Why I Blog (Revisited)

Well y’all, I’ve wanted to write this post for a couple of weeks now, and I just haven’t been able to put my thoughts into words until now. And I’ll admit that even now, I’ll probably do a very poor job of expressing what’s really in my heart and mind, but I’ll give it my best shot. 🙂

I do want to be clear up front that this IS NOT a post about “meanies” who leave “mean/rude comments” that hurt my feelers. And I’m not looking for a bunch of responses about how “if people have nothing nice to say, they just need to say nothing at all,” or how “people just need to learn manners,” or how I just need to “ignore the haters,” and how “people who leave mean comments are just jealous,” or anything like that. That’s not the point of this post at all.

I truly just want to share my thoughts on this topic. I shared my thoughts on this about three years ago, but I want to revisit the topic again. And please know that I’m not trying to embarrass or call out anyone. I’m not trying to stop anyone from commenting on my posts. I try to maintain a “free speech” policy on my blog posts, and as a general rule (with very few exceptions) people are welcome to say what they want to say.

And this is definitely not about me not being able to take criticism. I get hundreds of comments every week, and not all of them are glowing and positive. I do my best to allow people to freely express their opinion. If you look at my Facebook page, you’ll see comments on just about every single post where at least one or two people (sometimes more) have told me outright that they don’t like what I’ve done, or don’t like some decision I made. I don’t have a problem with that (as long as they express their opinion like an actual adult and not like a three-year-old). I simply “like” their comment to indicate that I’ve read it, and move on. I don’t mind criticism expressed in an adult manner. I use some of it, I discard some of it, and I move on. (Now if that criticism is wrapped in language that feels like a personal attack on me…well, that’s a different story, and all bets are off. 😀 But I digress…)

So back to the topic of why I blog. Let me start by asking you some questions…

entryway progress - april 2016

Do you like my buffet? How about my wall trim? What about my hand drawn wallpaper? Sunburst mirror? Green lamps?

Now just hold on to your answers. I’m not asking you to tell me what your answers were, so please don’t write them in a comment. I want to make a point based on the various types of answers I know you had.

But first, let me tell you what does NOT motivate me to blog.

I don’t have some delusion in my mind that I’m one of the best decorators alive. The point of my blog is not for me to teach you how to decorate. There are other online resources for that, if that’s what you’re looking for.

I don’t blog so that I can say to you, “Hey, look at how good I am at decorating! Look how talented I am! Look at how brilliant I am at putting together colors and fabrics! Look at how beautiful and amazing my house is!” Ummm…no.

Sharing my brilliance and splendor as an amazing interior decorator with the world is not something that motivates me, because I certainly don’t see myself like that. If you read my blog regularly, that should be pretty obvious. When it comes to DIYing the remodeling and decorating of my own home (which is totally different from decorating for clients) I muddle through the decision making, I frequently make wrong decisions, I redo projects that don’t turn out like I had envisioned them, and I just keep putting one foot in front of the other until I get it right. And most importantly, I have a lot of fun and love learning new things along the way.

So back to those questions above. I have a feeling that every answer could fit into one of about three categories.

First, there are the answers that go something like this: “Yes, I love it! I think it looks great!” Obviously I’d be lying if I said those weren’t my favorite comments. 🙂

Then there are the responses that are something along these lines: “No. I think that [sunburst mirror/lamp/etc.] looks totally wrong for your entryway. What you need to do is move that sunburst mirror somewhere else and find a nice, simple mirror. And then you need to get rid of those green lamps and find some nice brass lamps.”

I’m totally used to commenters sharing opinions and giving input. In fact, that interaction with readers is one of my favorite things about blogging. And I love that when I actually do ask for input, y’all are at the ready with plenty of advice and options that I’d never think of on my own.

But I have to admit that when I do finally hit my stride (which is how I feel about my dining room and entryway now, after struggling with it for so long), and I finally do get some projects done that I actually love and that make me smile every time I see them (sunburst, hand drawn wallpaper, green lamps), it feels very strange to have people who have never met me in person, and never been in my home, tell me that I’ve done it all wrong, and tell me what I need to do to “correct” my decorating mistakes in my house. 😀 But again, people are free to tell me whatever they want to. I’m not going to stop them.

And then the third category of responses would probably sound something like this: “I don’t personally like that sunburst mirror, and I’d never use that in my house, but I’m intrigued that you took cheap wood shims and turned it into a piece of wall art that you love. I’m definitely going to start looking at humble materials like wood scraps a bit differently now.”

Or like this: “I don’t like the green lamps on the buffet at all, but I love that you saved money by taking a floor lamp that was broken and turning it into a table lamp that you could reuse. I probably won’t be so quick to throw things away in the future. I’ll see if I can repurpose them into something I love instead, and save money in the process!”

Or like this: “I don’t really like the “wallpaper” that you chose, but I’m amazed that you were able to get the look of the expensive wallpaper that you wanted by hand drawing it yourself and saving over $500 in the process. I never would have thought of doing that, but now you’ve given me an idea for my room that I’m working on. The wallpaper I wanted is way out of my budget, but I think I could do something like this.”

Or like this: “None of this is my style, so I don’t really like any of it for myself, but watching you tackle these projects gives me the courage to try things in my own home that I never would have considered before. And you’ve made me realize that it’s okay to try it and change my mind if I don’t like it!”

THESE PEOPLE GET ME!!! These types of comments (obviously along with the first type of comment…ha!  😉 ) are what motivate me to blog and share my own experiences. It’s not about everyone liking what I do. It would quite literally be impossible for me or anyone else to decorate a room that everyone likes, and where everyone approves of every decorating decision made for the room. There is no such room in existence anywhere in the world.

And that doesn’t need to exist here, either. This is my home that I share with my husband, my cat, and my dog. And since three of the four of us don’t give a care in the world what this house looks like, that means the only person who needs to like the decor in this house is me. That’s it. Just me. If you feel that you “can’t get on board” with my recent decorating decisions, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be on board with them. But hopefully you’ll find something interesting or inspiring along the journey.

I know that I personally don’t need to absolutely love a room and all of its contents in order to find inspiration there. As you know, I spend a lot of time on Houzz just looking and getting inspired. Of the hundreds or thousands of rooms that I’ve seen there, I could probably count on one hand (perhaps even one finger) the number of rooms that I’ve seen that make me say, “Oh my gosh, I LOVE that room! That’s exactly what I want for myself!” Because the fact is that the only person who can truly create a room that’s “me” is me! I can get plenty of inspiration from other rooms, but pretty much none of them are 100% “me,” and there are always elements in each room that I’d change if it were for me.

On the other hand, I can tell you that I’ve seen plenty of rooms that make me say, “Are you serious? That’s awful!” Personal taste and personal style are very interesting things. 🙂

But it all boils down to this: Of all of those rooms — the really awesome, the truly awful, and everything in between — I could probably count on one hand the number of rooms that I’ve looked at that had absolutely nothing at all that I found intriguing and inspiring. That almost never happens. I can hate the way a room looks overall, but really be inspired by a piece of art on the wall. I can hate every piece of furniture in a room, but be inspired by the colors that were used. Or I can hate the way a blogger’s room looks when she’s finished, but learn how to use a new-to-me tool that she used on one of her projects. See what I mean? Almost every single room has something that I find inspiring. I find inspiration just about everywhere I look.

So no, my blog isn’t a “how to decorate” blog. It’s not a “look at what an awesome decorator I am” blog. It’s a blog about my journey of turning this fixer upper into our home. It’s a blog about my process, with all of the bumps and roadblocks, mistakes and do-overs, as well as the triumphs and successes. But most of all, it’s about inspiration and learning. And believe me, that’s a two-way road. I’m constantly being inspired, and I’m always learning, and so much of that comes from you. And my hope is that through this blog, I’m able to return to you just a fraction of the inspiration and wealth of knowledge that you all have passed along to me…even if you don’t like my green lamps or my sunburst mirror. 😀

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  1. I’ve always approached your blog as a learning resource! I’m afraid we have very different styles and tastes, but that has never stopped my excitement at seeing a new post from A2D! Whenever I have a project to do, I always check and see if Kristi has a tutorial or post about the topic.

      1. Me three! There are lots of times that I see something and think it looks great – in your house! Just because my taste is not the same does not mean there are not things that I can learn from you. Also, I love that you make mistakes, get things wrong, and get overtired at times. I do that and it is nice to know that other people who are more competent that I am also feel that way. I really look forward to your blog!

  2. You HAVE inspired me, in countless ways. And probably even more importantly, you’ve let me live vicariously through you when I’m not able to implement my inspiration at this time in my life. It’s a joy to read your blog and it is one of the highlights of my day, whether I like your lamps or not 🙂

  3. And I love following with you in the process. As always thank you for being so open and transparent about your process. I get so much out of your blog!

  4. I’m so grateful that you are willing to share all your experiences. Makes the rest of us feel human. So thank you for that. I love the picture you took of foyer today. I like the wide-angle view.

  5. Kristi I don’t love everything you do but I would NEVER say anything negative because it is your home – not mine. I just called my husband in to see your “wallpaper” on my computer. He didn’t believe me at first that you drew it in. He loved it. It wouldn’t fit in our home but I truly do love it too and I especially love the gold you put around it. Of course it started an old hat discussion we have had about putting an orange stripe down our living room wall – NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Your home is beautiful and it is your home.

  6. Kristi you have taught me (I am your mother’s age) that you have to be willing to make mistakes. My family has lived in furnished but undecorated houses because I was not willing to make a mistake. This was in really nice houses too. Makes me sad. My kids grew up seeing three swatches of color on the walls and then we only painted to get it on the market. I did not hang things on the wall because I did not like the things we had. They would stay packed until we moved again. I still adhere to the notion that a blank slate is better than a slate cluttered with things I think are ugly. But maybe this next house will be our last and we will actually decorate, I hope so! I enjoy your blog and will continue to do so.

  7. I check your blog every single day! I love just about everything you do but mostly I love your blog because it truly is a DIY blog!! You don’t have 7 days of sponsored posts telling us what you got for free and how you think everyone should go buy one right away. This is the most informative blog ever! You give the best detailed tutorials ever and you would not believe how much I personally have accomplished in my own house because of you :-))

      1. Spot on Kimberly! Agree 100%. Kristi-you make me braver to try something because you can always do a makeover or something. I am so impressed with your abilities.

  8. Kristi – I’ve followed you for a long time now and not only do I get inspired but I learn how to do many DIY things that I have had no idea how to do. It gives me confidence to try to do things and if I mess up so what just re-do. I appreciate your teaching because you give very clear, explicit instructions and you let us wander in your mind as you work your way through your projects.

