A Serious Case Of Burnout

6-1-2015 update:  After I wrote this post on May 21st about being completely burned out, I decided to take some time away from the blog. Matt and I are fine. We’re a bit soggy from all of the rain, but we’re very fortunate that our area hasn’t had the flooding and property destruction that other areas of the state are dealing with. And Matt’s health is fine. Neither of those things were the reason for my absense. I just simply needed a break. 🙂

I was planning to be back on the blog today, but Matt has strongly encouraged me to take one more week, so I’m going to listen to him. The good news…I’m no longer in my funk. I spent all of last week working on various projects, and I had fun doing so.

I’ll be back to my normal schedule starting Monday, June 8th, and I’ll show you what I’ve been up to during my two-week blogging break!

I’ve been dealing with a serious case of burnout lately.  I have absolutely no motivation to actually get any work done on my house or the condo, and I have no idea how to get over this hump.  All I want to do is spend my days looking at Pinterest and Houzz, gathering all kinds of great inspiration, in between episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  No joke.

Before Matt’s dad came to visit in the middle of April, I was on a roll.  I was motivated every day to get up and get started on the house.  My goal was to get the bathroom completely finished before he got here, and while I worked hard to accomplish that goal, I didn’t quite make it.  That was okay.  At least I was working, and I was motivated, and I was getting things done.  Things like the tile above the tub and the linen storage area had to be left unfinished while he was here, and those things are still unfinished.

bathroom built-in storage - 15

But most of all, I was having fun, and I was waking up every morning excited about getting started on the bathroom and seeing how much I could accomplish that day.

Then Oto got here, and I had to completely switch gears.  The bathroom was put on the back burner, and we focused on drywalling the ceilings.  Ever since he left, I’ve had such a hard time getting back into the swing of things.  Whether I’m trying to get things done at the condo or at the house, I’ve just been completely unmotivated.

I thought perhaps taking a break from my “need to do” list, and doing something fun and creative instead, would get me re-energized.  That’s why I turned my attention to my dining table at the beginning of last week.  But rather than taking a couple of days, working on a fun project (yes, I find stripping and refinishing furniture to be relaxing and fun…I’m strange that way 😀 ), and ending up with a table that I love, I instead ended up with a project that didn’t turn out.  Now that needs to be redone, so it’s officially crossed over the line from fun to work, and any slightest hint of wind that was left in my sails has now disappeared.  Completely.

Then I thought making my shower curtain might get me back on track.  It was a nice break from the mundane things that need to be done in the bathroom and at the condo, but quite honestly, sewing projects are my least favorite.  So that was kind of like having a serious craving for a Snickers candy bar, and trying to satisfy that craving by eating broccoli.  It wasn’t satisfying at all.

Plus, after I posted about my shower curtain on Tuesday, every time I’d walk by the bathroom door, I’d stop and look at that shower curtain.  Should it be on the left?  On the right?  After switching it back and forth so many times that I lost count, I finally got a pair of scissors and cut the thing in two.  Now I have two panels — one for the right and one for the left side of the tub.  And now those panels need more work to finish off the raw edges I created by cutting it in two.  So that project that I had crossed off of my “to do” list is now back on my “to do” list.  I’m going backwards here.

I really don’t know how to get over this hump.  I’m not feeling tired and exhausted.  It’s not a physical thing.  It’s a mental thing.  I miss feeling motivated each morning when I get out of bed, and I miss that feeling of excitement about getting things accomplished, whether it’s at the house or the condo.

Ugh.  Burnout stinks.  I know it happens to almost all of us at one time or another, so if you have any great ideas about how to get over this hump, I’d love to hear it!  I look at my unfinished house, as well as my condo that needs to be on the market ASAP, and I feel so incredibly overwhelmed.  That’s really not like me.  I mean, it’s not like I’ve never felt overwhelmed, but I’m generally not overwhelmed to the point of feeling completely paralyzed.  It generally motivates me to get things done, and to see things being crossed off of my list.  But that’s not how I feel right now.  At all.  Right now, I just want to sit around all day with my laptop and my good friends Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, while I poke around on Houzz and Pinterest and waste my days away planning and dreaming about what my house will someday look like.

I’ve got to get over this hump…and off of my butt.  My house and condo need me!

Seriously, how do you deal with burnout?


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  1. Do exactly what you are doing. Rest. Surf the net for inspiration. Bake something. We all need to rest the creative parts of our mind as well as the physical. Chances are, you will see a great idea on Pinterest or somewhere, jump up and say ” I am so ready!” You have accomplished much more than any single woman usually does in a lifetime. And I admire you for it. Take a break!

    1. i so agree with Rae! Take a break. If you can’t take a little weekend getaway then take a little “staycation”. Stay home, lounge around in your jammies, watch HGTV, Pinterest, etc…but allow it. Don’t fret or feel guilty. It’s coming up on Memorial Day weekend. GIVE yourself the time and tell yourself that Tuesday you will start again!

      1. I agree, a weekend get away, where there is a pool and/or a hot tub. Turn off the phone, the computer. If you drink, have something fruity and girly girl, with an umbrella. Just meditate.

        1. Agree…agree…agree…! Living where you “work” loses their individual identities. Time to leave the workplace and explore the neighborhood or park. You need a change of scenery. Take Matt and go on a picnic… That doesn’t mean a blanket on the ground and a wicker basket filled with lunch. But abandoning the mundane routine and doing/enjoying something that you both enjoy. Enjoy yourselves…. Pat

          1. Absolutely! You’ve been working SO hard – no wonder you’ve hit the wall. Give yourself permission to recharge.

    2. We all get discouraged sometimes for a hour, day, or weeks but an item to encourage you is, I’ll be back soon to help. Looks like end of August.

    3. Love you. Very good idea. Everyone needs a vacation. You owe us nothing. Everything you share is truly a gift.

  2. Try getting outside in nature for inspiration. Take a walk, admire God’s creations and recognize your limitations. You are doing a beautiful job on your elegant and sophisticated home :-). It is really beautiful and I’m here cheering for you.
    Get away from it all, do something fun, call a girlfriend to talk. Just do something different to get you going again.

    1. Good idea……. if it would ever stop raining. It’s very likely that the crummy weather is a big factor in lack of motivation. All of Texas could use some sunshine!

      1. Judy, I live in Texas, too. The rain for days after days is definitely de-motivating! I feel the same way, and when the sun does peek out for 30 minutes, I actually feel better, only to have the clouds and rain back. We all need an extra boost of Vitamin D, which we are not getting. My doc says to double up on the amount of Vit D. It helps.

  3. I know how you feel, we moved in January to a 114 year old house which was a Power of Sale, been working like mad just to make it liveable. Tons of painting and things to do, gardening too, get up every morning with a “to do” list but not accomplishing much. I wish I knew how to get motivated. If I do I will let you know 🙂

  4. Oh girl I feel ya. For me…the best way to combat burn out is a change of scenery. Do you and Matt travel much? Can you take a weekend get away? Getting away for me…even for a day gives me perspective about my home. It helps to have something different to look at and a new adventure never hurt anyone! 🙂

    1. That was just what I was going to suggest. Book a weekend somewhere, force yourself to get the condo done & listed before you go. Do nothing else but that and then leave! You’ll come back ready to start again.

  5. for me, a total break…. go to a public garden, or a public aquarium, a museum…..
    get totally away from everything if you can

    1. Yep, that’s my advice, too. If it isn’t already too stinkin’ hot in Texas, get outside. Listen to the quiet somewhere. Hear that breeze? Take a small tablet of paper and pencil. Jot. Not write, Jot: impressions, sounds, nouns, verbs. NOT A TOO DO LIST or a “thankfulness list.”

      I’m doing this right now. I’m under a big ole southern tree and besides the sound of my laptop keys tapping, i hear the thrum-drum-drum of a diesel fishing boat engine (so regular it is making me drowsy)…a high breeze in the branches…the sounds an air conditioner somewhere cycling on and off…gulls…

      This sort of dream-like state is akin to refeshing sleep for the mind, as well as the psyche.

      1. Relax…..rejuve……drink some sun tea….and know without a doubt….so many of us can relate and that you do indeed run circles around most of us most days…..
        It’s okay darlink…..chill for a while……
        Big Idaho hugs and smiles…..

  6. I go out somewhere and people watch. Or people/pet watch. That’s even more hilarious. To see how pets and owners look alike. Something with humor and laughter always motivates me. And of course vacation helps… be it a day or short road trip… or something that makes being your normal creative self physically impossible. I always get the most creative ideas and notions when I’m away from all the stuff I can access easily. I try to make sure I jot down any ideas and have a notepad available. Then there’s the classic “I’m going to clean my craft room” ploy… it doesn’t take long when I start cleaning/organizing to feel the juices flowing but to do so- I have to finish cleaning etc. If I can only excavate my desk. 😉 I say take the holiday weekend off- zone out- watch your Gilmore Girls… lol Refresh… renew… and relax! <3 <3 <3

  7. You are an amazing lady with all that you accomplish and such a creative mind. Also taking care of the household and being a wife. I don’t know how you do it all. Take a break. Do something different. Think about something else. Read a book, a funny one 🙂 It will pass…..

