Entryway Credenza, Take Two

Y’all, I still don’t have the walls in my music room finished, and I’m so frustrated with how things aren’t progressing right now. I’ve spent the last six days sitting in bed and trying not to move because of debilitating nerve pain in my back, neck, right shoulder, and right arm. I’ve had pinched nerves before. In fact, with all of the work I do, it’s kind of a regular occurrence (maybe six times a year). But while it’s always painful, in the past it has been more of an annoyance than anything, and it always seems to work itself out as I start my day and begin working on projects.

But this time was different. I’ve never in my life experienced debilitating pain like this. Pain that brings you to your knees if you move the wrong way. Pain that keeps you on the verge of tears all day long, and actually turns you into a sobbing, bawling mess in the early hours of the morning because you just can’t find relief. Pain that won’t let up no matter how many positions you try to lie, sit, or stand in. Pain that keeps you awake all night, night after night after night. I kept thinking it would work itself out, just like all the other times, but it just wasn’t. So after four nights with no sleep, I finally made an appointment yesterday with the chiropractor. Let’s just say that I’m now a HUGE believer in chiropractic and acupuncture. I actually slept through the whole night last night for the first time since last Tuesday night, and this morning I feel mostly muscle soreness, but the nerve pain is almost gone. Not completely, but almost.

All of that to say that I’ve gotten nothing done over the last week. But I did manage to make one change. Let’s just say that the Pier 1 credenza didn’t make the cut.

I was so excited about that credenza, but then it arrived without legs. So every time I walked through the living room, I’d have to look at that squatty, legless box sitting in my entryway, and it frustrated the heck out of me. And then (perhaps in part due to my pinched nerve pain) I just became so frustrated with it that I didn’t even want to look at it anymore. I didn’t want to deal with it at all.

So I went on the hunt online for something else. Something local. Something that I could buy and bring home with me immediately and not have to wait two weeks to see if all of the parts would actually make it to my front door.

And I finally found something on Craigslist. It’s completely different from the Pier 1 credenza, but I love it. As soon as I saw the picture, I knew I had to have it.

new credenza for entryway - 1

The good news is that I actually think this fits my style better anyway. I really, really loved this design on the upper drawers…

new credenza for entryway - 2

…and I really like the legs. Yay for legs! I also think that this one complements the style of my piano much better than the one from Pier 1.

new credenza for entryway - 3

And my favorite thing of all is the length. This thing is six feet long! With the other options, they were so narrow that I couldn’t use table lamps and still have room enough in the middle for artwork. So my lighting options with the other credenzas were either pendant lights or sconces. But this thing is so long that I can have lamps (I pulled these out to test out the lamp option)…

new credenza for entryway - 4

…and still have plenty of room for a large piece of artwork that I have my heart set on, which might look something like this Photoshopped mock up…

new credenza for entryway - 5

And because it’s so wide, I don’t feel compelled to flank it with chairs just to make the whole arrangement feel more substantial, which of course, saves me time and money.

The bad news is that this credenza — the one that I knew I had to have immediately when I saw the picture — came from one of those stores where the owners buy up a bunch of old furniture, slap a coat or two of white Chalk Paint on everything, and call it good. Paint runs and drips? They don’t care. Wood veneer damage? They call it character, because that’s so much easier than actually fixing it. Drawers won’t open or close? Meh…minor details. Just slap a coat of Chalk Paint on it, mark the price up 300%, and get the thing out the door as quickly as possible.

Ugh. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loathe Chalk Paint and the whole mentality that seems to accompany its use. (Oh wait! Yes I can! I did that here! 😀 )

So now I’ve got this piece that I spent way too much on (but still a fraction of the cost of the Pier 1 credenza) because they “refinished” it , and now I need to refinish it. 😀 There really are drips and runs all over, there’s wood veneer damage on the top that really should be fixed, and the stained top doesn’t even have any kind of clear coat on it, so anything I set on there leaves behind a chalky residue that’s impossible to clean off (kind of like when you rub your hand across a wall that’s painted with flat black paint). And the distressing they did makes me twitchy. Or maybe that was my pinched nerve. Either way, the thing needs work, but I love the style of it, the details on it and the fact that it has legs, so I think I’ll be much happier this one.

In other news, the contractor and project manager are coming by on Wednesday morning to do the walkthrough for my garage-to-studio conversion and get all of the details nailed down. I’m excited!