  9. Geez, Kristi, I don’t usually read all the comments on your blog posts, but I’ve read enough to cringe at times when people write things I like to think I would never say out loud. Then I remember that people don’t always understand how they are coming across, and that you are brave and hardy. I so admire the way you put all your remodeling and decorating process out there. Because it is a process you make adjustments along the way, and I just can’t comprehend why people don’t get this. You know, there is also a lot of arrogance expressed when people say they can’t stand what you did. Arrogance that their own way is the best, and unjustified certainty that their own living spaces would be voted perfect were they to be photographed and published here. I may not be totally in sync with some of the choices you make, but if I don’t have a concrete suggestion to offer, I will shut up about it. And I do get that I can really like the overall effect of a room and it’s contents even if there are elements of the room I might have done differently. It makes me reconsider why I like what I like and whether I should be more open to changing things. Your search for the right fabrics for your dining room has come at the time I am searching for fabrics to redo my dining chairs and curtains. You have inspired me to think more broadly than the type of fabrics I’ve used in the past. No decisions yet, but I am really changing it up this time. Thanks for making me think outside my own little box!

  10. I for one love seeing you open up and share your process, struggles and outcomes. Honestly, I think us readers need to thank you because you put it out there, mistakes and all. It’s that authenticity that makes me return daily to see what Kristi is up to. I have bookmarked dozens of design-related blogs. I might check in on them from time to time and then binge-read. But your blog is like a daily soap opera (without the twins on a murder spree). I want to know what happens next!!! I want to know if you resolve the issue of the chairs and how you pull it off!! I love the stand alone pieces on craft-style projects, but I really love the bigger arc of how you are thinking and approaching things. Keep it up, Kristi. You have a very unique POV and blog. For me the last thing I think about is “do I want to live in this dining room after she is done?” No, that dining room is you and a statement about your journey in getting it there and the clever tips and discoveries you made along the way. So thank you, Kristi. Thank you for letting us be a fly on your wall (by the way, if you ever stenciled a wee fly on your wallpaper, I will know it is us!).

  11. My get this little buzz of excitement when I get your latest blog post in my inbox. It is so fun to read about your creative journey. I actually enjoy when you change your mind because it is like a bonus episode of a favorite TV show.

    Keep creating. Your mirrors especially are kind of an inspiration for me and I think I might try the Chrysanthemum mirror just for fun.

    BTW, thanks for the full wall picture.

    1. It is so funny you mention making one of her Chyrsanthemum mirrors! I just bought the supplies to make one yesterday. See Kristie, you inspire us even through posts you did long ago! Keep up the good work and know that all across America your ideas and creations are showing up in our homes.

  12. My favorite thing about your blog has always been the ‘how-to’ instructions for your DIY projects. I have used several of your tutorial posts to make projects for myself and for my clients. You are so good at explaining and showing these projects step-by-step. I have been inspired by you many times. Learning how your built something or seeing how you ‘copied’ something expensive that you liked are the reasons I started following your blog. Your struggles with choices for paint colors, fabrics, etc. are very personal/specific to you and aren’t the reasons I read. It seems that your blog has become more about decorative choices lately, but that is probably because most of the construction projects in your new house are now complete. Keep doing what you do. I wish you all the best!

    1. I still have quite a few building projects in other rooms that I’ll tackle in the future — the built-in hall tree for the hallway, bedside storage closets in the bedroom, and entire pantry at the back of the breakfast room. But you’re right…the building projects for the current areas (music room, dining room, entryway) are done. Thank goodness! 😀 I’m always thankful for the decorating process to start between big building projects so that I can kind of relax and catch my breath before the next one starts. 🙂

  13. I find your blog inspirational. It still amazes me what carpentry skills you have. I’m in awe and must say very jealous! I happen to love what you have been doing and when you get your house finished I could use some help with my home!

  14. Just as others have stated, you inspire me too! Some of your projects would fit into “my style” (more Arts & Crafts type) just fine, while others are too ______ or not ________ enough for my style. However, your blog has encouraged and emboldened me to try new ideas and projects that I otherwise wouldn’t have attempted — or even thought of! When I get the email of your blog, I wait to open it until I can concentrate on it, because I know it will be something good! (I’ve told my husband I wish I could “apprentice” under you and Joanna Gaines each for a week! Wow — That would be a dream come true!!) Please keep on inspiring us!

  15. I have found your blog to be very inspirational and informative. I have braved several projects as I have thought if it didn’t work; I would simply redo…as Kristi would do😊. While I would prefer a dark framed mirror ,as I think the sunburst one gets lost in the awesome paper; I absolutely love the mirror and would love it on another wall where it could be a focal point on its own. But I also absolutely love those green lamps where they are on that gorgeous black buffet.

    All that said, the info on how you accomplished all those things has provided knowledge and guidance on creating something personal for my own home. Thank you for sharing your updates and informative guidance. Enjoy your home!

  16. I love what you do. It is an inspiration to me. Disregard the haters and the rude remarks, they do not matter in this world and there will always be some of those that criticize what you do. They are arrogant and just jealous, not worth your time. Keep up the good work!

  17. I’ve never understood why anyone would leave negative comments on anyone’s blog! My sweet mama taught me, as I’m sure your mama did too – if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. I’ve followed your blog for many years, and while some of your projects were not exactly my style, I’ve learned something from almost all of them, and you have inspired me to tackle many things that I wouldn’t have done on my own – power tools are now my friend! 🙂 Your blog is the only one I search out every day – I look forward to seeing everything you do! You’re awesome, so don’t let any Negative Nancys get you down! I can’t wait to see the rest of your home makeover – you go girl!

  18. BRAVO! I cannot ever understand how someone can comment with nasty voices and not beg forgiveness if it offends. While they are entitled to an opinion, maybe they should choose a better way to express said opinion. Many times I might see something I truly don’t like, but I know I am speaking to a PERSON who has FEELINGS, and I try to speak in a way that I would want to receive the message. I know you are doing this design for yourself and not for me, so you have every right to do it in the way you want. If I don’t like it, (but I do!) tough cookies! I would keep my opinion to myself unless I felt you wanted it. And I would try to be tactful if I did make a negative comment ( but I hardly ever make them). I try to do unto others as I would have them do unto me!
    Keep on doing what you do, for you are an inspiration!

  19. That’s such a refreshing way to address this issue, most women online just delete every negative comment so they can live in a bubble.

    Have you thought about benches on either side of the buffet?

    1. Two of my dining chairs (the two arm chairs) will go there as soon as I get them reupholstered. Those are the ones that will be coral with white piping.

      1. I am happy you are going with the white piping. The picture showing the deep pink chairs piped in white were gorgeous!

  20. Kristi,
    This is why you are one of my favorite bloggers! http://www.ourcorneroftheworldblog.com/my-favorite-blogs/ I love that you don’t act like an expert or a show off. I love that you do all of the design and work on your own and that you realize when something doesn’t work and you try to fix it. Your blog feels very real, and that is my favorite part. It is exactly how I would like to appear to others as a new blogger.

  21. Wonderfully written, thank you for being real. What I love the MOST about your blogs? Learning about paint and fabric. I was scared of both but you’ve reignited something in my soul girl. I’m looking forward to your dining room chairs and curtains – can hardly wait for the inspiration to hit and the fear to fly away 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. Absolutely adore the entry. On another note – where is the refinished credenza going and can we see a pic of that renovated hallway if it is still going there? I lust for that credenza…and what ultimately became of the piano? I’m too lazy to scroll through the archives. (Please don’t shoot me in frustration!😝)

    1. The credenza is still in the (very unfinished) hallway, but it won’t stay there. It’s sitting right where I want to build the built-in hall tree, so I’ll have to find a new spot for the credenza. It’ll probably end up in our bedroom. And the piano is still in the music room. I’ve been kind of like a tornado going through these rooms, working on projects, and leaving a trail of tools and materials behind. But as soon as I can get everything cleaned up, I plan to take pictures showing the kitchen, dining room, entryway, and music room, and how they all flow together. I don’t think I’ve gotten good pictures since I cut the opening from the dining room to the kitchen.

  23. Your blog has projects that are sometimes overwhelming to me, but they spur me on to not be fearful and to jump in and take over on a project in my home. I LOVE color! I love the green lamps! I love that you are not afraid to explore ideas! I even love that you have to start over once in a while because, for some reason, it makes me feel safe in the fact that if it’s not perfect or If I screw something up, I’m not stuck with it forever. I can just go at it again. By the way, the kitchen project with the cabinets was AMAZING! I would never have been thought to use such a striking green, but it turned out stunning. Keep up the blogging! You’re helping someone in this little corner of the world without even realizing it.

  24. Kristi, I can honestly say that I look for your blog everyday! I am disapointed when a day goes by and there isn’t a post and equally excited when I see a post and immediately wonder what you are up to now!! You are certainly doing something right to not only hold my interest, but many others who share their opinions with you! Keep up the great work in both decorating and sharing with us 💚

      1. Yup, Kristi – I am addicted to Addicted2Decorating. It’s true, and when I don’t get my fix, I find myself jonesing for décor on other blog sites. Not as satisfying, tho. So, just for my own convenience, just post a completed project every single day for the rest of my natural life, will you? LOL! Sure would make things easier for me!

  25. If you choose to follow a blog, you should reasonably be aware that you are not going to agree with everyone. If it is your goal to purposely seek out things you disagree with, looking for an opportunity to express your opposition…..get off the blog! Negative people are also imposing people. They impose their negative thoughts on a blog they have chose to explore. That’s kind of like an oxy-moron!! (heed the moron part) HA!! Keep blogging. While I don’t always personally like your end style (and sometimes I do) I LOVE your energy and persistence to get it right…for YOU! I LOVE your boldness in design and also your bravery in trying new things. That is why I click on your blog. Still, it’s not just a blog issue…it’s a problem in all of society! You just gotta love those haters! 😉 Keep blogging!

  26. Perfect timing! After 3 1/2 years of looking at the ugly fabric on the headboard I bought off craigslist, I FINALLY found the courage to recover it last night. I know this is a very simple, basic diy for most…but not for this girl who’s never even been in a fabric store! It took me longer to figure out how to load the staple gun than to staple the new fabric on, but it turned out great! Reading YOUR BLOG gave me the inspiration to try, the motivation to (finally) get it done, and the courage overcome the fear of trying something I’ve never done before.
    I love the results.
    So thank you for blogging!

