My Quest For The Perfect Shower Curtain (Help Me, Please!!)

I really struggled with coming up with an idea for my bathroom mirror frame, but making a decision only took me about three days.

The shower curtain design, on the other hand, has had me stumped for at least two weeks now. I think I’m making this decision much more difficult that it should be, but clearly I need help.

If you’ll remember, I have this fabric that was provided by Fabric Warehouse Direct.

This fabric was the jumping off point for the whole bathroom, and it’s where I got the color for the vanity.

So this fabric will make up a good portion of the shower curtain.

Until a couple of weeks ago, I had just planned on using it just like it’s shown above to make a simple vertical striped shower curtain.  But then a couple of weeks ago, it dawned on me that I could take it up a notch, and make something a little more interesting.  So I got online to look for ideas, and that’s where my trouble began.  There are so many great ideas, and now I can’t decide on one!

I do love a vertical stripe, but I also love a horizontal stripe, and this DIY shower curtain from Craftaholics Anonymous make me think that I might want horizontal stripes in my bathroom…

DIY horizontal stripe shower curtain from Craftaholics Anonymous blog

But in the hallway just outside the bathroom, I have these curtains covering my washer and dryer closet.

Would that be too much?  Too many horizontal stripes going on in such a small space?

One of my absolute favorite shower curtains that I came across was this one from Pottery Barn.

Striped ticking shower curtain from Pottery Barn

I know I don’t come across as an overtly “frilly-loving” girl, but I do love me some ruffles, especially when they’re more understated, like on the Pottery Barn shower curtain.

There are a few ways I could interpret this look for my own bathroom.

First, I could use the yellow striped fabric for the main shower curtain and the ruffled parts, just like the Pottery Barn shower curtain.

OR, I could use the yellow stripe for the main part, and then do the ruffled rows in teal.  That would help to bring the wall color down to other parts of the room.

OR, I could use the yellow stripe for the main part, and use plain white for the ruffled rows.

See how I make this so difficult for myself?  It shouldn’t be this hard!!

I also love this one from Canadian House and Home.

DIY ruffled shower curtain from Canadian House and Home

And if I do that one, I’d use white for the main part, and then use the yellow stripe for the top part and the ruffles at the bottom.  Or would I?

So there it is…the craziness in my head now “out there” for you to witness.  Help me…please.  🙂



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  1. personally i like the last one best. i would use the yellow stripe for the body and find some teal for the top and ruffles at the bottom

  2. Well, I adore that Pottery Barn curtain. Really. But since you are working with a much wider stripe than the ticking shown there – I think the idea of the last curtain you posted would work better.
    I think the idea with the teal accent would be fantastic. But teal is really not my thing. . .If it were ME I’d go with the white ground and the yellow stripe fabric for the top and ruffles a la the last picture you posted.
    You did ask 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. I think you should use white for the main part, and then use the yellow stripe for the top part and the ruffles at the bottom. I it a small area and you don’t want it to be too busy. I love the mirror frame!!!

    1. I’m with you Carol. I’d use the yellow striped one for ruffles on a white curtain. IMHO, too much of that bold stripe will compete with your wonderful mirror.

  4. Love the last one. How about the yellow striped for the main part and teal for a piece at the top and the ruffles? or the reverse with teal main part and the yellow stripe for the top and ruffles? Just a thought. They all look good! 🙂

  5. White for the main and the yellow for trim and ruffles. Done like the one from Canadian House and Home. This will also bring the stripes around from your walls.

  6. The Pottery Barn curtain is my favorite but as stated earlier your stripes are a little wider. I like the idea of the white curtain with the yellow stripe ticking. I don’t think I would add any teal to the curtain…maybe too much? I love your creativity and know whatever you do I will be awesome.

  7. The Pottery Barn curtain is my favorite but as stated earlier your stripes are a little wider. I like the idea of the white curtain with the yellow stripe ticking. I don’t think I would add any teal to the curtain…maybe too much? I love your creativity and know whatever you do it will be beautiful!

  8. Horizontal stripes would certainly be too much, with the curtain in the hall and the boards on the walls, so I think you should do the vertical stripes. Because the stripes are so wide, they would be lost in a ruffle, but I do like the more subtle self-ruffle on the Pottery Barn curtain. Using teal for the ruffles and the top section would give a more more graphic look, or maybe you could use a small print that incorporates yellow, white, and teal for a fun mix of patterns. IMHO, of course. 🙂

  9. How about white curtain (like the one in the hallway) with a row of yellow striped ruffles followed by a solid yellow of the same color, followed by teal/white stripes followed by solid teal? That way, you’ve got your color but it’s not in your face and it does draw the teal toward the lower areas of the room, and you’ve got your understated ruffles. Maybe a single band of yellow at the top – one of the stripes would be wide enough on its own to do that for you.

