A DIY Priority — Make A Headboard For Our Bedroom

I warned y’all a few days ago that I’d be pretty scattered, jumping from project to project, and from the house to the condo and back, until the condo is finished.  But not even I would have guessed that a headboard for our bedroom would become a serious priority right now.  But it’s definitely on my top five list, and probably hovering around the #3 spot.  I’m hoping to make time this weekend to start on it, and hopefully even finish it.

So what’s the rush?  Well, the season.  Thank goodness we live in Texas, because our weather has been pretty mild so far, with only just a handful of cold days and nights.  And of course, to a Texan, a really cold day is anything in the 40’s or below, and a really cold night is…well…the same.  😀

But still, these few days of cold weather that we’ve had have really highlighted, once again, the fact that we live in an old, drafty house with old wood single-pane windows.  And we still have no HVAC system.  Or furnace.  Yeah…it’ll be an interesting winter.  🙂

So every night I sit in bed with my pillows leaning against the window (remember…the head of our bed is under the big window in our bedroom), and on cold nights my neck just freezes.  And if my neck is cold, all of me is cold.  So I’d like to stop leaning against the window, and at least have the insulation of an upholstered headboard between my back and the cold, drafty window.

The other day when I was at Hancock Fabrics, I noticed that they had their Whisper Vinyl (my absolute favorite vinyl because it’s so soft!) on sale for 40% off, so I picked up a couple of yards in the navy blue.  Now I just have to decide what to do with it.  We already have a bed that I built right after we moved into our house, and it’s a dark stained wood.

So I’m picturing an upholstered headboard with a wood frame.  I’ve found four different designs that I really like, so I just need to narrow it down to the one that I’d like to use in my bedroom.  That’s a bit difficult since I don’t really have anything else done in there, and I’m still in the planning stages with the whole, overall design of the room.

The first one is this square tufted design.  I think this would be considered biscuit tufting, which I’ve never done before and would love to try…

  headboard design idea - biscuit tufted leather headboard with wood frame, from Belfort Furniturevia Belfort Furniture

I like that that one has a bit more of a contemporary style, because y’all know I like a little contemporary/modern mixed in with my traditional.

This one is similar, but the tufted sections are much larger and fewer.  I like the understated look.

headboard design idea - via Interiors by E & Jvia Interiors By E & J

Diamond tufting is always a favorite of mine, but I don’t think I possess the talent or the patience to try traditional tufting with all of the folds and deep tufts with vinyl or leather. I know there are people who can do that, but I’m not one of them.  This variation might be an option, though.  The diamonds aren’t created by folds, but are created by seams.  It also gives a slightly less-traditional-more-modern look to diamond tufting.

headboard design idea from Overstockvia Overstock.com

And then finally, there’s this design with no tufting at all, and a contrasting border with nailhead trim around the inside edge of the wood frame.  I think this might be my favorite, which is strange because…well…no tufting.  I guess the nailhead trim makes up for the lack of tufting.

headboard design idea via ifurnvia iFurn

That last one is very similar to this one from Tobi Fairley that I’ve had saved in my inspiration/DIY file for quite some time, except that the one above has a wider wood frame…

headboard design idea - bedroom by Tobi Fairleyvia Tobi Fairley

So I need to make this decision in the next few days, because I really do want to get started this weekend.  The weather is supposed to warm up again over the next week or so, and our coldest weather generally doesn’t hit until January, but I don’t want to put this off too long.  I want to be prepared so that when our coldest weather does hit, my neck won’t have to be two inches away from a cold, drafty window.

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  1. I think any one of them would look great! But I to love the one with the nailheads…The base you made for your bed is very pretty!…As always what ever you decide I know it will look great!

  2. I would go for a design with no tufting if you are using the vinyl. I’ve done several DIY upholstered projects, including a headboard with tufting. If you were using real leather or upholstery weight fabric I think tufting would work. But with all the pull in the fabric, or vinyl in your case, I think it would lead to the vinyl giving way and tearing or cracking. I have used the vinyl on chairs and an ottoman and it worked beautifully. I think I would have lost my marbles trying to tuft it and make matching buttons out of it!

  3. Try putting 3 M plastic on the windows it is clear and you can see out and boy does it cut drafts. We used it till we could replace windows. Sometimes it really billows and let’s you know how much draft there is.

    1. This is a very wise suggestion. Saves so much money due to heat loss. And yes, you’re headboard will help also. We’ll be watching for it.

