How To Get A Custom Color Using Spray Paint

Have you ever mixed spray paint colors to get a custom color? I’m not talking about literally adding the different colors into one can and mixing them together like you might do with latex paint (although that is possible).

What I’m talking about is more like layering different colors to get a custom color. That’s what I ended up having to do with the drain pipes for our bathroom sinks, and while the color isn’t totally exact, it’s pretty darn close! The process required three different spray paint colors.

The original drain pipe (p-trap) was a very bright and shiny brass. It was very yellow. And my Delta faucets are a color called Champagne Bronze. So compared to the brass p-trap, it has a much darker and more aged look. Plus, it has just a touch of red to it. You can see them both here…

As a few of you pointed out, Delta does sell p-traps in the Champagne Bronze finish. But they’re $200 each, and I need two. So I decided to buy these brass p-traps from Amazon. I was confident that I could make them the right color, and I liked the idea that the base color (i.e., the original color) was at least in the same family as my faucets. That way if it gets a chip in the new painted finish, I won’t have chrome showing through.

Rust-Oleum happens to carry a Champagne Bronze spray paint, and the cap color looked pretty close to the color of my faucets, so I started out with that color.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was a heck of a lot closer than the original brass color. But you can see below how the Delta Champagne Bronze has that touch of red/rose to it, while the Rust-Oleum Champagne Bronze is more yellow. The Rust-Oleum is also darker and less vibrant.

I wanted to see if I could brighten it up just a touch, so I sprayed each piece once again with the Champagne Bronze, and while the paint was still wet, I gave it a very light spray (holding the can about 20 inches away) of Rust-Oleum in Warm Gold, which is a brighter color than the Champagne Bronze. You can see below (hopefully) how that light dusting of Warm Gold helped to brighten the finish just a bit compared to the plain Champagne Bronze spray paint.

But it still lacked the red/rose undertones of the Delta faucet, so as a final touch, I used Krylon Rose Gold.

And I gave every piece a VERY light dusting of this color by holding it pretty far away and letting a super fine mist of the color fall onto each piece. Imagine the spray paint equivalent of spraying perfume into the air and then walking into/under the fine mist so that you’re not spraying it directly onto your body. Similar concept here. 😀 And that gave these pieces that slight red/rose undertone of the faucet.

Is it absolutely perfect? Of course not! It’s spray paint! 😀 And spray paint will never, ever match an actual factory metal finish. But look how close it is!

And of course, these pieces won’t be right up close to each other. These pieces will be under the sink, so I think they’ll be perfect.

I want to give them at least until Sunday to cure really well before I install them. After going to all that trouble to match them, the last thing I wanted to do was rush the installation and mess up the finish. But hopefully in a couple of days we’ll have actual working sinks. That’s the dream. 😀



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  1. I admire your perfectionism when it comes to stuff like this! Probably why I settled for black fixtures in my new home! All I need is a Sharpie to touch things up!
    You’re amazing Kristie!

  2. About 5 years ago now I used that exact same shade on some scratched up old lamp bases. They look wonderful now! Paint is always a great remedy!The pipes came our perfectly!

  3. Those look great! Whenever I paint something, I usually go over it with a coat or two of clear spray paint. It comes in either a gloss or matte finish. It adds another layer of protection and if a chip does occur, it takes the clear coat first. Just a suggestion. I love everything you’ve done with this bathroom!

  4. It’s crazy that Delta and Krylon both use the same name for their color Champagne Bronze! Yet the colors are different! Well you did a good job matching them they look perfect

  5. Awesome job. The trap will be in the shadow of the counter so any difference
    will not be noticeable. I have a love affair with spray paint and am painting a metal leaf
    wreath trying to get a variety of color on it. I will try spraying futher away. Thanks for the tip

  6. Great job! I believe you know this or tried. I was doing a sign (gold on black):and when I sprayed a clear coat it all mixed together a little more. When I was figuring out the right combo I found black with paint pen marker turned out worst when sealing with a spray, but the painted on gold spray paint held up the best. If you do a clear coat test on an estuchon plate first.