The Finished Hallway Remodel – Before and After

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The hallway is finally finished! It’s been a long road, and we lived with an unfinished hallway for well over a year, but i put the finishing touches on it just last night and snapped some pictures to show you.

I’m pretty excited about how it turned out, and I actually love the new, smaller hallway much more than I did the much larger and more spacious hallway. Here’s the new and improved (albeit, smaller) hallway.

finished hallway 4

For reference, this is what the hallway looked like the first time around. The wall with the two bedroom doors was set further back, and there was much more room between the bathroom door and the master bedroom door (i.e., the door on the right on that wall with the two doors).

hallway after remodel - teal doors, striped walls, watercolor artwork
finished hallway 24a

Now the door that went to the master bedroom is gone and that whole wall has been moved forward about three feet. Even though the hallway is now smaller, removing that door left room for a much longer table (a DIY project that you can find here), and now rather than the table being on a side wall, it’s on the wall where you can see it straight on from the music room. I love this arrangement so much more.

finished hallway 2

So why all of this change in the first place? Well, there were two reasons.

First, we decided to change the master bedroom into our new master bathroom, which doesn’t need to be accessed via the hallway. (That project has yet to be completed.) And also, we had a huge plumbing issue in 2019 (which you can read about here) that caused water damage and warping to the hallway floor. So at the same time the wall was being reframed, we also had the floor in the hallway taken out down to the floor joists, and then had the subfloor replaced.

hallway with subfloor removed

So after they finished up their work in the hallway (moving the wall, replacing the subfloor, and installing new drywall where needed), this is what the area looked like when they handed it back over to me.

hallway during remodel

So during this Round 2 of the hallway, I had to install new hardwood flooring, finish the new flooring to match the existing floor in the music room and the rest of the house, install new baseboards, door casings, and baseboards, build a new console table, paint the new doors (the two remaining bedroom doors are now pocket doors), and prime and paint the walls.

finished hallway 3

Finishing the floor to match the rest of the house took me two tries. The first try was a complete disaster, so I had to sand the whole floor again, and start over. This was my first awful attempt. The hallway floor and the music room floor were very obviously different colors.

refinishing the hallway red oak hardwood floor - 12

I’m so glad I didn’t just live with that mismatched floor, and that I put the effort (as frustrating as it was) into sanding it down again and getting it right. It’s still not exactly perfect, but considering that they were done years apart, I think it’s a close as I could have gotten it. If someone didn’t know the floors had been done at two different times, I don’t think they’d ever notice a difference.

finished hallway 6

A small hallway with most of the wall space taken up by doors really doesn’t require much decorating with accessories, but this was the perfect place to put one of my favorite framed pieces, which is a picture of the little chapel in Canby, Oregon, where Matt and I got married. My mom took the original picture, but for this one, she made it look like a watercolor painting. You can see more details about that here.

finished hallway 5

The lamp is one that I bought locally (probably Ross or Marshall’s from years ago) that I spray painted coral. The little clock, plant, gold bookends, and letter board are all from Target.

And here’s a closer look at the edge grain plywood herringbone console table that I made. Again, you can find that project here.

finished hallway 13

If we were to go way back to the very beginning, you can see just how much this whole area has changed. Here’s what this cased opening into the hallway looked like when we bought the house…

hallway before remodel - narrow cased opening into hallway, green carpet

And here’s what that same cased opening looks like today…

finished hallway 7

It’s not quite double the width today, but it is widened considerably to open up that whole hallway. The original hallway also had a closet that I believe the homeowners had built themselves.

hallway before

I removed that closet before I refinished the hardwood floors way back before we even moved into the house, and then during the original hallway remodel, I built cabinets in that same spot. You can find that project here.

finished hallway 11

The door just to the right of the hallway cabinets is the guest bedroom door, and the one perpendicular to it is our future home gym (i.e., the next project I’ll be working on).

finished hallway 8

If you missed the guest bedroom project, here’s a peak at what that looks like…

guest bedroom - finished - bed and closet walls

You can find the whole before and after of that guest bedroom here.

finished hallway 9

The stripes on the walls are Behr Polar Bear (the white that I use on all of my trim throughout the house), and Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (the only non-white neutral that I like on walls). I’ve used that Classic Gray in almost every room of the house — guest bedroom (floor and walls), hallway, hallway bathroom, music room (which you can see on the stenciled walls below), living room, and breakfast room. It took me forever to find a non-white neutral that I actually liked, so once I found this one, I stuck with it. I really like how it gives the rooms a cohesive look while I can add all kinds of color and give each room its own unique look.

