Home Gym — Options For Closet Walls (Wallpaper, Stripes, or Solid Color?)

I’ve been struggling with the color that I chose for the home gym closet area for a while now. This wasn’t a new problem that arose with the dresser makeover. But I’ve also been struggling with deciding what to do with the closet area. As far as I can see, I have three options, and all three will have drastically different impacts on the room.

But before we get to those options, let me show you the dresser. As I showed you on Tuesday, I gave the dresser a makeover (you can see the whole thing from beginning to end here), and this is how it looked after that makeover.

Then I came across some fun, inexpensive furniture legs on Amazon (they’re only $20, and you can find them here), and decided to try them on the dresser. The swap was very easy. Removing the original base with the walnut trim and walnut legs was a very simple matter of loosening six screws, and then whole thing came off as one piece. Then I just screwed the new feet on, and voila! A whole new look.

I honestly can’t tell which way I like better. I like that the walnut trim and feet show up better against the carpet, but I like the light and airy look of the new feet. Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

But now back to the main topic — the walls in the closet area. Here’s the irony of this whole thing. The colors on the walls of this room are in a very specific order. They’re in a gradient from the darkest coral color (Watermelon Punch) to the darkest teal (Summer Dragonfly) and then back to the coral. (You can see all of the colors here.) And I very painstakingly measured and figured so that the pattern of the strips would just be perfectly planned, with the wide stripe behind the Swedish ladder being the darkest teal, and the back wall of the closet being the darkest coral. And, I mean, it landed perfectly, which you can see in this photo.

I was so proud of how perfectly my plan turned out, but the longer I live with this big wall painted in that darkest coral color, the more I’ve come to dislike it in such a large dose. I absolutely love it in the narrow stripes. But I can’t take a whole wall painted that color. (As much as I’ve made strides in adding warm colors to our home, my heart still belongs to my beloved teals and greens when it comes to large doses of color.)

So that brings me to the options that I’ve come up with for this area. First, I very randomly came across some floral wallpaper on Etsy that caught my eye. I was amazed at how the colors in the wallpaper seemed to perfectly complement the colors of the stripes. For days, I kept going back to look at it, so I finally ordered a sample to see it in the room. And yep, the colors are perfect. They’re not all exact, but they’re very complementary.

I know from your comments that some of you have a hard time with so much color and pattern, but I love a lot of color and pattern, so the combination of a floral wallpaper and the striped walls seems right up my alley. I also like that it would be a lot of color and pattern, while remaining light and bright with its white background. And before you ask, Matt doesn’t care if I cover the walls in floral wallpaper. As long as he can see the TV, he’s fine with me doing whatever I want, just as long as I don’t paint the walls hot pink. 😀

I had wondered how my new “Sweat The Crazy Out” neon sign would look against wallpaper, but then yesterday, I saw this picture on my Instagram feed, and I love how that looks! So the wallpaper is definitely in the running.

The only drawback is that it’s the most expensive option, but it’s also a relatively fast option that I could get finished in an afternoon once the wallpaper arrives. I do kind of hesitate to spend that much money on wallpaper only to cover up so much of it with a dresser, TV, two full-length mirrors, and a neon sign.

The next option would be to continue the stripes onto the back wall of the closet area. I tried to do a mockup using the exact colors that would be used on the wall. I had a hard time with the width of the stripes (naturally, they’d all be the same width), but these are the colors that would fall in line on that wall.

That would be a cheap option, but it would be the most time-consuming. I do love it, though! It keeps things vibrant, colorful, and interesting.

The final options is obviously the easiest and fastest, and that’s to paint the entire closet area one solid color. It would have to be one of the cool colors (teals or greens). I have to admit that while it’s easy and fast and could get done today, it’s the option I’m the least excited about. It just seems so dull (which is one issue I had with the solid coral wall), and really doesn’t do anything for me. But the fast and easy aspect of it appeals to me, for sure.

What do you think? Should I head to Etsy and buy some wallpaper? Head to Home Depot and buy a few rolls of painters tape? Or just get out the paint roller and get the quick and easy job done this afternoon?



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  1. I like the new feet! They look more intentional, whereas the old base (though nice) had more of a “dresser sitting on a table” look to it.

    While my own vote is for the wallpaper accent wall, I think you should do the option you’ll regret the least and genuinely like the most, regardless of how much extra time or cost it will take 🙂 (So do not be fooled by the ease of the teal wall if you are already finding it to be a blah option.)

    1. I like the coral paint in the closet area. It provides energy, and that seems just right for an exercise room. Given that other objects will cover up much of the background closet color, I vote to keep it as is. Stripes carried into the closet would be too busy and teal has already been used on the opposite wall. I do like the complementary floral wallpaper, but not with a neon sign. The words would be lost.

      1. I agree with this comment….there will be a number of other objects covering up the background, so the ‘huge’ amount of coral might not be a problem at all. Why not wait til the other objects are up on wall (or make mock-ups to tape to the wall), and see what you think of it.

    1. It’s a beautiful room, but
      vote to leave the coral color on the closet wall just as it is.

      IMHO the teal looks odd and the stripes are just “too much” in the closet.

      Just finish the room completely, use it a while, and don’t start re-doing everything before it’s finished the first time.

      It will save you money, time money and stress.

    2. I like it the way it is. That wallpaper and stripes are too much. You’ll have other things in the closet which will cut out some of the color. Again, I like the color.

