Living Room Chairs and Two Fabric Options

I’m finally ready (mentally, that is 😀 ) to reupholster the two chairs that I’ve had in storage for years and want to use in the living room. I’ve been holding on to these chairs for probably ten years, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them, and I finally have one. The fabric and padding is in horrible condition, but the frames and springs are strong and sturdy, and I just love the shape of the chairs.

I’ve narrowed it down to two fabrics, and I’ve been staring at these fabrics for about two weeks now and can’t seem to make a decision. One is more pink, it’s a velvet, and it blends perfectly with the living room rug. The other is a coral woven fabric with beautiful color variations throughout.

The one on the left is called Speedy from P. Kaufmann, and the color is Coral. The one on the right is called Vance in the color Blossom from High Fashion Home.

I’m just having such a hard time deciding. The problem is that the Vance Blossom velvet clearly goes better in the room — with the rug, the purple draperies, the teal fireplace. But I like the coral color better. There’s just something about that touch of orange that gives such vibrancy that I love.

The Vance Blossom fabric is beautiful, though. Here it is on a sofa…

via High Fashion Home

And even though it’s a cotton velvet, which I generally dislike, it’s considerably softer than every other cotton velvet sample I’ve ordered. It’s also very durable (150,000 double rubs), which makes it very tempting. The P. Kaufmann coral fabric is less durable (51,000 double rubs).

If only I could have the coral color in the velvet fabric, I’d be perfectly satisfied. Ecstatic, in fact, because I’ve been looking at and ordering samples of coral and pink fabrics for what seems like months now, and these two are the best of the bunch. And I’m tired of ordering fabric samples. I’m ready to order fabric and get these chairs done!

I know this seems like a no-brainer, right? Just order the more durable fabric with the color that goes better with the rug. But I’m having a hard time letting go of that perfect coral color.



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  1. What if you used the pink fabric on the main body of the chair and used a bold floral fabric for the seat cushion that had a big splash of the coral colour?

  2. Go with your heart…I love then both but the coral is YOU !
    You won’t be happy settling for durable over what you truly want.. ☺

    1. Donna shares my thoughts! I actually think the coral hits a nice balance between the cool pinks and warm oranges in the rug. And unless you plan on living in that chair (which… I don’t really picture being the case since you seem super active!), you probably won’t notice the durability being an issue for years to come.

      1. My thoughts as well. Coral is mentioned as your favorite, go with it! I agree you won’t notice the durability for many, many years.

        1. Just wanted to mention that you don’t live alone and most men don’t like alot of pink. Especially in the livingroom.

          1. That’s an outdated stereotypes! I’m sure Kristie knows and respects her husband’s preferences more than we do.

        2. I agree- the coral fabric is more textured, making it more interesting. It also very subtly, picks up the other colors in the rug. The velvet is gorgeous, but I think it’s too bright with the rug.

  3. I know how to make your final decision! Which fabric will it be easier to get pet hair off? 😀

    When I looked at your photo, before I read your post, I already picked out the coral as my favorite!

    1. Trust me, go with the woven fabric. Cat hair and cotton velvet are a pain! I deal with it here at home and if I could afford to recover my chairs I would!

    2. Yes… my first thought was pet hair and ease of ridding it from fabric but I’m OCD and not a cat person. Coral is beautiful.

  4. I’m not a pink person, but I LOVE the Vance Blossom fabric and like that color choice with your rug and fireplace. It is so rich looking, yet seems practical too. Have you thought about doing your chairs in the Blossom fabric and then using the Coral fabric in an accent piece to make it really pop?

  5. I would have a hard time with this too. I love coral personally. The pink seems like a better fit. I am sure you can find a place for that gorgeous coral fabric. You still have plans to reupholster the chairs in the music room? Would it work there? Or maybe some where in the studio?

    1. I have to agree with Kristin. I would go with the pink for a better overall fit in the room and use the coral somewhere else. But then, I’m a “pink” person and not the one to be pleased. Ultimately, you need to choose what will make you happiest!

  6. I’d do the durable fabric on the chair and the less durable on throw pillows if necessary. Maybe keep it in mind for a project another day. While it doesn’t make up for the difference the durable fabric is more of a solid and less durable a texture that may hide flaws better.

