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Easy Dry Erase Board

Remember my empty frame on my kitchen wall? The one that’s been hanging there for almost a year?

I knew I wanted it to be a message board, and my immediate thought was to make a chalkboad. But I dragged my feet, and dragged my feet some more, because I just couldn’t bring myself to do yet another chalkboard. I’ve just gotten a bit tired of chalkboards. So, it hung there empty…waiting to be filled.

I’m pleased to report that it is now filled…with something other than a chalkboard.

And the funny thing is that this project feeds my addition to frosted window film.  I told you I was addicted!!  And I found a use for my leftovers.

This is really quite simple.  I’m sure you could put this together without my instructions, but here goes anyway.  I used a glass and backing kit from Michael’s, Mod Podge, a paint brush, leftover frosted window film (and the tools needed for that), fabric, and puffy stickers found in the scrapbooking section of Michael’s.

The first step was to apply the fabric to the cardboard backing.  I did this using Mod Podge.  Now that mine is done, I can tell you that I would NOT recommend stripes.  Even though I tried my hardest to get the lines straight, they’re not perfectly straight, and it’s driving me a bit crazy.

I only Mod Podged the back.  I didn’t even bother with brushing Mod Podge on the front of the fabric.  Then I trimmed the edges and put it aside to dry.

Next I put the glass on a towel and cleaned it well…

And then applied the frosted window film according to the directions.

I bought mine at Home Depot, and they had a couple of brands, so they might have slightly different instructions. I definitely would  NOT purchase the film just for this project. I actually purchased mine for a window, and then used the leftovers on this. If you don’t have a window to frost, or you can’t find friends to split the cost with you so you can all make message boards, then I would suggest using the more cost efficient glazed glass spray.

When it was all put together, it looked like this…

You can see here how the frosted window film really toned down the fabric, which I think makes it more appropriate for the backing of a message board.

To finish it off, I added these puffy letter stickers that I found in the scrapbooking section of Michael’s.

I wanted to write out “messages”, but there weren’t enough S’s in the package, so rather than purchasing another entire package just for one S, I opted to write out “things to do”.

This was such a simple project.  I can’t believe it took me a year to get it done!!!  Of course, if I had done it any earlier, it would look different, because I only recently discovered frosted window film.  So I guess I’m glad I waited so long.

By the way, this frame is painted with the same apple green Rustoleum paint that is on my chandelier.

Do you see how the frame has a slightly iridescent look to it?  Hopefully it shows up in the pictures.  That’s super simple to do with spray paint, and you can turn any color of your choosing into an irridescent finish.  Click here to see how I did it.

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  1. Love it! I kept waiting to see what you were going to do with it! I've just started a blog myself and YOU were my inspiration!

  2. I love how you make simple and ordinary things to a very useful, creative and beautiful one! Great work Kristi! Cheers!

  3. Wow. What a brilliant idea. Thanks for posting this article. I learned a lot in reading your blog and I got ideas in decorating my room. Thanks..

  4. Really cute! I'll have to try it in my office. I love being able to use any fabric that I want; so much better than just a plain white one from the store!

  5. Aww, I loved the open frame. It was intriguing. I loved the way it framed out a simple part of the tree and drew your eye to the birds. I'm totally planning on doing something like that when I get to painting my bedroom. I'm kinda disappointed that you filled it in.

  6. I love how you make simple and ordinary things to a very useful, creative and beautiful one! Great work Kristi! Cheers!

  7. I just came across your blog and I love everything I have seen so far, I don’t want to get off of here but I have stuff to do myself today….!! Beautiful kitchen and dining area..!! I love the colors…!! I can’t believe you did all of that in a tiny condo. looking forward to coming back and going through the rest of your pictures…!! Tammy