  2. Have you installed everything in there- mirrors, tv, art etc- yet? You may not see much of the wall after that is all done. If it were me id do that first and see if the coral color recedes as a complementary color. I also hate to see you spend more money on wallpaper that would get covered up, or time on more stripes etc.

    1. I agree with this. It will look way different with mirrors, sign, TV and dresser in it. Put is all up with the pink and give it a look. If you still don’t like the color then maybe try one of the teals, but keep it solid. Since these are the easiest things to do, start with them first. It would be tragic to do all the stripes or wall paper and then decide it’s too much.

    2. My thoughts too! When everything is in place on that wall, there won’t be anywhere as much coral showing. Try taping up newspaper where the TV and mirrors will be, when in place, and see what you think.

      1. I love the floral wallpaper but don’t think I’d like it with the neon sign, especially after seeing the neon sign against the wallpaper on instagram. Considering the tv and mirrors will cover much of the wall, I’d paint it a solid color, preferably blue or green. I do like the brass legs better than the walnut base and legs. Have you thought of making a chart and recording the “votes” for each option? I’d love to see the results of the votes and your final decision.

      2. I agree, putting up placeholders on the wall would show you how much of the wall will be seen. I like the new legs, the strips, the solid and the wallpaper….good luck, but you will make it your own and fabulous!!!

    3. My thoughts as well. And I actually like the coral wall more than I like the other options. I do like the new dresser feet.

    4. I agree! The wallpaper is pretty, but it’s very expensive to cover up with the remaining items that will go in the closet. Same with the stripes — very time-consuming for something that will mostly be covered. See how it looks with everything in place then make your final decision. You may find that the coral is just fine.

    5. My thoughts too. Every room needs a place to rest your eyes and I my mind this closer has been that place for the gym. Once you add everything to the closet, not much of the coral will show.

    6. I totally agree. By the time you get everything moved into that space, there probably won’t be much of the wall showing. I would do that first before making a decision.

      Regarding the feet on the dresser, I could go either way.

  3. I like the continuation of the stripes into the closet area, but by the time you get the tv, mirrors, and sign in there, I wonder if they would be mostly covered up. Same for the floral wallpaper. Why not try your quick and simple paint and see how it works? Also, i do like the new legs on the dresser in the closet, but have you considered just painting them black? They would show up better and look more substantial, imho. I look forward to seeing what you decide!

  4. I really like the new furniture feet on the dresser – elevates the look. I’m no decorator, so this is just my opinion, but I think adding that wallpaper (although very beautiful) would be too busy with all the colorful stripes. My vote is to either leave it the coral color and just decorate the wall around the tv so you hardly notice the color, or paint it the teal you love. I have no doubt whatever you choose to do will turn out magnificent, as always. Trust your gut!

  5. I like the old walnut legs better than in new shinny legs. Looks more sturdy. I’d simply paint the inside of the closet a solid color, hang up all the stuff and be done with it. Don’t make it so complicated. Get it done and on to the Studio. Put the old legs back on the walnut case and use the new ones some place else.

    1. I like the walnut legs but the black band at the bottom is too wide and bold. It needs to be narrow like with the new legs. I love the coral if some of it is covered up. I also love the stripes. I know I am p in the minority but not my favorite wallpaper.

  6. Do the quick and easy Teal as It is a color you love and honestly the rest of the room doesn’t have much of that color so I think it will make you happy and with a TV and other stuff covering much of the wall why worry so much about it. The second option with adding the stripes would be nice and tie that area in nicely, but doesn’t have as much of your favorite color plus I think the teal looks better with the contrast to the black and walnut. I like the new legs BTW, but feel like a wood strip along the bottom like the wood feet had would kick it up a bit.

    1. I agree with this comment on the wood trim around the bottom of the dresser with the new legs. I wasn’t much of a fan of the blocky legs. These new ones are nice and I think the wood trim along the bottom would be the icing on that cake.
      I don’t know about the wall – I can’t decide. If it were in my home, I would probably stick with the coral and put all the other things in place before I changed it. That wallpaper is very pretty though.

  7. Personally, I would consider painting it a less intense, calmer color even tho that doesn’t match up with the flow of colors on the walls. Since it is “interrupted” by the side walls, I don’t think anybody but you will notice the change in order of colors. That wall will be busy enough with the TV, mirrors and the neon light. It would be quick and relatively cheap. Live with it and if you’re still unhappy, then consider the wallpaper.
    In looking at the neon against the very busy background in the Instagram account, I found that to be way too busy for my comfort and difficult to discern the neon word. That would drive me crazy!

  8. My vote? Paint it a solid color and be done with the room. It would be so uplifting for you to cross this room off your list. It’s not a public room to showcase your style, and you aren’t spending a ton of time in it. Just finish it and enjoy it.

    1. This is the exact opposite approach that I take to decorating my home. The whole “just get it done and move on” idea just because this isn’t a public room…that’s just not my approach at all. Even if I were the only person to ever see and use a room, I’d still want it decorated to completion and to my own liking. I decorate my home for myself, not just for public consumption.

  9. Could you paint it white and put up floral accents—like your attempt at the hand-drawn butterflies and birds you did a while back? I agree that the wallpaper lightens things up, but I also see your point about covering up that much money spent. Or a two-tone paint texture pattern instead?

    Love the colors!!

  10. Hi Kristi,
    As much as I love teal, in my own home, I’m not loving it in that closet area. Looking at the both the wallpaper, and the stripes, I’m for either one. But with the stripes, I believe that you would have to make sure that your colors align with the stripes, (color wise) of the stripes above the closet frame. I look forward to seeing what you decide.