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  1. That looks SO much better! I didn’t love the other one, but I assumed that had more to do with my dislike of modern pieces with glitzy gold lines. But this piece just fits the space better and is so “you” right down to the pointy feet detail. It does stink that you have to completely redo their work, though.

    Sorry to hear about your pinched nerve. I’ve been through two bouts of that kind of pain and it really really sucks. 🙁 There’s very little that makes it go away long enough to get even a nap other than narcotics. Rest-up and get well.

    1. yes, this one is much better. I didn’t comment because to each is own but I do love this one. The Pier 1 piece just didn’t look right.

  2. The new credenza is soooo much prettier, even in it’s poor condition! The Pier 1 credenza in front of the grass cloth with a colorful painting looked really busy and mismatched to me, I didn’t know how you were going to pull that off. I’m excited to see how you refinish this one!

    In regards to your neck, yours sounds a lot more serious than what I usually get, but have you replaced your bed pillows anytime recently? The nerves in my neck always seem to get agitated when my bed pillows get too flat. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. I had trouble with neck pain for months after I switched my bed pillow. In my case, I had wanted a new fluffy one after mine had gotten flat. Amazing how my kids can fall asleep in their carseats with their heads lolling all over the place or propped at funny angles and a pillow switch at my age sends me to the chiropractor. So much for aging gracefully! lol

  3. Consider the missing legs a blessing! The style and size are much better suited for this area of your home. I LOVE IT!

    1. That about says it for me, too. And I’m sure you will make it look fabulous. Love, love, love the drawer detail.

  4. Yah on the credenza, I love it and a great big woo who on the chiropractor, I have used a chiropractor for nerve pain like you discribe for many years. I visit mine every 4-6 weeks and have been able to stay painfree most of my adult life.

  5. Oh, and I get acupuncture at a traditional chinese medicine dr once a month. It helps everything. And, the chiropractor does healing ultrasound on me and that stuff works wonders. Good luck with all. Wellness is essential.

  6. I love this, it’s perfect even with the imperfections! The style and size work much better and it just seems to “fit” (I love when that happens!). Enjoy styling vignettes on top of all six feet of it and have fun. So glad you’re feeling better.

  7. So sorry that you’re hurt! My husband is self-employed and does a lot of physical work and it’s a problem when he gets hurt.

    I did like the style of the Pier 1 credenza, but not with your piano, and I did think it was on the short side (though I figured you could pull it together). Like the new one better, though!

    Get better soon!

  8. Love love love the new credenza….. it seems like it was meant for you and that spot. Since you have to refinish it, have you decided on a color? I have to say I do like the white with the dark top but the idea of color is fun as well (I live vicariously thru you when it comes to saturated color). Since this piece was a fraction of your Pier One credenza, does that mean you get to give yourself the gift of not having to reupholster the chairs for the music room?

    Wishing you speedy recovery from your pain….

  9. Can’t see all the problems in the pictures, but WHOA! CAN see the style and size. It is just right. You will enjoy refurbishing it to your standards. And maybe you can now have someone else reupholster your sofa! Win Win Win

  10. I am glad to read that you are better, pain has ruined me. As to this piece , it is a better fit. Although, I envisioned Asian torchieres on either side of the other chest to give balance. I do like this choice better, it has more storage, but you are going to have serious work redoing it. Lol Every day I get postings on FB for ruined chalk paint furniture and people looking to buy beautiful pieces to drown them in chalk paint. I inherited quality mahogany furniture that is the same as the pieces Centsational Girl has in her bedroom. I was so happy to see she didn’t muck them up with chalk paint. One of the reasons I follow you is you aren’t slapdash.

  11. What about those awesome lamps you made awhile back, Kristi? Sort of a mosaic look, rectangle shaped.

    1. Yes, I loved those lamps. If I remember correctly the tiles (painted on paper?) were more pastel. Another amazing project from Kristi.

  12. AS one reader noted: consider it a blessing that Pier 1 came minus legs. This one is sooo much better…way better.
    So sorry you’re in pain…I know the drill…consider PT…have been in it for last 6 weeks and I can at least move now. Glad you have had some relief. Poor Kristi…so sorry.

