A New Credenza For The Entryway

It looks like I’ll be stuck reupholstering the sofa myself now, because I opted to get a new credenza for the entryway instead.

Okay, I know I’m taking some liberties calling this a credenza. It’s actually this Cooper Pecan Brown Dresser from Pier 1.

But it’s going in an entryway, so you’ll have to indulge me. I’m calling it a credenza. 🙂

Anyway, I was so excited to get the phone call from Pier 1 yesterday telling me that my new furniture had arrived and was ready for pickup. After all, this was my birthday present and yesterday was my birthday, so it was perfect timing. And of course, I called my brother and pulled the whole, “It’s my birthday, so will you do me a huge birthday favor and go pick it up and bring it to my house?” thing and had him go pick it up for me. 😀 (Sisters can do that on birthdays, right?)

So he went and picked it up and brought it to my house, where we loaded it up on the dolly, dragged it up the front porch steps, struggled with getting it inside the door (it was big, bulky, and way heavier than I had anticipated), got it in the entyrway, unboxed it, cut away all of the packaging, sat it up, and this is what my new credenza looks like…

entryway with new credenza from Pier 1 - 1

It’s missing something, right? Oh yes…legs. It has no legs. We searched and searched through every bit of packaging, through all of the drawers, and all over the back and bottom of the credenza (thinking they might be taped onto the body somewhere), and there were no legs. Everything else was great and just as pictured on the website. But I can’t have a credenza with no legs.

So I called Pier 1 and told them that I was missing the legs, and the guy says, “Oh, I’m sorry about that! But we can help you. Just bring that one back and we’ll get another one ordered for you.”

What the….?! Just bring that one back?

I said, “Ummm…that’s NOT going to happen. There’s no way I’m bringing this thing back. It’s big, bulky, and VERY heavy. We’ve already unboxed it and removed all of the packaging. I can assure you that I’m not bringing it back.”

And he sounded genuinely stunned that I wouldn’t just pick this thing up, toss it into the trunk of my car and bring it back to the store for an exchange.

I said, “I’m keeping THIS dresser. You can order a new one and give me the legs from it when it arrives. It’ll be the same thing. Either way, you’ll be left with a defective dresser and I’ll get all of the parts I paid for. But I’m not bringing this back.”


Then finally he said he had to put me on hold to talk to his manager.

He finally came back to the phone and took my name, number, and address, and said the manager would contact me this morning to figure out what needs to be done. *Sigh* If he/she tells me to bring this one back to the store, I’m going to scream. Hopefully we can get this resolved in a reasonable way.

Anyway, I really like the credenza. I did try out the other two options that I already had on hand, and they just didn’t do anything for me. The console table was way too curvy…

And the green credenza just looked too busy (and too small) for my taste…

The Pier 1 dresser is much more what I had in mind for the entryway with the clean lines and larger size (or at least it will be once it has legs), and the antique brass metal details sold me on the piece. I envision a large, colorful piece of artwork above it…

entryway with new credenza from Pier 1 - 3(I borrowed the painting above from artist Rebecca Cabasa.)

And possibly some wall sconces or pendant lights.  I definitely have plenty of room for sconces, so that’s probably the direction I’ll go. Although I do love the idea of pendant lights in the entryway. It’s a less predictable and more unusual option, which I like. So we’ll see.

I also snapped this picture this morning. I’m trying to get more pictures showing how the rooms of my house flow together. I know I’ve shared the floor plan over and over and over again, but I rarely show actual pictures of two or more rooms together. I’m trying to get better at that (and will be sharing even more on my Instagram account, which you can follow here). So this is the entryway wall, the music room wall, the opening into the hallway, and the hall bathroom. The hallway doesn’t have a ceiling light yet, so it’s always dark, and I didn’t even think to turn the bathroom light on. I’ll try to do better next time. 🙂

entryway with new credenza from Pier 1 - 2

Hopefully I can get the legs for the credenza soon…without having to pack this thing up and return it. In the meantime, I’m going to keep an eye out for some awesome and colorful artwork inspiration, and see if I can find some wall sconces or pendant lights that might work in the entryway.