  7. They’re both very nice. The velvet fabric looks really pretty on that couch, but the profile of the couch is super modern. I feel like if you were to reupholster your traditional-looking chairs with a pink velvet, you might run the risk of it looking a bit old! I like the coral better!

    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coral. I have to agree with Sherre on on the formality of the Blossom velvet fabric.

      Are you really that worried about the amount of rubs? They probably won’t be sat on all that often. What is better for kitty and dog fur? Probably both are fine.

      The coral fabric is way more interesting.

    2. I think so too, the bright pink chairs even the coral would feel old to me, and with that rug just too much. If the room was more neutral with the pop of brighter chairs, that would be a different story.

  8. Isn’t your unofficial motto “DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY”? If you don’t choose that coral that makes you smile, you’ll be redoing those chairs in a month or 2! As far as durability, who cares? By the time you wear that fabric out, you’ll be ready for something different anyway. Also, I disagree that the pink goes better with the room. I think they both would look good but there’s already several pops of pink and I think two pink chairs might be too much for you.

    1. Agree. Plus, I would not want that much pink next to all the purple that will be in your drapes. I think the coral is what you love and you will regret not using that choice. My only concern with the coral fabric would be the tightness of the weave. I’ve done several reupholstering projects, including a tufted one with a looser weave fabric and lived to regret that choice for a tufted project. If the weave is tight and it can withstand all the pulling and stretching and manipulating you will need to upholster the chairs, then I’d go for the coral.

  9. I liked the coral better immediately. I think it’s the added visual texture it has. Regarding durability…who will be using the chairs and how often? You don’t have kids to wreck it…you and Matt are pretty tame folks it seems. Exactly how durable does it need to be? I understand that the velvet is MORE durable than the coral fabric, but don’t know if 51,000 double rubs means it’s delicate fabric or moderately durable. If the coral is of an acceptable durability, go for what you love. It looks good with the rug, is durable enough for your application, and you LOVE it! I think you’ll like the pop of coral more in the long run over the perfectly coordinated pink, even if it seems like the better designer choice. You’ve been wanting to add coral in places for a while!

    1. I think this is a really good point. by the time you wear these chairs out you’ll probably want to redo the living room. Go with your heart.

  10. Go with your heart. I love them both, but since you love the coral more, go for it. You don’t need it to be perfectly matched to the rug. The coral will look wonderful.

  11. Go with the coral. I think the velvet will make those chairs a bit old fashioned, especially if you are going to tuft them.

  12. It’s hard to tell in photos, but how to the two fabrics look together? You could do the front and seat in the more durable, pink color, and use the coral on the back and skirt. I think it would give the chairs an interesting edge with cool, tonal effect.

    1. Agree. Coordinate with the teal and lavender so when you walk from one room to next or even further into house you have some coordination in color. Sorry to be bursting your bubble.

  13. The way it looks on my computer, the coral is an absolute miss. You may like it better, but the blossom is so much better in the room. Ask yourself is the coral just a whim. I do that a lot. Something made you choose the rug and drapes etc in the color way that is so complementary to the blossom color. I just think the coral might actually clash. Just my humble opinion. Good luck. They are both pretty…just think the blossom will look better.

  14. The coral fabric is pretty, but how do you think your cats would damage it at all? it looks like the weave would easily come apart. The velvet is super durable, do they by chance have an orange or coral in that?

  15. The Blossom is delicious! For me it would be the perfect choice but I’m sure you will not me satisfied until you are able to use that coral somewhere. Because if the durability factor, why not create some pillows with it? Can’t wait to see the chairs when finished!

  16. I agree with the few others who have said the velvet carries the risk of making the chairs look old. If you keep the same lines, and especially if you tuft, velvet in any color makes it seem kind of like a grandma chair. If you’re going to change the shape at all, to a more modern look like the couch photo, then it makes more sense.

    I like the coral and think it would work just fine! You’ve said before that you don’t use that front room much yourself so I think even a less durable fabric will last a long time when it’s only occasionally used by visitors. Now, if you were upholstering a chair in your office or someplace you will likely sit and spend a lot of time, and where you might anticipate furry pets sitting on the back or arms of the chair, making a decision based on durability would make more sense there.

    Coral gets my vote.

    1. I agree with every point that Allison has made.

      Also, know that coral goes amazingly with purple! Years ago, I had my love seat and pillows done in a Pierre Deux bordered print with both purple and coral. They were so beautiful together.

