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Kitchen Makeover With Vintage Charm

Kitchens are generally the most expensive room in a home to remodel, so when I see a dramatic kitchen makeover done on a budget, it just makes me happy. This before and after kitchen makeover from The Mustard Ceiling is no exception.

When Elizabeth and her husband bought their home, the kitchen looked like this…


And now the kitchen looks like this…


With paint, new countertops, backsplash, a bit of reworking of the cabinets, and new appliances, the kitchen was given new life! It’s a new kitchen with vintage charm. And here’s an interesting tidbit…the wood countertops aren’t butcherblock. I’m not going to give away the secret, but let’s just say their countertop solution is brilliant! Head over to The Mustard Ceiling for lots more pictures and details.

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  1. Thank you sooo much for sharing this!! We are in the throws of a kitchen remodel and this is PERFECT! We almost identical kitchens. I am foaming at the mouth for my hubby to come home, so I can show him this countertop idea!!! Just perfect!!!!