UPDATE: I just spoke with the manager, and she was VERY nice and accommodating. She had already called the distribution center to see if they would look for the legs (they have to be somewhere!) and if they can’t find them today, she’s going to order another dresser and give me the legs from it once it arrives. Unfortunately, this isn’t a product they carry in the local store here, which is why I ordered it online in the first place. But either way, they legs are coming, and no one is expecting me to lug this heavy thing back to the store. 🙂

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    1. I totally agree with Deb. Something more whimsical than sconces would be fun! Love the dresser/credenza!

  1. Does anyone else want to breakout in song and dance singing ZZtop’s She’s got legs?

    1. But Matt, she doesn’t have them! 😉
      Seriously, I hope she sticks to her guns about them sending the legs. No way in H@#! would I lug that back to the store! Absolutely right that they can get another dresser, give you the legs and either contact the manufacturer and get more legs or sell it “as is” and still make money! Markup is built in to cover things like that, so they still make SOME profit.
      I am smitten with this dresser/credenza! And I like the idea of pendants too – for one, because the top of the credenza will be less cluttered; and they most likely would be easier to install.

      1. Adding to say —- the only reason they may not want to send just legs is that they may not “fit” at the correct angles if there are holes drilled already to accept the missing ones. Hope that’s not the case.

      2. She’s frustrated enough to not want to take it back. Even if her pinched nerve was not an issue, she would force them to fix the issue without her involvement.

  2. Looks great! Shaking my head/laughing/rolling my eyes at your customer service experience – the struggle is real for some. Hoping you speak to someone with some common sense today!

  3. You paid good money for a piece of furniture that should have had all it’s parts and it didn’t….ask them how they are going to correct this for you that will make everyone happy. Or, when the mgr. calls you, you tell him that you had to pay for movers to bring the credenza to your home (you did have to birthday bribe your brother after all lol) and unless they want to pay for movers to pick it back up from your home and back to your home, it’s staying right where it is.
    I think they should give you the legs off the one that is in the store….let them deal with the time frame of ordering a new credenza.
    Good luck and I can’t wait to see the finished idea.

  4. This is why I have come to hate decorating, all the mix ups, money mistakes and time sink holes you cannot anticipate. I ordered drapes online thinking I was so clever saving time. Ha, After I hung a set it was clear the size on the packaging was wrong, so they were too short.When I returned all 5 sets the clerk got so confused it took her three tries and the manager one to get it sorted. I warned my husband before we went that it was going take forever.

    You did a great job handling the clerk, I hope the manager gets that your solution is the best for everyone involved.

  5. I cannot imagine that Pier 1 has to “consider” whether they will give you the legs you paid for. To expect a customer to bring it back just to make an even exchange is RIDICULOUS. I would think that they could easily remove the legs from another piece, give them to you, and report the other piece as defective to corporate. I bet the legs screw on somehow right?

    1. Yep, each leg is held on by two screws. That’s it. The solution seems so simple to me. (And you. And everyone else reading this.) 😀

  6. Those legs have to be somewhere!!!!! Can’t imagine they shipped someone legs with no dresser…
    But then again….

    1. Oh I can believe it got shipped without legs. I recently purchased a bed (headboard, footboard, 4 side panels, slat set, legs) with 4 right sided side panels instead of 2 left and 2 right. But their solution was to just ship me another whole complete bed set! That one came with correct panels. I sold the 2nd one to a friend at a huge discount, lol. He was comfortable moving all the hardware and brackets to make 2 of the left panels fit on the right side of the bed.