      A suggestion: Order enough of the coral fabric to make two sets of seat cushions for each chair. This is the area that will get the most wear. You will be able to flip each cushion top to bottom first, then when both sides are worn, then put on the new bottom cushion cover. That is, if that day ever comes before you wish to reupholster!

  17. I’d go with the one that you love which I think is the coral woven one. It seems to me you don’t have a lot of people over, nor do you have children who would wear out the fabric.
    I could see you going with the word durable one and then regretting it in the end .

    1. Yes, that’s a more reasonable way to assess the situation to me. You haven’t mentioned your sofa. Do each of the fabrics compliment the sofa?

      1. Looking at the photo of the 2 fabrics on the rug though I’d say that the coral one doesn’t compliment the rug at all, but assessing a room from a little photo on the computer can be pretty deceiving so only you would know how accurate that is.

  18. You had better choose the one you love, or else order another of the rug to stash away somewhere, because the chairs will, no doubt, outlast your rug, if you’re choosing a fabric to specifically match it.

  19. Did you find a picture of the coral on a couch or chair so it is easier to compare? It looks very orangey red to me.

  20. So, it’s really hard to tell! In the picture of the swatches, the fabrics appear different: one pink, one coral. But when I scrolled down to the picture of the full couch, at first I thought that was a picture of the couch in the CORAL fabric, not the pink. The color of the pink looks much more coral in the picture of the couch. So, I think it’s going to be hard for us to tell, because of the failures of computer monitors.

    How does each fabric look with all of the other elements in the room: art, green loveseat, statement wall, front door (when open), kitchen cabinets, etc.? These chairs are going to be pretty big elements in the room.

    Personally, any element of furniture that is that large and in a color that bright would be too much for me. But you and I are different and I totally respect that your house is your house! So, I say go with your gut! 🙂

  21. I agree about considering pets when choosing….which will clean up better? Which is your true love? Which could you live with considering all the buttons o the chair backs? You know which one is best for you! Go with it!

  22. I actually love the coral! I may be in the minority here, but I think the coral matches the rug much better than the pink. Something about the purple curtains, hot pink chairs, and teal fireplace reminds me of a preteen color palette. I think the coral is much more sophisticated in both color and texture. Just my 2 cents!

  23. Personally I’d keep looking for the right fabric – color and strength. That said, I’d pop over to paint store. Have them match the colors and paint a sheet to get an idea of the colors over the chairs in place and how you like them in the room, in different light too. Another idea is to do the chairs piping and buttons in the pink and the body of the chair in coral. Or visa versa. Both colors appear to have the same intensity; you like mixing texture; and the subtle mixing of the colors will blend the coral into the room in a bold way.

  24. I would go with the coral upholstery that you like. In commercial upholstery we recommend starting abrasion rating to be at 30,000 double rubs. This has 50,000 and is residential use. Go for it and get the color you want, nobody is going to wiggle around in those seats that much! 🙂

  25. How much interaction do the pup and cat have with your furniture, overall? That’s a consideration, for sure. As for durability, can you and Matt see yourselves sitting on those chairs enough to be overly concerned with that? I am assuming the coral fabric weave is tight. If not, that would rule it out immediately.

    On my monitor, I like the coral, not only because of the pop of color (which looks like it blends well with the rug) but also because of the interesting texture. Again, how do you imagine the final choice will fit into the whole effect you are aiming for, not just considering this one element apart from the rest you already have chosen. The rug is the anchor, of course.

    The pink velvet seems more formal and a bit prim, considering the tufted backs of the chairs. It would be a mass of solid color. (It would be harder to care for. Serve white wine.)

  26. I vote for the velvet. While the coral fabric has lovely texture, when I think of everything in that room, it would be a sour note. Maybe you will be able to use it in the future in another room? If you choose the coral, you will not be happy with it. You will have a fabric you love in a room where it is not coherent.

  27. Before reading, I thought you’d pick the coral🤗. The Blossom, while beautiful, seems the safe choice and I don’t think that’s you.

  28. Keep looking for the coral fabric in velvet. You’ll find it. You’ve waited this long. Why compromise. I like the coral color but not the fabric. I like the velvet and the color looks great on the sofa. I’d keep looking or use the pink velvet. I just reread your post. You give a list of things that coordinate with the blossom. Why suffer? I’d go with that, and use the coral fabric as a pop somewhere in the room.