  13. So what’s the plan with the legless Pier 1 box? hopefully you can return it and use the money for your sofa so you don’t have to mess with doing that one yourself. Absolutely LOVE the new credenza the size of it fits so much better and it looks more Kristi to me.

  14. So much better! I knew when I saw your photos of the Pier 1 credenza that even with the legs, it wasn’t going to stay, lol. Every time you’ve done a project and it doesn’t look right to me, you end up changing it. So glad you found something that’s more you and fits the space better. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    Side note: I’m going to look through your DIY stuff after I post this but have you done a post on fixing drawers and such? I ask because I too bought a dresser that somebody slapped some paint on to make cute but didn’t fix any of the issues and didn’t seal the paint…Sigh. Then we moved and the paint on the top basically just flaked off. I’m covering it with a runner right now but need to do something more permanent to fix it.

    Oh, and hope you’re feeling better!!

  15. Everything looks great. I do have a question, what paint sprayer do you recommend? I remember reading about one that you really likes and worked well for spraying cabinet doors but I’m not sure where to find that post. If anyone else can help me out on this I’d appreciate it. Thank you so much!

  16. ThE other credenza was a squatty block of a thing. LOVE the new one and I’m so glad you found it and followed your instincts. You and I completely disagree about chalk paint. Done well it looks rich and beautiful . I’ve seen that’s many times and I’ve done a few pieces that even you would approve 😉. But I’ve also had some collasial fails !
    Praying for your healing – give yourself a break and don’t force yourself to work too early. No goal for the month is worth your health. ❤️

  17. Glad you are feeling better! My grandfather saw a chiropractor for sciatica and he was also amazed at how much better he felt. Never seen one myself but wouldn’t hesitate based on what I’ve heard.

    I think the new furniture looks great! I like it better than the first one. Online in pictures it’s hard to see the flaws you see with it but I know I couldn’t live with stuck drawers! LOL Paints a picture I didn’t intend! 😉

    Look forward to seeing you polish that one up but I love the style of it at least!


  18. I love, love this piece! I liked the other piece for a behind-the-sofa, office or bedroom piece. This one really fits this space and style. The bright side is you get to put your own look to it, and make it yours to fit your home. Hope you feel better soon!

  19. The new credenza totally looks like it was meant to be in your home. Rest up and then get busy… I can’t wait to see what you do with it 🙂 I missed you this week

  20. Love the size and detail feature of the new piece. I was another shaking my head over the Pier One purchase.

    I believe in acupuncture​ for pain management. The suggestion from another reader on pillows is valid. I was given a My Pillow several years ago and love the support, and being able to wash it.

  21. So sorry to hear that you were in such pain. I am happy that you found relief with a chiropractor and accupuncture. I much prefer natural medicine as opposed to taking a pill for everything. I have to concur with everybody else. I like this one so much better. Wasn’t a fan of the other but it’s not my home so I did not comment. However, it wasn’t just personal taste, the scale seemed way off to me.

  22. Much better…drips and all!

    (I was actually about to suggest a build project: a three-tier open shelf console, when you IG’d your Pier 3/4 –i.e., legless– choice.)

    But! I really like the new one…I think it connects with your BrkfstRm chair fabric and your MR stencil, too.

    Glad you’re feeling better…!

  23. So sorry to hear of your battle with nerve pain. Glad you are finally finding relief! A beautiful piece of furniture. Looking forward to what you will do with it!

  24. LOL……your sarcasm cracks me up!!!! Great piece…..I know when you redo it though, it will be done right!!!!!
    Yes, chiropractors are the way to go Kristi!!!!! I am recently getting over a huge injury(neck,back,shoulder)and you are in the right place. I was tripped by a kid running through an amusement park last summer and headed right for the cement. I was dazed but I still tried to carry on since it was the first hour that we were there. Apparently I had a concussion and proceeded the abuse with wine and went on roller coasters all day resulting in serious whiplash and a head injury!!!! Months of recovery(like motorcycle accident my chiropractor told me). Ridiculous….I couldn’t make this up! It lit a fire in me to start blogging:) Good will come out of it but it will take time. I am still going twice a week but I feel normal now. The adjustments over time will make you feel better than you did before any trauma. It sounds like it has been getting worse and worse for you….nerve pain was there before without you even realizing it. But with all the work that you are doing, head down or work above you, the pain can get worse. Chiropractors are amazing!!! Good luck and feel better, I KNOW that pain….having babies was nothing compared to that!!!!