  8. I feel, too, that lying in bed and sleeping, reading a good book or watching a fab series on my laptop help me fill up my batteries again – and that holds true for the mental as well as the physical ones!
    I could imagine that having to do the condo now is what makes you miserable in the first place, as whatever you do there is not something you will relish in, “only” sell. perhaps it’ll help, though, to imagine what it’ll feel like when that weight is gone – from your working load as well as from your mind?! In the meantime, if you want to be creative, try to find a small project that is promising to be successful and let that be a sort of stirting point for your engine to get going again! (and btw, some things only look dark when you look at them in the wrong frame of mind – getting the shower curtain finished will be a piece of cake to you, not another hurdle to take! so I guess it all boils done to you needing something to cheer you up, be that surfing the web for ideas, getting away, watching movies or whatever!!)

  9. I’ve found that doing exactly what you are doing is the way to get re-motivated. Your brain needs refreshing! Don’t kick yourself for not getting anything done – take a mental vacation. Surfing Houzz and other sites will reload your idea box and get you ready to go again.

    Sheesh, Kristi, most people don’t get done HALF what you’ve done in the past year. Give yourself a must-deserved break!

    We’ll still be here when you get back…;-)

  10. I get “overwhelmed” which I think is a form of burnout. If I were you, I would concentrate on getting the condo DONE and then go play for a week at the beach or somewhere, anywhere away from the house. You will
    l have the satisfaction with one complete project and some money to concentrate on your home. I LOVE your blog!

  11. Well watching the Gilmore Girls won’t help – lol! That show will completely suck you in. I’ve seen them all – several times and I still can’t pull myself away when it’s on 🙂 Wish I had a tip for you, but I’m finding my motivation to be in the same boat. Maybe you need to invite someone to come and stay with you again soon. That way you have a looming deadline you are trying to reach that’ll get you going again?!

  12. Oh boy, that is a hard one. But look at all you have accomplished – more than I could do in a lifetime. I get burnout halfway through a little project and then it sits for months before I pick it up again. You are amazing with all that you are able to accomplish.
    I think maybe that condo is a monkey on your back. I know it isn’t fun, but what about doing the bare minimum in the condo and getting it on the market. I think you will feel the burden lifted if you get rid of that distraction. Good luck! I love what you do and am continuely amazed!

  13. I am a Cub Scout leader. The motto for the young boys is “Do your best.” Just do you best. Your best one day is going to be 100% more productive than another day. Do your best. Go for a walk or get a pedicure. Between your actual work, blogging, idea searching, and thoughts, I’d dare say you spend twice as much time at work than most people. Probably more than twice. Steven Covey has a book “7 Habits for Highly Edfective People.” I highly suggest it. One habit is to sharpen your saw. Don’t try to cut down trees with a dull saw. Take the time to sharpen it. You work better if you take care of yourself better. It seems counter-productive to stop working in order to get work done, but you need a break. Take this long weekend and RELAX. Date your husband. BBQ with the family. Go to the movie. When it’s over, work on one thing (the condo hint hint) and get it done. Just do your best. If you wanted to finish something but you’re sick of dealing with it and just want it over with, that’s okay! It doesn’t have to be perfect. That condo is amazing and if it’s priced right, it’ll be snapped up in a week. People buy homes all through the summer and college doesn’t start until September so realistically you might miss the exact peak time but July and August are still great selling months. Just do your best. My best is never perfect but it’s my best. I forgive myself for not being perfect but really forgiveness isn’t even necessary because I didn’t sin. I did my best. That’s all I can do.

    Whew! I lecture just as bad as my dad! Good luck!! I love your blog and whether you have something posted daily or weekly or monthly I don’t care. I will enjoy whatever you have!!

    1. I agree. I have to keep plugging along when I’m in a slump, and do my best. I try to pick the one thing I want to do least of all and get it done. That’s what really makes me feel better. Just like running errands; I do the one I like doing the least, first. Good luck!

  14. I was recently in that same slump. You need to head to the thrift store buy cheap ole’ candlesticks or a vase. Paint it that raspberry color you have been dreaming about. Set it in the living room. That one small project can get you back on track to finish the whole room around it. It is cheap and does not have to be a forever keep item. It may just be the inspiring thing you need. Kristi you work at warp speed so a small break is good now and then. I am like you..that focus on one thing is boring. I know a lot of your audience likes that. But it does not work for me puts too much pressure on me. Forget the bathroom for a bit and do something smaller and fun! Baby steps will get you back on track.

    1. I agree with this strategy. Try something small, fun, and that you know you can accomplish in one day and feel good about it! Think about something fun you could use the funds from the sale of the condo, if you make a profit, on..maybe that will help get you motivated to finish. Everybody needs a carrot at the end of their nose to keep on going with difficult tasks. I am surprised you have been able to keep as motivated as you have been really.

  15. I know you want to get the condo on the market ASAP. Why don’t you break it down by room. As you finish each room SHUT THE DOOR. Do not go back in there; do not think about one more thing to do to that room.

    There were several things I was planning to do to my condo before I put it on the market. My realtor told me it would not get me more money. She was right. I put it on market thinking if people commented it needed to be painted or whatever I would do it.

    Well it sold to the first person that looked at it for the asking price so I was really glad I stopped working on it when I did.

    Also you could set time limits. I’ll work at the condo today for x hours then I can watch Gilmore Girls and surf Pinterest.

    1. I agree with Carla’s thinking. I feel if you could be out from under the pressure of getting that Condo on the market you will automatically be renewed. Whether you are conscious of it or not, that kind of thing sits there like an elephant in the room. After you get it on the market you can sit back and watch all the Gilmore Girls you want, and when an offer on the Condo comes in you will be revitalized for having truly moved ahead. With that off your plate, the remaining chores will begin to seem smaller. Good luck to you.

    2. I did the same thing with my Mom’s house after she passed away. A neighbor of my Mom’s came over & introduced herself. She was a realtor. She told me that the things I had on my list of things to do weren’t necessary. I realized it wasn’t. It was just something I wanted to do. The thing was, I had plenty to do in other areas of my life. I put the house up for sale & it sold right away. I saved my self so much time & money.

  16. You’ve been doing the work of ten people. Allow yourself to take a break and DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. 🙂

  17. You do work hard at your projects just like a full time job. And us who also work full time but in an office, hospital etc… all take time for a vacation now and then. Vacation away from work is a time to renew and refresh so you can come back to your work place. I not saying you need to go on a 10-day cruise somewhere but a change of scenery with Matt for a few days might help.

  18. Step away from the reno’s for a while and do something for YOU. Go get a massage or a pedicure. Catch up with some girlfriends. Soon you will feel refreshed and ready to go again. In the meantime, don’t push yourself. Rest up and your motivation will come back when YOU are ready.

    1. What a good idea! Kristi, maybe you need to stay off Decorating websites for a while, too. You’re constantly filling your brain with images you’d like to do and that makes the ones you feel you need to do more overwhelming! Change up your mindset. Step away, change the pace, and your focus will return. Remember- “A watched pot never boils.”

  19. Sometimes you have to let yourself REST..mentally, physically and emotionally…sometimes you have to stop putting pressure on yourself…all the projects will still be there…they aren’t going anywhere….you have alot on your plate and I think, for alot of us, myself for sure….your determination combined with your talent..and the fact that you teach…I feel like I learn from you…all these things make your blog unique..besides being personal..we chat about what is prob our favorite topics….design…DIY..etc…still…you need to give yourself a break…if u need to take a nap…take one…if u need to look at Pinterest….whatever…do it for awhile…as long as you can…your students will still be here…maybe you can share things you find…if you WANT to…on your blog..but dont pressure yourself to even do that….Im an old Psych nurse…I remember a dr who would used a therapy called “sleep therapy”..when someone would be admitted suffering with stress, burnout, depression..etc etc…he would give them sleeping pills…or even mild tranqulizers….and we were to wake them only for meals…to help to the restroom….vital signs…etc etc….you would be amazed how much it helped…now Im not saying you need SLeep Therapy….but you prob need Rest Therapy….you have so much and you do so much…and I for one admire your hard work…but you can over do it…ok…off my soapbox!!!

  20. Hello Kristi,
    I so admire you, your energy and what you do! I too am a Decorator, who loves working on projects on her own instead of hiring others to do the work. Money is tight for everyone, including ourselves, so I do my best to keep costs down for my clients. As a result, I end up working by myself a lot. I’ve found that whenever I have a client help me with a project, then move on to another job, I really, really miss having someone else with me while working. It takes a lot of self-talk to get going. Sometimes, I’ll get a book on CD and listen to it while working. If that doesn’t work, I put on my best upbeat music. If all else fails, I force myself to get going, and eventually I get my groove back.
    I don’t know if this is something you could do where you are, but I’ve approached by design students wanting to job shadow me, which counts as a credit for their degree. (Funny, design students wanting to learn from a Decorator… But that’s another story…) Anyhow, it might be something you could look into. Having someone learn from what you do could give you that little extra push you need.

