I’m Saying Goodbye To Concrete Floors

Well, I’ve had enough. Enough of a solid color dark flooring that shows every tiny little speck of dirt. Enough of a floor that chips. Enough of a floor that has to be repainted periodically to stay looking decent, but will never look great. Enough of dull and boring.

(No, I don’t have the pet station painted yet, but that red is just too distracting.)

But do you see that concrete floor? That was a freshly painted, freshly mopped floor, and look at all of the dirt and footprints!! It literally shows every…single…thing. And when something is impossible to keep clean, and doesn’t even look good when it IS clean, I have little or no motivation to KEEP it clean.

It’s time to move on.

The problem is this: In the past when I’ve looked at flooring options for my little condo, the flooring I’ve liked has had one of several issues–out of my price range, impractical, or Matt didn’t like it at all.

So imagine my surprise when I finally brought home a box of flooring that was just perfect. It was reasonably priced, practical, and Matt LOVED it. Oh, and it’s pretty, too!

I’m talking about this…

Trafficmaster Ceramica, groutable peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. If you’ll remember, we used groutable vinyl tiles in J & A’s master bathroom and guest bathroom. Of course, theirs is a much higher quality (Mannington brand)…with a much higher price.

But while a Mannington flooring is probably not very practical for my little condo (I’d never, ever see a return on my investment with a product like that), I think the Trafficmaster product is a great option, and a much more reasonable investment for this type of residence.

I found it at Home Depot, and as I was looking at all of the peel-and-stick tiles, I was just disappointed. It all looked like the same cheap stuff I used in my very first apartment about 15 years ago. (Yes, I did improvements to a rental. Does that shock you?) 🙂

In fact, I think they were all the same patterns that were available 15 years ago. They all looked and felt cheap. They had almost a rubberized surface, which felt like it would easily scratch and gouge. They were super thin, and very light weight.

And then I got to this Trafficmaster Ceramica. It felt completely different. The surface is incredibly hard, and when I went to pick up the box, I was certainly not expecting it to weigh so much. This stuff is HEAVY compared to the others.

So I brought a box home to check it out, and I was completely giddy at what I saw.

This flooring looks like it was custom made for my little condo. The browns blend beautifully with my butcherblock countertops. But what’s more, this flooring has little patches of a gray that almost have a very super light teal look to it, and then patches of a burnt orange. Brown, teal-ish gray, and orange.

Do you hear what I’m saying?! BROWN…..TEAL-ISH GRAY…..AND ORANGE!! See for yourself.

Ummm…hello? Can you say PERFECT!?

And the really good thing is that I have yet to detect a repeatable pattern. Don’t you hate it when a flooring has three or four repeatable…and very noticeable…patterns in a box? Do you know what I mean? Like a flooring that’s supposed to look like hard wood, but every fourth tile has a knot hole in exactly the same place. Well, I’ve yet to notice anything like that with these. They all look very natural to me.

Interestingly, I’ve noticed that my taste in flooring is changing. I’ve never been a huge fan of a flooring with lots of color variation and movement, but after living with a solid color flooring and three animals, I think the color variation and movement will be a very welcome change.

I’ve also never been a huge fan of having tile throughout an entire house. That seems like a very “Florida” look to me. But I find myself warming up to that idea as well.

Plus, Matt loves this floor. So, I’m sold.

Now I just have to find the time.

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  1. I was just talking to my husband about redoing the floors in our bathroom. I'll have to check that out next time I'm in home depot. Are they very expensive?

  2. They were something like $1.09/square foot. The price used to be $1.39/square foot. It's been recently reduced.

  3. Could I put this over ceramic tiles? I need to cover my entry way which is white ceramic tile with the blue diamond inserts. HATE IT! Wondering if this would work. Very small rectangle, i.e. 5 x 3 at the most probably.

  4. I think that it will be fantastic! We used a product from the home depot that comes in planks. It is similar to what you are using, but it creates a water tight seal when the pieces are placed together and the installation was VERY easy. The variation in color is similar, and let me tell you that it will save your sanity!! Ours is a "tile look", but they also make a "wood plank look" in the same brand, just for reference. I believe that the price for what we used and for what you are using are similar, but it is worth checking out if you still want to do a little homework. Either way, I think what you have chosen is fantastic!!

  5. I must have missed the groutable floor tile update, the idea is fascinating! I'm looking for a new flooring for my bathroom, looks like I need to hit up HD 🙂

  6. Great psot. I like that you can get such colors to match in particular. I think I may be changing floors soon. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  7. Bought this same tile for our bathroom. Just need to find the weekend to install. What color grout are you going to go with? Do you think you have to use the grout they sell with it or would any non-sanded grout do?

  8. I'm not sure about the grout. I looked…very quickly…and didn't even see any around that was specifically for this tile. It's very likely that I overlooked it, though.

    Personally, I would think that any nonsanded grout would work.

    I'm not sure what color I'm going to use, but I don't want it to be really light or really dark. Probably just a medium tan type of color.

  9. We just bought these to re-do our kitchen floor. Do you know how the grout holds up?/Did you use grout?