  29. I prefer the pink velvet with your rug – but not on those chairs. I have to admit that those chairs wouldn’t be my choice in your living room. They have a very 70s vibe that is out of keeping with the direction of your other decorating. (I am assuming you are going to do the tufting. Perhaps if you do them without a skirt they may look more contemporary?)

    I like the coral – but I think it might be too close in tone and texture to your green sofa. Isn’t that covered in a sort of slubbed linen type fabric as well? I am afraid that it will look like you have all the same fabric in the room, just in different colours.

  30. Coral. I’d choose the pink velvet for me and my home, but I really like the coral and the way it looks with the rug.

  31. The rug may come and go, but your furniture will last much much longer. Go with the color you love most, and probably the most versatile.

  32. I’d love to see the fabric choices with the drapes and sofa as well as the rug. But, to me the bottom line is the textures of the fabrics. I would not want to do all that tufting with a looser weave fabric. The pink is definitely a warm pink, though not coral, given it’s texture I think that is the best choice. BUT… if you’re going to go through all that work… I think you need to LOVE it. If that means ordering more samples… do it. Never settle. Ever.

    1. I think you are right, Carole. Upon reconsidering my previous comment, no decorating decisions should be made out of frustration, impatience, or haste. Better to move on to another project and return to this one in time. Goodness knows plenty of other projects are still in the works.

  33. I agree on the coral! That’s what seems to be in your heart. As far as “rubs” go, who cares? Not like you’ll be sitting in it rubbing on a daily basis. I have a chair with similar weave and my cats haven’t done anything to it…..
    It probably will look better in there when your front door is open too. I agree with all the others who are saying the pink will look like grandma’s chair with the tufted back!😋😋

  34. I like the coral option as I think it looks less “solid” and more closely reflects the soft design of the rug.

  35. Kristi – first off — you are amazing! I can’t believe all of your competencies. Wish I lived there, because I would volunteer to help just to learn all of your skills! Great work. Now referencing your question/dilemma – I feel I could only add advice if I could see a large paint sample in teal next to the rug and the draperies (or fabric for draperies) all laid out. Would need to see all the various undertones to make assessment/recommendation. Right now, just looking at three factors (out of five). I second the suggestion as to the actual fabric and how it would perform in a “tufted” environment which has way more to do with performance (suitability) versus just the color.

  36. Coral for sure!! I think the pink with all the purple makes it a little too girly. (And I am not being bias because purple is my favorite color!) The coral gives it dimension and sophistication and it pulls out the orange in the rug!

  37. I personally love the coral fabric better. I see a cross between pink and coral in the rug, or at least it looks that way on my monitor, so I think it will blend nicely, without being too matchy matchy. Teal and coral look fabulous together. What I’m missing is how it will look with the drapes and sofa since those don’t show in this photos. I fear the pink, that matches more, with the lavender drapes will end up looking like an Easter theme. Also, as others have said, if the chairs are tufted, they will look old fashioned.

    They are both beautiful fabrics, so I understand your dilemma. It’s really hard to tell based on such small swatches. If you could get at least a yard of each fabric and drape it over a chair and place it in the room, it might give you a clearer picture of which is going to work better.

  38. I don’t have a strong opinion about either fabric, both colors are lovely. I would urge you to consider texture and type of weave in the overall design of the room. Is the coral fabric weave type too similar to that in your sofa?

    Another commenter noted that the velvet fabric might make the tufted chairs look out-of-date in a way the more modern coral would not. That is an important point to consider but you might also think about other things that can be done to update the chairs: a shallower, more modern tuft; channels instead of tufts (not sure if that is modern or not!); contrasting piping; remove the skirt if the legs are nice (though they might be a little short; and, of course it won’t work if they are swivel chairs).

    Finally, depending on the weight of the fabric, especially the coral, you may need to have the fabric backed. Laurel Bern has a couple of posts in which she talks about this. She sends her fabrics out to a place in Texas to have it done.

  39. I can see the coral fabric looking better on those arm chairs, together with chunky nail head trim, and no skirt. I too agree with one of the other comments, that the blossom velvet fabric would look great on your piano bench and the blossom color would also tie in with your large floral artwork.