  21. I find that usually my mental humps are because my Vitamin D is low. I take a prescription pill for my dose, but sometimes just spending a day outside is enough to kick my brain back up.

  22. REST! Pinterest and Netflix binging is a must!!! I do this when I get overwhelmed. Then I like to do a brain dump. I sit down with a pad of paper and a pen and just unload every to-do floating around my head and put it on paper. Then I prioritize my list mixing things that need done with things that I want to do. For some reason – once I get all of that mental clutter down on paper – I get my motivation back. You will too! Don’t be so hard on yourself and take a much needed break. You’re allowed 🙂

  23. I have enjoyed reading your posts for months without comment. Now I feel the need to jump in.My suggestion is to change the scenery and unplug from your electronics. Find a quiet place to take in the wonders of mother nature’s creatures and flowers. Water is a great form of “therapy” too. Take a little break with Matt and enjoy the outside world.

  24. Peppermint & Grapefruit essential oil on my wrists, at my hip bones and behind my ears….seriously it pumps me up and let’s me get things done…try it

  25. I like to try new things and sailing uncharted territory so to speak usually gets me back on track to what I do best. If I do something new and fail, I’m fired up to get back to my own wheel house. And if i succeed, then WAHOO, I’ve learned a new skill.

    But I can’t begin to top the great advice that’s already been given. I just hope you know that you, your work and your work ethic are appreciated. Included in a strong work ethic is the ability to recognize when a good rest is needed, so… Breathe, woman!

  26. Honestly, I do either one of two things. I drive by myself (radio off) or I take a shower. It’s two activities where I am completely by myself and I can’t have my electronics on to distract me, and I just let my mind go. I’m an introvert, so I need to be completely alone to recharge my batteries. Even just after my hour commute home or a half hour hot shower, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle things.

  27. Sorry you’re dealing with it – I thought something was “off”. I’ve dealt with it, and helped a couple family members as well. I literally had to fight tears every single time somebody asked me to do ANYTHING! It was awful.

    I think it’s two fold – (1) have to be a little selfish and give yourself what you need (includes good food, rest, play, justbeing). TX has had a huge amount of rain, and has dampened spirits. Spring is usually great, and it’s been a tough one. So first – give yourself a break, and DO do some things that give you nothing but enjoyment like daydreaming, TV, sunshine. Visit family, go to church, get some spiritual nourishment.

    BUT..(2) also need to advance steadily toward a goal. As an adult, we can’t not do those things and feel good. Just can’t. To not do them works opposite, makes us feel guilty, and that works to the detriment. So what has worked for me and others, is to pick one or two things (basis =about 2 hours of work) and push yourself to do that VERY FIRST THING IN A.M…. then QUIT. It’s important to set the time limit and QUIT. Just be consistent with the (approx) 2 hours per day.

    Spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want to, and don’t think about the “need to/oughtto/should” – do not allow yourself to feel guilty. Just remind yourself you’re going to “work” again tomorrow morning and that’s enough to shut off the guilt.

    In a few weeks, you’ll be back to normal almost without noticing.

  28. Sometimes you just need a break! And sometimes you need to fake it until you make it 😉 plus you need to see some success after a couple of fails or not just quite rights.
    Your bathroom is lovely by the way…i don’t think your shower curtain being left or right is the issue…i think it’s in the mounting, hanging it behind your dropped header doesn’t allow it to hang straight down. Leave the vinyl curtain where it is but higher and out of view at the top then mount the fabric curtain on the outside with a pretty decorative rod or not…but try it there to see the difference. Just a thought…hang in there Kristi!

  29. Leave your house. Go for a walk, in your neighborhood, a local park, the zoo, a museum. Go for a drive. Maybe Matt feels like riding with you for a day, or half day, excursion somewhere. Go out on a lunch date [lunches are cheaper ;)]. Just get out of the house. This too shall pass. It may take longer than you think or like. Everyone needs fallow time. It’s even biblical. Your brain and your body deserve a rest after all you have done. If you need to, take time off from blogging. We will still be here when you come back. We promise.

  30. When I’m facing burnout but really can’t stop and wait for inspiration or motivation to strike, I use my timer. I set it for an hour and tell myself, “You only have to work until this timer goes off.” Then, when the hour mark has passed, I’ve either gathered some momentum and want to keep going, or I’ve been counting the seconds and am ready for a break. So if I need to take a break, I set my timer (15 minutes? 30? Depends on what I need), take a break, then work for an hour again. I’ve gotten through many boring and/or overwhelming projects in one-hour increments.

    Good luck! Burnout is, unfortunately, part of the creative process. Not the fun part. That’s for sure.

  31. I think it’s all about the condo. I can’t speak for you, but if I were in your situation having it still undone and feeling like I missed a deadline again would paralyze me. I’ve been there with other (much smaller) projects. The only thing that has helped me is to just gut my way through and get at least one thing — even if it’s small — done. Invent a fictional condo-owning client with a deadline and pretend you’re working for him (or her.) I wouldn’t touch my house until that condo was on the market, and I’d concentrate on doing the bare minimum. If you’re listing it with a realtor I’d call them in now, both to create a real deadline and to give you guidance on what should be done at a minimum.

    When it’s listed a weight will lift off your back that you didn’t even know was there.

    1. I agree about the condo. Get a pro’s opinion now about market value and what actually needs to be done so you’re not tempted to waste time, energy, and money on projects that aren’t going to net you any more profit. Get that sucker on the market before you lose the summer buyers!

    2. Julie B, you took the words right out of my erm fingertips. As soon as I saw the word burnout in the title of this blog I thought to myself “That condo is doing her head in”. Kristi, I know it’s more than that but I believe once you have that sorted you will feel better. You’ve been avoiding dealing with it for a while and then you made that promise and I don’t know about you but when I do something like that I get a nasty dose of “Don’t wanna”.

      PS Gilmore Girls are awesome. I recently discovered they were repeating it at 8am every week morning. So lately I have been getting up around 7, pottering around and then settling down for my “fix”. Sometimes you just have to make time for YOU, Kristi.

  32. I would suggest that part of the burn-out is the pressure you feel to get the condo on the market. It’s really hard to get motivated to do something you will never enjoy …. someone else will enjoy all the work you do on the condo.

    I’d walk through that place and make a list of the MINIMUM that absolutely HAS to get done. Then do one of those things. Maybe give yourself a 3-hour time limit. Then list it with a realtor … that will give you the deadline you need to knock it out.

    Having the condo on the market, sold, and off your mental “shoulders” will create that creativity and passion for working on your own house.

    There’s nothing wrong with taking some time off and just “being”, but I really think it’s the condo project that’s holding you back. Try to develop the mindset of “if it sells, I WIN!” and just get ‘er done.

    All of this from the woman who STILL does not have quarter-round installed around her bathroom floor … and it’s been 2 years. Nor is my builder-grade mirror framed … although the pieces are cut and painted … and have been for 2 years! So, do as I say, not as I do! LOL

  33. You know when your “job” is in your home…it is hard to sometimes to understand you need a “vacation”. Not necessarily in location as in mind! You and Matt need to do some fun stuff….other than anything to do with your house. It could be within your house…but I think you and maybe he also…just need some time away from anything house reno. Hard to do if the things needing done are in your face but if you cannot actually go on a short trip then go to the “zoo”. Which can mean anywhere away from your home if possible…and if not do it mentally. My daughter has MS as Matt does and I know one thing that helps her most is being able to help someone else and you are so dependent-less…is that a word? So go and enjoy your husband who has been there through all of this also. Both of you need some time away….and if I am stepping over boundaries…please forgive me…just chalk it up to an old lady who thinks too much!!!

    1. Then, make a deadline for yourself to get something done, for example, finish the bathroom and dining room so you can host Thanksgiving – or a dinner party on a closer date. I find expecting company at my house to be a great motivator.

  34. I have to agree with the other ladies here, maybe just a day or two of rest and relaxing. Apparently your body and brain already knows what it needs and it is trying to tell you. Take a couple days off until you feel that spark again, it will come, we all go through it. Then one morning you wake up feeling those creative, can do juices flowing and BAM! It will kick start your motivation. This happened to me over the winter, could not get myself motivated, no creativity was happening here, I still have one wall in my updated bathroom we started in February that needs to be sanded, primed and painted from where we removed the medicine cabinet, it is drywalled, and plastered, Heck even the mirror and new medicine cabinet are up on it,lol, but I have lost my mojo to get to it. Loads of pinterest, Houzz and some magazine pages later, it is coming back, but my focus has been on our yard and our gardens. I just needed to refocus on something else for a while before returning to the “MUST DO” list… >_< I have a ton of things to do before June 11th, my stepson is coming for a visit from England and we are meeting for the first time, a graduation party that is also happening the same weekend and tons of family and friends will be in… Maybe that is what you need, refocus on something completely different , maybe outside, put in a garden or something else you'd enjoy doing for just a couple days.