finished hallway 10
finished hallway 12

This is the view from the guest bedroom door (which we are currently using as our main bedroom until we’re able to build our addition which will include a new master bedroom), and I just love seeing the colorful lamp, the console table, and the color of the hallway bathroom from our temporary bedroom.

finished hallway 14

On the little sliver of wall to the left of the cased opening that leads to the music room, I found this colorful series of printable artwork from PrintPunkStudio on Etsy.

finished hallway 19

The original colors were tool bold and clashed a bit with the colors in the adjoining rooms, so I brightened the images using my photo editing software (which softened the colors considerably) before printing them. The softened colors were perfect!

finished hallway 16
finished hallway 17

One more detail — the door color is Behr Mythic Forest. It’s the same color I used on the bookcase/sliding door wall in the music room, and the pantry cabinets.

finished hallway 22
finished hallway 23

And that wraps up this project! After having this unfinished area hanging over my head for well over a year, it’s so satisfying to have it completely finished.

finished hallway 24a

Here’s a quick view of the hallway through the years, from its original state when we bought the house, the first remodel, and today…

hallway - before after and now

And now I can move on to the home gym! I’m very excited about tackling that project, and I’m hoping that I can start it by the weekend.

If you missed the original hallway before and after, you can find that here.

And if you’d like to see all of the posts about the hallway, you can find those here.



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  1. I’m shocked to say I like it better. Having the church picture facing out is so much more attractive. And somehow it doesn’t actually seem smaller.

  2. Wow! This “room” connects so well to all the adjoining rooms. Love the touches of coral that tie all the rooms together, as well as the use of teal/turquoise. Your personalized art and accessories are so well chosen and placed. Very, very nice. It is so amazing to have this beautiful space that you envisioned and crafted, especially seeing all the befores and in-betweens!

    1. I love this! It is truly better! I love that you can see the wedding picture as you pass! Everything you do just gets better each time!

      Sheila F.

  3. Looks great! DId the geode prints not fit where you now have the new modern abstract prints from etsy? Or just wanted something new? I love them and hope you get to use them somewhere!

    1. I’m embarrassed to say, but I searched and searched for those geode prints, and I have no idea where I put them. 😀 I mean, they’re still in the frames! How could I misplace six framed prints? I’m sure they’re buried back in the sunroom somewhere. They’ll turn up eventually.

      1. Where were the geode prints was my one question too. I loved them and hope you find them. The new configuration if beautiful and i love how you see the splashes of coral across the whole hallway/bathroom and even in the artwork in the music room. And your wedding chapel is such a lovely focal point now! Amazing, as always!

  4. Just beautiful, Kristie! What a long and winding road to get there. You must be so thrilled with the end result. It’s really stunning to see.

    1. Who, but Kristi, could make a hallway so beautiful! Every time you show an original before and after, is unbelievable. There is no one like you. Just amazing work and talent!

  5. Your home is so beautiful and alive with your masterful use of color! I am in awe of your energy, skills and attitude. I hope you and your husband have many happy years in this wonderful nest you are building. Wishing you wonderful days together and God’s peace in your hearts.

  6. You are so crazy talented! I am always floored at the end result of each of your projects. They always look so professional and beautiful. I can’t think of another blogger who is so completely unique or as creative. Most blogs these days seem to be recycled content and sponsored posts. I get the reasons behind that and I am certainly not criticizing them for that. Just making the statement that it is very refreshing to see someone who marches to their own drum, on their own timeline. Thanks for sharing your home with us! It is just lovely.

  7. I am just floored by the beauty of your home…I shouldn’t be, I know how talented you are from following you for so long but the cohesiveness of it all is just stunning. You deserve more accolades than I can give coherently! Great job! Looking forward to what you do in your gym.

  8. I love it! The Chapel picture facing out is *chefs kiss*! But can we talk about the new settee arrangement in the music room? Did I miss a reveal??

    1. No, you didn’t miss it. Hopefully that’ll be coming up later this week, along with the finished living room, IF the weather cooperates (I’d like some natural light, but it’s supposed to rain all week), and if I can get all of the photos taken and edited this week. If not, it’ll for sure be next week. And I’m hoping that the “new” sitting room will be soon after the music room and living room.

    2. Yes, Lexi!! I just said the same thing to my husband…I must have missed a post!!

      Anyway, Kristi, I never ceased to be amazed by your work. I do not know another female who has the skills that you do. What does that say about our country? I wonder why we aren’t teaching females how to use power tools considering we are usually the ones who want to change things at home! Although I guess I do have more power tools than my husband!!