  25. I prefer the new credenza too. You needed the larger size. Sorry about the pinched nerve. I got those in my wrists. I think its carpal tunnel syndrome.

  26. Oh my God it is absolutely so perfect! I k ow you could have made feet for the mid century piece but this! The carving resembles the trellis in the next room and ties the two rooms together. I am sa envious of your locality’s Craigslist. It’s all cheap crap here. I also live with the pain you describe, and my chiropractor has not only provided me with relief but also with therapy to strengthen the back and tips on how to get out of bed without straining your back.(essentially, lie on your side, bend your legs, and roll out of bed on your belly, with your torso on the bed and your legs bent. The push your self up to standing with your arms.) there is no way around this next part, but understand that it comes from a 63 year old woman who weighs 60 pounds too much: a lifetime of your spine and skeleton straining to hold up “the girls” and the belly is not helping our backs. 💕

  27. Glad you found relief with the Chiropractor.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how you repair the veneer! Your extra work is our gain.

    Love the style and size of the new piece.

  28. Great choice! The size and style is so much better. I totally agree with you on the chalk paint furniture stores too. Hope you feel better soon… I need my fix of looking at your projects on a regular basis! 🙂

  29. It will be a fabulous piece once you give it the “Kristi” treatment and along with your other followers, I think it is a much better fit. I must confess I didn’t like the Pier 1 piece at all. The style just didn’t seem to be in keeping with the rest of your decor. With its placement in front of the large grass-cloth panel, the scale seemed way off, even with the inclusion of chairs, an idea I still like and that will still work with this credenza. This piece really enhances the look of your foyer even before you give it a beautiful make-over.

  30. Oh, YES YES YES!! And the fretwork on the drawers creates continuity with the music room! Mo’ betta. (Sorry to hear about the nerve pain and hope you’re on the mend now, but the enforced rest certainly found some good in this new choice.)

  31. (1) Much better choice; (2) Sorry about your pinched nerve. I have a similar problem, happens when I lift something too heavy. Or spend too long on the computer. You might also get a TempurPedic memory foam pillow. I don’t like it for all the time (it’s hot) but when the pinched nerve flares up, it really helps.

  32. I blame the original credenza on your pinched nerve!! You knew it wasn’t right and it gave you a nervous twitch! Seriously, I’m sorry about your pain. When I saw the original idea for your entry way, I knew it wasn’t going to last long! Take care of yourself. I too am a believer in chiropractic care.

  33. OMGGGG…hands down…this one BLOWS THE OTHER ONE AWAY!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I was so disappointed when I saw the other one. It was meant to be that it had no legs and that you had no patience for the ordeal. ☺ Hope you are back to 100% SOON!!!

  34. Sorry to hear about the pinched nerve! Oh my. So glad you finally are getting some relief.

    I haunted Craigslist for nearly a year once for a credenza for my entryway. I wanted one with three sections like yours (one for each child’s school backpack). Again and again, I found chalkpainted ones with marked up prices. I finally saw a picture of one just like I needed, original finish, clicked on it, and it was actually the same prolific chalk painter lady saying “here’s my next project, which color do you want it?”. I asked if I could buy it as-is for a reduced price. She said no way, she could chalk paint it in a day and sell it for twice what she paid for it (her pieces sold for $300-$350). And she was right. Her ads would disappear in a day or two and she’d have a new one up. She had quite the gig!

    I also toured a house recently where in order to update the house for sale (it had been built in the eighties) the original oak cabinets had been chalk painted the latest trendy grey. No prep work, so all the grain still showed through, and no finish so they had that yucky chalky texture. Are you kidding me? Kitchen cabinets that are touched and used every day, often with wet/sticky/greasy fingers?!? Ugh.

  35. Nice!

    I remember the chalk paint rant. I can not stand that stuff as well. My mom loves it, I have two pieces she painted for my son, and child’s chair and night stand, the sad part is she painted them with the adorable bunny an star detail that is now coming off do to barley any use.

  36. Firstly, so sorry to hear that you have been in so much pain and having sleepless nights. There is nothing worse! So pleased you went to the Chiropractor/ Accupunturist and now you’ve got some relief.
    I actually really liked the Pier 1 credenza (but with the legs of course) but now seeing this new one, I think this one suits your entryway even better and how amazing that the detail on the drawers mimic the trellis design in your Music room. This one was definitely meant to be, even though it has some flaws that you have to refinish, you will do an amazing job.
    How exciting that your Contractor is coming tomorrow to go over the final details of your garage to studio conversion. It’s certainly going to be super exciting following this next major renovation to your home!