  10. Considering you have the striped curtain right outside the bathroom covering your washer/drier area, I would go with the Canadian House and Home sample, using white background and the yellow/white stripe as the top and the ruffles at the bottom… keeping it simple but elegant…

    1. I also like Tina’s idea of switching the colors and using the stripe as the body and the white as the ruffles…nice!

  11. OK, how about this: Use the yellow stripe vertically as the main body. Find some nice teal grograin ribbon (maybe 1.5″ wide? maybe 2″) and rather than ruffles, do little pleats. It would be the same idea, but a bit more tailored, since Matt has to use that bathroom. 🙂

  12. I love love love the pottery barn one. However with the wider stripe I don’t know that it would translate well. With the stripe you have I would go with the Canadian House and Home one. It is also lovely, and looks like it would fit well with the theme of your bathroom, without the wide stripe being overly dominant. But you are braver then I am, so I am sure it will come out great which ever you choose. Good luck, can’t wait to see it!

  13. I love the last photo as well. But, may I suggest using the yellow & white striped for the main body and using plain white at the top and for the ruffles. Since the stripes on the fabric are larger if you used them for the ruffles, you would get much of a striped effect … would be like just yellow or part of the yellow and white … make sense? Anyway, you are very creative and have a great eye for details, so I am sure whatever you decide will be awesome!

  14. I would use the yellow stripe as the body, with a solid two-foot band of rich, metallic-looking fabric along the bottom, with a pretty trim between the two.

  15. I think the last picture idea would look great on your bathroom. It’s girly and has some ruffles, but it won’t look too busy. I also liked the idea of hanging the fabric vertically or horizontally as is, but the last option (in my opinion) would look more put together. I don’t think I’d love the idea of doing the teal ruffles though, might be too much for a small space with already bold colors. But, to each her own! Hope this helps 🙂

  16. since you will not be the only one using the bathroom, I might hesitate on the ruffles…your Hubby might not be too keen on a frilly bathroom…I love the yellow with the teal and used that colour combo in my kitchen…I’m sure whatever you decide it will be lovely!

  17. Canadian Home and Garden nautical. White curtain (ready made) with the stripe on top and bottom as shown. Lightens it up, matches in with the fixtures, use the extras to trim white towels. Good luck!

  18. All great ideas but I think I liked the last one the best. The white would carry the bright white (very clean look) theme and the yellow stripe at the top would look amazing with the teal paint. Yellow stripe ruffles at the bottom add a bit of pizzazz you’re looking for. If you have any of the fabric left when the curtain is complete, you might want to make a fabric border for a couple of hand towels to hang near the sink.

  19. I just found your wonderful blog and really love your range of topics. I am a new follower. I really like how it is set up and so user-friendly.

  20. I love the curtain from the Canadian House and Home and yes…I’d do it white with the yellow stripes top and bottom just as in the photo. You need to keep it bright in your bath and that would be yellow without being YELLOW! 😀 But…why not take one of those ruffled stripes and make one a teal one? And I prefer not to see it as frills…but as texture. Which will be a nice contrast to the bath….and it will allow the vanity to shine more and not be in competition with the curtain. Just my thoughts. Whatever you…it will be stunning…always is! 😀

  21. LOL
    Now you have to many idea’s
    Remember what you want your focus to be in the room, don’t over do it with too many little details or you will just want to change it around again
    Think simple! If later you want to change it up then go for it, but once you cut that simple fabric pattern that started the room you won’t be able to get it back
    Think on it for a few days with it hung up as is….as you originally planned.

  22. I have no input, because I have the same problem making curtain decisions. That’s why most of the windows in my house only have blinds right now. But, I’m glad to see I’m not alone in my indecision! 🙂

  23. How about making a over sized block curtain using the stripe fabric. 4 big squares with the stripe running in different directions it would pick up the block mosaic theme. Then use metal curtain hooks with the blocks attached from the yard stick on them for a decorative touch.

  24. For the towels white with 3 blocks of the yellow stitched vertically on them the width of the yellow stripe & add square yardstick buttons to the guest towels on top of the yellow squares for s special touch on top of the yellow squares. all you would need is a drill to make 2 holes in the wood squares left over from the mirror project. Have Fun !