      Also, Kristi, I read your grandmother’s book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Of course I see where you get all of your gumption from!

  9. Absolutely love how the hall decor ties with all the adjoining rooms.
    Btw- what finish is on that bathroom ceiling??

  10. Well done! Everything is beautiful. No one would ever know that floors were done separately.

  11. The hallway has less wasted space than before, and seeing your lovely wedding picture face on is a great improvement. Big win all around!

  12. Your hallway looks great! I have a suggestion: I absolutely love your music room! Why not make it into a small breakfast area? Since your changed your current one into a lounge area, do you even have a table for dining?

  13. I’ve always loved your projects but seeing almost everything (the peek into the kitchen, bathroom and music room) from this hallway really highlights for me in a new way how beautiful your house is already as a whole. It’s stunning. Well done. I’m sure living with construction and a partially done house wears on a person but from my point of view it really looks to have turned a major corner! Keep up the good work and I look forward to all that is coming!!

  14. Everything looks stunning! I think it’s the pops of coral with the teal that draws the eye and makes it so refreshing and appealing! I just love it!

  15. Just stunning!!! I love this iteration of your hallway is the best of all of them – and having your beautiful chapel picture front and center is the pièce de résistance. So lovely!!!

  16. What a stunning transformation! Looking at those before pictures…well depressing. Now, just beautiful, and colorful and pleasing. You must love walking out into the hallway, and seeing beautiful views in every direction! Did we ever get to see the livingroom all done? I know you were waiting for some things to come…maybe I missed it. I’m so happy you can now move on to a different room. Looking forward to what you do there.

  17. Lucky for us, we get to see all your beautiful work! You are such an inspiration! Love how all the colors work together and how every detail is thought out. Well done!

  18. Wow!!!! I am in awe at the transformation from the original home to this showcase beauty!
    Kristi, you are truly a master ( or should it be mistress) of creating beauty from a house that many people would view and think, “Nope! Never would I live here!”
    Can you imagine what the former owners would say if they were to see the home now!?!?
    You deserve a gold star for color, style, design, creativity, and beauty! Can’t wait to see your magic (and hard work) for the master bath and bedroom, and the exercise area!
    Well done, Kristi!

  19. Another stunning remodel, you knocked it out of the ball park this time too! I love how the hallway brings all the colors in your home together. And having plenty of space for Matt’s wheelchair is just wonderful. Way to GEAUX, Kristi!

  20. Absolutely stunning! I am always so impressed with everything you do. I love your use of color, especially in this era of white/gray decorating. The fact you do most of the work yourself is also amazing…you are the real deal!!!!!!

  21. Kristi
    What color did you paint the bathroom cabinets is it a coral can you tell me about the paint and the ceiling in the living room it looks like planks on the ceiling can you talk about that thank you

  22. It was so enjoyable to see these finished spaces in one post. The spot that I love the most is your shot of the music room settee. I’m a lover of pink when it is paired with orange. That coral with the coral and orange pillow, along with the wall art and everything else, against your stenciled walls is breathtaking.

  23. What a beautiful result!! You must be so happy after all your hard work to have such a great space finally finished snd behind you! Congrats.

  24. Kristi, you did a great job on the new smaller hallway. And although we keep saying “smaller”, it is still a very good sized hallway! I love that it is square rather the longer narrow one I have. The new console table looks so good in there also! I’m still impressed you made that! <3 xo

  25. So creative and so fundamental at the same time-Design School 101! We’re blessed by you sharing your journey with us.

  26. I zoomed in on the floor from two different pictures and you can not tell the difference! Now that is why you are the master. Not to mention how incredibly beautiful all of your rooms are. I look at them and think “this room is my favorite”, “no this one is the best”. Impossible because they are all “the best”.

  27. I love it. as always. btw…I’m fixing the outside of my house and decided to upgrade the stair railings. so of course I referred to your posts. thanks for being so inventive. I’m heading to Lowe’s to get the pieces you used for finials. they are the nicest I’ve ever seen.

  28. I like the shortened hallway—much better use of space, and it’s beautiful. In the future, will you go through the gym to get to your master bedroom, or the sunroom? The floors look the same, so great job. What a mess to get to that final product! And, having grown up in this house, I really love watching the changes you are making.

  29. Stunning! I didn’t even notice in the photos that the hallway has less square footage than before — what a great use of space!