    1. I LOVE that you tackled that project, Arli! And now it’ll give you more confidence for the next project! And you’ll be faster now that you know how to load the staple gun. 😉 Way to go!!

  27. I’ve subscribed (and unsubscribed) to a number of decorating/home improvement blogs. Yours is the best. I don’t share your love of green, but I like most of what you do. I can relate to the decisions, the indecisions, the setbacks and the triumphs. Thanks for sharing your talent and skills with us.

  28. One of the things that I like most about your blog is getting a glimpse into how you work through your decorating decisions, changes and thought process. It has definitely changed the way I approach decorating things in my house.

  29. Visiting your blog each day is like having a cup of tea with an old friend. We talk (in the comments), exchanged ideas (on Facebook) and inspire one another to take a chances in life. Because of you, I have learned so much and have the confidence and skills necessary to tackle projects that are more complex than painting. LOL! Your blog is the one I look forward to reading each day and I thank your for your honesty. By posting your screw ups, you remind us that no one is perfect and you just have to keep trying if you want to end up with something you love. I am so glad that you show all the steps you do to get to the finished project. They are written tutorials for all of us and open our eyes to all the steps necessary to complete a project. Keep doing what you are doing Kristi! You are an inspiration.

  30. Kristi
    Not only are you amazingly talented in the art of creating things, but also in the gift of putting your thoughts into words! I too, am a designer, and can relate to the difference in creating a look for clients as opposed to for ourselves. We are much more objective for others, and way to close for projects of our own. You inspire me with your energy, enthusiasm, time management, creativity, and never giving up!!!! I love your post and am so excited when a new one appears. Bravo to you!!!!!!

  31. I enjoy viewing your creative process. It inspires me to try the ideas that are floating around in my head, without getting hung up on the potential to fail. I love that you post your frustrations, mistakes and challenges, because I find that to be relatable. I love when you post the solutions to your problems- whether it’s “I threw that idea out and its going to be okay” or “I tweaked this and now I love it!”, because flexibility is so important when creating a space that you love. I love when you break out the power tools, because then I think of all the amazing things I could do with a little bravery, a few power tools and some of your knowledge. Keep creating! 🙂

  32. I have read a lot of blogs. I haven’t found any that I look forward to more than yours. Thanks Kristi!

  33. I subscribe to about 5 blogs and yours is the only one that makes me sad when I don’t see a post in my email box! I truly look forward to them, probably because you do stay true to what YOU like and you find creative ways to pull off incredible outcomes. And you change your mind a lot. Love that.

  34. I love that you share your thought process for your decisions. It keeps me from getting discouraged knowing that your ideas come with trial and error. I love many of your projects but mostly I look to you for techniques I can use in my own home, even if my colors or style might be different. Although I did rush out to buy 2 yds of your floral chair fabric yesterday!!! Now to figure out what to make 😃

  35. My tastes and yours are frequently not the same, but that matters little, because my favorite posts are watching the process. You do inspire me. There are many projects I’ve taken on that I’d’ve passed on before, just because I’ve seen your (seemingly) fearless approach. So, I guess that puts me in the I-get-you crowd. 🙂

  36. Off Topic….Has your mom finished up your nieces’s room yet? I loved watching the progress in that room.

    1. It’s so close to being finished! She finished up all of the stuff that she could do (painted dresser, lined draperies, etc.) and now they’re down to the finishing projects that they need my help with. It looks so good, so I can’t wait to show y’all the finished room! I just need to get a few more things done.

  37. Thank you for this blog. I really love seeing your ideas and progress. It helps me believe that I can possibly create something for my home that is all “me”! We all have different tastes and ideas and can learn from each other without agreeing on particular colors, furniture style, etc. Keep up the awesome posts and I’ll definitely keep reading!

  38. Thanks for revisiting why you blog, Kristi. You communicate so well!

    To say that I have grown, as a fearless diy-er, would be an understatement…and it is all because of you.

    My husband knows that when I refer to Kristi, it is my online friend who inspires me in countless ways:)
    He came home from work one day, and I had tore out half a kitchen wall–and I said–“it is Kristi–she makes me feel fearless:)” He, like Matt, has zero interest in doing ANYTHING home improvement wise, but it excites me so much!

    You, my friend, are A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
    Keep on inspiring!!!

  39. I am pretty adventurous when it comes to trying new things and my hubby is a commercial construction superintendent. Your blog has been the most helpful as we started remodeling our newly purchased house three years ago. I read your post everyday and if it’s something I want him to consider I always say “come here and see what my girl did”. 🙂 Yes, I call you my girl. You are crazy talented and creative. We have a beautiful wood slat ceiling with crown molding in our newly built bathroom because of you. The drywallers working on the bathroom watched my progress as I cut strips of colored paper and “tiled” them onto a MDF box my husband put together so I could have a unique cover for my kleenex box in the new bathroom. When we remodeled our kitchen, I made a pattern and we cut out feet and installed them on the new cabinets along with the bump out of cabinets framed with columns, on one wall. My favorite part of your blog is when I have a aha moment, something I would never have thought of but I just know we can do it. You have brought color into our home that were out of my comfort zone. When I post on my fb page a completed project in our home, I usually have to start out with….”I didn’t come up with this, I got it from A2D but YES, we created it ourselves”! You and my coffee are my favorite part of my morning. Keep on keepin on Kriti!

  40. Kristi, I read your blog for inspiration. We have been remodeling our home over the last year and are finally nearing completion. I have been able to tackle all the carpet removal, painting, caulking, flooring, baseboards, cabinet work, kitchen shutters, appliance purchases, bead board peninsula and the list could go on because you’ve shown me how to do it. You’ve shown me the best tools to get the job done and how to stick to it to get it done right. Our home’s design has gone through countless revisions as the reno has progressed and it wasn’t stressful but just part of the process as you have modeled. I have learned so much in the process. I can’t thank you enough.

  41. You are the reason I check my email every morning first thing!! I have trimmed out two of my windows thanks to your post and have braved trying new tools. It is your inspiration that gets me building and decorating instead if just sewing, thank you!!

  42. I check your blog DAILY and am so disappointed when there isn’t a new post. I go back later in the day hoping to find something new. Our styles are not at all alike. You do, however, inspire me. I love the perspective you bring to decorating. Thank you for sharing so generously and graciously.

  43. Kristi,
    Honestly speaking – your style is not the same as mine. By far. I have a fear of trying anything with color…. I am more of a neutral type of person : rugs that tend to be 1 main color, not much pattern… Neutral walls, furniture. It takes me months to commit to a paint (again neutral!) color. I will throw color in accessories, but that is pretty much it.

    I think the reason I have been reading your blog for close to 4 years now is EXACTLY because you have such a bold statement style that is so different than mine – and I LOVE it !! And I sit here and WISH that I had your courage, energy and passion. The way you bulldoze and run at full speed with projects, just amazes me.

    Your green kitchen !! Sigh. And everything that you have done with your house so far – wow.

    I cannot wait to see a picture from the front door towards the music room – so we can get a visual of how the buffet/entry wall looks like now, with the backdrop of those AMAZING music room built-ins and doors – and a glimpse into the wow kitchen. I live for this day !

    So – I just wanted to THANK YOU. For inspiring me to at least “want” to take risks – even if I end up chickening out and not committing to anything color-wise… LOL

    PS – I am 95% convinced to try and go make your Gold Sunburst mirror. I freaking LOVE it ! 🙂

  44. While I appreciate your courage and the creativity to paint your kitchen cabinets green, I would never be bold enough to do that. BUT, I also never would have thought that I could poor my own counter tops and that’s what I’m about to do this weekend. Thanks for doing what you do!

  45. I discovered your blog when you were just beginning your kitchen. I was immediately hooked! I truly enjoy watching the transformations you achieve and the process it takes to get to the final reveal. I have always done my best projects when I needed to be resourceful, (i.e., money not available) so when I see what you are able to create rather than go to a store and buy off the shelf that gets my creative juices flowing. I ask get frustrated by comments that are negative. Input is great but kindness is greater! Please keep doing what your doing and sharing it with those of us that think you hung the moon,

  46. Totally get it. I love looking at what you’ve done – and see if any of your projects get my little brain working on ways to improve OUR homes to be more of how I want them to be – not for anyone else. FOR US! (we are young retirees, and my hubby is a can-do-anything kind of guy, so I tell him what to do, he does it/builds it! ;-O) So yes, you are inspiring the majority of your readers to jump in and try things – make things. Experiment. And Lord, I’m all for saving $$$$$, as others should be, too, (with people having so much damn debt in this country of enormous waste!!) I love just reading/seeing what you’ve been up to – and how you come to your decisions. So keep up the good work!! 🙂

  47. Kristi, I truly enjoy your blog. Wish I could say I was a DIYer but time and funds for tools/classes not in the budget (single mom with now grown kids working 2 jobs to survive). So even tho all I do at my house is paint and repurpose furniture (not reupholster or build), I love reading how you do all this and it amazes and impresses me. Makes me wish I could and gives me ideas to do here at my house. You are an inspiration and I say thank you for ‘baring’ it all with us!

  48. Aww Kristi! I love that you’re such an honest,open person! Ever since I found your blog, I was addicted too! It’s your love for what you do that gives you that passion that fires your energy and creativity!

    I hope I’ve never hurt your feelings, and if I have forgive me. I love just about everything you do. And thank you for this inspiring blog and taking the time to share with us, I appreciate it very much! And by the way, the entire wall has come out beautiful!

  49. Dear Kristi,
    and that is exactly how I (and seemingly countless others :)) feel about your blog: it’s a great source for learning things even if I don’t share your opinion about some colour choices or details.

    Even more so, you have helped broaden my mind resp. colours and details – I’m more open to al ot of things today because you’ve shown me how to use them in an unconventional way!

    And you inspire me to learn new things: Like I bought the Silhouette after reading about it on your blog (it wasn’t very widely known then in Germany) and simply love it (even if I still have to discover a lot of its possibilities)!
    Concerning your fabric post I meant to ask you whether you might want to consider using the Silhouette for it? You can make the little design on the back of your coral chair covers by cutting the design as a stencil or with freezer paper with the Silhouette and then paint it on the fabric – might be an idea if you cannot find anybody to embroider it for you…
    Anyway, I love your blog for exactly the reasons you’ve given above. And I am very grateful that all the (sometimes uncountable) opinions of other people don’t make you hate the process of blogging but that you persevere and thus help me (and others…) with ever new ideas. Many thanks for that!!!