      1. There is a way if you just paint the inside sides a solid color (black or white?) and match the stripes to the ones that run above the casing. That would also look more consistent visually.

      2. I noticed this as well. I think I would try it with everything in place, first.

        Horizontal stripes might work? Then they wouldn’t have to continue on with either set of existing stripes. You could change the width of the stripes to suit.

  11. Coral is one of my favorite colors and my former master bath was painted in Summer Dragonfly (which I LOVED!), but as I’ve been reading your posts I was thinking that one of the yellows would be best for the closet wall. I love yellow and black together plus, it will make it even sunnier in there! And I vote for the new airy legs for the dresser. Keep up the great work and thank you for asking for our feedback!

  12. I vote for stripes or a different solid color (but I’m not a fan of coral @ all – although w/the stripes it looks amazing – the wall tho.. too much for me) – The wallpaper is too pretty to lose behind a dresser, sign, etc.. I’d def save that for some place you would be able to see better.

  13. Another idea could be to do the stripes in the closet and leave an opening for a large stripe, just like you did for the ladder thingy, but this could be the stripe for the wall mural?? That way much of the stripes could cover the uncovered parts of the wall and the large stripe could anchor that dresser and art. Just a thought… And I don’t get paid to think… LOL

    1. I too thought a large block of color behind the dresser would add interest to the stripes and complement the Swedish Ladder treatment. I also like the suggestion of adding the walnut band back at the bottom of the dresser as previously suggested. I also think you should Photoshop in the new legs as black and see what you think ….. I think the gold hardware should remain the star. The gold legs look too modern for the existing hardware design. Your decision of course.

    2. My thought too. Mock up the teal block behind chest to mirror the Swedish ladder with stripes on the side. Or if only stripes, adjust somehow so they flow with stripe color above casing. The green inside looked like a mismatch. And the new legs look better. The old ones looked amateurish to me. A band of walnut around the bottom would have looked good, but the blocks looked unfinished.

  14. I like the new legs better. I didn’t like the wide band of black at the bottom of the dresser before. I wonder though, how they’d look set in to the same dimensions as the dresser.
    Also, I like the stripes in the closet.

  15. I would continue the stripes, especially since so much of the wall will be covered with mirrors, dresser and TV.

  16. I love the wallpaper but I think the teal looks very good with the walnut and black. I don’t really love the coral color with the walnut and black. I vote for paint today and get more installed in the closet. Knowing you, another inspiration will strike 6 months from now and if you paint the teal either it fades into the background behind all the other elements then you leave plenty of room for future you. Plus, you get this done and off the checklist.

  17. Not a fan of the wallpaper…takes away from the stripes and too busy – especially since so much of it will be covered I think you will lose the look of it anyway. I like the idea of a simple finish in that closet since it will have mirrors, a desk and a cool sign that will get a bit lost with the paper – is there a TV or monitor as well for the games? I think it is best to make it one color, but since there is no green on that wall around the closet, I like a pale yellow, or the very pale green and then hang all the pieces and have it just kind of blend in, and feature all the other things. (I might be too conservative for you though!? 😂

  18. I wonder if once you hang everything in the closet, you won’t feel so strongly about the coral. I do like the wallpaper or the stripes though. I have to agree with another poster, however. Do not let effort or time be a hurdle. This stuff all takes time and it will bug you forever if you don’t do something you love!

  19. I agree that whatever you choose is going to be covered so much by TV and mirrors you may not want to spend too much time or money on it. The wallpaper is gorgeous but I do agree that the Insta picture makes it difficult to focus on the signage (though theirs is much darker a print than yours). I’m not in love with the blue in the picture as the wall color. Maybe a lighter version of it. Love the dressed-up dresser!

  20. As you mention, personal taste aside here, I have some problems on the principle of things with both the wallpaper and the stripes. For the wallpaper, I feel the scale is wrong; the flowers are too small compared to the stripes. And with the stripes, there are stripes right above the opening, and they are a different colour; standing across the room you would be seeing broken lines, and again this feels wrong. If I were to paint the wall using one of the stripes colour, I would probably use the same colour that you have behind the swedish ladder.
    However, it still doesn’t feel quite “it”… How about something different? Maybe blackboard paint? (You know, the matt black that you can write on)? It would look amazing behind the neon light, match your colour scheme, match the schematics you bought for the entrance walls AND make the white framing pop out. Or just something else that you haven’t done in the room yet, I don’t know.

    1. Phoebe, I agree with your observations, and like your blackboard idea … it makes a lot of sense.

    2. Commenting to add opinion on legs, as I completely forgot you asked about that; I like the new legs better, because they look more intentional, like they are part of the original piece. Looking at the PHOTOS (no idea how it looks in real life, and my eyesight is not at its’ best lately), the walnut feet look like you put the chest of drawers on a pallet base, mostly because of the legs in the middle. The new legs match the drawer handles nicely. The only problem with them is that they are a little out of balance; the top of the chest of drawers looks too narrow in comparison.

      Also, to Valerie, thanks for your comment! 🙂

  21. Personally, until I had everything in hand that is intended for that closet niche, I wouldn’t spend any time and money to change the wall, as very little of it may show, and then not be bothersome anymore.

    If, after seeing how much wall does show after all the other elements are accounted for, and I still was bothered, I’d decide then how much time and/or money I wanted to invest on very little wall showing.