  35. I hear you, Kristi. When I was working on my house before I sold it, I got to the same place. Living in a construction zone for 3 months made me want to run to Mozambique and never come back! I was depressed, anxious, repulsed, crying and whining. I finally broke down and hired a “handy man” (and a helper) to finish and it was all done in a week. House was gorgeous, got in a bidding war and sold for $20,000 more than I’d listed it for, More than worth the small amount I paid for help to get it finished. You could use the money for that condo to take some of the pressure off, and certainly get to refocus just on your present home. Consider it. Also, really, Kristi? Which side of the tub the curtain was on was that bothersome? I guess I’m not that much into details. I keep mine to the side that it makes sense for use, not decor. Of course I’m not a decorator or as talented as you. Sometimes it’s a blessing to not notice things like that! If you just look over your blog for all you’ve done since you moved in, you’d realize the enormity of your talent and work ethic. Also, rushing projects makes for more work when you have to “re-do” because you changed your mind after living there awhile and other changes are made. I know I change my mind almost daily about how I want to decorate my little 638 sq. ft. Rock on, Kristi. Rest, hire help, get away, go on a field trip, go to the library and gorge on magazines, go to Magnolia for inspiration, stop putting pressure on yourself. We don’t care if you don’t finish anything right now. Don’t do it for us. Work when inspiration hits and don’t worry about it now. OK, soapbox gone. We love you, no matter what!

  36. I sat here and laughed at you cutting that shower curtain in two… Somehow it tickled my funny bone…

    1. I smiled right out loud! So much like me! Everyone has offered tender thoughts and encouragement and it is hard to add to it, but my first thought was to remember how quickly things fell into place when you and your father in law simply mentioned to God that you could use a little help. I struggle to remind myself that He is right there. I don’t need to ask on Sunday and I don’t even need to be specific. But he will help if you ask and it will be exactly what you need. Much love to you and all your family.

  37. Rest & relax now by choice rather than become so exhausted you end up sick with no choice (says the one who just returned to work after 2 weeks of being pretty darn ill). What I know about myself, is that I stink at finishing the details (i.e. the 4 small pieces of baseboard that need to be put back on so the project is finished!) and when those “little” projects have multiplied to several, I feel overwhelmed and want to ignore all of it … or start another project! May or may not apply to you, but that’s what gets to me!

  38. When I find myself with less than no motivation, doing something silly helps me over the hump. My favorite? A big jar or two or three of bubbles, preferably with some neighborhood kids to help. Blowing bubbles makes me happy, and when I’m happy, I’m re-energized. When I need a mindless, sensual break, I drag out the finger paints–on the patio table, since I’m not completely nuts. How about a hoola hoop? I look ridiculous, but who cares? Of course there’s that old standby, the paddle with the little ball attached by an elastic cord. If my knees would cooperate, I’d jump rope. If it’s hot enough, I’ll splash in a kiddie pool. The point is to do something silly, useless and physical. You’ll find your mojo again, but in the meantime, think like a child and play.

  39. Just remember, not everything you do around your house has to be a blog post.

    Just pick something (it can be something small,) do it without any thought of taking photos or writing about it, and just stay in the moment and enjoy it.

    You need to fill yourself up before you can give to all of us the great content you always put together. We’ll be fine.

  40. There is a lot of good advice here. All I would add is that it is all in your head. By that I mean that YOU are your greatest critic. Lighten up, stop feeling guilty about what you are NOT getting done. Your work speaks for itself: you are a super-producer 99% of the time and you excel at what you do.
    So apply that passion for decorating to something else for awhile – to taking a break. So what if it is a Gilmore Girls break? Let yourself enjoy the break, relish it. Watch as much as you can, surf the internet, and do it with intent – just as you do when you are working. I feel certain that if you truly put your heart and mind into deliriously savoring every moment of your break and do it without guilt, you will wake up one morning ready to tackle something else.

  41. Maybe you need a little fresh air? Work outside if the weather is nice? Also, I would think finishing the condo to an acceptable level and getting it sold would be a HUGE weight off and spirit lifter. Good luck!
    P.S. I can’t believe how much you get done!

  42. You might try calling a buddy to come and help you for a few days. Their enthusiasm and energy might inspire you to get motivated. When FIL was with you, you had a helper, motivator, someone to talk to while working. Maybe that’s what you’re missing here?

  43. OK 1. Breathe. This too shall pass. Lets break it down. You’re probably a little project overwhelmed and it happens. If you need to get the condo on the market asap I say its time to hire a handyman to do all the little things that you need to get done but just can’t find the time/energy to do. Yes it’s not the DIY way but getting a few things off the to do list will really ease the burn out. Its like insta relief for the soul. Than you can go in get the placed staged, by taking a few things from your now home that won’t be missed for a little bit, and sell the condo. See what I did there – No new projects for the condo. Once that weight is lifted you can take a look at your house and make a realistic list of the projects that need to get done and their priority. 2. I think its time for a reward Krisit. You work so damn hard on that house all the time. You and hubby need to get out of that house for a long weekend and recharge. Go on a stay-cation. It doesn’t need to cost a lot but you need to get away from all the unfinished projects. Being surrounded by them and the mess all day every day has got to be a complete drain. xoxo

  44. Totally understandable why you are feeling this way. You have a lot on your plate. I usually deal with burn out by doing exactly what you’re doing….nothing and not feeling guilty about it. You need a break! After two or three days of veg time….I get on my treadmill and walk, run, walk, run as fast I can possibly and for as long as I can… usually the feel good hormones (endorphin) kick-in and after a good shower … I’m ready tackle life. Good luck!!!

  45. I’m going to suggest something a little different. I usually get drained when I have a long list of things to do that I know I’m going to hate doing. Avoiding them takes a lot of energy. Thinking about them while I’m avoiding them just sucks the joy out of whatever I’m doing. So, I make a list – the thing I hate the most goes number one. Then I work my way down. A whole list of yucky things I need to do. I set aside an entire day for “Things I Hate”. And I just put my head down, one foot in front of the other, and I start knocking them down. I don’t think about it, I just do it. I don’t mentally complain. When I’ve gotten down a few tasks, the feeling is incredible. The burden is gone and now I can have fun! I end up wanting to do more.

  46. Kristi you do the work of 10people in one week it is no wonder you are on burnout! Girl take a break, I mean it take a break, unplug from pinterest/houz watch your gilmore girls etc. you and Matt get out to lunch or a park, the beach, change your scenery over the long weekend. Come Tuesday call a realtor to meet you at the condo walk through each room listen to what she/he says you need to do to get it on the market (don’t assume to know, this is the professional) when they tell you what the condo can sell for with the suggestions that will motivate you to get it done. My advice is do only what the realtor says and forget that this was once your home it is now a commodity to be sold and make you money. It won’t be easy because it has those memories but it is a money machine now… that is what you have to keep thinking. Once you have that monkey off your back you will feel better and be able to get back to your motivation for your forever home. Good luck hope all the advice you have received will help.

  47. Maybe you’re feeling burnt out because you make SO MANY decisions each day? For me, it would be hard to make all those decisions. Maybe let Matt just tell you want to do for a couple of days on house stuff? Or maybe get a realtor or trusted friend to make some decisions for you over at the condo? Or maybe just take some time off and say “I’m not going to make any decisions for the next week.” Take some of the decision-making burden off your shoulders for a while. Sometimes being an adult is very overwhelming and paralyzing.

    Also, don’t feel like you’ve “missed” the prime season to sell your condo. There may be MORE buyers during certain times of the year, but there are always SOME buyers in the market. And with all the work you’ve done your condo will definitely stand out relative to all the others regardless of the season.

    I also agree with the comments about getting outside! I love being outside.

  48. I experience this kind of inertia as well. A few things that help me are:

    1. tidying, cleaning and getting rid of stuff. Not the usual day to day stuff but the kind that you can see. Visual clutter to me is distracting and overwhelming.
    2. baroque music. Has an immediate effect on my mental focus.
    3. an expression I read in the happiness project, along the lines of ‘don’t let perfection be the enemy of good’. I have spent a lot of time not doing things because i wanted to do bigger/better etc. Sometimes it makes sense to just ‘get her done’ and then move on and let it go.
    4. less technology, tv etc.. I love surfing the internet, reading blogs etc. but it can take away time and energy from other things and I end up feeling less satisfied. I have so many things I want to do that I don’t actually need to discover more!

    Having said that – love your blog – read it every morning!

  49. We had a house to sell just before the housing market crash. We worked on it and worked on it and worked on it some more. We put in new everything. We painted. We floored. We got new countertops. We planted decorative perennials. We did all the things the way we would have wanted them done. Done right. The market crashed. No bidding wars, no huge profits. We essentially did everything in order to just lease it out. The realtor had said time and again, just sell it don’t worry about fixing it. Don’t get so wrapped up in the condo that you wear yourself out, for minor gains. Slap paint on it and say goodbye. Spend your time and love where you are, not where you used to be.