  50. Your bravery at attempting all that you do is what I admire most. I just dropped a private blog because of a couple snarky comments. I don’t have the thick skin it takes to listen to negative comments. Your skill level also amazes me. Keep on keeping on. You are just fine!!!!

  51. Thank you for blogging. I totally “get” you. That’s why I follow you daily. Because of your post on groutable vinyl flooring and following your blog daily, it gave me the confidence to tackle putting in a pretty good size floor in our old mudroom and laundry room in prepping our house to go on the market. You then inspired me to take the traditional coat closet in the mudroom and turn it into a modern drop zone. I refaced the walls in beadboard, and built a bench and shelf. All by myself. So thank you for all you do to share your knowledge and “learning as you go” experiences. You inspire so many of us on a daily basis. Your home is a total reflection of you. Not something from a magazine, or store, or website. It’s a reflection of YOUR personal style and talents. I know it’s far more gratifying living in a space like that, as my home has come together in the same way. Enjoy each day in the environment YOU have created. Take care!

  52. I don’t understand why people can’t just say it’s not their taste but what a great idea/job/inspiration. Your painting of the mural gave me an idea for my mother’s kitchen (wallpaper she loves is way over her budget) so my husband and I are going to paint/stencil the design for her next month as well as redo her cabinets/countertop and a few other things that need fixing. I’ve learned a lot from reading your posts, and your honesty in the DIY process – keep up the good work!

  53. I love your blog. It is the one I read every day. I too am disappointed when a day goes by without a post. And I often show my husband the amazing “before and afters” because they are so inspiring.

    It is the only blog I ever comment on. Maybe because it felt like you were not only very talented but also approachable. Which is why I’m surprised and disappointed in your response. I went back and checked the comments on the lamp post. Of 60 comments only 3 of us were less than positive. Were there other, more negative comments that you deleted? Because of those 3, mine included, I didn’t think any came off as rude or as “haters”. If my comments came across that way I apologize because that was certainly not my intent.

    To me they didn’t fit what I saw as your vision. Obviously I was wrong. But then your vision is fluid and changing so I shouldn’t make any assumptions of what it is you are going for. And really you only have to please yourself.

    I will continue to read you blog because I truly enjoy it. But I will keep my comments to myself.

    1. Did you completely miss the second second paragraph of this post? If so, please read it (or read it again). I said very specifically that this IS NOT a post about “meanies” leaving “mean/rude” comments.

      I also said in the first paragraph that this was a topic I had wanted to write about for the last two weeks. That would indicate that it wasn’t something spurred on from a post from five days ago. Last year I got (and read) just over 32,000 comments. This year will be the same, if not more. I start to see patterns, and wanted to share my heart on this topic. But I also said very specifically (more than once) that people can leave whatever comments they want on my blog. I know when people are intentionally trying to be haters, and those are the (very rare) comments that I delete. Anyone who doesn’t fall into the “hater” category (and no one on the lamp post did) can say whatever they want.

      1. And don’t forget your last paragraph, which to me, summed everything up so nicely. It is why I too check my email every morning looking for your blog. And I am always sad when I’m left empty handed. Your blog is so many things, but if you are only looking for decorating advice there are other ways to get it (ones that don’t require the suspense of checking for new mail everyday!). But if you want an experience of a creative, adventurous, fearless and inspiration person then yours is THE BLOG to read.

        Thank you for being the kind of person who can gracefully navigate comments and know the spirit behind them isn’t always that of hate.

        Oh, and thank you for being the best blogger as far as grammar and typos go. I know how easy it is for autocorrect to take over and put strange and unintended words in (yep, it’s happened to me in comments on this very blog)….but to me it shows the care and pride you take in your work, you must proof it at least once or more.

  54. I find your blog very inspiring. No I don’t have all the same decorating tastes as you, but you laying out your processes for each project is extremely helpful. I have referred to your posts on more than one project in my house and it has helped me get it done right! It is also encouraging to see a women diy their house. It helps me know I can do it too!

  55. Thanks Kristi!
    I think your post today is something a lot of us needed to hear/read again. I think we sometimes get so caught up in what you’re doing/or not, that it’s easy to forget that this blog isn’t about us, our tastes/designs, (or money). It is you, sharing your home and a bit of your life with us by being open, being honest, by teaching, and being vulnerable to the world’s opinions. Thank you for doing this blog as we/I have learned so much by following you for a very long time now. And…I can’t wait for the next step in your journey 🙂

  56. One thing I love about your blog is seeing how an obviously creative and talented decorator can come up with a plan that doesn’t work and then is fearless about changing it. On TV, everything is always perfect. It’s nice to read about your planning process, how you rethink things, how you pull out items to see if they’ll work, and how it all comes together. Sometimes I think, “Oh, I don’t care for that fabric” and then I’ll see your final selection and think “Nailed it!”. I liked your coral painted credenza, but than you painted it black and it was quite stunning. I would also like to commend you as I have yet to read one of your blog posts that I didn’t enjoy and/or learn from. I’ve started following others than stopped because it was too much of the same thing, or not my taste.

  57. Wow! Just wow!! I love your blog. I am totally disappointed when you don’t post everyday. In fact, a post more than once a day would be perfect for me. Your creativity blows my mind. You have given me inspiration for my own home as well. Thanks for being “you”!!!!!

  58. Kristi,
    Your blog is very inspiring, and I do check it daily. I love it! I loved this post, too. I do have a question– A few commenters said they would never write what they would not say in person. I am wondering how you feel about that. In my life with people I know, I would probably NOT say “You did a good job on that, but I don’t think that color blends in well.” however, I have written such a comment on your blog. How do you feel about that?

    1. I personally don’t have a problem with comments like that. If someone doesn’t like something I do, they’re free to let me know. I’m not so thin-skinned that I can’t take it as long as it’s worded in an adult manner. (Comments like, “YUCK!!!!” or “UGLY!!!” really irritate me, but obviously that’s not what you’re talking about here.)

      But it generally doesn’t help me (or others who read the comments) to understand the commenter’s point of view if they don’t explain the WHY behind the opinion. So a comment like, “I don’t really like that fabric,” is perfectly fine, but I don’t personally find it helpful. But a comment like, “I don’t really think that fabric works because the main color is your room is green, and that fabric doesn’t have any green in it, and doesn’t seem to complement green at all.” That’s something that’s helpful. I’m not particularly bothered by either comment, but I do prefer ones that give helpful info that helps me understand why said fabric doesn’t work in their mind. But even then, I might disagree. 🙂 And that’s fine, too! That’s just where personal taste comes into play. 🙂

      But honest opinions given in a tactful, adult manner don’t bother me. 🙂

  59. I just think its great to follow along for the ride. Oh and in those situations where something doesn’t sit right and I can’t figure out what it is… You usually address it and correct course…(Piano) That’s just fun. Lol thanks for sharing.

  60. I first found your blog when I googled “fish scale art” and found your tutorial. It just so happened that your color scheme in the condo was exactly the same as what I’ve done in my house, so I became addicted 🙂

    I have FULL intentions of attempting the starburst mirror project, because I’ve been looking for some for a while and can’t justify spending so much money on them! But I have one request.

    After using a circle cutter to cut out countless painted circles for the fish scale project, my hand was basically useless for the next two days. So in future projects, I humbly request that you add a “Side effects may include….” section to the blog post. Please and thank you 😉

  61. Kristi – This is why I love your blog! I have been reading your blog since you did your kitchen, and I look forward to your posts every day. The way you write your blog inspired me to start my own blog, and I have taken so much inspiration from your home in my own renovation decisions. I love how you talk about why you make your decisions, and also when something doesn’t go according to plan. There are many more things I could say about how great your blog is. Keep it up!

  62. Love your blog and know it inspires thousands of lurkers like me to keep creating amazing things I could never afford otherwise. I, too, sew and upholster and paint (and build and tile and design and . . .) yet I’m completely blown away by the quality of your work. Your before and afters never cease to amaze. Watching you turn that humble house into a showstopper is truly inspiring! Keep up the good work!

  63. I think you are amazing. I am always impressed by the quality of your projects not cheap tacky diy but legitimate craftsmanship. Yours is the only blog I follow.

    I would love to know what we can do that helps make your blog more profitable to you. Are their a list of sites we should click through thru the blog? Actually very ignorant as to how one makes money from a blog so any insight would be helpful. There are products I now buy specifically due to your recommendation but I am sure you don’t get any credit for. Curious how we would help with this.

    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful experiences and ideas. You are the best and I look forward to each posting.

  64. I just discovered your blog this year, but it’s an awesome inspiration as to how to work around hiccups, vs going hey look @ this! The puzzle/problem solving is part of the fun. It’s what got me confident to create a new light fixture from the old. We are planning on making barn (contemorary sliding *husband corrects*) doors for our laundry and your many adventures for your music room.

    Also makes me feel less guilty for living with/in unfinished/tedious projects for so long…then changing things partway thru. I got a dark red/orange memory foam sectional couch project I adopted from my husband’s mother. The fabric has stayed the same, just the question of size/shape of the back cushions, (and if we want a different fabric).

  65. Bravo!! So well said, Kristi! This post is a great example of why I love reading your blog. You are real. Authenticity is rarer than most realize and you are the real deal. Thanks for sharing all your decorating/DIYing attempt with us. You inspire me. And for the buffet wall. It’s so different than your original vision and I like this so much better. It’s classy, dressy, and yet not over-dressed. You are the ultimate DIYer. Cheers!!!!

  66. I enjoy your blog and am impressed with your work. I do however do not understand why you needed to write a post like today. It was obviously because you had some need to explain yourself. I only got halfway through it and stopped because it is not why I read your blog. Just share your work and process and what you are planning. You know as well I as do there are different people in the world and everyone has their own way of thinking and decorating. It is what makes us unique. The bottom line here does it make you happy? How you feel is all that matters. And you have proven that to us when you build beautiful pony walls which we love and then tear them out because you have a new vision for your home and go with it because it makes you happy. That is the bottom line. People leaving good and bad comments is what any blog writer invites when they start a blog. You take it with a grain of salt. I don’t think in my opinion you needed to defend your position or write a post like the one today. Just get on with what you do best, decorating and sharing your process with us.

    1. This post wasn’t about me defending myself. Perhaps if you had read the whole post, and not stopped halfway through, that would have been clear.