    I like your new feet on the srorage dresser. I like the black part of the previous foot base. I think the new feet on the previous black base would be a perfect union, and look much more balanced on the bottom.

  22. Here is another idea — in your stripe mockup, there are a few soft blue / green stripes in the middle. I think you should pick one of those softer colors to paint the closet. What I like about the metal legs is the narrower band of black around the bottom of the chest. What I would like is the walnut legs with the narrower black band. However, I think all of the options are fine — no wrong decisions here at all! But what I like is not important — you need to feel like you have the best option since you will be looking at it daily! I am always amazed at your vision as well as your ability to bring it to life.

  23. If you do the stripes, make sure they line up with the wall above the closet. A lighter green from your stripes would suit me better as a solid color. And lastly, the wallpaper is lovely! But as you say, you will be covering most of it with items on the wall. Personally, I would go with one of the solid colors of the stripes. But you know what you like and that is the most important. You amaze me with your energy!
    I prefer the walnut feet. I have some of the same on a coffee table and the curved shape of the table is the same as the feet, as I added them to give height to the table. But yours, to me, do not seem to fit.

  24. While I am not crazy about the new legs, (it looks like the dresser is sitting on a shelf), maybe painting the original legs/feet black to match the board they are attached to would blend in more. I don’t like the stripes or wallpaper because that room is so busy as it is. When you get all of the mirrors, TV, signs, and shelves in, it will be mostly covered so you won’t see a whole lot of the wall. I was thinking the coral might be too dark, I was thinking a lighter color on the closet would be nicer. This is a hard decision and I see I am in the minority on my opinions, probably would have to see all the implements up and in to really get a feel for what would look best.

  25. Here is my two cents. I like your legs way better because I think the walnut base really classes up the dresser. I like seeing the walnut going all the way across the front of the dresser.
    The floral wallpaper is beautiful! However, I don’t think it belongs in a gym. If it were me, not because I want to hurry up and get it done, but because you are going to have two big mirrors and a TV plus the dresser, I would paint the closet a solid color. The work to appeal ratio on the stripes just doesn’t seem worth it. One last thought- how about wide stripes going vertically in the closet or maybe paint large flowers in the colors of the stripes. Looking forward to your decision!

  26. I’m voting wallpaper. You’re ready to be done with this room, but settling for blah doesn’t feel right. You are going to be looking at that wall a lot when exercising so you need it to energise you.

    With the stripes I think it would bother me if they didn’t match the colours above the opening.

  27. No to the wallpaper and yes to a solid color. You plan to put enough things on that wall and the wallpaper would create way more of a distraction from what will be on the television. Same goes with more stripes. As one of the other commentators mentioned, don’t make it too complicated.

  28. I like the new feet and I like the wall paper best, but I agree with the suggestion to paint the wall white and use decals or other cut out options to add some colorful floral interest that could be strategically placed to complement the dresser, TV, sign, etc. Much less time, work and expense, plus it could make for a very impressive display with your expertise. Give it some thought, but ultimately, do what you love so that it doesn’t have to be redone/updated right away.

  29. I vote one solid color…..or crazy thought….. instead of two full length mirrors do the whole wall in mirrored tiles or the whole wall is one big mirror like in a commercial gym

  30. My 2¢
    1. Use old legs. The new ones look to elegant for the room.
    2. Leave the paint or lighten it a few shades.
    3. Big NO for the teal.
    4. I love the wallpaper, but not worth the expense to only see so little after hanging tv and mirrors plus the dresser.
    5. You could freehand paint some flowers on the wall for added interest.
    6. Use your Cricut to cut out a motivational quote to go above the tv.

  31. I’m not a fan of the wallpaper it reads so light it feels like it washes the flowers out, I’m not crazy about the linear quality of the stems mixed with the linear walls. My choice would be option 2 but i would want the stripes inside the closet to match the portion above the door and that may mean painting the side of the inner closet a solid color (or leaving them coral)

    As far as the legs I prefer the wood, feel more natural especially since you don’t have a lot of metal accents (yet?)

  32. How about using the Swedish Ladder background color and just adding the white stripes lined up with the stripes above the closet.

  33. If you don’t like the solid background (I think the neon sign will look the best on a solid background) I would go with the stripes, but would need them match the stripes above the closet opening. I would paint the two ends of the closet one color to be able to line the colors up. With so many things going in the closet the solid background may actually look the best, like a mat in a picture frame.

  34. I think I personally would paint a solid color, but more the yellow or something so it goes with the warmer stripes but is a bit less in your face than the coral. I’d wait to finish everything in the room, have all the furniture, mirrors, TV, etc. in the room and then decide before investing the extra time and money into stuff that will be mostly covered up. I don’t think (?) it will be too much to remove the stuff in the closet and then paint the stripes/add the wallpaper if you decide a solid color is just a no go. As far as stripes or florals, I think both would be nice if you decided to go that route.

  35. My two cents. I loved your original legs. The new are cool but my eye wants to line them up with the walnut drawers (inset a little from where they are).
    I think the issue with the coral closet is the depth of the color. It looks heavy with the dresser and I think the dark teal would do the same. Maybe a lighter version?
    Or I’d plan the placement of everything in the closet and then do custom stripes as you did for some of the equipment. It would look intentional and not as busy.
    I’m a wallpaper fan but the floral isn’t doing it for me. I could see something light and geometric. But you could paint that also.
    Lots to consider!

