooperate with perfectly good plans! I’m sure you’ll sort it today. Good luck!

  2. I am so sorry to hear this! How frustrating for you! I am certain that you can find a good idea to fix this. And it will be beautiful. I am so glad that you have a plan for when your FIL comes in. That is a great starting point! And never be embarrassed to accept half from your family. They just want to be part of your life and helping you makes them feel good! You are doing amazing work. Pat yourself and your helpers on the back. Job well done!
    Sheila F.

  3. We missed you yesterday, too! Most of my projects are DIABM (Do It All By Myself), like yours, mainly because my husband has a job that keeps him pretty busy. But clutter really freaks him out, so I try to keep things under control when I’m working on something big. I’ve found that if I quit early enough to clean up EVERY day, it helps so much with my own state of mind.
    I’ve had the same experience on those kind of doors. So frustrating! The bevel should help a lot.
    Your bathroom is looking so good!

  4. You are fortunate that your family is willing and able to help you out Kristi. One of your blessings!

  5. I have always wondered how you managed to do all the fabulous work you do and still clean it all up. Well, now I know! You are just like the rest of us. Being creative is such a wonderful thing, but the scut work really sucks. I am a great cook. I can whip up a fabulous meal, but the last thing I want to do are the dishes and the kitchen clean up. As much as I would like to emulate you and go through my house doing fabulous projects, I know I am going to have to focus on one small thing at a time and then clean it up. I can’t live in chaos. I have to have a dedicated work space and clean it up after each use. Thank you for sharing this truth with us, it not only puts what you do into proper prospective, but it teaches us that no woman is an island, and we all do need help. Thanks for sharing this with us….I am sure you will figure out the door problem today. Blessings.

  6. I could not live through all you are doing, I am to much of get it done and put it away personality. It is going to be so beautiful when you are done here’s praying you run into no more snags and are able to get it complete so you and hubby can spend some time o enjoy life. GOD bless.

  7. Glad to hear you discuss your clutter as most blogs would leave people with the impression that everything is neat and tidy at all times. The older I get, the less I can stand clutter it seems. So, when I am working on a project I try to at least tidy up every day when I quit working. I have an extra closet that I put all my tools, paint cans, grout, blah, blah, blah in as I tidy up for the day. I just don’t like to wake up to mess every day…not good for my state of mind. I am sure you will figure out what to do about your doors and they will be fabulous when you are done!

  8. You are doing a great job. I’m sorry that the doors are not cooperating:^( Everything is looking good!!

  9. So sorry about your doors! Is it the extra weight of the MDF that’s the problem? I missed you yesterday–I was waiting to see what kind of April Fool’s joke you pulled this year

  10. Why is it just when you almost done and tired as heck something just has to show its behind????? I just hate that I can’t jump in and help you. You can’t imagine how bad I want to!!!

  11. I just installed double doors on my pantry and was considering removing doors to caulk/paint behind hinges — but now I won’t!! Unless you figure out what went wrong and educate me… 😉

  12. Missed you yesterday! I’ve already had my coffee, so let me grab my diet coke and chat with you a moment. I’m sorry you had frustration with the doors, but I’m glad you were dealing with that instead of something health-related with you or hubby. I have to chuckle when I read some of the comments here. Aren’t diversity and our different little quirks fascinating? I’ve not had to live in a house during an extensive remodel like yours, so I don’t know if I could deal with the mess or not. My mother used to say that if the dishes are done and the beds made, the house looks good. I think that is a good philosophy and I’m pretty relaxed about what constitutes the beds getting made! Good luck with the doors today.

  13. we are also in the midst of a bathroom renovation (our master). I live in a house where there is drywall and concrete dust EVERYWHERE. We just finished the last of the grouting two days ago and I’m determined to get in tomorrow relieve my house of all the grime so I can enjoy Easter weekend at home! Good luck on your doors today!

  14. If I remember correctly that’s how your wonderful kitchen got started…..your father- in – law came to visit…can’t wait to see what you do this time

  15. Reading your post about all the rain I was wondering if the doors swelled from the dampness? Then I noticed they were primed so probably not. Then I read about the mdf on the bottom. so maybe thats it. If you cut the door and in the dryer weather there is a gap what about those doors on the new armoire refrigerators, they have flat piece that goes on the back of the left side and when the doors closethe right side goes against that to keep the seal. I’m not explaining this well, maybe if you saw the door at Home Depot it would be better. But only if you cut the door and then they have a gap. [ Talk about rambling] I’m am always so impressed by what you do and I have some experience with the frustration of things not going right after working on it all day. Never attempted such a project as yours of course. Amazed by what you can do and I know the feeling of your mind working faster than you can accomplish it. Love that you sand and caulk etc. everything always looks so professional. Enjoy having your FIL to work with we can always use all the help we can get….Best of luck

  16. That must have been SO frustrating!!! I am wishing you luck for today, full of the knowledge that you WILL figure it out 🙂

  17. Kristi, I bet you would be really fun to have a chat with over tea or coffee. It sounds like your day yesterday was actually very productive. And probably necessary to keep good relations with the neighbors! I cant wait to see how your double door looks after you get the problem resolved.

