And Then I Hit A Roadblock

Things have gone so well and have moved along at a really good pace this week…until yesterday. Yesterday was one of those days where I hit a roadblock at every turn and felt like I was spinning my wheels all day long.

The plan was to get the refrigerator/range wall completely built — built-in cabinet around the fridge, trim on top, decorative feet. Well, that plan didn’t quite work out. Here’s as far as I got on that.

fridge range wall 3

Yep, I only got the appliances moved into place.  Why?  Because it took me over an hour to get the refrigerator moved from the breakfast room to the kitchen.  It has wheels on it, just like any other refrigerator, but the problem was the uneven floor.  There’s still about a 1.25-inch lip in the floor going from the breakfast room to the kitchen, and I tried for an hour to get that refrigerator over that lip.

I tried a dolly.  Didn’t work.  I tried two of Matt’s wheelchair ramps, both of which were the perfect height on the high ends, but each of them had the tiniest little lip at the very beginning of the incline (tiny, as in probably 1/8-inch), and those wheels on the refrigerator just refused to go up over that tiny little lip.  I pushed, and pulled, and pried, and turned it around, and tried again.  Then I took a break and had lunch, and then tried again.  I finally got it to work by building a ramp up onto the ramp using some of the layers of super thin wood veneer that I had peeled off of the plywood that was on the breakfast room walls.

The stove was a bear to move also, but nothing like the refrigerator.  At least it was light enough that I was able to get it up onto a furniture dolly to move it into the kitchen.  I just kept it sitting on the furniture dolly for now since the stove doesn’t have wheels and I’ll need to move it again very soon while I finish up the cabinets, paint, and pour the countertops.

When I had those in place, I decided I finally needed to switch the door swing on the refrigerator.  I searched and searched for the manual, and couldn’t find it.  Then it finally dawned on me that I could find the instructions online.  I found them, read through, and realized that I don’t own all of the tools necessary to do the job.  Not only did I not have the tools, but I learned that I’m supposed to have two additional hinges that are required to change the door swing.

I searched and searched, and finally decided that they delivery guys had evidently forgotten to leave the extra hinges.  At this point I had wasted at least another hour, if not two, searching for the manual, reading the online manual, and searching for hinges.  I was so frustrated and about to call Home Depot when I got sidetracked thinking about the cabinet I was going to build around the fridge.  I climbed up on the ladder to take a measurement, and guess what I found.  The extra hinges sitting on top of the refrigerator!!


I feel like that’s how my entire day went.  I hate days like that.

But at least I did finally get the appliances moved into the kitchen, and I got the cabinets moved in for the sink peninsula.

kitchen sink peninsula

I still need to cut the holes in the bottom of the sink cabinet for the plumbing pipes so that I can push that cabinet back into place.  It won’t be sticking out like it is now.  And the empty space to the right of that cabinet is where my dishwasher (that I haven’t even purchased yet) will go.

At least now that I have everything in the room, I can build the half wall on the other side of the sink cabinet, get the rest of the electrical wired, and finish up the drywall on that wall.  I’ve been waiting and waiting to build that half wall until I could get everything moved into the kitchen.  After the wall is built, there will still be room to move appliances in and out of the kitchen, but the fit would be much tighter through the doorways, and I didn’t want to have to deal with that.

So I’m putting yesterday behind me, and tackling this with a positive attitude today.  I will make great progress this weekend!!  I’m determined!  🙂

My goal is to get the half wall built, get the electrical wiring finished, install the rest of the cabinets, and add all of the decorative trim to the remaining cabinets.  That sounds do-able, right?  And bonus points if I can get all of the prep work done for pouring my countertops!

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  1. Sorry about your frustrating day! I have a question though. Is your stove really really tall for a reason? I’m confused why it’s so much higher than your cabinets.

    1. “I just kept it sitting on the furniture dolly since it doesn’t have wheels and I’ll need to move it again very soon while I finish up the cabinets, paint, and pour the countertops.”