  36. I would paint it white if it were me because I like less color and pattern. But that is just me. 🙂

    BTW, love the new legs on the dresser.

    Thanks for sharing everything, it is so helpful.

  37. I love how you take us through your process! I would paint the closet the same color as the Swedish Ladder space. For me that gives a continuity of the “big” spaces in the room. I believe once it is filled with the gaming systems, etc… it will take away some of the visual space so it won’t be so overwhelming.
    And while I love the new legs, somehow they don’t feel right. To me they look the same as someone shrugging their shoulders. Maybe if they were put on after that bottom walnut piece was attached?
    I hope you find the solution that makes you happy.

  38. I know it’s more time consuming but I would continue the stripes into the closet. They’re beautiful and there wouldn’t be an interruption in the wall. then, you don’t have to worry about the closet shouting at the rest of the room. It would be calm and consistent.

  39. Definitely the stripes! They tie the whole gorgeous room together. The closet will get enough attention without making it look like an accident or add-on.

    Voting for the new legs. Easier to vacuum under and add a bit of a curve to the dresser. Maybe you’ll decide to paint them?

  40. Maybe the issue with the coral wall is the shade of coral. Possibly try one of the lighter coral colors that are in the stripes and see how that strikes you. Once the other elements are installed, the wall color won’t be so dominating. Also, love the look of the new feet on the dresser!

  41. Why not frame in a section with trim, wallpaper the inset, and Mount your TV within that, it will break up the BIG section of color ?

  42. While I love that style of furniture foot, it looks “off” on that chest of drawers. 1) The way it is set on the edge of the trim and not under the body of the chest looks awkward, almost unbalanced. The inset walnut feet seems more in tune with the piece as a whole.

    I would advise waiting to change the closet color until after you can see how it looks with the shelves, mirrors, television, and neon sign in place. There won’t be a lot of wall showing. At least do a mock-up with paper and cardboard substitutes.

    1. I was thinking something similar to the above idea. Put wallpaper 3/4 of the way up (approximately) and put the neon sign against the teal color. Maybe a piece of trim between the wallpaper and the paint? I love the wallpaper! As for the legs, I think the new ones will look with wallpaper – light and airy and the original ones will look best if you paint a solid color. Stripes – I like the idea of something different in the closet to break things up and add interest.

  43. Hi Kristi, omg I do love the sleekness of the new legs! shimmery too! Even tho the walnut legs where nice and substantial…I do love some shine! As for the wall, I guess I have to say this, I am leaning towards the teal, my reasoning is this, I believe the neon sign when lit up is in a pinkish tone? So Im thinking it would just look better against the solid teal wall rather then multi colored any other types ? Or just hold it up against the teal stripe, the wallpaper sample, and the multi colored stiped area to see which you prefer? That sign is just the coolest and needs the best back drop ever to showcase it! LOL ….just my humble opinion 😉

  44. Love that wallpaper. My only concern would be will it be distracting to the eye when you are looking at TV?

    The leg options are both good so very hard to decide on those. I feel like the bulkier legs “fit” a gym setting more than the streamlined legs…..maybe 🙂

  45. I like the shape of the new legs. Do you have some craft paper orbcardboard boxes that you could make into the sizes of the television and mirrors to stick on the wall to see really just how much area would be visible? I know you can do computer mockup but standing/sitting in the room where you would be on your equipment looking at however many square feet of wall that will be blocked out would really put it in perspective for me. I love the wallpaper but I also love the teal paint. Not a fan of the stripes if they don’t match the closet opening. Whatever you do will be great.

  46. I know it’s not what you asked but I just see a rally classy black wall, dressed with your tv, mirrors and neon sign and it looks amazing

  47. I love the wallpaper. It’s such a complement to the stripes and the dresser. No to the aqua paint. So boring.

  48. Absolute no on wallpaper. I feel it would be out of place in the room, in a gym. Love the coral, think it would encourage someone to enter room and work out.
    I think you would like it when all decor is installed. Think a green, teal color would be too calming.

  49. I like the new feet. They don’t make the dresser feel so ‘bottom heavy’. My vote is to put the closet niche together as is and see how it looks. That costs nothing but time and will give you a better idea of whether or not to make other changes.

  50. I like the wallpaper itself, but not if you are going to cover up so much of it.
    I really like the stripes best. Would you try and match the back wall to the stripes over the door jamb? Maybe a solid on the sides of the closet? Or the wallpaper on the sides?

  51. Gosh! Options, options! The coral was pretty, but there was too much of it and it reflected badly on the dresser in the photo. Have you tried the dresser against the wall where the Swedish ladder is going, that blue/teal? Or optional, switch places? The ladder might be good against the coral in the closet with the mirrors next to it. I like the wallpaper, but as mentioned above, I think pretty expensive to cover it mostly by the other stuff in there. Not a fan of the solid blue in the closet. What about continuing stripes into each end of the closet, but leaving a smaller area behind the dresser to be a solid color, not coral, but something else? That’s all I have, but I have no doubt you will get it worked out perfectly, Kristi style!

  52. White solid wall. Would look fresh like a gym should. With the mirrors I think it would look awesome and put the focus on art work. Stripes are close 2nd.

  53. I love the way the dresser looks with the walnut base and legs. The new legs look very nice too but the walnut just seems very high end. And, like you said, the walnut ones show up better against the carpet.

    I also love the wallpaper but I think I would paint the wall a solid color, put everything up, and see how it looks. If you don’t like it, you can always order the wall paper and put it up!