  67. Kristi, one aspect you didn’t include in your hopes of inspiring readers is your determination! It has happened to me before and it just happened to me again on the weekend. I was moving bunk beds from a basement bedroom to one on the main floor of the house. As I was dismantling the beds I had to remove the supporting board from the top bunk up over the safety rails (I am 5′ tall) and then maneuver it across the room. I thought “wow, is this the MDF stuff everybody uses?? It is heavy!!” And then – boom- the thought just popped into my head again – “Kristi works with this stuff all the time, if she can do it, so can I!” The beds got dismantled, moved upstairs, reassembled and made up with new bedding and no one was hurt in the process and not a mark on any walls! You inspire people in many different ways, but your determination is why I love reading your blog!

  68. This truly is your decorating journey but it is also inspiration for those of us who follow your blog. You are a human being who is not afraid to try anything in the name of home improvement. You also are a life-long learner with the home skills you have acquired in addition to the decorating skills. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your posts each day.

  69. When all is said and done the only people you have to please are Mark and yourself. You are so fortunate you can see something in your mind and are able to make it yourself
    Love your blog.

    1. Just don’t tell my husband Matt about Mark, okay? I’m not ready for him to find out. 😉 Ha! Just kidding with you. I couldn’t resist. 😀

      1. Ahahaha! Sooo…and where has this ‘Mark’ been hiding huh? :p
        Oh yeah…I knew you had somebody helping you with all those diy’s! xD

  70. Well said, makes perfect sense. You are an incredibly talented lady and I thank you for sharing that talent with us! Gonna dip my toe in some DYI….yikes.

  71. Thank you for informing everyone what they can expect from your blog posts. I’ve been a follower for a couple of years and I look forward to seeing your blog post show up in my email account each day. We have different tastes for our homes, but I am inspired on so may levels by all you do. Since I started following you I have made drapes for my living room, and I am itching to try my hand at concrete countertops (outdoor kitchen plan). I think I am most inspired by your ability and courage to totally gut your bathroom and rebuild from the floor joist up! That alone inspires me to tackle projects, and I’m getting more confident every day with my DIY abilities. Keep it coming Kristi……..I’ll be waiting.

  72. I have been an admirer and have always been amazed at your boundless energy. The fact that you do what you do AND blog is amazing. I remodeled my house for two years and could not read a paragraph, let alone write one at the end of a long day, and whether I or anyone else ‘agrees’ with your decor decisions is irrelevant. Bloggers are brave, I could never be one, and I admire those who are willing to put it all out there and be real. You inspire us, keep it up.

  73. Bravo!! Ditto!! Way to Go Kristi!!

    Like many other commenters stated, yours in the only blog I follow and I get excited seeing it in my inbox and often save it to read at a point in my day when I need a pick-me-up. This is the only blog I ever comment on and in fact I sweat over commenting, I so admire you that you can just lay it all out there. Can’t imagine doing that myself.

    I started reading and continue to read your blog for so many reasons, most of which are because I identify so much with your PROCESS, the results are yours and totally personal.

    I love-love-love that you seem fearless in attacking DIY projects in your home. I love that you are basically working alone on your projects. There were very few female role models when I started DIYing (and no internet), it took me years to reach my own fearlessness, long after the age you are.

    I love-love-love that you don’t use drop cloths, somehow it makes me feel better as I rarely use them either and just clean the paint off of my hardwood floors. People ask me all the time when will I be finished and clean it up!

    I love-love-love that you make mistakes – wrong choices – do overs – I do all those things so it is wonderful reading that I am not alone. I often tell people my house is my laboratory, to try new things, make mistakes and learn from them. I’m an interior designer and work primarily with middle class and DIY clients. Making my mistakes (and successes) at home help me be a better resource for my clients and designer.

    I love-love-love that you learn as you tackle each project. I work that way too, buy my tools and then learn how to use them, try new things and mess up royally, re-sand counter tops already “finished”, change paint colors, stain colors you name it. I have had to stop purchasing items for anything I am working on until I actually get to that point in the project because between my purchasing it and using/installing it I most often change my mind and waste a lot of money I don’t really have.

    I will never understand why people are concerned that I am not finished with all my home DIY projects. They never seem to understand that it is the process I love and when I complete each project I am excited about moving on to the next one, and the next, and the next.

    Kristi, it is obvious that you love what you do and I admire the fact that you have been able to take what you love and use it to support you and your family. How many people can say that!

  74. Yours is one of the TWO blogs I read religiously … I follow a few different blogs covering a range of topics, but I so look forward to your posts! I love seeing the progress you’ve made, the ideas simmering, and even the re-dos … Heaven knows we don’t all get it right the first time! 🙂 You’ve inspired me to think differently when it comes to my decorating, given me the courage to attempt reupholstering and building furniture from scratch, gave great instructions for the tufted headboard I want to do for my master bedroom, and have provided inspiration when I’m stuck. (DIY overhead lighting! Sun mirror! Hand-drawn wallpaper! And I am SO JEALOUS of your kitchen!) Even when I’m taking a break from decorating and home projects due to work and life just getting in the way, I still check in daily to see what’s happening at A2D … it’s the first post I look for in the mornings! I’m horrible at keeping up on FB, and I wish I could comment more often, but I am so thankful you’re sharing this journey and I wanted to be sure to tell you how much I enjoy and look forward to your updates. Can’t wait to see those curtains! 🙂

  75. I wish I had found your blog when I was still in McGregor. I would have enjoyed coming over and helping with your projects. I look forward to seeing your next post and am disappointed when there isn’t one. You go girl.

  76. Kristi,
    Your blog is my favorite and I subscribe to dozens! It’s not because you teach us how to do everything step by step (but you do), not because you take on seemingly impossible tasks (but you do), not because you’re unafraid to redo a project to achieve satisfaction (but you do). Mostly, it’s because you DIY almost solo. As a single woman, I so admire what you have accomplished in your house and your condo all by yourself. Your vision and ambition inspire me…thank you!

  77. This is the most perfect post I have ever read. Well done!
    I think my life has been so much about trying to be perfect to everyone else and that just puts you in a corner to your own detriment!
    When ever I read your blog reminds me that I can be me and design me and fix my house in really great ways just for me because , yes, sometimes just sitting in a room I have designed makes me smile and that in enough. And I am such a procrastinator for that niggling fear that it might not be perfect so why pursue it?
    No more Kristi! I have learned first of all Courage, and secondly study the tutorials to gain confidence and work it out to your satisfaction, and if it gets screwed up, try again. Thank you , Kristi. I read you every day and no our styles are different and no I do not embrace all of Houzz, but I study it and love the design dilemma questions and sometimes I answer sincerely! Whew! Thanks for letting me vent/express/contribute!

  78. Believe it or not, I too look forward to your blog everyday, and have even been concerned when we haven’t heard from you for days on end. I think you were off line for quite some time, before you decided to share what I think you called your “ugly” truth. The one where you said you were fat and hated to have your picture taken. Then you told us about the journey you and Matt were going to take to loose weight. I know I critique some of the things you do, like the lamps and mirror, however I do it just as I would with a friend. I was very frank when I said that the lamps and especially the mirror block the beautiful wall mural. You know how I feel about that. I think it is absolutely beautiful, and have said so. I would not care if you had a $5,000. mirror on that wall, I would still feel the same. The wall is so breathtaking, I hate to see one inch of it hidden by anything. I tried everything I could think of to steer you away from that paintbrush colorful fabric. It just did not seem like the right choice to me. I have been vocal about a lot of things. However, I don’t think I have ever said yuck or ugly. I am sure you consider me one of the “haters” which is just such a stupid word. It is a word of from TV and Hollywood and teenagers and just plain dumb. I resent being refered to as a hater, just because I respond to your often asked question, “what do you all think?” You can’t ask that question and expect everyone to praise the color, or fabric, or chairs to the rafters. Not all of us are going to like it. I would certainly hope that your readers would be honest with you. I love the coral fabric and print you have decided to go with. I also love that you are using the coral. There are so many things that you do that are truly admirable. I show my husband your building prowess all the time. You have to learn to take the good with the bad or simply don’t ask for opinions. Just post your blog and invite glowing, positive comments.

    1. Maryanne, are you sure you read the post? How is it that 200+ people can comment on this post, and all but two understood the point? And furthermore, how is it that two of you read this post and took away from it that I was calling you “haters”? I specifically said in the second paragraph that this IS NOT a post about “meanies” who leave “mean comments.” That wasn’t even the point of the post, and I didn’t just infer it. I stated it EXPLICITLY. So how in the world can that be taken as me calling the two of you “haters”?
      But with that being said, let me be very honest with you. You do have a tendency to be VERY brash and sometimes flat out rude in your comments. Not too long ago, you told me that perhaps I should stop asking for input (which I seldom do, if you’d actually read the posts), and just post about my decorating projects as I get them done, because you didn’t think I should allow my comment section to turn into the Jerry Springer Show.
      What you failed to realize was that it was YOU and you alone that other readers were starting to respond to negatively on a pretty regular basis. It shocked me that you didn’t realize that, and that you didn’t take pause and ask yourself why, in post after post, other readers were starting to address you directly on your comments. It’s because of the tone of your comments! You call it helpful. Others call it just downright rude. Here’s an example of part of a recent comment — one of your comments that really unleashed a firestorm of criticism being hurled your way by other readers/commenters. You said:
      “I am not even going to read the posts. …you destroyed the cane by painting it….None of the the fabrics you have chosen go with a traditional room….You seem to have a real problem picking out fabrics for a room,once you get your projects going. you have a white room. you can do most anything, but it must fit with the styley of the room. If not you will end up looking like a poor excuse for a DiY show, which we know you are now. Get someshelp from a decorator. Blssngs” (emphasis mine)
      Seriously? You call me a “poor excuse for a DIY show” and then expect people not to respond? And what’s more, you defend your comments by telling me that you’re just trying to help, and if I didn’t want that kind of input, then I should stop asking for input from readers? SERIOUSLY? And that wasn’t the first time that your comment started a firestorm in my comments section.
      In fact, there was one time that things got so out of control, and the comments from others to you, in response to your rude comment, just kept coming, and kept coming, and kept coming, to the point that I finally had to DELETE your comment and all of the responses. Some of the responses you never saw, because I never approved them, so they were never published on my blog. (It’s only when comments are published on the blog that commenters are sent an automatic email saying that someone has responded to their comment.)
      And that was after months of your continual poking and prodding comments, sometimes with outright insults, and sometimes with backhanded comments, that others were starting to take notice of. I had THREE PEOPLE email me and ask why I hadn’t blocked you yet because your comments were so rude and disruptive. It’s gotten to the point that my default response when I see a comment from you is to cringe and roll my eyes. And no, it’s not because of your suggestions or criticism. It’s because of HOW you deliver that criticism. Your “suggestions” often feel like a punch in the face. And it’s day after day after day, week after week. And it’s been going on for at least four months now…maybe longer. And that’s PRECISELY why other regular readers started to notice, and started to comment back to you. Do you seriously not realize how you come across in your comments?
      So if you want to continue leaving your “helpful” comments on my blog, that’s fine. As I said in this post, people can say whatever they want to say to me. But I’m done censoring my comment section because you. If you want to be a brash northeastern woman (that was your excuse, not mine) whose “helpfulness” comes across like a punch in the face, that’s fine. But if other readers respond in a not-so-positive way, just realize that that’s on you. Not me. Not them. Just you.

