And The Winning Idea For My Kitchen Is…

The wainscoting, painted wall combo!

When I was planning this kitchen makeover, I had originally planned on tiling the entire wall. Of course, at the time, I also thought my style was more modern. Let’s just say this whole thing has been an exercise in self-discovery. I’ve learned that I’m far more fond on a vintage-inspired look than a modern look.

So many of you selected Option 1 as your favorite, but before deciding for sure, I had to do a little mock-up with my handy little photo editing program. Now it’s no Photoshop, so don’t expect greatness, but at least it gave me an idea of what it’ll look like–and the confidence that Option 1 was the right choice for my kitchen.

I love it!! Thank you to all of you who voted for this option. It has quickly become my favorite, and I’m so excited to get to work on it.

Now my only other question is…do I tile that little section on the back wall, or do I end the tile in the corner, and paint all of the back wall like this?

I know, I know…I have a ton of questions. When I’m working on clients’ homes, I have absolutely no problem making these decisions. Why, oh WHY, is it so difficult for me to make a decision about my condo on my own!!???


My kitchen makeover is completely finished! Click here for the full before and after tour of my little condo kitchen.



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  1. Yikes – looks like I missed the earlier post on this, but I'm definitely for NOT tiling that little section! You don't need tiles there anyway ( I think!) and it just causes an unnecessary eye break.

    There. My two bits!

  2. My vote is to paint the whole wall and not tile the small part. I am so glad you decided to do the part wainscotting and part yellow wall…your little photo editing program gave a good idea of what it'll look like!

  3. Wow, it's unanimous! I completely agree. It has a much cleaner look without the little section tiled. The decision is made! Thanks everyone!

  4. Agree with all the others. Do not tile the bit. It causes an unnecessary visual obstruction.

    Interesting how so many decorators have trouble with their own homes. I have heard this before, more than once. Another way I am different, I guess, as I know exactly what I want. I just wish I had the money for it all! lol.

    Speaking of money, I have the $100 version of Photoshop and I love it. I do feel I have outgrown it, as I have done a lot of graphic design lately, and my big project has required a lot of computer work lately. But I would encourage you to get it. It has enough for most people, even many professionals. Well worth every penny and you will wonder what you ever did without it!

  5. My vote is also for no tile. I totally understand your difficulty in making decisions for your own home. I am the same way. Deciding what clients need is no problem…for myself…well that is why my home looks only slightly better than when I was in college.