    Your gym is such a happy place. Can’t wait to see it finished!!

  54. Whatever your choice, I feel it needs to look like a planned part of the room, and not a closet you’re utilizing because it was already there.

  55. IMHO I think the coral color gets toned down by all the things that will be on it.
    That the floral starts adding a lot of energy and other movement. The stripes & bold feel more like a gym’s “git ‘r dun” workout mode
    Something that feels incongruent to me are the handles on the dresser. Somehow feels like they should just be straight, maybe even black but maybe you brought the gold in because of the bathroom. Again, I think I’m feeling this because it’s a gym room.

    Do whatever makes you happy.

  56. Would it bother you that the stripes in the closet are different colors that the stripes around the closet?

    If I were you I’d paint it a solid color (1 day and some paint) and see how you like it. If you don’t like it we all know you’ll have no problem changing it. I love the wallpaper however if it’s going to be mostly covered is it worth the expense if you can live with the solid color.

  57. I like the new feet for the dresser. The closet with the stripes I feel looks the best because you will fill that space with t.v. and dresser, with the stripes it will make the closet meld into the walls making the space look larger.

  58. It appears to me that the stripe pattern in the closet won’t align with the stripe pattern above the cased opening. Will that drive you crazy? What about painting that wall dark charcoal/black and letting the items on shelves be the colorful pop? Sorry, I’m not much help here.

  59. I like the new feet best. I meant to say that in my earlier comment. Why cant you paint the closet wall one of the yellows in your pattern? just curious. But I still like the paper best. However, how much can you really see once your tv and stuff is there? I admire your ablilty to do the stripes. But I think it would be too much of a good thing.

  60. My immediate thought, before seeing your options, was continue the stripes – it would keep the same theme of the room too. I love the stripes! Plus, if you are going to cover most of it up with TV, etc, i feel like the stripes would blend right in. Makes the closet feel less separated from the rest of the space.

    I know it would be super time consuming, but you could always cover it with the wallpaper if the stripes didn’t work out.

  61. put your decorations up, if you don’t like the wall after, you can either get the paper or, paint the florals around what you have up.
    but try and live with the stuff up on the coral wall for a few days in a few lights maybe to see for sure

  62. Easiest and cheapest solution is: Leave it alone for now. Put in the TV, mirrors, neon sign and everything else that goes in the closet, stand back and look at it, then decide what to do.

  63. What about switching to really wide and less gradient stripes in the closet? I wide center teal stripe, a wide creamy tannish stripe on either side, and a wide coral stripe at the outer edges? Still keeps the stripe theme, cuts down time dramatically, and provides the teal focus that you love.

  64. Could you do a charcoal like the carpet? In thinking s backdrop for a tv, mirrors, and neon it would be best. Also much easier on eye strain from his gaming (we had to move the pc for a similar reason)

    Ps the pop out moving ads are getting intense (like everywhere 2 at a time blocking images and interupted me twice while typing this comment) when viewing on mobile…

      1. This doesn’t happen to me Kristi. I’m in Australia and view this blog on my mobile (cell) phone.

        No ads ….. at all!
        PS: love your work❤

  65. The new feet look great and give the dresser a Regency/vintage look! I don’t like the wallpaper at all or with your stripes.

  66. I do love the wallpaper but then I am a paperhanger so I guess you have to take my opinion with a grain of salt. Seriously I would find it a bit difficult to spend a lot of money when it sounds like most of it would be covered up. Wouldn’t the bright coral be a great option since you are only going to see bits and pieces of it yet you would still have the vibrant color you so enjoy?

  67. The beautiful floral wallpaper breaks up the severity of the stripes, so I’d go with a floral. Love the dresser makeover! The gym looks amazing! Kudos to you for all your planning and hard work!!

  68. The new feet disappear from a short distance and don’t look especially custom. I liked the stronger and more unified look of the wood, which carries the vertical block theme in the room. The solid blueish color in the closet makes it dark and closet-y. Stripes take forever, but would match perfectly. I’d probably opt for wallpaper to be fast, lighten the space, still pull in your colors, and done. Does the closet have a light in it?

  69. What if you did a wide stripe to go behind the dresser – like the place where you are going to hang the Swedish ladder – and then regular stripes for the rest of it? That cuts down on the effort a little bit, and it matches a motif you’ve already used elsewhere in the room.

    1. I so agree. I LOVE the wallpaper and I’d be afraid all the stripes would make it feel like jail bars (though I’ve never been in one 😂). I also love the new feet x times better than first set. You do you. But I think you might not like 4 walls of nothing but stripes. IMHO

  70. I would leave the color. Once you put up the TV, neon sign and mirrors it all will take so much away from the background color.
    The floral wallpaper confuses the statement of a gym room — Work, Sweat!
    ARGH, the muscle flexing!

  71. Go with the wallpaper…it will be beautiful! Painting the stripes is too much work abc too many stripes. I love the idea of the contrast of floral wallpaper with your stripes and you could paper the electric circuit box door too. It would blend right into the wall. Painting it a solid color is dull and uninspiring.

  72. I really like your first take on the dresser. It completely elevated your Walmart dresser. I can’t say that about the second version. How about if you try to live with the coral wall first. Your argument against the wallpaper was so much of it would be covered. Hang everything on the coral wall and then decide. It might be a fun, small punch of color.