  40. Looking at the new fabrics side by side against a white background, they look similar in color to me. I say follow your heart and go with the coral. I can see the coral has touches of yellow which is also in the rug. Consider ordering the pink velvet fabric for pillows on the white chairs or as an extra pillow on the sofa.

  41. I say order the coral. Drape it over a chair so you can see it more realistically. If it works, great. 51,000 rubs is durable enough for the use it will get. If it doesn’t work, you can use it somewhere else in the house.

  42. Right now you have a soft aqua couch, teal fireplace, purple drapes, a soft white chair, a gold table, and a multicolored rug. I believe you also have the purple art wall still and now a teal accented entry console table. Every time you get lost in a room, it’s because you try and add colors in this coral range to work with your aqua, green, blue, purple palette. Remember the coral curtains? The coral buffet? The coral dining chairs? All are lovely but they fight and compete with your new design plan that you started on when you swapped the kitchen cabinet color because everything was fighting with each other. You had some pushback on coral chairs with the music room too, in your post on June 25. And looking at those swatches near your living room, I just don’t see that color working in the living room either.

    One spot I see it work well is in your exterior, like with the exterior doors paired with the blue shutters. And another potential spot is in your studio, making it a brighter room. I love me a good coral. I’ve seen it work nicely with shades of green and aqua and blue but never with all of them and purple too. The color theory just isn’t there. But with all these other colors competing, I’m afraid I just don’t see how the coral fits into the living room.

    1. I agree. The teals, greens and purples all play so nicely together. I like adding a pop of crazy coral/orange in there as an accent, but not in 2 chairs. Its too much.
      A side table, pillows, a lamp(like on the buffet) or a throw….do you use throws in Texas? Lol. In Minnesota we do😆!!!
      Or maybe even on just one corner chair? You’ll figure it out.

      Love your blog. I read alot of blogs, but I feel like you are my friend😚.

    2. I’m reading all the interesting comments today. So many interesting and opposing comments. Your’s struck me right in my face though. I think you are right, Julie. Decorating my homes (and I’ve had over a dozen), I’ve tried to use a main color like a blue and used it throughout my home and then changed it up with like two other additional colors in the different rooms so that they flow and connect but are still unique. It’s difficult to use four distinct colors in a room or even a combined space like an entry/living area and not make it look jumbled-in my opinion. I’m an artist and use bold colors but I can tell you, you can go overboard and make a mess real easy-eyeballs have to know where to go.

  43. I think go with the coral! It matches great. Sometimes if something matches too well, then it kind of bugs me anyway. ha. The coral would look great, and you like it, so don’t look back.

  44. What about using the woven on the chair (dog hair is no joke) and adding lumbar cushions in the velvet as an accent?

  45. I love the coral because of the texture! And does it have to match the rug perfectly anyway? I would think you will have the chairs longer than the rug. Someone had a good idea of ordering enough fabric in case you need to recover the cushions.

  46. I don’t know if you’ll be happy with either color once they cover the chairs, out of the two I like the coral, but I’m thinking to recover the chairs in a different color and use the swatches as pillows.

    1. I’m curious why you say that. Is it something about those colors in particular or is it general reference to Kristi’s re-do’s? But if she doesn’t DO in the first place, she won’t know what she needs to re-do to get it just right. What color do you think would be better? I ask this not to challenge but because I am genuinely interested.

  47. I am not sure how you could think that the pink goes better with your rug. I tried my monitor every which way and there is no way that the coral does not win in that regard.
    However, you have to think in terms of your entire room.
    I am quite in awe of your skills, but colour choice isn’t one of them.

  48. is the chair going to be tufted with a skirt? once you decide on the lines of the chairs? I think the woven will be hard to work with if you are doing any kind of decorative finishing for the upholstery. do you have any idea of how you want to finished chairs to look?

  49. Just from the photo on the email I was immediately loving the deep pink velvet. I seem to recall your wanting a velvet sofa that you never bought so why not velvet chairs?

  50. O Are you omitting the skirting? Or have I missed your comments on this

    O I have a couple different pieces that are linen like, looser weave that my beloved cat has snagged the beejeebers out of, maybe your feline is better behaved.

    O really looking forward to the point by point of your upholstering. Have a chair with channels that I want to redo, you might be just the inspiration I need to try the job.