  7. Looking good! Somehow at first glance, I almost thought you broke out your abstract you did for the above the fireplace (from the days with dining in the living room), but saw it was a Photoshop…

    I’d personally do pendants… perhaps easier wiring (depends on joists and the foam situation), and if you change your mind you could install the fake can lights instead. Or is there a DIY for making sconce pendants…

    1. I bet it’s where it got packed/assembled.
      It looks as if the legs got missed while getting packing it up from the PDF assembly instructions online (verses it being like IKEA where it’s 2 separate packages). There’s a diagram on page 2 showing where they are to be packed. I worked retail for a stint. A favorite solution is skimming the instructions that come with everything, because it’ll have a packing list, or enough detail on assembly to solve unique issues.

  8. Like the size and shape of the credenza:) Have you thought of doing a couple more chairs that coordinate with your dining room table set, so that you would have more chairs for company, and chairs to go on each side of your credenza?

  9. looks great in your entry. hope Pier 1 does the right thing without any inconvenience. Happy birthday to you! hope your day was happy and the upcoming is even happier!

  10. Pier 1 is my favorite store, really the only store I actually enjoy shopping in, never had an issue like that with our store, even the managers are very pleasant and accommodating. They are so sweet at our store (they know us by name, sad I know) If we were missing something, they would tell us to come right in if the piece was available, if not they would have it within a day from another store. I ordered two lamps from them a couple years ago and the finial on one lamp was broken, they let me choose two from finials they used to carry in store free of charge, so both finials would be the same. I am going to miss our store when we move 🙁 I really like the credenza, really starting to come around to the gold/antique gold accents on a lot of pieces they carry. Looks great!

  11. Pier One can deliver a new credenza and pick up the old one. They messed up and they should fix this. As for the pendant lighting….. YES!!!! I love these https://secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com/lf/49/hash/33808/39025913/1/Mercury-Row%25C2%25AE-Cortes-1-Light-Mini-Pendant.jpg. They are from Wayfair. Brushed brass finish and they will not compete with the picture or the credenza. Best of all they are on sale! $65.00 each! Love how things are coming along. Soon you will be done with the “Evil Stencil” and will be decorating your music room. Then we would like a concert on your piano!

  12. All the best to you on behalf of yesterday’s birthday!!! Hope they sort the leg issue soon, I cannot believe that they really expected you to drag the piece back just to get the (missing!) legs for it!!

  13. It looks nice. Don’t you just love how store employees can’t seem to think outside the box??? 🙁

    I’m thinking pendants are the more practical choice here. I don’t think cord covers would look good over the wallpaper (will totally mess with the whole frame thing you have going on) and cutting holes and running wires will probably be easier in the ceiling than down that wall. Unless they’re candle or battery-operated sconces.

    I know you don’t seem to do this much, but another thing that would look really nice on that wall is some sort of family photo array. Right there in the entryway. Maybe even black and white or sepia-tone. Just a thought. It’s a nice spot for some personalization.

    1. I shoudl have mentioned that if I do sconces, they can be hardwired. The other side of that wall is Matt’s game room (which was originally supposed to be my office) and that room hasn’t gotten new drywall yet. I’d be willing to go in from that side to run wiring so that the sconces on the entryway side don’t have any wires showing

      1. I remember being BLOWN away (when I first read your blog) that you diyed them with paper!!!!! You are so crazy talented and creative Kristi!!

  14. Do not let them get away with this! You have gobs of fans that can and will put the word out how unreasonable Pier 1 is if they do not unscrew 4 legs and deliver them ASAP!

  15. What a birthday! Hope Pier1 works this out. Kudos to brother and hubby for their help both in lugging and in getting you your birthday present.

  16. I’m sure Pier One will make it right, but such an uneccesary hassle! On the artwork front, are you going to create something yourself? If not, have you ever looked at the Society6 site? So much eye candy. Tons of artists, options, formats; etc.

    1. I haven’t decided if I’ll do it myself or not. Thank you for the suggestion! I love looking at artwork, even if just for inspiration. But I’d also be up for buying something if I found something I really love.