  50. Burnout is so frustrating I think in part because we are of two minds….one that wants to stop and the other that doesn’t think it can. In times like this it is the one that wants to stop that has to win, at least for a while. You amaze me with the amount and type of work you do on your own!! It is inspiring!! But it is your job and we all need a vacation, even if we love our job!! It recharges the batteries!! Absence makes the heart grow fonder!! 😉

    I was wondering if you could list the condo now/after your vacay? 🙂 I don’t remember all you want to get done there, but listing it will motivate you to either get things done or decide it’s all good and sell it as it is. It is a beautiful condo and it will sell. And something to consider is if all of your time there to finish will pay off financially in a way that will seem worth it? If the rest of the work could mean 5,000 then perhaps yes, but if it’s less then maybe not? Or whatever numbers seem right to you, of course!! 🙂 I have to think being split between 2 projects, one that is a chore, is contributing to your feelings right now.

    I’ve said a lot and I’ll stop!! 🙂 I just want to end it with letting you know that whatever you decide is ok. If you need weeks away from work and the blog, please do it!! We will be here when you feel ready to go again!! Big hugs as you do what you need for you!!! 🙂

  51. Time for some inspiration from Mary Poppins: “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and – SNAP – the job’s a game!” . . . Because well begun is half-done cannot stand. Write all those ankle-biters (mild annoyances) on a slip of paper; individually, regardless of which room/address it impacts. Fold each paper in half, twice. Place in a jar. Pull one slip of paper from jar. Complete that ankle-biter. Pat yourself on the back. Then repeat slip of paper selection steps until that jar is empty! You’ve managed to ‘paint thin’ and it’s time to corral the half-dones. You’ve can do it. You’ve got this!

  52. A few things come to mind, at least my mind. Inactivity BREEDS inactivity, so because you are not physically tired but mentally exhausted sitting in front of any screen for hours will only make the situation worse. I strongly urge you to get away from house and condo for different scenery and moving, walking is perfect if you aren’t into real physical sports. Too hot outside, go to a museum or someplace cooled for a couple of hours.
    Next I strongly urge you to find the realtor to work with on the condo and start the discussion. The seller can determine a ready to show date and get the ball rolling as ‘pre-listed’. No showings, or photos yet. Just a plan with a deadline to move to a ‘live listing’. The realtor should be advising you at this point what needs to be completed and what might just be a feel good for you and unnecessary for a sale. I pre-listed my house last year this month and it went live a couple of months later when I was ready and had moved out. Since that time I have been house hunting and from current and past experience in house hunting over many years, areas and houses I swear there wasn’t one that we didn’t change to our personal tastes. And the new builds I have looked at while perfectly done and some staged would still have a list of things I would change. If a buyer is determined to buy a condo in your area they can just as easily like the size, location and price and come in and repaint everything. My point is what pleases your tastes and style could mean little to a buyer interested in the price, size and location. Hard pill to swallow when we see someone undo what we love but that is reality in real estate. A realtor is your best friend at this point. Find one that will tell you the truth and not just appease to get the listing.
    Good Luck.

  53. For me one thing that usually works is to put on some music (search YouTube for some great compilations of epic soundtracks), pour a glass of wine and rewind the blog a year or two. Then I just read over the course of a year or so all the things I did, laugh at my own bad jokes and celebrate how much has already happened. Then I bask in the accomplishments by getting a pedicure, taking a walk or having a dinner out. Everyone needs a break sometimes to regroup and you’ll find when you’re less stressed you can work easier.

    I’d recommend a project moratorium for the long weekend to step away from the camera and power tools and paint brushes and just relax with Matt, sleep in, enjoy the Gilmore Girls and don’t at all stress that the followers here on the blog would abandon you for taking some time off.

  54. I think you need to list the condo like NOW! It looks lovely as is. You are being too hard on yourself wanting everything to be perfect. If the only thing that needs to be done is paint that last bedroom, then give yourself
    a treat and hire it done if you can’t get motivated to do it. Go over, vacuum, mop and list the thing! When that is done, a huge weight will be lifted and you will get your mojo back.

  55. Sounds like you have a bad case of anal glaucoma, (can’t see my butt working today)Maybe you need to shake up your routine. When you get up in the morning, get ready for work and leave the house. Go to a coffee shop and chat with the other patrons or check out your favorite sites on the web. Then head out to work, or in your case home. I know a few people who work from home and they all need to leave the house in the morning to get into a working frame of mind. Good luck.

  56. Agree with all the comments to get away, or unplug. TV binging is good too! HOWEVER – I’d stay away from Pinterest and Houzz. I personally am a complete overanalyzer, and just looking at all the things that could be done can often just make me more scatterbrained and overwhelmed. I lose vision. Plus, you need a break from all things decorating and home improvement, it sounds like! 🙂

    Then to ease back in, I loved the previous poster’s recommendation of a small craft-ish project like spray painting candlesticks raspberry!

  57. Have you been to the zoo lately? Yup, your zoo. You need something completely different- no design or decor or projects. Cal it a mental health day.
    Grab a rain poncho, and your camera- cell phone is fine- and walk that zoo. Very few people will be there because of the weather and you will be entertaining to the critters. Be a true tourist. Admire the flowers and waterfall, admire the animals. Snap random photos because you can. DO NOT write a blog post about the zoo. Walk, admire, giggle. Keep that brain in the zoo for a good long visit.
    Tell the bald eagles and the roadrunner I said “Hi”. Find the gigantic snapping turtle in the fish building.

  58. Brilliant solution on the shower curtain! That will be an easy project to finish. Turn under, press and stitch. Make those sides the “outside” edge, close -to the walls. Hang on a double rod and then the inside liner will move freely. I am with you on the fabric liners by the way. So easy to throw in the laundry when needed.

    As far as burn out…my only suggestion is what I do, one easy to finish project– like a two hour project that I already have the materials for. There is nothing like a quick spray paint job to make me feel accomplished.

    You are too hard on yourself!

    The condo-if you have a realtor friend, have them do a walk through and ask them for an honest opinion of what needs to be done to sell. Then do the essentials. I think you might be surprised.

  59. I recommend two things. First, you need to set up a way to regularly reward yourself when you meet your goals. Make it something you like. For instance, you make Saturday night a dinner out night. So when you are working all through the week, you know that you have that to look forward to. Or maybe it’s going to the movies or window shopping or just going to a park, but you build that in as something to look forward to each week. Second, hire someone. It will make you accountable, just like when your father-in-law was in town. If you know that your worker is going to be at your house for4 hours each day and that you are paying them, you will be instantly motivated. Also, that person can do all the stuff that you don’t like. Put them in charge of clean-up or organizing your tools or running to the hardware store. College classes just ended and I bet there are some kids in town who want to go to summer school and have a fun part-time job. They’d be more than happy to work for you for $10/hr rather than $8 at Sonic. Just think, with their help, you could finish the condo and put it on the market sooner and you’d recoup your investment. Lastly (I know I said two, but I can’t stop now), have a real estate agent appraise your condo now and tell you exactly what you need to do to put it on the market. Don’t do any more than what they recommend. What you think needs to be done and what really needs to be done are two different things and you really need to let a fresh pair of eyes–professional eyes–give it a look right now so that you can finish up all the small things that really matter and not waste any more time/energy/emotion on a project that just don’t seem that interested in. Your real love is with your everyday home.

  60. Rest and do some things that are totally different and that means no surfing for more inspiration. Read a book, go see a movie, get outside before it gets too hot. Anything but home improvement. One or two days is all it will take.

  61. Knowing you are a kind, helpful, dedicated and talented person. How about a chance to give back? Remember those wonderful people at the church who donated their time and talents to your ceiling drywall project? Time to seek them out and offer YOUR time and talents to them. Maybe watch their kids while they go on a date night, offer to show them (adults or kids) how to do a simple craft project, volunteer with their church group, soup kitchen/food pantry or possibly church nursery. One day of giving back can clear your head and help put you back on track for your own projects. You mentioned the wife of one gentleman arrived at lunch to feed your family and the crew. Would she like to perhaps take a little shopping trip around town with you? Maybe she’d like to bounce decorating ideas off a professional? Sometimes the shopping trip consists of only bringing home new ideas, rather than pricy decor.

    Not to say you aren’t already generous with your time towards all of us readers and followers of your blog, but giving back in person is sometimes just whats needed to refresh our minds.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend, no matter how you recharge!!

    1. Perfect solution! Love the idea, and would give you a break from the mundane projects on your list, and give you something else to focus on besides your to do list. You’ll feel wonderful at the end of the day too.

  62. I have a feeling that, if you’re anything like me, stepping away from your projects will make you feel worse instead of better. I find that I’m more motivated when I know someone else is counting on me – kind of like when your father-in-law visited.
    One of the things I most admire about you is how you break through gender stereotypes – you’re a great role model! Maybe you could find a girl to mentor by having her assist with your projects? If so, it would be a win-win!