      1. I honestly didn’t think she was a real person until I did a little internet stalking. Holy Lack of Self-Awareness, Batman.

        That said, I’m SO not going to build dining room chairs, but I did paint a little drop leaf table in my family room, thanks to you. I got it at an antique mall, probably mid-first half 20th century, with a dark stain. I’m one of those anti-painted furniture people, I always said I would refinish it, but I looked long and hard at its splotchy wood one day and had a WWKD moment. It’s now painted (following your tutorial) a lovely light green and it looks SO much better!

      2. I don’t mind you quoting me, but please don’t misquote me. What I said was “if not, you will end up looking like a poor excuse for a DIY show, which we know you are NOT”. This is a blog. As you often say, this is how I make my money. If not for the number of comments and clicks, you earnings would be down. I do not see this as a place for drama, or back and forth, or others commenting on individual posts. Your reader should be able to post a comment, good, bad or indifferent without be taken to task by you or your other readers. I don’t think your skin is as thick as you like to say it is. I do believe you get angry when someone disagrees with you. Of course you cannot show that anger, because that is not what the sponsor want. Your job is to blog. Your job is not to solicit kudos from readers. Like other bloggers you should write about or demonstrate your craft. You should read the comments, but only respond if a question has been asked. You may not realize it, but you anger does come through in your responses. For example, the shot you took at the person who said she stopped reading half way through. Your response to her as a vendor who is looking to gain income, was rude. Most of us are truly interested to see what you do as far as building and woodworking goes. You have a great talent for that. Your taste level runs hot and cold, as is demonstrated by how many times you change your mind about something. Yes, we all know by now that it is your house and you are the only one who has to be pleased, most of feel the same way. You could come into my home any time and tell me you don’t like something. I would not care, because I know that I have excellent taste. I don’t need anyone to tell me that, although everyone does. You should stick to the blog, read the comments, answer the questions and don’t encourage drama. If someone disagrees with another poster, your only response should be “thanks for the input”. You are allowing your readers to turn this blog into a drama, and I believe you are encouraging it, by deleting posts. I would even go so far as to say you like it. You like having people on your side. Like so many have said, even when I don’t like something I don’t say anything. So don’t ask your readers what they think, let them give you feed back, other wise it looks and sounds like you are looking for the praise. There are many times when it is well deserved, and should be acknowledged, but you should never solicit it. When you do, you will always have someone like me, who is not afraid to voice her opinion, and you may not always like it. In the future, I will look at your projects, I won’t read your blogs for the most part, since I am not interested in how you build something, and I surely won’t be commenting. So you can look forward to years of praise from your adoring readers.

        1. You don’t see the comment section on a blog as a place for others commenting on individual posts? That is just precious.

          Welcome to the Internet, sweetheart.

          1. I find it sad when someone feels the need to post snide comments about people that don’t personally know. Says alot about you though, don’t you think?

          1. After following your posts for a couple years, there is only one name that I always recognize when reading comments…Mary Anne Looby. I usually skip over it because she puts me in a foul mood. She thrives on “poking and prodding”, begging for a reaction. If the comments aren’t informative or constructive, if they aren’t at least cheerful or amusing, why keep her on the blog where we are all subjected to her meanness?

        2. I admit that I cannot help but read your comments for the guaranteed train wrecks that they have become. It’s like looking at an awful accident. But is that how you wish to be perceived by the world? You are profoundly judgmental, and if you perceive something as being not what you would do, your language is vitriolic. This is someone else’s blog about THEIR own life and work, and your expectation that they must live up to your very own standards or else suffer the consequences of your harsh judgment is not normal. In all seriousness, you may want to see a therapist about this. Who or what is it that you are really angry at in the real world? Your family members? Life in general? Taking your anger out on others in cyberspace doesn’t solve the root problem. It only spreads malice further (and there’s far too much of that in this world already). Please, seek help.

        3. Quick, Looby, cover your ass faster!
          OK, so on her personal blog, Kristi should remain neutral and professional because it’s her job as a vendor? Yeah, ok. Cool. But as a good Christian woman, shouldn’t you be less of a snobbish, arrogant prick? =o

      3. If you read the whole post you will notice that I was having a problem with my computer. I don’t know if the keys were sticking but I do remember there was a delay every time I typed. There are at least 5 misspellings in that post. Had I read it I would have seen that the it said NOW instead of NOT. If you read the sentence it makes much more sense with the word NOT. It was a clerical error, not me casting espersions on you as a DIY’er. We all know you are excellent at that. Where you are lacking sometime is in your decorating choices. That is what I was pointing out.

        1. Who are you to say Kristi is sometimes lacking in her decorating choices? Oh, that’s right. You have excellent taste and everyone tells you that.
          “I would certainly hope that your readers would be honest with you”.
          I have been a long-time reader and many, many times people have posted that they disagreed with something Kristi was doing. There’s a difference between disagreeing and being down-right bitchy. You don’t seem to get that.
          “So you can look forward to years of praise from your adoring readers”.
          There you go with another bitchy statement!
          ” It was a clerical error, not me casting espersions on you as a DIY’er”.
          Maybe you should proof-read your comments more carefully in the future.

        2. I have never EVER commented here before, but I have to agree with Jamie. It had gotten to the point where I just knew the Mary Anne Looby comments would be negative and disparaging. When there were no comments for quite some time, I thought maybe she had moved on or passed away.

        3. Hi Kristi,

          I enjoy this blog so much and all of the people who comment. I’ve actually learned some good things from reading the comments as well as reading your blog! And, I LOVE Maryanne’s comments. I actually laugh out loud! I think Maryanne is hilarious!

          Thank you for a blog that provides me with everything I love…decor, DIY, and humor! I look forward to many more amazing posts from you! Don’t change a thing! 🙂

        4. Oh my, thanks for recommending . If your rudeness didn’t make me judge you, your insistence that painted cane is a “sin” certainly would. Perhaps you should embark on a campaign to let the French know, they have been painting cane furniture for hundreds of years.

          Keep trying to convince people on the internet that you have impeccable taste. It’s an easy claim to make when you don’t have the courage to put your decor out there for public comment.

      4. Sorry but to me, this rude, mean, offensive person strikes me as either a narcissist or a sociopath or both. They can’t see beyond the tunnel of themselves and their rightness in everything. They just want attention, any attention whether its good or bad because they have to make everything about themselves and what they want or think they have a right to control. Haha I have a few family members just like that. You will never win, they will either stay around and continue to badger for the attention or they will pout and whine and make out like they are the victim. You have better things to do than deal with these type of people. I hope you are able to figure out some way to deal with this type of person, they inevitably crop up to try to ruin a peaceful atmosphere. My best to you for a great blog.

  79. I love to look at your blog and see all the unique, creative and affordable projects that you do. The wallpaper idea is amazing, as are the doors, lighting. I never comment on the evolution of your projects, but going forward I will. Your style is your style, so forget about the crazies who hide behind the screen and throw hate, I bet they have nothing on you in regards to talent and aren’t brave enough to blog. Keep on keeping on! XOXO D

  80. Hi, Kristi,
    I know I am echoing what others have said, but I still want to reply. I haven’t been following your blog very long, and one of the many things that drew me to it was that you were so welcoming of people’s ideas, and honest about what worked, what didn’t, and about whether or not people’s ideas would work for you. I tuned in the first time because I find DiY blogs somewhat interesting. I stay tuned in to you because

    1. You tackle just about anything.
    2. You aren’t afraid to give up on an idea and start over.
    3. Your spirit and personality come through in everything you write and share.
    4. Even though I am not much of a Do It Yourselfer, you are inspirational to me because the first three reasons can be applied to all kinds of life issues and challenges.
    5. Your adventurous style makes me smile.
    6. I love your cat.

    I could go on. Thank you for sharing with us.



    1. PS I do love the wallpaper, buffet, and green lamps, but I also loved some of the ideas you gave up on for the dining room. I love the choices you’ve made and the ones you left behind because they let me get to know you a bit better, which I find very satisfying. I wish I knew you in person. A blog can be a window that reveals a person bit by bit; that is, if the blog is well-done. I think yours does that.

    2. I love your blog. Like everyone else I look forward to seeing what you’re working on now. I don’t always agree with your colour choices but that’s because we are all different. I love shades of blue and purple (and lots of black) while you like greens and coral. So what? I love the info you pass on and the thought processes you explain.

      Another case in point, your piano. I loved the gray finish but I couldn’t see any way it would fit with your stated plan for your music room. Though I would never paint a piano yellow, as soon as I saw it I knew it now fit.

      I find your kitchen to be amazing but I would love it in a deep blue. Again so what? Not my house and you gave me many ideas for my own kitchen when I start reno-ing next year.

      Love the entry/ dining room makes me rethink my stand on green.

      What amazes me most is that you can work all night doing something, change your mind, strip it down and begin again, and still have enough energy left to write about it.

      Thanks for what you do. I agree with Dottie on everything.

  81. I enjoy reading your blog. I think that the biggest thing for me…I enjoy when you scrap a plan or redo something you loved. It gives me the confidence to actually TRY. I just moved into my 15 year old modular home. Now, I can’t take down walls or anything but I work well with what I have. I can’t afford an entire kitchen remodel so I am using the thing I can afford…paint. My FIL hated the color I picked for my cabinets. I still bought the paint. It was one person’s opinion. Right now, it isn’t done but I have done something I have never done: jumped in both feet and had a plan and I am painting. I have a long ways before I can call it done (they adhered these ugly wood things to the cabinet doors that I have to pry off and then sand then paint). But I am forging ahead because you have given me the confidence to complete something before I can say “nope” or “look how pretty!” I love your blog and miss it when you don’t post.