  37. Love the new credenza and the size is indeed much better for the space. I also don’t like chalk paint but I think clear wax takes away the film you’re talking about.

    I’m glad that chiropractic and acupuncture have made you feel better but have you seen an orthopedist or had your cervical vertebra x-rayed? I had the same kind of pain you do and it turned out the degenerative disc disease in my neck had gotten so bad that there is little space for my left median nerve to pass through. I opted for periodic rounds of neuropathic pain medicine but did find that acupuncture also helps short term.

  38. So much better, drips and all. The Pier 1 just didn’t cut it in my eye. Hope your pain goes far far away

  39. I love the new piece! I don’t think you mentioned it, but when you refinish it will you be painting it or staining it? And if you are painting, what color? And does this mean you get to have your sofa reupholstered by someone else since you didn’t spend as much as you had initially budgeted for? This could be a double win!

  40. I am so sorry for your pain. I am glad that you are on the mend.
    I just wanted to ask a question. I don’t know how to sent an address, so, can you type in “Better Homes and Gardens Grass Cloth and when it pops up there is a bedroom with blue grass cloth. It is the second picture on my site. so the question that I have is; Is it the same color of grass cloth that you have or is the lighting different?

  41. I love your new piece – I agree with you and everyone else – it’s much better than the other one. The scale is better and the details are really nice. As for you pain can I add a word of caution here. I went to chiropractor for some generalized pain in my upper back – nothing major – just some aching, and ended up with four herniated discs in my neck that required major surgery and I now have a steel plate in my neck. I will never be the same. Never let the chiropractor manipulate your neck! In retrospect I wonder why she even touched my neck considering I was concerned for my upper back. I am glad you are feeling better but please be careful!

  42. Kristi, I just had to comment on this post.
    I love your new Credenza (not really called that in Canada), although not the finish, lol.
    I have been reading your blog since last summer, when you SAVED me from painting my beautiful dining set in chalk paint. I was bored and wanted a project and had already bought the paint……

    Thank goodness I researched further and found your post about chalk paint. I did get to use a little bit of it painting an old, cheap, chest for my daughter’s bedroom.

    I am older than you and love painting walls and such. But at the end of last summer, after not too much arm movement, my arm seized up and I couldn’t even move it. Doctor said it was rotator cuff injury, but that seems strange to me. Slowly got better, but this spring after raking and gardening, it hurt incredibly more. I was going to try acupuncture but didn’t get around to it. Took about 6 weeks to improve.

    Hope you improve soon.

  43. I love that Pier 1 piece, but this one is all around better for the spot. I’m glad you’re going to restore it. I just *cringe* at all the antiques and future antiques that are being bunged up by sloppy chalk paint. In a few years, ppl won’t be able to give those pieces away. Glad too that you’re feeling better! Major nerve pain is not for sissies, this I can tell you.

  44. That credenza is perfect! The drawer detail really ties in to your trellis design on your walls. I’m glad to hear you’re better! Dealing with pain every day can be really discouraging.

  45. I like this option better and think it does look more “you” Not because I know you, but because what I have seen of you-from your blog and all-and this just fits. I also think the pattern on the drawers speaks to the trellis pattern on the music room wall and is a nice touch! It is going to be amazing!

  46. Well the good Lord works in mysterious ways, He knew you’d not be happy with the pier1 one, so now you have the one you’ll love.

    I’ve had him do that to me, too[the neck], till I got the point! LOL!

    I can’t wait to see what you do with it. It is a much better piece for this spot!

    Glad you’re better. Love alternative medicine. Used to hold horses for the vet chiropractor. They always loved it, even the bad ones.

  47. oh yes, this piece does fill that space well! The artwork won’t be floating either, it will be better anchored. Chalk paint CAN be sanded and smoothed out to look lovely, if you care for that style, so its completely annoying to get a half done. I’m not a huge fan, but I have seen a few well done pieces.

    You didn’t say what your plans were for it yet! So glad you’re feeling better.