  63. Seriously, take the time to recharge. I’ve been there. I usually decide to invite someone to come visit (someone I want to be proud of my efforts!) or schedule a cook-out. Giving myself plenty of time to be able to accomplish something, but it gives me a deadline to work toward. I NEED a deadline. For everything. It’s frustrating, but that’s how my mind works. Before that even starts, I make lists upon lists. Just putting it out there on paper, prioritizing, get me going again. You’ve already done that. Now it’s time to recharge, set yourself a deadline of some sort — either personal or for company — and the impetus to get finished will return.

  64. Blame Gilmore Girls! I was never into a TV show quite like I am into Gilmore Girls. Instead of being productive, I crave just one more episode 🙂

  65. Maybe you need a vacation from everything. Get out of the house, go away for a few days, recharge, do something different or just sit and look through your laptop, you’ll get inspired again, you just need to get away from it all and do something completely different. Even if it is a trip to a picnic someplace.
    Are you still on that diet you told us about?

  66. What you are describing does not sound like what I would refer to at burnout, because to me that is a physical thing and you are describing feeling overwhelmed and mentally blocked from continuing your projects. It sounds more like anxiety and maybe a touch of depression (for me both come together). Sometimes when you are new to those type of feelings and they become debilitating (ie. you can’t get on with what you really would like to do) it can be hard to understand what is going on. Some of the suggestions made here are great and I agree with some others that sometimes the best ting to go is to push forward and get a win (project finished etc.) to help more forward in a cycle of motivation instead of anxiety and pressure. Maybe you just need a win and to combine that with getting away for a few days but sometimes seeing a doctor or a councilor is also needed. I don’t want to sound alarmist and you know your situation much better than I but I know what it is like to be paralyzed with anxiety and it isn’t fun. Don’t feel badly about your situation which happens to the best of humans, you are a strong women and I am sure you can make a swift recovery back to the super woman worker/ blogger that we are all in awe of!

    1. Hi! so I guess burnout is a psychological term! My comments about anxiety in my own situation still really do seem to be similar to what you are describing though.

  67. Whatever you do, don’t smoke weed.
    That’s what me stepson does & he doesn’t accomplish a dam thing.

  68. I’ve been reading your blog for just over a year, and not once in that time have you had a break or holiday that has been mentioned. You need a break. Don’t feel guilty about it as you have to recharge your batteries. Enjoy time with Matt, go out and chill.

    I have one day a week to my self (well 6 hours during school!) and if I sit and play candy crush or read blogs, then great. It’s how I choose to use my time. When I’ve read a few blogs I feel the need to go and work on the house. Whether it’s decorating, pushing furniture around, or buying old junk/treasures.

    Don’t feel guilty about this down time, enjoy it. You’ll be back to full speed soon.

  69. You need a road trip. Take a day or weekend drive down through the Hill Country and enjoy the wildflowers in bloom and streams running fast. Unplug from the house and technology. Maybe a little wine down Fredericksburg way?

  70. Hi Kristi, first let me tell you that people (especially women) everywhere in all walks of life, feel the way that you do right now, at one time or another. There are people out there who don’t even do anything like you do, but still feel the same way at times. I have not read the other posts so I do not know if anyone has said this to you, but here goes…..you are clinically depressed. It may not have anything to do with the rehab work you are doing. It could be your struggle with weight loss, it could be Matt’s illness, but something has wormed it’s way into your head and is causing this depression. You need to see a doctor. A good doctor will recognize the signs and prescribe a good anti depressant. They may even suggest talk therapy for a period of time. There is no shame in this….the shame will be if you don’t do anything about it. It is not going to go away. Yes, you will drag yourself around doing things helter skelter, but you are not going to get back to Kristi, with all pistons firing! Please, I beg of you, get help. I have been in your situation plenty of times. It does not take long with the help of the right medication to get yourself back to normal. You don’t have to take it forever, just a few months will do it. Please, please please do this for yourself. My next suggestion may not be doable because of financial strains. I think it would be in your best interest to try to hire someone, hopefully another woman around your age, who is interested in the things you do and wants to learn. Maybe a mom with kids in school who could come over for three or four hours a few days a week. She does not have to be a pro, just a gofer who you can share with and talk to. I think you spend too much time doing things alone. I really think, just from reading the responses on your blog, that you could find someone close by who would be thrilled to get say $10. an hour and be your assistant. I think you are lonely and need another woman to yak with while you work. Maybe somedays the two of you can just go out for lunch and talk about projects. You really need someone in your life to talk to, hang with and just bitch to when you need to. Please take this advice to heart, you are a good person who has too much on her plate right now. The best medicine for a woman is to have a friend to blabber with. Find someone please. If I did not live in PA I would be on your door step in a NY minute, and I would do it for free. I know where you are in your head, and you have to get out of there. Call the doc, find a gofer, pop a pill, and come on back. Blessings

    1. While I have no doubt you have the best of intentions, for you to diagnose someone (that you’ve never even met) as clinically depressed and that it’s not going to go away until she gets help is GROSSLY IRRESPONSIBLE. I understand that many people on here feel as though they know Kristi, but the fact is WE DON’T. What we know is what she CHOOSES to share with her readers and I’m sure it is but a piece of the pie that is her life. I don’t intend for this response to sound attacking but it really struck a chord with me as my life bears some eerie similarities to Kristi’s and I would find it upsetting for someone to write this to me, especially if they didn’t really know the big picture of my life. Kristi didn’t ask for her readers to tell her what to do or tell her what is wrong with her, she simply asked others how they deal with their BURNOUT. She is a grown woman, and certainly doesn’t seem to be lacking in intelligence or self-awareness, so if she says she’s burnout…then she’s burnout as far as I’m concerned. For anyone to tell her otherwise based on their own experiences is crossing the line into areas that are really none of their business.

  71. You are amazingly talented. You are a one woman construction/designer crew! It’s no wonder you have “hit” the wall. Have you ever considered creating a work week more in keeping with people whom work outside the home? For me, a huge light went off. I would work various hours and weekends because, well, I work from home. While it can be argued that your home IS your work and you can’t throw it in a folder and turn the computer off, you do have the ability to create a start and stop time sequence. I realize, those that are creative are not good followers of the clock, but perhaps you could give yourself permission to try it 🙂 🙂 🙂 Unplugging with the Gilmore Girls and web surfing during your “scheduled” off time might seem heavenly (weird at first) but more enjoyable if you allowed yourself the time to sit and relax. Save your weekends or any day you designate (mine are Sunday & Monday) to do something away from the riggers of a house re-do. #ifyouneedme #imnotathome #iminbackyardbeingaawesome 😉 🙂 🙂

  72. I would like to give a different prospective to the burn out problem. I have been having similar feelings. Getting away should help, but I always seem to take all unfinished work with me, mind will not leave it behind. Giving yourself a dead line for at least one project anf completing it will be freeing and give you a feeling of accomplishment. Which should renew your energy

    Complete at least one project, ( The condo )will be life freeing.

  73. Good for you for not faking it and not writing down how you are feeling. That’s step one! You’ve received some sound advice here from your devoted readers- pick a few and give them a try.
    I would add- take a walk! Go for a swim! Move! I know you said this is mental, not physical, but they are connected. Eat healthy. Juice. Do whatever you think your body craves. And get enough sleep but not too much.
    And be kind to yourself.

  74. What I love about your blog is your honesty. Burnout is normal. You accomplish so much in a short time and you should be proud. Take a break, you deserve it

  75. Kristi,

    Like you I am an Interior Designer and lifelong DIYer and yes, burnout is a common but temporary condition. I found that I need to get out into the world and get out of the house! There is a whole host of things that I enjoy doing that sounds like work to others but to me are exciting and fun. Such as:

    – Going to open houses on weekends
    – Checking out the new lighting store that recently opened,
    – Going through the house(s) down the block that are being remodeled and talking with the subs.
    – Walking through my favorite home improvement thrift stores for no reason other than to check out the latest merchandise (leave the list at home). If I choose to buy something I do but it is not why I am in those stores.
    – Talking with like minded shoppers and staff and sharing our remodeling pictures as others share their children’s latest pics.
    – Talking with all sorts of people is one of the things I miss when involved with my DIY projects.
    – Organizing is both relaxing and satisfying for me so recently I cleaned and organized my garage for the summer.
    – Reading books by my favorite author, the magazines that keep piling up, and catching up on my favorite TV shows is another way I relax and recharge. But I also need to get out and about.

    It is so satisfying to put down the lists, the schedules, to ignore time restraints, the “have too’s”, and just enjoy life for a short while. I love and enjoy DIY and design work so much that I work, work, work with little time to rest and recover so I need to take time to recharge. It may seem to others that I am wasting time but little do they know I am resting my brain, my body, and filling up my head with different design ideas and the latest trends and possibilities, all with NO AGENDA! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

    Slowly I start asking myself what do I want to do, not have to do but what do I want to do. Then if at all possible I do it. And lo and behold, I find myself turning to the DIY projects that I had put on hold. I find it important to start off with a project that starts speaking to me EVEN IF IT IS NOT on my priority list. Those will come in time and getting anything done and off the list is what is the priority. Something happens then and I find myself back in the DIY grove until of course the next time I need a break to recharge.