  18. Morning Kristi! I’ll have a cup of tea as well, thanks. I’m better, been sick for two weeks with a flu bug. Now onward. I finished my master bedroom over the weekend in spite of it all. I am so so pleased with the result! Love the new flooring and my paint choices. I got to put that gorgeous new white comforter set on my new queen size bed and can’t tell you how wonderfully large my room feels with that big ol’ king bed out of there. Next on my list??? Probably the guest room flooring and that will just leave the living room to finish. Can’t wait to be done with that big project!! Sorry to hear of your frustrations with your doors. You’ll figure it out and have it fixed quick and easy this morning I am sure. So great that your family has come to give you a hand with clean up and hauling. My house gets the same way when I work. It’s impossible to do big projects and still cook, do laundry, care for family and pets and still keep things looking happy and tidy when you are doing it all by yourself. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!! Your bathroom is stunning and I am looking forward to your work on the linen area…when you get there. Keep your chin up!

  19. Glad to hear your father-in-law is coming. You two work well together and get a LOT accomplished. The bathroom is looking great and almost ready for company so he’ll have a nice place to use while he is visiting.

    Happy Easter!

  20. Ah, poor thing. Today will work out better. Sometimes, the fates have to tell us when we are done for the day…I think you were put in a time out last night! Can’t wait to see the doors all done and the linen area started. I have a sneaking suspicion it will be the highlight of that little ol’ bathroom 🙂

  21. I think it sounds absolutely amazing you got all of that done in that length of time. Give yourself a big pat on the back. The doors will look wonderful when you get them finished up and rehung. Sometimes it can get frustrating and it’s sorta like balancing your checkbook, take a step back and then you will come with a fresh mind and snap, that light bulbs goes off!

  22. It all looks amazing, can’t wait to see what is holding up the doors and getting to view the final pics! Enjoying your journey, you are very inspiring. 🙂

  23. sorry to hear about those doors – it’s just so typical that something like that comes up when you think the project is about finished! it happened to me the other night, too, but as it was a lot easier to fix than your doors, I couldn’t go to bed without getting it done beforehand (I was doing a small quilting project – my first – and the last two seams snatched the backing fabric and fixed it folded in the wrong place…)
    I keep my fingers crossed that fixing your doors will be about as easy to you as this was for me (only annoying and timeconsuming) and that it frees you for nicer projects or even some relaxing time over Easter to lean back and admire your bathroom 🙂 it’s nearly done and so so beautiful!

    1. PS: I was sooo prepared for you not to fool me yesterday, as I was caught by your jokes the previous years 🙂

  24. I am so blown away by what you are able to accomplish! You’re home improvement Wonder Woman! I’m so inspired by you that I’m trying my first build it myself project, a built in folding table in my laundry room. I’m nervous, but it’s a simple project so I’ll just channel my “inner Kristi” and get it done. Can’t wait to see the bathroom all finished!

  25. I believe in you – there’s no way those doors are getting their way!!! 😛

    The tools issue came up before, and a few of us suggested making a big cart for them all, but I’m not sure if you saw that or replied (someone even posted a site that had instructions).

    At least summer is coming soon?

  26. You are too funny! I had wondered where all that tear out had ended up. You took loads out of that bathroom. But happily it is now gone. And now that the kitchen and bathroom have been torn out, there won’t be another job this big until you start to tear away the sunroom and master bath. Once the drywall is done, the other rooms will be all fun stuff. Your FIL will be so surprised at what all you’ve managed to do since he’s been there.