  51. Please please please do a video tutorial when you reupholster that chair! I bought a Victorian wing back at auction that HAS to be reupholstered. I’ve found YouTube tutorials I’m sure will work, but you do such an awesome job explaining and I know your readers could learn so much! Oh, and my vote is the coral fabric 😋

  52. I’ve found it helpful NOT to look at a sample directly on the rug. Stand back and see how the rug “reads” for color. No one looks at it with a microscope, it’s the overall picture that’s important. And, definitely, the sofa is a huge consideration. Are these colors too intense for it? The other question I would ask is if the drapes are solid and the sofa is solid, is there any chance a pattern would float your boat? If not, then I actually like that they all are of a similar texture. It’s the unifier.

  53. Don’t hesitate another minute! Order the coral. I did prefer the pink, until I thought more about the pets/pet fur. You will be a slave to it – not worth it. And the coral will look wonderful with your drapes. Order it today and you will be so happy, since I think it is really what you love “in your gut.”
    I hate indecision…I do it all the time too…problem is I love so many colors! Like someone said, the pink might work out somewhere else eventually. Looking forward to seeing the finished chairs!

  54. The coral is beautiful but it will be a challenge to upholster with as it will unravel easily and you might have to baste pieces prior to upholstery. Just something to think about

  55. I think both colours are beautiful, and the coral definitely says “Kristi” as soon as I look at it. But I suspect you are having difficulty choosing because neither is your heart fabric. The chairs are – you have waited 10 years to use them so they are obviously perfect… so the fabric must be too.

    I don’t know how expensive either choice is, but can you order 1-2 yards of each to drape over the chairs in situ? Seeing the real fabric in a more realistic scale, on the chairs themselves, may help point the decision one way or the other.

    My personal opinion is that neither fabric is right. Both colours are lovely. But the weave of the coral could easily be damaged by Peeve… and the velvet is a very formal texture, which seems out of character to the abstract modern vibe you have created everywhere else.

    The chairs have waited for their time for 10 years – another couple of months, until your heart says “that’s the right fabric”, will not hurt. And it may save you from quite a do-over – upholstery is just a wee bit more involved than repainting, lol!

  56. I’m wondering if you will have too many different colors in the room. Maybe upholster the chairs in a white fabric and use either the coral or pink for piping and throw pillows. Or perhaps use a patterned fabric incorporating the colors you already have in the drapes, sofa, and fireplace. I admire all of your projects and look forward to all of your posts.

  57. I’m in the minority. Even though I love coral, I wouldn’t even consider it here. The pink is so much prettier with the rug, for one thing. The chairs are very 1970s, and the pink gives them an up-to-date boost.

  58. I have a very hard time making a good choice because of looking at the colors on a device. I looked at this post on my kindle, my samsung phone, my computer, my husband’ iPhone and his laptop, and they’re a different shade on every screen! I’m afraid what everyone’s basing their decision on may not be the true colors. Even though the cotton velvet seems to be something you’d want to work with, what if it’s really not when you start and you’ve bought all that fabric?

  59. That chair needs you to make it coral – maybe it’s just my screen but the pink looks like dated dusty pink faux velvet

  60. I like the coral better as it stands as a bit of contrast to the carpet. But I would choose the fabric that is easier to use. That’s just me, though. 🙂

  61. I love the coral and there is a bit of movememt in the tweedy look. But I see your dilemma, as the pink velvet is very pretty, too. Do you think the coral will fray once you start cutting it? There is a liquid fray preventer that I like to use. But you’ll have a lot of material to work it through.

  62. After reading all the comments…. me thinks that it is neither fabric…. but the style of the chairs…..just wondering I’d you have another set “stashed” away that may “suit the bill”???????? Perhaps you could save these for a cozy “reading nook” with an oversized foot stool that can be shared by 2.

  63. Go with the coral! It is your heart and love, follow your instinct! I understand the durability issue, however one thing to consider may be how often those chairs will actually be used-sat in. If they will be in daily, multiple hour use, then you may need to continue the hunt and find the durability factor in a fabric that makes your heart sing, like the coral clearly does.

  64. Coral with pink velvet contrast welting and button detail. It’ll make the chairs look fresh and modern in that kinda Kate Spade way. The welting and buttons will pull the rug color in, but you’ll be able to enjoy the significantly better color and easy maintenance of the coral.