    I love your blog, it is like my daily DIY soap opera fix. Don’t burn out, recharge.

  76. Dear Kristi,
    We, at one time or another, all have some kind of burnout. My advice, stay away from Houzz and Pinterest…you are not shutting off your forever creative mind and it only reminds you of your shortcomings.
    Ask a friend, or maybe even some of your friends near you from this blog, come and help you with your condo. Your mind and body are shutting down because it is too much to process. If I lived in Texas, I would come and help, dear sister. Maybe, go out for a special dinner with Matt.

    1. I agree with Chris. I am a Houzz addict, and most of the time it’s my happy place. But when I am in burn-out mode, it just depresses me to look at pictures of spaces that I will (probably) never live in. One thing that helps me is to get myself to a sewing class, or offer to teach someone something. That renews my interest, when someone is taking an interest in what I am doing or in learning from me. Lastly, there is NOTHING WRONG with binging on Gilmore girls. I have every episode memorized and could probably play Lorelei in a Broadway production. If I had a dime for how many times her dialogue comes out of my mouth…

      1. Another thought – use GIlmore girls as inspiration. Is there an item/art piece/look in Lorelei’s or Emily’s house that you could reproduce in your own? It would make you smile each time you see it because it would remind you of the series. Like the “No cell phones” sign from Luke’s, or a dragonfly painted somewhere (for the Inn). I have my own Colonel Clucker, keeping watch over my studio. (Found him for free at a yard sale – imagine, no one wanting a hideously stuffed chicken.) Or just take your favorite quotes and make them into signs or plaques. “Coffee, big cup, and hello.” Time to get out the Cricut.

  77. Go out into the woods and breath different air, sit at a beautiful park…enjoy nature. This is the best refresher. Best to you.

  78. I think it might help if you bought yourself a present when a project was completed to keep you motivated. You really need to get the condo done, just done enough to sell. Why not pick something to splurge on when you are done. I speak from experience. I use this for weight loss goals. Anything to get me over a slump.

  79. Oh I so get this!!!! I have been burnt out for months now! Working on two homes is overwhelming and exhausting to say the least.
    I actually went to the doctor.!! Feeling like I just could not get out of my own way, not sleeping, just sheer exhaustion. I just found out my thyroid took a dump last week. Doc says around six weeks till some sense of normalcy. So mine is five weeks out and I pray I can get back on track too! You might just want to get some blood work to be sure.
    Do what gives you easier right now. YOU DESERVE a break. Then start back on condo to get it sold.
    Prayers for you, Hope

  80. I am wondering if you are having separation anxiety in regards to the condo. What should have been a get it done project has turned into a stressful project. I think that subconsciously you are having trouble leaving the condo behind. As though you are cutting off a piece of your life. maybe grieve is the correct word. So, think hard about what is really bothering you and face it,deal with it and move on. It is not as hard as it seems. Summer is coming and you and Matt need a hvac system. Let this be your goal, I agree with the others. Get a realtor in there and just do what has to be done. Look around for the last time, smile at what you have accomplished and all the memories, wish the new owners much happiness and close the door on that chapter. Then,move on to the next chapter. God speed. You’ve got this.

  81. I get over burnout by cleaning my workspace. Not pressure to work on any project, just cleaning up. Somehow I always end up being stimulated and excited again.

  82. You amaze me how much you have accomplished in your home. I look forward to reading your blog. I think you need to take a break from anything that has to do with the house. Go to the movies, go to dinner, have friends over, take a mini-vacation, anything but work on your home. Once you take a little time away, your desire to work on your house will return.

  83. When I need recharhing, I organize and purge a closet, I volunteer my services to help someone else, like take someone shopping for paint samples or fabric suggestions.it makes you feel good, and that can help get out of a slump

  84. Because I care: My suggestions: Pray. Go outside. A walk while listening to music, a favorite podcast, or perhaps just enjoying nature is very helpful for the soul. Take a break. Finish the condo once and for all. And I don’t want this to be misconstrued: You are a perfectionist. This trait has probably served you well in your blog business. I wonder, though, if you are keeping true to your new year’s resolutions. It seems like you make incredibly difficult projects even more difficult with your perfectionism. I think you can have just as beautiful results by not going overboard. Sometimes good enough really is good enough. In fact, since you are so gifted, regular folks might be intimidated by the extreme time and effort put into projects. Yes, you get the accolades for your accomplishments, and deservedly so, but perhaps not going to the lengths you go to would give more confidence to your audience for their own home projects. I realize as I type this that it sounds like I am asking you to consider changing your basic God-given make–up, but I am not. I am thinking about your sanity and a person’s intrinsic desire to see completion. Please don’t take any of my comments in a negative way.

  85. I find the best way to get re-energized and re-inspired is to do something you wouldn’t normally do. Go read a magazine, get a coffee at a little cafe. Take a walk in the park. Whatever works for you. Reward yourself for all the hard work you have accomplished. You deserve a little me time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It will still be there for you tomorrow. Enjoy the process, you have done amazing.

  86. Well, on the plus side, if you’re watching Gilmore Girls then you get to see the eye candy that is Jared Padalecki (“Dean”), so it can’t be all that bad!

    It’s the ‘overwhelm’ that’s doing it, making you feel like you’ve got too much to do and it will never get done. You’ve just run out of steam. It’s temporary. You’ll be back at it again before you know it. Rest and do things you want to do, and you’ll find your motivation soon enough.

  87. You sound like me when I’m forced, for want of a better word, to do something I don’t want to do. I think finishing the condo is playing with your head. If it was me a would create a plan.
    – Decide to finish the condo. (you don’t have to think about it then) Minimise the work to the least you have to do to get it sold at the price you want. It doesn’t need to be Kristi’ed. Getting started is the hardest part, so ‘just do it’, pick up those car keys and walked out the door. One foot in front of the other until it’s finished.
    -Remind yourself that your house is a long term project.
    -Then take a week off and do whatever you want, preferably something that isn’t on your to-do list.
    – Regroup and decide what your next priority is. Reminding yourself that there is no rush.

  88. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness

    Be gentle with yourself…It has been a challenging time. Just ONE of these could have knocked you for a loop….

    1) intense work schedule with high expectations of completion when father-in-law was in town
    2) the crazy rain/tornados/grey skies here in Texas
    3) assault of bad news (twin peaks, etc)
    4) the dreaded two home stressor
    5) self imposed pressure to be a daily DIY motivator

    Burnout is natural and normal as long as we are moving through and not allowing ourselves to get stuck. You might try

    1) a drive through Cameron Park
    2) go buy a box of pretty stationery and write a note to brighten someone else’s day
    3) turn off the news (including weather). Listen to more music!
    4) laugh!
    5) simplify! Push through and commit to do what it takes to finish the condo

    You go girl! We appreciate you! And we cheer you on as you go THROUGH this challenge!

  89. Definitely take a break 🙂 Your body is telling you to do that stuff for a reason. MAYBE subconsciously you know you need to do more fun research to really get your home where you want it. You are always adapting and changing the more you discover, so just trust yourself.

    Your work is awesome!

  90. I know that burnout! Last year I bought my first house, a foreclosure that had been a rental for ten years. I’m still working on it, and I’ve been through the burnout cycle a time or three. Your site has been a powerful inspiration and source of ideas; what one woman can accomplish with planning and power tools!
    As almost everyone has suggested:
    1) Take a break, a complete break. Immerse yourself in Gilmore Girls! In fact, don’t //allow// yourself to do renovations for about a week. Sometimes, you just honestly need a break.
    2) If there’s a real estate agent you’re friendly with/working with, ask them to take you through some homes comparable to yours and the condo you’re selling. It’s a great reality check. That will depend on how busy the agent is, too.
    3) If you’re a people-person, and additionally not a “omigosh I need to be able to perform open-heart surgery on these kitchen floors” spotless person, invite a close friend or two over (maybe to watch Gilmore Girls!). They will almost certainly say “I love what you’re doing with this! It looks so different! It’s amazing!” It doesn’t need to be done or perfect to enjoy the space.
    I hope this helps, and remember if nothing else you will work through the burnout naturally! It just takes time.

  91. First, taking a break is OK. Sometimes we need to take a step back and veg out. I think we need to give ourselves permission to do it. There is nothing like getting sidetracked and then having to get back on task. :-/. Sometimes it is super hard! The past almost two years I’ve been painting vintage furniture pieces and unique smaller wood pieces. My kids are grown, my time is my own and I am having a blast…I love painting and giving new life to cast offs. Then our third grand baby was born on Thanksgiving weekend and I split shift babysitting with his other grandmother three times a week and every other Saturday. I’m also a professional event manager and have my own business doing that as well. After a dry period, I have been working on an event again which is almost over and I am so ready! Now I’m trying to squeeze in painting every chance I get and truthfully I’m behind and very frustrated. Sometimes it is really hard to be motivated some days…it just seems there is something interfering all the time. The bottom line of what I want to say is when I’m in a slump, sometimes it just takes doing a little something to get back into the groove again and then I’m off and running. I completely understand feeling like doing nothing toward my projects and just wanting to veg. I think our minds are tired and need to hibernate for a while.