  48. Yep..I have had the pinched nerve thing in about 2 years. (Knock on wood) I was gonna suggest chiropractor, but most people either love them or hate them and then finding a good one is a challenge. When mine flairs up, the world stops, can’t sleep, eat, move normally without wanting to bang my head on the wall. I wouldn’t wish That on anyone. 😕.
    Oh I love the new credenza. 😍

  49. So glad you changed the piece! I didn’t comment on the Pier 1 piece, because I didn’t personally like it – anywhere! It had no soul! LOL Maybe you can use it in your new studio! The new piece seems to be more you and I love it!
    Hope you have complete recovery

  50. I like this one! The Pier One piece was nice (with legs!) but I think this size and style is more “you.”

    When I started reading about your nerve pain, before I got very far, I was going to suggest accupuncture. Then as I read further I saw that you did it. Good for you! I’m not a fan of Chiropractors (long story) but the fact that they do accupuncture makes me rethink my feelings. Guess they aren’t all quacks and money-grabbers anymore! I had accupuncture to relieve hot flashes (yes!) and it worked for about 6 months. I needed follow-up sessions, but we had moved too far away from my doctor. She was board certified in a special category, and was so talented. Apparently there are different levels of knowledge, and she had the top level. Anyway, it was great while it lasted! Hope you continue to feel better!

  51. Awesome. Love it…. almost a Greek key element about it. Nice size. Would love legs on a piece of my own.
    Sorry to hear about your neck and shoulders. Sounds like the same injury I referenced after doing my kitchen, dining, living and hall ceilings. Try taking some Calm Magnesium…. available online or at coops, nutrition stores. It’s a Godsend for getting you back to a happy place. I use it all the time. Speedy recovery.

  52. As soon as you started explaining your pain I thought, “she needs a chiropractor!” Glad you saw one and it helped. I’ve been there! Chiropractors are a God send. Also, I read your previous post about chalk paint. I also hate the chipped paint look! It just makes me feel like I’m going to get lead poisoning or tetanus 😂

  53. I couldn’t agree more with your new credenza choice. This one fits the space much better. When I saw the Pier One option, my first thought was that it was way too small for the space, even disregarding the lack of legs. I trust you will work your magic and it will be a beautiful addition to your entry. Hope the neck pain continues to improve, and you can finish the stencil design in the music room. I know it has been a pain in the neck (sorry, I couldn’t resist) but it is stunning! I’ve truly enjoyed keeping up with your progress this year! It’s amazing what can happen when you have a clear vision and plan for your home.

  54. This one looks perfect in the space, Kristi! I’m so glad you changed it. I didn’t comment on the other one waiting to see how you would make it work.
    Sorry to hear you’ve been in so much pain. Glad you found a solution and hope your back to 100% soon.

  55. Might I suggest you also consider massage therapy? In conjunction with chiropractic work it can help release pain… especially chronic pain like your recurring neck/shoulder issue. I hope you continue to heal quickly!

    I liked the Pier 1 credenza in general, but this is has so many good connections to existing elements of design, and is definitely a better length. I can really see it working in your entry.
    But whatever you do get someone else to carry it in!

  56. Thank GOD for chiropractic. I haven’t had pain like yours, but it has certainly helped me through sciatica and pregnancy pain that I wouldn’t have been able to solve on my own (or with pain meds). I love the new credenza, I’m not as sure about the art over it when it comes to matching the credenza, but who cares. I’m just happy you found chiropractic. God love those practitioners!! Sending you healing energy from Canada.

  57. The proportion of this piece is so much better. Now get back to the chiropatric office for another treatment.

  58. I’m sorry about your pinched nerve and hope that your chiropractor is helping. My chiropractor is also awesome. He also suggested that I make sure I am using proper body alignment when lifting, bending etc and told me to make sure I was wearing comfortable and supportive shoes. (I love sketchers)

    Your credenza is a great size and if you are happy with it, that is all that matters. I’m sure you will clean it up and fix it up so it is another amazing piece in your home. So exciting.

  59. I came back to admire the credenza again and though that cool peacock chair, if it’s not too big, would look great between the credenza and the glass panel in front of the music room.

    In any case, it’s so exciting to watch it all come together!

  60. The entryway is such an important part of the house because that’s the first thing you see when you get home. If it is well organized and beautifully furnished, it can go a long way to setting the tone for your mood while you’re home.