  73. Hmmm.. Maybe I shouldn’t comment because this is soo far out of my decor box, but since you asked… personally, I don’t think either dresser feet look like they’re part of the piece originally but new is much better than the wood.
    As for the closet walls, my thought is to repaint with stripes or a solid color. Could you mix the coral half and half with white so that it’s less in your face? I don’t think a neon sign on floral wallpaper will have staying power in your home. It’s just too weird a juxtaposition.

  74. Hi! I’m a new follower of your blog (about 3 weeks) and I love the blog! I actually prefer the solid color, and the watermelon specifically. But I know that isn’t what you want, so in that case go with the wallpaper! Also, I like the walnut trim more than the feet for the dresser.

  75. I think the wallpaper is very pretty, but I think it would make the room too busy once you get everything else put in. I can’t see a neon sign with that particular wallpaper. This is for TV and gaming, right? I just feel like that would be too much. Even though it takes longer, I would just continue the stripes in the closet. I think that looks great. I do love that dark teal color but painting the closet with it feels like what it is – a last minute change – because the stripes above the closet don’t make sense using it. I also think the walnut legs with the base look better. You barely see the gold legs but, to me, they seem too insubstantial for that piece of furniture. Maybe they look different in person than they do on a computer monitor. This is just my two cents, for whatever it’s worth. Whatever you do will come out beautifully, as always.

  76. A plan “D” idea — what if you did horizontal stripes in the closet with all the room colors, but maybe play with the scale of each stripe so it’s different yet cohesive? It would be SO hard to align the stripes vertically with the ones outside the closet, and the slightest imperfection would drive you nuts.

    Otherwise I’m Team Teal and Get’er Done! =)

  77. Since you asked….I love the wall paper, but not for a gym. I’d paint only the back wall the teal and leave the stripes on the side for a contrast. As for the feet, can you get a vacuum cleaner under either of them? That’s why I vote for no feet. Just put the base molding against the carpet and call it good. Extra housework not required!

  78. Kristi, you’re so good at creating the mock-ups- please do one with the tv and art and stuff.
    Visually, I prefer the first legs that you made. I do understand the second leg choice though.
    Visually, I prefer the stripes, coral, blue and flowers in that order. I get motion sick easily and migraines triggered by vertical lines/light though, and personally I would choose a solid color behind the TV so I don’t get sick. However, I probably would change my mind again once I see all of the other stuff included in a mock up. Just my 2 cents and I’m just along for the ride! 😂

  79. I like color and pattern, and I know you want this room to be perfect, but what I struggle with is why not make the space fully useable and focus on decor items last? I know it’s your home and not mine – and we all work differently, but I would personally finish the build-out of the space as it were and then decorate it rather than focus on these details before the build is finished.

  80. Get the painters’ tape !!
    Sorry, but I think that while the floral paper is very pretty and goes with your walls perfectly, for me, it dilutes the “motivation to exercise”.

    The solid colour may be better in one of the “minty” greens …. not as dull – so this would be my second choice.

  81. I love the dresser! I love the wall paper! Just not in this room. This is a workout room both physically and mentally for Matt. Floral just does not seem to fit in this room. I also thin continuing the stripes is a bit much as most will be covered with TV and shelves. A possible solution is to repeat the Swedish Ladder wall. Put the large teal stripe in the middle. Almost as frame around the dresser and TV. Then create your stripes out from there. It is not as busy as the striped walls and draws the eye in and tells the brain. This is the gaming area. As always I am sure you will find a solution and I will drool over this room!
    Sheila F.

  82. Right now, without much in that closet, any color or wall treatment in there seems to be overwhelming and all important…
    BUT, you plan to have alot in there that will cover most of the walls in there…
    So, whatever you choose, not much will show…
    Which leads me to recommend you do the mockups with scale replicas of the furniture/art/TV that you plan to put in there before you make your decision on how to treat that wall space…

  83. Well, since you asked…LOL! I like the walnut base and legs best…it looks like the dresser is floating in air with the new legs (if you keep the new legs, will you match the color to the pulls?).

    For the walls, would you make the stripes inside the closet match the order of the ones above the opening? The mismatch is a little jarring. The wallpaper is so pretty, but seems a little too “boudoire” for the gym…could you do something like the feature wall in the guest room? Maybe something to tone down all the coral but not too “petty”? I don’t envy you: I see the issues you’re dealing with and really have no clue how best to remedy them. I do know it will look lovely when you’re done, no matter what you decide to do! (I love that you share this kind of thing–it is very educational!)

  84. I really like the wallpaper – provides a break from the stripes. I think what with everything in place, the white on the paper will be the break that is needed for it all to come together. I like the walnut legs for the dresser. I can’t really see the new ones because of the darker carpet squares.

  85. I prefer the newer legs on the dresser because the gentle curves repeat the curves in the pulls – adding all those small curves to such a straight, rectilinearly styled dresser, balances the design in total so well…
    The previous base and legs appeared rather ‘DIY add on’ to me and did not fit your usually elegant style choices in your designs.

  86. I’d paint it but neither stripes nor one solid color. Some version of one X for the whole closet would be cool. You could divide it just 4 ways, or make more divisions, maybe 6 or 8 segments.

  87. 1. I like the new feet a LOT better.
    2. I think you should continue the stripes in the closed. The mirrors, television and sign are going to cover up a lot the space, but I think the continuity of the stripes in the closet will be more pleasant to look at.

  88. Do a mock up with tv , mirrors too. The dresser looks lost by it’s self but you’ll get a better idea with it all there.