  82. It’s all about making your own little piece of heaven. I love to see different styles of decorating and appreciate when people like yourself share what you do. I check your blog most days as you are a favorite of mine. I like to check out what you’ve been up to and I appreciate that you show us that you are human! You are an awesome decorator. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us and extend you great respect for that.

  83. I only recently found your site and am totally enjoying it. Do I love everything? No. The green lamps would definitely not be on my list. But, the hand painted “wallpaper”, the sunburst mirror and your previous bathroom remodel are absolutely beautiful! I too am your mother’s age and have not done any “decorating” in ages. I am always worried that I might not like the way it turns out after spending all that money. Now we are in the middle of a family room remodel – promised by my son the contractor. After six weeks of waiting for him to do the next stage, I am just about ready to do it myself – all because I feel inspired by your fantastic posts. Keep up the great work.

  84. I so enjoy reading your blog. I stumbled on it accidentally when you were doing your kitchen. I still remember how I kept checking every few hours to see how your concrete counters were drying! Even though I cannot do any renovating of my own (I live in an apartment in a city and am forbidden by lease from doing many of the things that the rest of you can), I still enjoy learning from your process. But more importantly, somehow you’ve awakened a can-do attitude within me. I haven’t done much so far – only a few handmade throw pillows, which I love. And I’m going to paint and stencil an armoire. I’ve never stencilled anything before, but I’m taking your can-do approach to it. 🙂 I’m very excited about it – thank you for that.

  85. You didn’t have to explain or defend yourself for me to “get” why you blog because it’s always been obvious me–but I appreciate the fact that you did. I found your blog when I got stumped by my own DIY project and continue to be inspired (and often AWED) by your beautiful projects, energy, and creativity in my own creative/artistic endeavors. I’m a fan because you have an honest, heartfelt writing style that makes me literally feel like I’m with you every step of the way and for that, I’ll always be a loyal follower. Thank you for making me feel like I’m not alone, that LIFE is a work in progress, and that mistakes can be opportunities to try something new. Thank you for being YOU <3

  86. Kristi – I’ve been reading your blog since you were posting condo projects – 2011 or 2012? I was happy for you when you moved into your dream home and have been silently cheering you on as you have tackled all manner of renovation and decorating. I’ve cringed at some of your choices, and wished that you didn’t have to do some of your redo’s. I’ve loved many things, and have been surprised that some things I haven’t been crazy about, look lovely when finished. I read probably too many blogs, but they give me encouragement to tackle various projects, ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of myself, and teach me what not to do – all of it valuable. I don’t live in your house, but I sure enjoy looking inside at your personal masterpiece in progress. You are a strong, gutsy woman and I’m an admirer of your courage to try. You seem to do an awesome job of opening yourself up to ideas, which can be a two-edged sword. Best wishes as you continue your work. And I’m really loving the homedrawn wallpaper – with the buffet and lamps against your walls. Nice. Ignore the ugly comments and DIY ON!

  87. This may be my favorite blog post ever. Your style is not my style and your favorite colors are not mine, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what you do. We’re individuals. What a boring world it would be if we all did everything the same way. While some may find your sunburst mirror unappealing, I admire its creativity. I would much rather live in a home surrounded by things that reflect my own personality and have some real meaning to me rather than one filled with perfectly manufactured, mass produced items that can easily be replaced by next week’s version of a perfectly manufactured mass produced item. I prefer to live with things that speak to my soul.
    I found your blog when I was searching for information about painting kitchen cabinets and I was immediately hooked. You were in the process of painting your cabinets and you didn’t like the paint finish, so you found a way to fix it. I spent a few weeks going back and reading your older posts and to say that you are an inspiration is an understatement. The amount of talent and drive that is packed into that tiny little body of yours is nothing short of amazing. The fact that you do almost all the work by yourself and run your business/write your blog, while helping Matt with his MS-related issues is truly remarkable. I’m currently in remission and I know all too well how difficult MS can be for everyone involved. You opened my eyes to things that should have been obvious – that it’s okay to change course midstream or to even start over when something is finished but just isn’t what you thought it was going to be. Seriously, this was news to me! Once that realization sunk in, I became unstoppable. I bought tools I never thought I would/should own. I took on projects that were seemingly beyond my range of skills and I succeeded because I kept thinking, if Kristi can do it, there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to do it too. When I run into a problem, I ask myself “What would Kristi do?” and I move forward. You’ve taught me that it is okay to take a break to refresh my mind when a project becomes overwhelming. I’ve done so many things in this short time since I found you – a bathroom redo, a raised laundry room floor, building a kitchen island, gutting my kitchen – none of those things would have ever been started, nevermind finished, before I “met” you. Later this year, I will be building a wall of built-ins and a fireplace, inspired by your condo built-ins and your fireplace. I never would have had the courage to try them if you hadn’t inspired me. You’ve sparked a creativity in me that, at 54 years old, I never knew existed. It’s not possible for me to convey to you how great an impact you have had. I could go on and on, singing your praises to the rooftops, but I think you get the idea that I think you are one AMAZING woman. I think I “get” you 🙂 What a blessing you are!

  88. Good Heavens! Not sure you’re still up to reading comments… BUT… Your inspiration, explanation, process and outcome are ALL reasons why–like so many others–I drop whatever I’m doing whenever one of your post notifications shows up on my screen.

    One of your previous posts about why you were having trouble making decisions for your own house SO resonated with me. It really meant a lot to know someone like you–with all your talent and can-do–gets stuck sometimes, too… In your case, not because you don’t have an idea, but because you have so many and want to chose the right one (with new ones dawning all the time).

    My indecision is a little different, but I found the explanation of your process liberating. Last week, I decided NOT to use fabric I had purchased for my kitchen…because it just didn’t work the way I hoped. I was able to do that because your journeys “gave me permission” to change direction.

    I can’t imagine everyone having the same style house, same rooms, same everything (even though it would be a privilege to have any of your rooms in my house). I might like but not need a succulent wall planter, but the steps may be perfect for something else I’m doing.

    Your out of the box thinking, backed up by how-to guidance, inspires so many of us to think differently or more confidently or try new things…(like blogging… which I never thought I’d EVER even want to do, but am having a blast learning. And WHY? Because YOU invited me to try AND taught me how through your how to blog posts). In everything you write, you’re always teaching and I am a very willing student.

    Keep sharing your journey! I’m on board for all of it!!! Kindest regards 🙂

  89. I always find your blog inspiring and informative. People don’t have to agree with your decor. It’s your house not theirs. You can voice opinions without bashing.

  90. Like others, Kristi, I love reading about your process whether or not I love each individual choice. I also find inspiration sometimes in the smallest detail in photos even if I don’t like the whole room. It’s why instead of lots of Pinterest posts I have tons of Word documents that are just pictures with an arrow pointing to that one detail and a note about why I thought it was a great idea.

    The biggest inspiration I get from you though is the utter transformation of a really plain Jane house to a thing of beauty. You can barely recognize that it’s the same house. I’ve always been able to see how some paint and other small changes can really make a difference but when I look at your before and afters, they’re utterly amazing! When house hunting I’m not even sure I’d have seen all the rooms in that house before saying no thanks. I’ll be moving soon and your blog has convinced me to turn a plain fixer upper into a real “me” space rather than just a better “them” space. To paraphrase an old real estate adage, I’m buying the worst house at an amazing price in the best neighborhood I can’t afford and that’s thanks in no small part to you.

  91. Well said Kristi! First, I was so happy to see the picture of the finished product with this post. I LOVE it. I have learned, through your blog, to wait until the end rather than like or dislike an element in your rooms.

    I started following you on FB some time ago and because I liked your style and ingenuity. I started to read your blog after you painted your coach because I couldn’t believe someone could or would do such a thing. Through your blog I have been inspired to DIY most of the work on my fixer upper.

    Thank you for the successes, trials and tribulations!!! You have shown me it’s ok to make mistakes, change my mind and take on new challenges.

  92. I’m glad you posted this. I’d been thinking that recently, people have been getting a lot more Judgy McJudgypants on here, but I thought it was just me. Sometimes, it’s worth reiterating that the purpose of the blog is to share what you’ve done and what you like, not to produce something that everyone else likes.

    It’s also an important reminder that there are such things as good manners in the blogosphere and on social media. You wouldn’t walk into someone’s home and say something to the owner or designer like, “Oh, that sofa! It so doesn’t go with that lamp! You should do X, Y, and Z instead.” If you were asked your opinion, you’d say something more constructive and tasteful.

    I love your blog, even though very many of your tastes aren’t things I would do in my own home. I see lots of inspiration–like your willingness to go all out and paint a large piece of furniture a really bright color like coral or yellow and then repaint it over and over until it looks “just right” in your mind for your room. I’m not that bold, nor do I have that level of dedication to redo things until it’s “just right,” and I really enjoy reading about and seeing someone else who is.

  93. Hi Kristi,

    Well said. Does everything you’ve done in your home fit my aesthetic or my home? No. But I can appreciate everything you’ve done and the process youve gone through to get to the end result. Your home is truly beautiful!

    I check your blog every day and am bummed on the days you haven’t posted. (And that’s not me at to imply you should post every day – it’s meant to convey how much I enjoy your blog!) and one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much is because your personality shines through and you “keep it real.”

    Ive read a few decorating blogs recently where the authors have hired designers to help them with their projects and seem to have endless budgets (wouldn’t that be nice!) THats not reality for a lot of people, which is why you are so relatable and liked.

    Keep up the great job and don’t give he negative comments any thought.

  94. I love reading your blog and, like so many, I check it everyday! I thought blogs were a source of income for the blogger – and that the income was the “why” anyone blogs. (The more great content a blogger gives, the more followers she has, and the more potential revenue…) Your blog content is first class in terms of ideas, how-to’s, motivation, and fun. I hope you long continue to be motivated by the people who “get you” so that we can all continue to enjoy and be inspired in return!

    1. In the most simplistic terms, yes, I blog because it’s my job, and our household’s source of income. But in broader terms, I think most people hope to have a job that they absolutely love, and find motivation to do that job beyond just getting a paycheck. As they saying goes, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I’m fortunate enough to do what I love every day, and somehow (after several years of blogging about what I love) managed to turn it into a business. But the motivation goes far beyond money. 🙂

  95. I absolutely love your blog. It is the only one that I read every post and continually go back to reference. I especially love that you always post a lot of pictures and take us step by step through each project. I have some projects coming up in the future and I know I will be using some of the techniques that I have seen you do. I have never understood people who criticize on design blogs. The point of designing your house is to make a space that you love that is also a reflection of your personality, not someone else’s. I think you do an excellent job of that and I appreciate the risks you take in designing your home. My personal style is very modern but I can always find inspirational in your posts.