  2. Kristi,
    You actually accomplished quite a lot. There are always days when we wish we had more visible rewards. 🙂 You’re doing just fine. Also, LOVING the Artistry appliances. Outstanding choice.

  3. It might be a little bit slower progress, but it’s still progress. You still get more done in a day than i would in a week! Enjoy the process; it won’t be long now before we’ll all be oooh-ing and aaaahhh-ing at the finished kitchen!.

  4. I am sorry to hear of your frustrating day. I know that in the heat of the moment it can seem that you accomplished nothing. BUT, you have really done so much! It is such a treat to see a proper kitchen evolve from the empty space of before. I cannot remember your plan for the breakfast room walls. Do you plan to keep any of the lapboard showing? I love the look, am not sure if it was in your decorating plan to keep it. I sometimes wish you had a tv show! But then you would not have time to blog……. No! Losing your blog is not worth it! Lol Have a lovely productive weekend. But take time to rest!

  5. I wish I was your neighbor – I could come over and help move appliances…or send my boys:)

    Love your determination – it reminds me of my mother’s – she suffered a stroke in January 2013 (we didn’t think she would make it out of the hospital), she was put into the nursing home, and since then, because of her determination, and stubbornness, she is walking, talking, and is able to leave the nursing home for special occasions:)

    1. Stubbornness can be a virtue! Not always but sometimes. So glad to hear about your mom’s will to get better.

  6. Sorry I am laughing during your misery! Finding those hinges on top of the fridg was choice !!! Could be nothing but a God moment !!

  7. I constantly forget that I can find manual on line. The hinges on top of the fridge was classic. Amazing that such a tiny lip could thwart you Kristi. But that is just how it is sometimes! Things are looking so smashing. I will be doing this November/December time frame and am learning so much from you.

  8. Hi kristi. I’m just catching up with your last few posts and just love the results. What you’ve done would take me three months. Sorry you had a frustrating day. I hate those but it might have been the break you needed. Keep up the great work and here’s to a successful weekend. Cheers.

  9. Girl you are an inspiration! I think you are doing a great job & I look forward to each update on your progress . I’m curious about your condo — I might have missed your blog on it did you sale or rent? I never saw the finished living room .
    You are awesome !!!

  10. Don’t beat yourself up. You have accomplished more this week than most of us do in a month. It took my contractors longer to install my kitchen than you are taking and they do it for a living. Glad you didn’t have to wait for new refrigerator hinges to be sent to you.

  11. Oh man! I hate those kind of days too. They happen even more often once you pass 50 years old. 😉
    Please tell me that you’ve already picked out the dishwasher and have the measurements…?

  12. I have nothing but admiration for you! So determined!
    I think you should take the weekend off and enjoy a well deserved break. 🙂

  13. Kristi dont beat yourself up about your progress (or lack thereof). At this rate you are going to have the house done in no time and then what are we going to do!!!!
    I so enjoy following your blog.

  14. I seem to have lots of those days when I do a project. You’re doing great and are amazing.

    Aren’t you putting cabinets on the side facing the breakfast area? Then I’m not seeing a need for a half wall other than wasting 4.5 of space. The plumbing should come through the bottom of your cabinet just like it does on an island.