  89. I would be continuing the stripes, which was what I was thinking even before you suggested the wallpaper. I know that it is a lot more work but believe it would be more cohesive if you are not going to stay with the coral wall. Maybe do as others have suggested and see how it looks with the TV and mirrors before deciding.

  90. Here’s a crazy idea – why don’t you try your personal wallpaper in that space, the one that you have in your studio?

  91. This room is turning out so great!
    For the wall inside the closet, I think the wallpaper is actually the best option. The solid teal just doesn’t look right to me, considering the colors of the stripes above the cased opening. The striped closet wall works, but if most of the middle will be covered by the dresser and TV, then the coral is what you will still mostly see. The wallpaper is a perfect complement to the rest of the room and is cheerful and bright. And I think it will be worth the time and the cost to do what you’re most excited about.

  92. I love the wallpaper, but it would be cover up for the most part. My first opinion was one of the teals a lighter color than the ladder wall. But im a teal person. You could paint the mirror frames in the coral color. Just a suggestion.

  93. I’d call it a day with the walmart dresser. Keep the new legs and awesome greek key style pulls and put them on a solid wood vintage dresser from FB Marketplace that feels like quality when you open/fill the drawers. It always takes me a few tries to get it right. NBD.

    Then hang the neon sign and art in the room and go from there on the wall decision.

  94. I love the wallpaper, but it would be cover up for the most part. My first opinion was one of the teals a lighter color than the ladder wall. But im a teal person. You could paint the mirror frames in the coral color. Just a suggestion. If you could do a mock up of what the space would look like with everything in it? I like the feet you made better. The new ones dont look sturdy enough.

  95. What about doing vertical boards painted white? Like a verticle shiplap? It would continue the look of stripes but then make the dresser and neon light the focal point of that part

  96. If Matt’s going to be playing video games facing that wall for any amount of time, seems like he’d be exposed to a lot of whatever the visual equivalent of loud background noise is if you go with the wallpaper or stripes.

  97. Kristi this is such a fun room! I love the wallpaper but not for the closet…it seems it would be too covered up with your furniture, sign, TV, mirrors, etc. Maybe another room like your studio bathroom which you’d mentioned in an earlier post would undergo some changes? I know this isn’t your usual since you love color but I think a chalkboard look for the closet would be nice. Your fun neon sign, the TV and graphics in Matt’s game wouldn’t be competing with color and it would really showcase your stripes. That would also solve your electrical box dilemma since you could paint it also. No matter what you do it will be gorgeous as usual!

  98. You always amaze me with your mindset because I think that way as well. First, follow your first instinct on the legs. They are both nice so you have to be truly in love with the look since it will be a piece of furniture you will look at daily in your home gym.
    Now, my opinion is just mine and this space is a place you again will be in daily. With that said I love the wallpaper option. It pulls the stripes colors in so beautifully. The stripes have to match perfectly above and within the closet area. If they don’t I think with you being a visual person it will bother you. I know as a visual and very particular about things others don’t notice it would drive me nuts. Then, I would go with my love and get the wallpaper. The TV, dresser and mirrors will not over take the wallpaper because the paper has such beauty and white background will ground those pieces perfectly.
    Doing my remodels over the decades I learned to follow my gut and do the look I loved within my budget limits. If you don’t then you will not be happy with it long term. A few changes later to our homes as we change and grow more confident with our style is normal.
    You have such a creative gift and I love seeing each step you do. Changes always are better when you make them because sometimes we don’t know we are not happy till it is complete.
    You do you because you are a rock star DIYer and home interior designer that I enjoy seeing your work.

  99. It’s a beautiful room, but
    vote to leave the coral color on the closet wall just as it is.

    IMHO the teal looks odd and the stripes are just “too much” in the closet.

    Just finish the room completely, use it a while, and don’t start re-doing everything before it’s finished the first time.

    It will save you money, time and stress.

  100. No to wallpaper. Solid paint like the last yellow color strip outside the closet. I like the original legs.

  101. I like the floral best. What about a stencil? Or you have the talent to freehand a floral design. More time consuming, though…

  102. I vote for stripes – matched to the ones above the opening. And solve the “mismatch” by letting the color of the outermost stripes on the back wall wrap around the short side walls and all the way to the opening. Since this would be one of the light colors that are framing the opening and also is in the center above the opening, I think the look would be very cohesive without being boring.

  103. I love the new dresser with walnut veneer and hardware! I like both legs, but prefer the walnut legs, solid and less trendy. Some gold trim at the bottom of the walnut legs might be nice. And I love the walnut frame at the bottom of dresser.
    I would wait until you have installed tv, mirrors, etc. before committing to a time consuming and/or expensive option. Frustrating to wait and see, then possibly start over later, but this is the best way to get a better perspective. The wallpaper is beautiful, love the white and airy background. My vote if you were to go with a solid colour for the wall would be one of the lighter options. I also love the stripes, such a hard decision. Love what you do Kristi and your sharing spirit!!
    About the closet stripes matching with the stripes above the closet door. The depth of field will no doubt make the width of the stripes look skewed in any case, but the same colour placement would minimize it. Such a great job! You are a true inspiration x

  104. I vote for a solid color and would pick one of the lighter green shades. Then you can hang any kind of art work or anything you want and it would not fight with the stripes or the wall paper.

  105. definitely the wall paper, it will look fabulous, more stripes is too much I think and the green paint will really not be much different than the coral paint.

  106. I love the wallpaper option!!! It seems to be right up your alley!!!! Or the strips. I don’t like the look of a solid color.