  25. I LOVE listening to how your brain works. Reminds me so much of the conversations going on inside my own head. I always say that the decision-making part of the project takes the longest…once I decide how I’m going to do something I’m usually good to go. Until something screws up, which it inevitably does. Then there are more decisions needed to figure out how to MAKE IT WORK! lol So much more to it than a couple before and after pics, huh? 🙂

    1. I echo this post!! My brain works the same way! Takes more time to figure out than to accomplish! I say if the bathroom is small, as most are, I would keep it kind of simple. Too much going on with that large of a stripe will make the room seem smaller or just too busy! But then I’m still stuck on living with not lots of pattern and mixing up things to match this and that. I did that and got tired of it so am still happy with simpler. Esp. in small rooms. For what that’s worth! I think the large stripe might compete with the beautiful mirror frame too! So I would tend to put some of it on the bottom??? (Echo the pattern of hallway.)

  26. I can’t wait to see what you decide. I always look forward to seeing your blog pop up on bloglovin.com. You have such great ideas, I know you will solve this one and give me more ideas for my new home. 🙂

  27. White curtain body, with yellow stripes (vertical) at the top and rows of tiny solid yellow ruffles in various shades on the bottom to mimic your tiles on the mirror frame. You’ve got plenty of teal already. Oh, I can’t wait for the finished photos!

  28. I like the pottery barn style with the small ruffles. Yellow striped shower curtain with small teal ruffles sounds great to me. I think I like that best of all the ideas you presented. One question…you said the fabric was given to you. How do you get companies to give you fabric, etc. for your projects? Is that something you want to share with us because I know a lot of us would like to know that secret 🙂

  29. Gosh there are lots of wonderful option. The first thing that came to me was having a wide border with a diagonal stripe. You could use a solid yellow fabric strip between the vertical and the diagonal. Or is you could do a herringbone technique on the bottom.Just another idea to add to the mix. I’m sure whatever you choose will be wonderful

  30. I like last one Canadian House I believe. Could you do yellow and teal ruffles at the bottom and yellow with a little sprinkle of teal at the top to bring the wall color in.

  31. Hmmm….decisions, decisions. Why is it always what appear to be the easiest things that give us the most trouble? A shower curtain really isn’t such an easy thing. I mean, it hangs there, for all to see. When you walk in the door, there it is, WHAM! Not easy to miss. I think I like the vertical stripes with matching ruffles like the one from Pottery Barn. Even though the stripes on your fabric are wider, I think it would look really nice! It’s understated yet makes a statement! Well, whatever you choose, I hope you’re happy with it and that we get to see it when it’s finished! Hugs, Leena

  32. Since the fabric was the original inspiration, I think you should use it vertically. Then make ruffles like the Pottery Barn curtain, but cut them so that they are only the solid yellow. In the middle (after they are gathered) sew something like a small teal cord or quarter inch grograin ribbon through it. Just something to tie the yellow, white, and teal together. Or you could sew the cord/ribbon on between the ruffles.

  33. I like the horizontal and the last idea. What if you do a double sided version, using a complimenting teal on one side, maybe add the teal in the form of the hooks. Two curtains in one that way you can do your ruffles, and then the pop of color from the opposite side showing when the curtain is pulled back or draped back. I have a vision in my head, not sure if it’s coming thru in my comment.

  34. Wow, I don’t know…I personally usually prefer vertical stripes, but I can see the dilemma.
    I do love the ruffles…I’d say yellow vertical stripes and then teal ruffles going across? I feel as indecisive as you are saying you are, lol….all are good ideas, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. I guess my best suggestion would be to make up a little ‘design board’ set on cardboard or whatever, and put samples of each idea on the boards, and then lay them out. By the process of being able to compare and eliminate, work your way down through the ideas…and if you have enough fabric, do two versions and enjoy two styles you can rotate:)

  35. i love the idea of the white shower curtain with the top yellow stripes band and the bottom yellow stripes as ruffles(based on the last pic). i think you should add 1 thick or wider band only of teal thru the top and 1 row of teal ruffle only thru the bottom just to tie it all in. not to overwhelm just to tie all the colors together. and if your teal has wihte or yellow in it, instead of solid, even better! just so it is a small touch!whaterver youi doecide will be beautiful oi feel sure!! :0)