  15. LOVE your post!!! I’ve had lots of days like that. I just figure it’s God’s way of telling me to slow down, take a break & enjoy what I’ve done so far. Also… I just wanted to say this post brought back memories for me. You see… I’m 54 and have been remodeling since the day I got married in 1978 (yep- that’s 36 years)! Let me explain about the memories….Being newly married, (and of course money being tight back then)…my husband negotiated a deal with the landlord of a two story house in the country that would be our first home together and in which WE would remodel in exchange for the rent- good deal right? We thought so…. until part of the deal was to redo the “original” wood floors- can I say… Will NEVER do THAT again! Remodeling the bathroom was part of the deal too, so….NO PLUMBING for at least two weeks! (Not a happy bride about that one AT ALL.. Lol). Oh…. the stories I could tell of our remodeling days from there on out!!! Some very funny and some a nightmare! But ALL good memories and learning experiences!!! So you see… Your post made me laugh (just a little)- because… I’ve Been there… Done that… MANY times over!!!! Yet… Call me crazy- I still LOVE to remodel houses! Your post today…. reminded me of a time our washing machine went out. Not a good thing when you have three very young children and live in Oklahoma Red Dirt Country! At that time I weighed every bit of maybe 90 lbs and I had decided I had had enough of that undependable washer and wanted it OUT of the house!!! And at the time- I had no furniture dolly, etc to help- just myself (all 90 lbs of ME) and of course…sheer determination! But I did it! With all the strength I could muster- I had that washer outside sitting on the porch when my husband came home from work wondering how in the world I ever got it out there! And so… I give away my secret. Hint: an old piece of carpet (or rug) turned upside down- I could practically move mountains with those things! And an old blanket has worked too in a pinch- considering the type of flooring & the circumstances! Of course adrenaline & determination help A LOT too! Lol… Like I said earlier… LOVE your post and seeing what you’ve done! Your Kitchen Project is looking amazing!!! Keep up the good work and can hardly wait to see the finished project! God Bless!!!

  16. had a Murphy’s Law day…but I did get a belly laugh when you found the extra hinges. You are an inspiration!

  17. I know that the first full sentence you spoke as a child was, “Me do it meself!” but you really should give someone a call in those situations. I could come over to help! And you also have a brother in town now who would be glad to help. Use the phone!!! 🙂 The kitchen is looking great! Love you.

    1. Tell her, Mom. She doesn’t have to prove she’s Wonder Woman as much as she actually does. LOL.

  18. Just replaced my fridge and dishwasher – the original ones (original to the house, and we’re the original owners -’96) had seen better days – we already had spent aprox $200 repairing the fridge (that was definitely a shock to me re: having the repairman telling me how much, and seeing the price increase for a new one!!!) a year or two ago, and while the dishwasher had been working fine lately, there was a time when it seemed to leak a little bit when it ran.
    ANYWAY, I wasn’t that thrilled about stainless, but hubby wanted it, so I went along. We also went with the French door type, and I really DON’T LIKE it! I assume your freezer is on the bottom? Mine is, and I don’t think I’ll ever grow to be okay with it. AND (just like I figured) I’m constantly wiping fingerprints, and water marks off the stainless steel. Remember I said hubby wanted it? Yeah, but I’m the one constantly wiping them down. Bummer. So now the only reason we need to replace the wall oven, is so it matches the rest of the appliances – there’s nothing in the world wrong with it, Now my cooktop could have/SHOULD HAVE been replaced 10 years ago, but that’s a long story. Sigh.

  19. Awwww, that’s so sweet your mom wants to help you.
    Mom, it sounds like it could be a little too much for you.

  20. Even though you don’t think you accomplished a lot, you learned a lot and found the extra hinges. Hang in there! You’ll have a better day today.

  21. Yeah…what Mom said…….use the phone…..
    You are doing great though…it looks beautiful..
    I did have to laugh(at your expense) about the hinges…….
    sounds like a ME thing…my middle name is Murphy :^)

  22. I apologize for laughing so loud when I read where you found your hinges. 😉 I love following your blog, warts and all! You are my SHEro!!

  23. Bonus points for pouring the concrete countertops? After everything else you listed? Yes, we’ll give you bonus points for that!!

  24. My favorite children’s book is “Alexander, and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.” Some days are just like that. But since you finally made progress anyway, it really wasn’t a lost day. LOL. Of COURSE, the hinges were on top of the refrigerator.

  25. Your appliances are really cool. I’ve never seen those before. You’re like a friend of mine who never wants to ask for help. Stubborn but lovely lady!!

  26. Awwww, sometimes you need a strong friend to come help move things! Especially when you are 5’1″ like me! I am amazed at your ability to move them at all and your willingness to try and persist. You may not have hit your goals but you really got a lot done today.

  27. I think you will find that when you change the swing on your refrigerator that the door will not open fully. It will hit the wall. My fridge door hits an adjoining countertop and I have problems pulling out the vegetable drawers.