  4. They are all yummy. I like number 1 and the first untufted one the best. Bet it turns out supercalifragilisticexpealidosious in the blue vinyl!

  5. I quite like the first one but am enamoured with the not-tufted-ones – I guess, because I really like those frame versions. I cannot wait one what you decide, because this could be some serious project for me, too: We have a wooden headboard on our bedframe and it’s soooo uncomfortable! Do you think that I could simply attach the cushion part to the frame as it is or would you rather build a new frame from scratch and remove the one that’s already attached to the bed (which seems a bit stupid now that I’m typing it…). Anyway, cannot wait to see the tutorial!!

  6. I did the same thing. Got an upholstered headboard as our bed is under/against windows too. Made a difference and adding curtains hanging behind it did too. I also view it as an extra barrier for the spiders to get through before they come and get me 😉

    I really like the understated tufted one and the next to last with the wider wood trim and nailhead. Why not do a combination of the two. I think that would look great.

  7. I really like the iFurn headboard! It’s pretty, accents the trim on the bed frame, easy to clean, and gives the option of tuffed diamonds on another piece in your bedroom, such as a bench at the end of your bed. Very elegant!

  8. I’m pretty new here 🙂 and you didn’t link to your bedroom, but considering you don’t have a furnace right now, if you don’t need the light from that window, have you considered just covering the whole window with a huge/tall headboard? I’m thinking in terms of those individually upholstered panels that are then all joined together. Then put sconces on either side, or even right on it for light. If you know what I mean? There’s tons of them on pinterest. It’s very hotel-esq. Just an idea for you.

    1. If it gets really cold, I might consider doing that. I might not have a choice, if it gets too cold. 🙂 But for now, I’ll just try the headboard and leave the window uncovered. I don’t use an alarm clock, and I wake up with the sunrise. If I lost that, it would throw me completely off. 😀

  9. I agree with you, the iFurn headboard with wood frame and nailhead trim is my favorite. You did a great job on the bed frame, and adding the upholstered headboard will really complete it.

    As someone above mentioned, add some clear plastic to the window, taping it with clear tape all around to cut out those drafts. If you plan to use sheers between the side panels, you’ll never see it there, but you and Matt will sleep much cosier! (There are any number of ideas for temporary storm window/weather proofing online.)

  10. They are all really nice but the one that ‘spoke’ to me was the understated headboard. It’s simple, clean and really functional. Stay warm. (We have a heated mattress pad that we use in the winter and LOVE it!)

  11. I am unfamiliar with the vinyl you mentioned, so I don’t know if this would work, but I wonder what would a pattern of seaming alone look like? I can see a larger center panel flanked by two smaller ones or a large checkerboard. Can you top stitch the vinyl? Is there a particular trick to sewing it? Curious minds want to know.

    1. I’ve only ever made an upholstered headboard with vinyl, and it was just a simple wrap-and-staple, so I’ve never actually sewn vinyl before. I know that it’s possible, and they sell special machine needles for vinyl and leather, so I would imagine one of those would be necessary in order to sew through the thick vinyl. And probably not every machine is up to the challenge. My current sewing machine is my grandmother’s old machine, and it’s probably several decades old. It’s a real work horse, so I think it could probably sew vinyl with no problem. But some of the newer/cheaper machines might have a problem with it. The higher end machines I’m sure could handle it like a champ.

  12. What if you just built the frame you wanted and then did a temporary filler for the middle? Since you haven’t wrapped your head around the whole look of the room, you might end up wanting to change it later again 🙂

  13. Go with your gut! The untufted with nailhead trim is so pretty! A cold neck is the worst! It gets very cold here in MI. If I go out w/o my neck covered, I am miserable.

  14. Love the Tobi Farley headboard. It looks taller and would provide more protection from cold. No HVAC?! Unheard of here in Chicago area! Stay warm!

  15. The last two definitely with the last one being MY favorite, but only because of color. I’m on a teal/aqua kick right now!!!

  16. I am making a headboard right now as well. I bought a fabric with a geometric design before I realized how much I love tufting, so I won’t be about to incorporate it this time. I am using spray paint and silver leaf to make it look more “antiqued” instead of trying to stain something right now. My pinterest inspiration pictures are definitely nothing like what I want the final project to look like, so it involves a lot of imagination. Do you ever use silver leaf?

      1. I loved your gold leaf. I hope that my silver leaf goes on as well as your gold leaf and looks as nice. I’m afraid it won’t look as luxe as your gold did, but your blog was what made me brave enough to try it.

