Bathroom Remodel – The Final “To Do” List

Now that the condo is finished, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things at the house.  I’m still not quite on track, simply because I had taken so many of my tools over to the condo to use there, and I’m still unpacking those and trying to get things organized here at the house.  But hopefully I’ll be able to start back to work on the house today.

I’m so anxious to get started on my dining room and entryway, but the first order of business is to finish the bathroom remodel.  If you’ll remember, it started out looking like this…

I started on the bathroom remodel at the end of January and worked on it consistently until Matt’s dad came to visit on April 15th.  During his two week stay, we switched gears to work on stuff that I couldn’t do by myself (i.e, drywalling the ceilings). When he left, I kind of lost momentum for a while, and then focused seriously on the condo in order to get it finished.

And now here I am, back at the house, and needing to finish this remodel so that I can move on to the next room.

I really am so close to finishing!  Even without it finished, it looks like a completely different room, as it should since I literally took it down to the studs, floor joists and ceiling joists.

DIY decorative shower curtain 10

So what’s left to do in order to finish up this room?  I need to…

  • Install the fan/light above the tub;
  • Tile the ceiling above the tub;
  • Re-hem the shower curtain (since I cut it in two 😀 );
  • Add trim above the shower to hide the shower curtain rod and grommets;
  • Finish the trim on the wall by the linen storage cabinet/shelves;
  • Prime and paint the wall by the linen storage cabinet;
  • Sand, caulk, and paint the crown moulding;
  • Prime and paint the linen storage cabinet/shelves;
  • Add LED lights to the linen storage shelves;
  • Add artwork and accessories.

I think if I really put my mind to it, I can get this remodel finished in about a week.  That’s an exciting thought!  Now let’s see if I can actually do it.  🙂



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  1. To be honest, the original bathroom in your house is so standard of its era, it’s just ‘so’. You had a vision for something ‘wow’ and I am truly impressed. The former room was not hideos as bathrooms go; it was just way past its prime. You’ve got a room for which to be proud now.

  2. So happy to see another room getting it’s final finishing touches. And also very happy that you have the burden of the condo redo off your shoulders. Will be watching for more miracles.

  3. I hope you don’t forget to treat yourself for having reached such an important milestone – finishing the condo. It was a lot of work indeed, so don’t forget to take some time out for you.

  4. that list sounds so small in comparison to that looong list for the condo you posted – and it will include far more fun things to do, I guess! So let yourself be cheered on to get in the swing again in the house. It will be much more fun than the condo as the result will be lived in by Matt and you instead of somebody else 🙂

  5. LOL! You can handle this! But hurry, we are all waiting with baited breath to see your new entry/dinning room finished! Can’t wait! No pressure here you understand, just encouragement!
    You are a great inspiration to many! You go girl!
    One question, I want to get a table saw, and would love your opinion as to best for non-pro who will put it to work on a redo as soon as roof is finished, from storms in May. I need one that can cut plywood at least and I have lots of projects planned latter also.

  6. That list sounds like a little more than a week. For me, it would be at least two weeks. It’s good to see some progress on house projects.

  7. How do you decide what project to do next? Every room in my house needs help but I can’t decide if I should just focus on one room at a time or do the projects I know I have the money, supplies and time for. I worry that if I don’t finish each room and just jump from project to project, I won’t like what I have done by the time I get to that room and will want to change it all. Also, I am changing my color scheme dramatically so putting a dark teal dining room table in a room with lots of olive green would look gross. I have been thinking about painting first then at least all the finished stuff would fit in the scheme. Does that make sense? Do you treat your home and projects differently because you blog their progress? You are truly amazing and I admire your mad skills and confidence. Thank you for inspiring us all!

    1. Definitely paint first! It’s one of the cheapest and easiest improvements you can make and sets the stage for everything else. Every time I start a room, painting and/or flooring (if it’s going to be changed) is the first thing to be done (or done concurrently with whatever project I’ve enlisted my husband to do).

  8. If anyone can do the items in a week, on your Bathroom check list….it’s you Kristi. Already this bathroom has undergone a huge transformation and looks stunning. We can’t wait to see the final reveal.

  9. Hi Kristi! So glad the condo is done. I’m so happy for you. The bathroom already looks fabulous and your in the home stretch now . I’m so looking forward to the dining room and entry way project .Love watching your forever home come together . Your AWESOME girl..

  10. My house is fairly new & none of the bathrooms ceilings over the tub/shower are tiled. In fact I’ve never lived in a place that had tile on the ceiling over the tub.
    Are you sure you need to tile yours? Is that a Texas thing?

      1. I think if you have adequate ventilation then tiling the ceiling is really not necessary.

        Yours is hidden behind the valance for the shower curtain as well so really the only time anyone’s going to see it is when they’re standing in the shower.

        I can’t stand working over my head – painting ceilings is bad enough. I really couldn’t bring myself to tile – especially for such a small area and no real practical gain.

  11. You “GO girl’ YOU HAVE DONE AN AMAZING JOB. Do you do the majority of the work yourself or you have the vision and then hire someone. If so I want to get some of your skills for the many projects I need to get done.

  12. Your bathroom ‘to do’ list looks like something you can get done in a few days. It looks so great already that the finishing touches will be icing on the cake! Love it!