A2D Has A New Mobile Site!

Good morning, everyone! I’m just thrilled about the latest addition to A2D…a new user-friendly mobile site!** If you’re used to reading A2D on your smart phone, then you know how overwhelming the main site can be a be on a small screen, and some of the functionality was missing to mobile users. Well, not anymore! The new mobile site has everything the main site has, but it’s streamlined for easy use. Now if you access A2D on a mobile phone, here’s what you’ll see…

Isn’t that easy on the eyes!  Now, no more waiting and waiting for the main site to load, and then straining your eyes to see what it says…

As I mentioned above, everything is still accessible on the mobile site.  Simply touch on the menu button to get to the main menu.

Pages that are really packed with photos, like the DIY Project Gallery, may take a bit longer to load, but it’s there!  And it’s easy to see, and easy to use.  Also, the quick view mouse over pictures that I like to use (especially in room reveal posts) now work easily on the mobile site.  Here’s one from the post I wrote the other day about my mom’s bathroom remodel.  If you’re on the mobile site, simply touch on the picture to see the “mouseover” effect, and then touch somewhere on the screen away from the photo to go back to the original view.

Pretty nifty, right? I’m pretty excited about this new streamlined mobile site.

Now those of you who do most of your internet browsing on your phone have no excuse not to visit me! So go grab your phone and give it a whirl. Your eyes will thank me.

**This is not an app that you have to download. This is simply a mobile version of the A2D site, and it should appear automatically when you visit A2D on your cell phone.



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