  17. This has nothing to do with headboards, but I have just finished applying insulating film over every window in our house.This is the first year we’ve tried it. I am hoping that it helps with the thousands (literally) of dollars it cost for oil to heat this drafty old wreck of a house. I have heard that 3M also makes a good window film product.

    I love all the framed headboards that you’ve pictured. Something about the ones that aren’t tufted are very appealing, though.


    1. Thank you for this, Susan! I had never even heard of this stuff until two days ago. When I clicked your link, I had no idea what to expect. I watched the video, and was still confused, because I was expecting a film that actually goes ON the window glass. I get it now, though! 😀 I’ll definitely be getting some of this before January gets here!

  18. I think you should do one like the iFurn headboard. Make the molding exactly like the panels on the bed so that it all goes together perfectly. If the molding doesn’t match the rest of the bed then the headboard will look like an add on.

  19. I vote for no tufting… I once had a lovely to look at tufted headboard…. Inevitably my back always found either the hollow of the deep tuft or the fold of fabric. Have compassion for your back…. No tufting….

  20. Hi Krisiti, what kind of mitre saw do you have? I am thinking about getting one and am looking for suggestions. Thanks, blessings

  21. I love that top picture of the bed frame!! I saved it to show to someone who will build it for us maybe in 2015. I am not physically able, nor is my husband, to make it ourselves. Thank you for posting it!

    The last two pictures are my favorites of what you’ve posted. I already have a headboard that I love, so I don’t need that, though just that top bed frame.

    I look forward to seeing your final results.

  22. I like them all, but I think the nail head would be great. I live in the White Mountains of NH which is freezing 7 months of the year…..tell me again why I moved here? My husband bought me a really cool heating pad called Heat/reheat. You click a metal disk and it heats up, then you boil it in the morning to prepare for reuse. It’s shaped to wrap around your neck and shoulders, but you can also use it elsewhere. I’ve been using it every night lately and it really keeps me warm. Just an option for you.

  23. Wow, the iFurn one is just gorgeous and so sexy! Love it! If I had to share a home with a man (vs. the 3 cats I currently live with) that’s the one I’d go for because it’s a good design for couples and doesn’t scream “girly.” However, my personal favorite is the Tobi Fairley one, because of the aqua color and that it’s up against that gorgeous aqua toile. It’s girly which is fine for just me; the cats do not have an opinion one way or the other! Can’t wait to see what you decide on!

  24. I love the nailhead and no tufting bed. I have a version of this bed, but in a woven beige linen look (Collette by Crate and Barrel) this color in velvet is gorgeous.

  25. You may all already know this tip but just in case I’ll throw it in: use pegboard as the backing for a tufted headboard so you don’t have to drill holes to run your tufting thread through and you can use any pattern of tufting you like. Ditto all the complementary comments on your bed! I like the first one best to go with it but your favorite is great too!

  26. Hi Kristi
    I don’t have much of a preference for tuft vs flat except to note that I have done tuftingvwith regular fabric and have made many vinyl cushions for customers and would not want to try and combine the 2 unless I wanted some serious hand pain after.
    What I did want to mention is that you said you bought navy fabric to go in a wood stained headboard but all your inspiration pictures are light fabric with dark so you may want to look at some similar pics to make sure its the look you are going for.

  27. I love them all, but I think the last one is my favorite. It definately reminds me of your house…elegant but not too fussy. However, before I started making a headboard I would head to my nearest store and buy a space heater! No furnace? I would die!

    1. We have several space heaters. 🙂 Five infrared heaters, and one regular space heater. I’m still a bit nervous about January, but I think we’ll be fine. Thank goodness we live in Texas! We’d never survive like this up north.

  28. I really like the one with wider wood frame ,to tie into bed frame, and no tufting or less tufting. btw could you use insulation ,the kind that has metallic on the back then cover the back in whatever material you decide to keep you toasty on these cold Texas days???????

  29. I’m looking forward to see which option you choose. Some day (soon, I hope) I’ll be able to set aside the time to do some projects around my house, but in the meantime I’ll have to settle for living vicariously through you!

  30. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve read that you can use bubble wrap on your windows for a temporary wind break … just spritz lightly with water or windex and apply sheets of bubble wrap to the glass. Would be a cheap fix. You’re only looking a very few days of bone-chilling cold so maybe that would be a help.

  31. I love all your stuff but from one married woman to another, don’t make your bedroom look like a MAN doesn’t fit in there.