  36. I so so love the vertical stripes that I would just leave it as you originally planned. If you want to change it to something a bit more elaborate, I would go for horizontal, though, and add white fabric in between so that you only have part of the shower curtain (the ends) in stripes. I’m not too fond of ruffles so would not got for them in my home, but if you decide to add some, I am really curious how they will turn out with the wide striped-fabric!
    Even though I simply love teal, I think in this case I would keep the colours to white and yellow, as the shower curtain takes such a lot of space and you simply cannot NOT look at it. And it’s the yellow that gives the room such a bright atmosphere (and this is coming from a girl who normally cannot stand yellow as a room colour – you are such a decorating genius that you can change even such a longstanding dislike :)) Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

  37. Since I’m a huge proponent of the “use what you’ve got with a minimum of $$$$ and manpower/time when you are fixing up the place for sale” school, I’d use the yellow stripe vertically (think too much for horizontal with the plank walls.) Period. I don’t know that the stripe lends itself to additional embellishment, unless you’d consider a few rows (6-8″) on the bottom of pintuck – a pain in the butt but not necessarily more so than yards and yards and yards of fabric having to be tightly ruffled to achieve the PB look. Having said that and keeping in mind whether or not you’ll be putting this in your new forever home and the vibe you want in that bath however, ups the anty. If you love the white with ruffles, then I say take the plunge, set the yellow stripe aside for another project, and buy some yellow and teal design fabric making sure it’s a lightweight cotton so it ruffles tightly and a white shower curtain and get yourself rufflin’! BTW, the ruffles require an 8′ length of fabric to achieve that look – ey yi yi… hope you have a ruffling attachment!

    As you’ve proven, you’ve a great eye and in the end, that bathroom is going to look awesome! Can’t wait for the final reveal!

  38. I really like the vertical stripe that was your original idea. Then maybe add some white ruffles to the top and bottom. I don’t know that I would add teal to the curtain. I think you can add teal accents else where with accessories. Whatever you decide to do, I’m certain it will be fab!!

  39. Iam not sure if you are going to make the curtain or buy one. I personaly like the Pottery Barn shower curtain. If you are making it then I would go with what most have commented on adding the yellow strip for details not the whole thing.

  40. I love that last option the most! The white, with yellow horizontal stripes at the top and yellow ruffles (or the teal) at the bottom. Cute, cute! I also love me some of those new fangled understated ruffles 🙂

  41. I love the last curtain. The solid white in the middle would give your eyes a place to rest from the other stripes in the room. It also would work great with the width of your yellow stripes. I think using the teal on the curtain would bring the color to another place in your room. But it is such a strong color I wonder if it is necessary to do that. I love your design sense and I know you will soon whittle down your choices and make a great decision. I look forward to seeing what you decide.

  42. And I am going to disagree with everyone else! lol I love using the piece of fabric with the stripes up and down – is that verticle? I just love the strips and if the fabric is fuller than the tub, then some of the stripe will be in the soft folds either giving it more of a white feel or a yellow feel or both. It would be different everytime you close the curtain. In my bath I did tie back curtains in a large floral on a yellow background and then the undercurtain (hung with the shower curtain) is a deep rose squiggle on white. I love pattern. My walls are deep red rose and the trim is off white. I love everything that you have done so far, so I’m sure what ever style you choose will be devine! D

  43. Hey Kristi! You amaze me with your talents. I like the pleats idea, too. I would use the vertical stripe fabric to balance out the yellow in the room and maybe add a button (or something like) in a subtle teal color at the top of the pleat. Love the ruffle but think maybe something simple and easy to clean might be a good idea. I can’t wait to see your finished product. I don’t see how you can go wrong with any of your choices!

  44. Hi, I’ve been following your fun and amazing site for awhile now–stumbled across it looking for ideas to do with pistachio shells 🙂 — anyway, my only opinion about your shower curtain is NOT to add teal to the yellow. I love the idea of all the other possibilities (yellow stripe ruffles on yellow stripe, while or yellow ruffles on the yellow stripe, or no ruffles), but I think adding teal ruffles on the already cute yellow stripe fabric would be too much, and may look like overkill on the coordination effort? I do LOVE the teal walls, however, just so we’re clear 🙂

  45. I LOVE the idea of the last one. White fabric with the yellow and white for the ruffles. I can’t wait to see what you do!

  46. I have not idea how you would choose..but since there are flowers on the wall and flowers on the floor..I think your band on your shower curtain should have a few small ones..

  47. I’m a little late to the party, but I think you should make the top two thirds in the yellow stripe fabric – hung vertically and for the bottom pannel, I would use plain white and paint it to match your floor cloth. BTW I’m loving your job so far and can’t wait to see how it turns out