  96. I read your post a while back (the other one like this) and thought it was insightful.This one is too. It reminds me why your blog exists, and I am thankful I can learn from you. I am sorry if I ever offended you or another person with any of my comments. I don’t know if I ever did, I hope not.
    I like your bog and how you keep changing stuff, the color of the buffet, walls, etc… you are not afraid to change anything, which I can keep in mind for when I create/build something and I don’t “love” it, I can give myself permission to change it too! No matter what other people think.

  97. Just one more Kristi! I just finished reading your excellent post and all the comments til this point. These comments speak so highly of you, well most as in 99+%. You provide that desire in all of us to do what we wish we could do, not sure we can do but are inspired by you and try it! All speak volumes. Ashame we can’t have an Addicted2Decorating Festival in McGregor. Love you! Keep them coming.

  98. Love your blog and everything about it! I am new to it in the past 6 months and look forward to seeing all your progress, triumphs and pitfalls in my in box every day. You are a huge inspiration and excellent teacher.

  99. And that is why I follow your blog and like your Facebook page. We are often at opposite ends of the decorating spectrum. I don’t understand your choices sometimes, and sometimes I do (like the wallpaper; that’s GORGEOUS!!!), and sometimes what I get is the inspiration to try something new.

    My new home was built in 2004, and my fiance and I are the third owners. There isn’t much that needs to be FIXED, but the decor of the last couple is NOT in my taste (RED wall in the kitchen and dining room, but only on one side; the cabinets are that orangey oak, and the rest of the main rooms are green-toned beige. THAT has got to get fixed!!!) I would have preferred a 1950’s or earlier home, but my fiance didn’t want to have to start with heavy construction stuff. I saved your pictures of your gorgeous wallpaper, and I am going to try something similar, but more ME. Like pink flamingos or something else kind of boho-gypsy-hippie eclectic.

    I am so happy I found your blog… I have been inspired to try new things from reading your stuff, even when I don’t completely like what you’ve done. And it is, after all, YOUR home that you are sharing with us.

  100. I love your blog too. I’ve done my share of projects, including reupholstering, slip covering, painting, hanging wallpaper, making drapes, some electrical, and even retailing a shower (we co-own four rental units with another couple and we are all DIYers). However, I am totally impressed by your skills. I don’t do woodworking because my husband is so good at it that I just put an order in with him for what I want. I don’t do plumbing because my husband, my business partner in the rentals, and my brother-in-law, a professional plumber, all hate it! Even though I have a civil engineering license, you take on things that I think I would shy away from. You inspire me, which is good, because we just bought my sister-in-law out of her share of my husband’s family home. It’s a 1938 bungalow in Napa. Until 2 years ago when he passed away, my 97 year old father in law was living there alone (my mother in law died 4 years ago). It has about 50 years of deferred maintenance and is stuck in the 50s due to a disability my father-in-law experienced in the 1960s. In a few weeks we will embark on our own DIY major remodel. I love your designs, and I hope to steal a few of your ideas to use there. We still plan to keep our current house in Sacramento, so we will be commuter DIYers. I hope we can make as much progress as you do. First up is new electrical and plumbing (yuck). Stay tuned, and thanks for all the inspiration.


  101. Aw, Krist, you’re such a classy badass. <3
    I'll be honest: I hate geometric patterns, I especially hate stripes, I hate bright green, and I hate "clean" lines in furniture. I like soft pastels, florals, and curved shapes. However! I still think your rooms are just beautiful because I can see the love and attention put into each one, even though I would never decorate like that! I think you're extremely inspiring, and you always make me want to get to work. I, like many others, get excited when I see that you've updated in my feed. There are maybe two or three blogs that I get excited to read, and this is one of them.
    I read for your energy, ambition, projects, and tips. What you've done each day is a funner follow than a soap opera, lol. Still, I admit, when the decorating is done, I will be very excited to see more tutorials and tips! =D
    You do you, Kristi. I admit I hold my tongue most of the time because our styles are so drastically different, who am I to say what would look better? I only offer suggestions if I think it would appeal to your style more (like the coral curtains suggestion). But no matter what direction you take, I can always appreciate it somehow.

    1. So here is someone who absolutely hates your stylr but would never tell you. I guess that is what you are going for Kristi, people who hate what you choose but will still click to make you money. Iguess the take away in all this is read me and ckick on me, but just ppraisr some of my awful taste. As i said before, I will not comment unless it is truthful. There were many sugestions i made that you took . For example, turni ng the dining table. Not doing the shiplap above the fireplace, getting rid of that clownish fabrick, bringing in thr coral and not using green in the dining room. To name a few. You do usually mention that some one said ….but that is as far as you go to admitting that your readers have been a big help.. I am done with all this silliness, as i said before you are encouraging your readers to turn this blog into the gerry springer show, something thay i have no desire to be a part of. So keep you phony responders, those that don ‘t like what you do, but don’t say so. Ifeel fine about my responses, since they were neant to make Kristi think, something she does not always do before jumping in with both feet., as she has demonstrated time and time again with her do overs. As i pointed out in the post where some of you had a caniption fit, time is money, a concept she has not been able to grasp, i personally think it is tied to her self worth. She feel that she could go so much farther if she could just loose weight. I find that very sad.

      1. Mary Anne,

        I confess that I was feeling a little sorry for you in one of the posting threads above. It’s hard when you think you’re being helpful and then you feel someone misinterprets your intentions.

        How people say WHAT they say is often the cause of the trouble…and that is the case with the plurality of your comments people found objectionable.

        You’re the center of this sh*tstorm because–although you may indeed have excellent taste–you lack tact and diplomacy. When called out on it by the author of this blog, or readers who also see it, you became understandably defensive…

        Instead of just apologizing, you took the gloves off and really upped your game as in this last unkind comment. Please don’t. We all make mistakes, authors…commenters…people. And when enough people offer YOU constructive criticism, you might want to wonder if there’s something to it.

        Save yourself further grief.

        I have a harsh delivery when I talk…and I see it in others in my family. People get offended…we learn to be a little more careful when we talk.

        Introspection can be a b*tch… but usually results in positive change.

        If this happens in other places in your life, and not just here, maybe you need a closer look at you.

        Kindest regards.

      2. Oh my gosh…STOP!!!!!!!! It is YOU who is turning this into a Jerry Springer-type circus. HOW THE HELL CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT?!?! I hope you said all you want to say, because this will be your LAST comment on my blog. You have absolutely ZERO self-awareness. And regardless of how I or anyone tried to explain it to you, you will never get that it is not your opinions that offend. IT’S HOW YOU EXPRESS those opinions. You have ZERO tact and ZERO self-awareness.
        And for the love…I’VE HAD IT with you leaving comment, after comment, after comment, after comment, after EVERY-LOVING COMMENT, telling me how to run my business, how to spend my time, when I’m wasting time, how I don’t understand the value of time, etc., etc., etc. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BLOGGING AS A BUSINESS WORKS!!!!! That couldn’t be more clear, and yet, it doesn’t stop you from telling me what to do and how I should be doing it when it comes to blogging. My gosh, you are SO infuriating!!! If you had zero understanding of accounting, would you walk into an accounting firm and tell them how they should run their business? Don’t answer that. Knowing you, you probably would. And you’d make a fool of yourself in the process.
        And for the record, I didn’t do any of those things becuase YOU suggested them. I turned the table back the way that I wanted it. I didn’t use the shiplap because of MY MOM’s suggestion. I decided not to use the fabric in the dining room because I couldn’t make it work…but I love it and plan to use it in my office. I don’t remember you suggesting coral, because somewhere along the way I stopped reading your comments. And not using green? HAVE YOU SEEN MY WALLS? My lamps? I can assure you that none of the credit for my decisions goes to you.
        You’re done here. And I and everyone else here are done responding to you. It’s clear that that’s what you thrive on, and this is the last time that I or anyone else will give you the satisfaction.

        1. Aw darn, there went my bi-weekly entertainment! Glad you’ve put an end to her nonsense, though. =] You know she’ll turn it into a story about how she’s the victim to everyone who talks to her in real life for awhile…

      3. So, Mary Anne, I guess the invitation for Kristi to stay with you in Florida and be treated like a queen while she does a piece de resistance mirror for you if off the table, eh? And she doesn’t get to take her pick of your jewelry? Well, your kids will be happy about that.

        I was feeling bad for you, too. Seems funny now.

      4. Well duh, I’m not going to parade around and say I hate HER style in HER home because it doesn’t match my own tastes. How much of a self-absorbed dumbshit can you become, Looby?
        Time is money = “Why does Kristi keep MAKING things instead of BUYING things that I recommend because I am the DECORATING GENIUS?!”
        And then the below the belt jab at her needing to lose weight? Never stop being a complete and utter fucking asshole, Looby, that’s how we all know you best. Especially when you go into ultra phony mode and praise Kristi’s stuff between those periods, LOL.

  102. I really never post on the blogs I visit but your blog is probably my favorite
    Decorating blog so I just had to tell you
    You inspire, teach and entertain! Thank you for blogging about all your
    Work and decision making- your blog is so real and I love that you do it
    All yourself -you go girl! 😀

  103. Sorry you had to write the obvious. That’s why I follow you. You’re the girlfriend with guts. You inspire me, in so many ways! Please keep doing what you are doing and sharing.

    Thank you!

  104. “Do you like my green lamps?”

    I just had to point out that in the photographs of little Prince George shaking hands with President Obama at his parents’ apartment in Kensington Palace, there are two green lamps with white shades on a bookcase in the background. So I guess the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would say yes. 🙂

  105. This post “got to me” when I read it as it is such the truth in that the collective We do find in inspiration and knowledge through your endeavors. This morning I looked at my growing pile of chairs that are waiting for their makeovers and said “YOU…get ready. Today is your day”. I write type this with dried paint on my hands excited about it’s completion tomorrow. 🙂 THANK YOU AND KEEP ON GOING!!!!

  106. You are a rock star in my book. Why? Because your efforts (both in renovations/decorating and in blogging) have inspired me to seek out my own brave self and begin my own journey of discovery. Thank you for what you do and sharing those efforts with us.

  107. This is exactly why I check out your blog, I will say I love your sense of design, but don’t always agree with your final choice, but that is just me, not judgement of what you choose, but the hows and whys and inspiration. THANK YOU FOR BLOGGING! You make me feel less apprehensive about things I want to do in my own home.