J & A Master Bathroom (and Painting Bathroom Faucets)

So I hit a bit of a snag in John & Alice’s master bathroom. Everything was going smoothly–tile almost finished, walls painted, cabinets painted, and new faucets selected. Then comes the plumber with his bad news. He won’t even try to change the faucet on the bathtub.

Nnnnnooooooooooo!!!!!! This can’t be!!!!

But it is. We’re stuck with this…

Oh sure, from several feet away, it may not look that bad. Up close, it’s not pretty. The finish is rubbed off, the knobs are plastic, what’s left of the finish is harsh brass. No, not pretty at all.

And then there are the matching faucets on the sinks…

The new ones were going to be so pretty…so shiny…so new. Evidently they just weren’t meant to be.

But there’s no way I can just leave these as they are. So I’ve decided to do something crazy…something unimaginable! I’m going to paint them.

Actually, I guess it is imaginable, because I certainly won’t be the first person to tackle this crazy idea. Others have gone before me, and others have reported having tremendous success. One comment on a forum I read said that the painted finish had been on the faucets for 18 months, and they still looked great. Another lady said she painted her master bathroom shower faucet, including the drain, and even though it was used twice every day, it was still looking great after eight months.

The Style Sisters did it, and turned this…

into this…

And then there’s Roeshel at The DIY Showoff, who used spray paint to turn this…

into this…

So, you see, it may sound crazy, but it just may work!

Now if only I could find some prettier replacement handles to use instead of those plastic ones!!

Psstt…This bathroom is finished now!  Want to see the completed bathroom makeover?  Click here to see the whole before and after.

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  1. Hmmm…the plumber won't change out the fixtures? Why won't he? I am sure they will look good painted, but the plastic crystal knobs are really a challenge… good luck!

  2. I can't wait to hear/see how this turns out! What kind of primer would you use? I assume you'd want to seal it too?

  3. we share the same plumber…every garden tub, same answer. Maybe a coordinating, new fixture for the sink?

  4. I love the way you take risks in making designs. Sometimes, I feel so frightened to change our bathroom because I always think that what if it wont turned out okay? But then again, I guess sometimes taking risks is not that bad at all.