  17. I know you will be decorating and finishing touches are yet to come but feels like you need a big potted plant there on the floor on the right hand side. Can’t remember what you have said in the past about plants but was my first thought now that the picture is coming together

  18. The credenza is beautiful with the antique brass details and looks great in your entryway. What a let down though, after the joy of it arriving on your Birthday, then to have the legs missing….Aaarrrgghhhh, frustration!! Certainly hope Pier 1 get the replacement legs to you as quickly as possible. And, Happy Birthday Kristi for yesterday…….. this is definitely your creative designer year!!!!!

  19. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a great day!
    Beautiful credenza and great choice for that spot! I’m sure it will all work out. Hopefully they will get it resolved quickly for you. Sconces, pendants and art would make it perfect! You’ve done a beautiful job, as always!

  20. I for one am super excited that you’ve chosen to do your own reupholstering of the couch. Your tutorials are the best I’ve seen on the internet, and I’m constantly referencing them.

  21. This credenza will look very nice once it’s raised up with the legs. It’s lovely against the grasscloth, and it will really show off a colorful abstract painting. Yes to pendants! As others have said, you want variety, and you already have sconces nearby. There are so many beautiful pendants out currently. And yes to more Matt jokes!

  22. Happy belated Birthday! I might be tempted to bypass the local store and call a corporate customer service number. You might have better luck with them.

  23. I love your credenza and you handled that perfectly. Obviously, the store manager throught so, too. Now let’s hope they get the legs for you.

    I like the idea of pendant lights in your entryway because it is so unexpected and can light your grasscloth artwork from the top.

    Your whole living room, music room, kitchen, breakfast room and entry are so stunning and I love the way they flow together. When those areas are completely finished, you should have a family party for all to enjoy!

    Happy Birthday!

  24. Funny the difference that just a few inches of leg makes. I really like the brass look touches on the “credenza”.
    May I suggest initially hanging your art work using a picture rail hanger on the molding around the grasscloth? Then if you change you mind in the end, it’s no big deal.

  25. Wait, wait, wait! I’ve been gone a while and this looks great, but what happened to the black credenza and the hand painted birds? That looked great, too.

    1. Yep, it would seem that you’ve missed everything since the end of last October. 🙂 I completely changed directions from warm bold colors to teals and greens. The old black buffet is now purple and is in the breakfast room (that has been finished), the moulding on the walls in the entryway and living room has been removed, the mural painted over, the kitchen repainted teal. You’ve missed quite a bit. 🙂

  26. Love the credenza. Hope the legs are there soon. Just not loving the abstract on the grass cloth. Like they are competing and not complimenting. Maybe it’s that pic. Have you ever considered a large round mirror inside the framed grass cloth over the rectangled credenza. Entry way would have a last place to check yourself before going out. Maybe a large clock. Quick check of time with out having to look at the phone. I just think both say entryway, but that’s just me. Guess you will surprise me.

  27. What are these cimoanies thinking sometimes? Send the credenza back!?!

    We ordered an above-ground pool last summer. Got it out, set it all up, found out that one small but crucial gasket was missing. Called the manufacturer and they said our only option was to repack the entire pool and send it back!! Uh, no. We ended up searching everywhere and finally using liquid gasket maker. Glad your story ended easier (fingers crossed)

  28. Hey Kristi, Happy Belated Birthday! I just wanted to add that you should check out Jess Franks floral pieces. Her style seems like it would be a great fit for that area. I recently discovered her myself and I am obsessed. Her paintings are not a typical floral still life. They are bold and fun. Please check her out on instagram if you get the chance!

  29. Happy belated birthday! I have a question about your trim paint you use. Its Polar Bear by Behr, but what sheen do you like to use?

  30. Thanks for the picture of the rooms together. I love the look of the grass cloth with the paint color and your trim work and how it flows into the music room with the stenciling. It looks so cohesive! I also love the new credenza. Somehow the other dresser you redid just looks like a dresser (that I LOVE), but this one looks like it belongs out in the living room and not hidden in a bedroom. 😀

  31. Love the credenza! It looks amazing in the space. I hope she is able to get the legs to you pronto. It’s such a pain when things don’t pan out as they should. Happy week to you! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse