Bathroom Makeover Day 18: Shower Curtain Design & Progress

I was so certain that I’d have my shower curtain done by today, but it just didn’t happen.  Part of the reason is that I spent (wasted) probably two good hours just still trying to decide what the heck I wanted to do.  I would try something, not like it, unpin everything, and start over.

I finally decided to just stick pretty closely to the design from Canadian House and Home.

Mine will have a band of this yellow striped fabric at the top, with the stripes going vertically…

The main body of the shower curtain will be white.  (I used an extra queen-sized sheet for that part.  🙂 )  Then there will be anywhere from three to five rows of ruffles at the bottom.

Actually, I had a hard time deciding between ruffles and pleats.  I love the look of ruffles (just not too many of them!!), but when it comes down to it, I’m really more of a pleat kind of person.  I prefer tailored over frilly.  But since I didn’t have enough fabric to do full-on box pleats or even just deep, pressed-in pleats, I went with something somewhere between a ruffle and a pleat.  I’ll call it a pluffle.  🙂  I created tiny little pleats at the top of each strip.  They won’t be ironed in all the way for that pressed, tailored look, so towards the bottom of each row, they look a little ruffled.

DIY shower curtain with pleated ruffles at the bottom

I might even just stick with the two rows, but I have enough of the strips pressed and ready to go for five rows.  And since I’m making an extra long shower curtain (more like drapery panel length), there’s definitely enough room for five rows.  I’m just not sure if my patience will hold out that long.  😀

DIY shower curtain with pleated ruffle design

I also debated whether or not to put the bottom row right on the bottom edge of the shower curtain, or to give it a couple of inches of space below the bottom yellow row.  Obviously, I decided to raise it up a couple of inches.  For some reason, with it right on the bottom, it gave the shower curtain a more formal look, and I didn’t especially like that.  Raising it up even just a couple of inches created a more informal look that seemed to fit better in my bathroom.

So that’s my progress!  Can you envision it?  I’ll definitely get this project finished this morning, and then I’ll get my paint touch ups finished this afternoon/evening.  You know what that means?

I’ll be finishing one day ahead of my goal!!!  😀  Woohoo!!!



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  1. Pluffle. Love it! You have more patience then I do, I would have gotten about halfway through the first row and been calling my mom in desperation to help me finish. Which seeing as I am a grown adult with children of my own is kind of sad…..
    I can’t wait to see the finished product! I am sure it will look better then the inspiration photo.

  2. I probably would have chosen pluffles, too. 😀 I love it. Can’t wait to see the finished bathroom!

    1. Julie, I do about 99% of my projects all by myself. 🙂 On rare occasions, I’ll get outside help. For example, the seat cushion on my breakfast room banquette was made by my mom. I hired a man to cut the hole in my kitchen butcherblock countertop for my undermount sink. And I had friends help me install all of the recessed lighting in my condo. Other than that, all of the other projects in my condo were done with my two hands. 🙂

      1. Thanks, i feel that i could do a lot but just lack the time? I would need to take a week off work to do a project 🙂
        Thanks for the inspiring ideas.

  3. Can’t wait til you finish the shower curtain and we can see the completed bathroom. You are simply amazing.

  4. I’m liking what I’m seeing!! The best part…it will be YOU! And you’ve got a great style Kristi!
    You’re almost to the finish line. Yay!
    P.S. I’ve been getting lots of compliments lately on the look of the blog. Yay you!!

  5. Is it just my monitor, or is that an hombre stripe “pluffle”? (totally in love with hombre stripes right now!) Can’t wait to see the finished shower curtain!

  6. This shower curtain will be adorable! I’m not a big ruffle girl, either. So looking forward to the reveal!

  7. I love the stripes and the idea, but are you concerned about mold or mildew if it gets wet?.
    Greetings from Brisbane Australia.

  8. You are one crafty lady! I think the shower curtain is going to look great! And I love your new made-up word – “pluffle”. Ha!