  92. Hi Kristi just thought I’d chime in also. As a creative person this happens. What I find works for me is to chill for a few days. Then clean up. Getting my house in order helps clear my mind and makes me less overwhelmed. Once I have a clean slate so to speak i usually get inspired to start again at something.
    And I really hate it when I have something hanging over my head such as your condo. Why don’t you call an estate agent and get them in there to have a look. Get an idea of what it’s worth and what they think needs to be done to get rid of it. Then maybe call in your family to help get in done over a weekend. Set a deadline with the estate agent to put in on the market.

    Lesley Ann

  93. Just keep watching your shows, surfing for ideas and just enjoy the creative break. In addition, I would highly recommend getting a Snickers Bar and a good book, go out into the sunshine and just relax and read for a few days.

  94. Do something to get your mind off everything – maybe go visit your family for a few days, that worked for you before. Also, you took on a huge project (the bathroom) that you knew would be a bit too much. But when it’s done it’ll be done. Just don’t do that to yourself again until you are ready. As for the condo, sometimes we have to just persevere even though it’s hard. I feel your pain. I know it too. I know it’s hard when you live in the midst of it all and can’t escape it. Why don’t you post on what you’ve been doing at the condo so we can cheer you on? I’m rooting for you!

  95. First off, discovered your blog this past week and am obsessed! It pains me in the morning when I have to get ready for work. Same thing when it’s time to go to bed! I believe my husband is getting a little jealous. 🙂

    Second. Whoa, Nellie! You run a blog, remodel, etc., and have a husband with health challenges?!?!? Geez, what kind of lazy bum am I! No wonder you are burned out.

    My advice. Turn off Gilmore Girls right this very minute! They took over my life for quite a while. Very easy to get sucked into their world. No more GGs until your condo is on the market.

    I don’t know what else you would like to do with the condo, but I would say, if the walls need painting, then paint them. Otherwise, forget it and get it listed! Now! Don’t work on another single thing till that is accomplished. Then, and only then, may you watch a couple of episodes of GGs. Then, back to a small project. Reward yourself with GGs when you accomplish that task. And so on…

    Good luck.

  96. I have been burned out for quite a few years- it does no good for your health both physical and mental.

    Go have some fun and try new things, food, scenery anything that makes you smile- go over to your mom’s and have a great time laughing!

    Enjoy Love Live and especially LAUGH…………….love ya

  97. I can sympathize with you Kristi as I have been feeling the same way. I think a week off of doing anything at home is key. When I feel this coming on I take a day or two to myself then I do something creative or exciting for someone else and this seems to get me back in the motivational saddle 😉 How about doing something for a local woman’s shelter, or a homeless shelter, a Headstart class room, a small church or a Veteran’s hospital? Anything that would bring a happy face to others becomes a blessing to you.
    I love what you are doing at home and know the way you work on projects is you. I find that when I get one projec t completely done I am happy, relaxed and anxious to move on to the next. Maybe, just maybe if you could complete your bathroom at home, since it is the closest one to being done, this will add to your join and accomplishment to boost you back on track.
    It’s ok to feel this way, you have been pushing yourself for quite some time. Take a deep breath.

  98. Lots of good advice up above here. All I can add is, sell the Condo. List it and be done with it. Why are you pouring time and money and energy into it? Sell it as is and let the new buyers do what they want to it. Then take a break. Give yourself a vacation and get back to your house and your projects rested and refreshed.

  99. I haven’t even read 1 comment on here so maybe this has been covered. If so, sorry. Sounds to me like you are unintentionally being passive aggressive about the condo. Don’t give in, get it crossed off your list, and Matthew’s list. I think you will find yourself happy after that but probably not until.

  100. Burnout…been there…frequently. The cure to my worst case of burnout ever was finding an awesome realtor to walk through our last house with me, before listing. This was no run of the mill realtor…best one in the state. She was direct with me, reminding me that the point was to get our money out of the house and move on with my life. She told me where to spend money and which projects would be a waste. She was right about everything and sold the house for near asking, with a waiting list, in the first week on the market. Working with her cleared my head and gave me confidence and accountability. That accountability actually motivated me and focused my attention on the prize…Moving On!! Sometimes even DIYers need help.

  101. Even the Energizer bunny needs to recharge some time. Book yourself several guilt-free days off, and relax. But after some rest, I think that the past (your condo) and the future (your house) are both pulling at you, and you may be stalling in the middle because of that. Remember the mantra of those of us who are perfectionists: “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” Your condo doesn’t need to be perfect, it needs to be gone. Do a nice paint job, let it go, and accept that someone who buys it might want to realize their own dream there. Once it is gone, you’ll be free to move forward and do all the delightful things that you do so well. Let go, that you may fly.

  102. I hope these storms have not done damage to your house! I understand burnout well, and hope you’ve gotten to rest and regenerate!
    I have claims in but who knows how long before anything gets done!

  103. I hope you’re taking a well deserved break and enjoying your time off! I know that you’ll be back at it when you’re good and ready…so take the time you need to rest, read/research on the web and/or do something fun! You are an inspiration and the hardest working person I know! Hope you’re keeping well my friend!

  104. Good morning, Kristi. I’ve thought of you and Matt during these horrendous storms we’ve been having this week. You are the only people I know in the Temple area — and of course I don’t “know” you, but you know what I mean. I hope you are faring okay and that the torrential rains have not negatively affected you. I also hope that you are getting a much-deserved break with some rest and relaxation. I’m sending warm wishes and positive vibes your way. Stay safe!

  105. I hope you and hubby are OK. We haven’t heard from you in a while. Take care of yourself. Take the time you need, we’ll all be OK, even though we miss you. Praying for you.

  106. I, too, have been wondering if you are okay in all of that horrible weather and it’s affects in TX. Concerned because we haven’t heard from you. Praying for your safety.

  107. Hi Kristie,
    We haven’t heard from you for a while so I just thought I’d pop in and ask if you’re OK? I’ve just read the above comments and see you’ve been having bad weather – I hope everything is fine.
    Thinking of you,
    Liz (Australia).

  108. glad to hear all is well and that you’re out of your funk!! can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to! 🙂

  109. Good for Matt! Glad you are taking another week off the blog. Miss you like crazy but need to get into my own life and get things done. Have a great week.

  110. Just read about the flooding in Texas and came here to see if there are any news from you. So glad that you are OK! Enjoy your week off 🙂

    1. I’m glad Matt advised you to continue your blog break! It reinforces the wisdom of God’s plan that we are both helpmeets to each other!!

  111. Hi Kristi! So happy to hear that you got through all that bad weather safely and that you and Matt are both fine! BTW I have enjoyed your recent facebook posts showing some of your previous projects. Love them!

  112. Thank you for the update. Seems I’m not the only one that was getting concerned.
    Glad you are all ok and look forward to fresh posts next week.

  113. glad to hear you’re are feeling better and enjoying your projects again! Matt is very wise in keeping you from the blog (even though I miss your daily reports :)) as I guess that way you can recuperate much more. Have fun, take time to relax and just treat yourself and Matt to some quality leisure time!

  114. Hi Kristi, its good to hear from you. Glad you and Matt are ok! You kind of live in a fishbowl, right?

  115. Good for you and Matt. You know, this is your job and who goes at it day and night and without a vacation? Maybe even consider doing a repeat blog on occasion or simply a photo inspiration you want to share with us and no words or thought that day.

    Shoot, you’re the boss girl…Imagine giving yourself every Monday OR Friday off. Friday Fun Day or Monday None Day! Slap a photo on here from your files or a link and we’ll keep ourselves busy until you get back.

    OH, OH,OH..just thought of this. You know we followers of yours all have opinions! Make us post our ideas…throw out a challenge for us to share a great site or tip or photo.

    Now what could we call it…KRISTI’s _________; Monday ________; Friday ________
    ~See, told you we have opinions! 😉

  116. Glad you are well & taking care of yourself. I was getting worried about you! Miss hearing about your decorating adventures though!

  117. Just four more days until my favorite blogger is back!! I can’t wait!! We all miss you, Kristi!

  118. So glad to hear that both of you are safe from the floods and that you decided to take a blog break to regroup. I think that’s a great idea for most of us to take a break when we feel overwhemed/overworked. Take care and I’ll be waiting for Monday to get some new inspiration.

  119. Came looking for you when I realized FB posts were from the past. I’m so glad you and Matt are okay. You deserve a break! Take it, enjoy it…..I know you will come back ready to tackle anything! See you soon…..I can’t wait!