2011 Year In Review:: Favorite Before & After Project (Link Party!!)

Hello all! Today we continue our look back at the year, focusing this time on Before & After Projects! And don’t forget, we’ll wrap up our 2011 Year In Review link parties tomorrow with Room Makeovers.

As much as I enjoy a great DIY project, where I take the raw materials and turn it into something useful and attractive, I have to admit that I prefer before and after projects. At least for me, there’s just nothing quite as rewarding as finding a diamond-in-the-rough in a thrift store or at a yard sale, imagining the potential, and then giving it a dramatic makeover.

In fact, I like before & after projects so much that I had a very hard time narrowing down my favorite of the year!! So here are my favorite before and after projects of 2011.

First up, there was this Craigslist dresser that started off like this…


…and I turned it into a t.v. console for John & Alice’s family room…


The second before & after project is the reupholstering job my mom and I did on these wingback chairs. They started out looking a bit tired and frumpy with a mauve fabric that had definitely seen better days…


…and after three full days of wrestling, pulling, cutting, stapling, tucking…and a bit of bleeding…we turned those ugly ducklings into these pretty little swans…


And finally, a project for my own home made my final cut of my favorites. I turned this outdated brass light…


…into this metal orb light for my hallway using metal hanging plant baskets…


Okay, I know I cheated by showing not one, not two, but three before and after projects. Like I said, before and after projects are my favorite!! I find it so difficult to narrow it down to just one favorite.

But now it’s your turn! Show us your favorite (or favorite two) before and after project of 2011. And again, please resist any urge you may feel to shamelessly promote your blog by linking up every single project you’ve done this year. 🙂 Just one or two of your favorite before and after projects, please! Thanks!



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  1. I don’t have any before and after pictures to show you, but your craigs list dresser has me seeing thrift store finds in a whole new light. Now, if only I could find a thrift store that will sell me one cheaply enough (most of my local Goodwill-type stores are selling dressers in the $85 range, and that’s more than I want to spend on my first attempt at doing something like this!)

    Have a wonderful new year!

  2. Kristi, what a very fun idea for a wrap up of 2011! I love seeing “the best of”. Your dresser to media console is one of my all time favorites. Definitely want to try this in 2012. Thanks for hosting the party!