  27. Now that I’m older (much much older) I’m about to give you a little advice. Yes, I have my glass of iced tea at hand. I have always been much like you….would never ask for help unless it meant not getting something done if I didn’t. Well, I’d like to see you work on that because you have a lot of working years to go.
    Now that I can no longer do so many of the things I’ve always done and way too many of the projects want to do, I can look back and list a whole lot of times and tasks when I should have asked for assistance on certain items but I didn’t. Having help would not have effected the quality of a single project. I could have finished earlier or had more time to spend on tricky details. And just maybe my not doing certain tasks might have made a difference in my condition or at least slowed down the deterioration, although there is no way to actually know if there would be a difference.
    If you were doing a remodel for someone else, you would expect to have help with clean up and debris removal as well as some of the more heavy lifting activities involved in the project. Try to begin thinking of yourself as a contractor and look for those areas where your knowledge and expertise are not needed. First, the physical stresses do add up over time. But the second, and very important right now, is it wastes valuable time. You have a long list of projects to be done during this remodel for your house to finally be the home you want. I know money is tight. It always was with me at this same time in my life. Assign yourself some worth, a value in actual dollars. Now, look at the steps of your project plan for items where “unskilled labor” might be useful, clean up is an obvious task but what about basic priming, pulling nails from wood you need to use, organizing your tools after you have been working on a project for few days, and you will begin to see other easy tasks. Look at trading some of your simple tasks for your expertise and experience. Maybe someone would love help from you with color selection, or ideas for a DIY table that they need. Also, never forget what a school kid will do for money. If its a girl, think of the example you are setting as well as the skills and belief that she can do things for herself too.
    But, you know better than most of us how quickly life can change. So, time to check your priorities again and think outside the box. I don’t want to see anyone in my shoes if it can be prevented by making changes earlier. It is very frustrating and demoralizing. I always thought, “Hey, I always have me! I’ve done it without anyone before and I can do it again.” No one clued me in to the fact that while it may be true (or not) it may not always be the best option for you.
    So, Kristi, try looking at your project just a bit differently. Spend your energies on what you do best…Designing, creative problem solving (design or construction), building your beautiful custom touches, then finding that perfect “thing” to pull the whole house together.
    My CHALLENGE to you is this: acquire help for those tasks that add little or no value. Look at the time saved and assign the dollar amount your labor if it had been done by you. You might really luck out and one of the school kids might turn out to have a real interest and ability for this type of work. You could end up with an apprentice for very little to no $ going out. Also, you just might get lucky and have the opportunity to change a life in the process.
    Oh, and if you don’t have a project plan (at least a high level one), please don’t tell me. As a former Project Manager, I am a strong believer in them. No, you aren’t remodeling the white house but most anything can be a “project” and can benefit by use of a very basic plan. Heck, I even laid out a basic plan to help arrange our honeymoon (back in a bygone era) It kept me from forgetting any of the tasks that needed to be done right up to the time of leaving. So, a project can be anything and needn’t a huge undertaking.

    1. Connie, this is fabulous advice. I’m certain I am in the same (age) boat. Near retirement, and still working full time on my feet, I am afraid I must hire painters to get the house ready. I suffer from leg cramps from too much up/down on the ladder. Anyway–Kristi,let me say that it makes people feel good to be of help to others. I was told this by some friends when I tried to recover from surgery on my own. It’s not always good to be self-ish. It won’t make you less independent; go in your gorgeous kitchen and savor it if it does!!!
      I hope you understand what I mean.
      Love your blog and wishing I was 30, heck even 40 all over again!!

  28. If you are going to drywall ceilings, spend a little extra and rent a lift – it will safe you time, money and frustration. You’ll be surprised how quickly it goes up with a little help from a lift 🙂

  29. Any chance your doors are upside down and backwards? I’ve done that before – the holes for the hinges line up in such a way that they ooch the doors slightly closer together.

  30. Oh so frustrating when things don’t work out. A new day will be easier for you. Probably simply tired. Lovely that you family helped out with the tidy up. Today is Good Friday down here in Australia. Wishing you a Happy Easter

  31. We all know that feeling! How does it happen???

    I had to laugh at your pun, Kristi…… You want to get your FIL to help install all the ceilings, but it’s a lofty idea. Chuckle.

  32. I’m glad you had so much help getting things cleaned up. You were on mind this morning. Last fall, I made a bedside table ‘almost’ like the one you made for your condo.(My measurements were a wee bit different.) Since it became too cold to paint it outdoors, I put that off til the weather was more agreeable. Today, the weather channel assured me I had the morning to get it done outdoors. I had just come upstairs from washing up my brush when I realized I was seeing a torrential downpour outdoors; on my freshly painted bedside table! I hauled it in as quickly as possible, dripping black paint on our laminate flooring. I had to laugh that, like you, I’d made a bedside table, and like your kitchen cabinet doors, my painting project was almost ruined by rain! The table is fine, by the way and I’m thrilled that I did it almost all by myself. You’re an inspiration; and I’m addicted to your blog.

  33. Well good morning Kristi and thank you, I will sit and have a cup of tea with you. I would love to..!! First I have to say that sucks when your plans don’t come together especially when you just had them up… I’d have to walk away too..!! Second I have to say that I agree with Connie, she has some good advice especially with having some young adults help with the debris and being a “mentor” to a young lady or two, to inspire them to go for their dreams like you have.. LOVE YOUR WORK…!!!!

  34. Oh Bless your heart Kristi. Everything looks so beautiful! I’m sure you’ll get it figured out. In the meantime, you deserve a BIG, restful Easter break.