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My Finished Entryway – Before and After (and All Of The In-Betweens)

I’m sure some of you guessed what I was up to lately with all of the random building and upholstery projects. But if you were feeling a bit lost, they were for my entryway. I made a couple of changes. Or, really, all of the changes. And now it’s finally to a point where I can call it finished.

Looks a little different than the last time you saw it, huh? 🙂 Just a couple of weeks ago, it was still “in progress” and heading in a very different direction…

Dark purple Greek key accent wall

So if you’re wondering why and how this came about, let me tell you.

It started when I was reading through comments on this post from the end of June, and I came to realize that one reason I have such a hard time finishing rooms is because I get so much input along the way and start second-guessing myself, changing my mind, and changing course. In the comments, someone asked something like, “Is there any way you could finish a room and then share the projects with us?”

I thought about that, but I’ve been blogging for eleven years now, and for ten of those, I’ve been blogging about my own DIY projects. And I’ve just gotten into a rhythm of blogging in real time, which I love. I finish a project on Sunday, edit my pictures Sunday night, write and publish my post on Monday morning. I like my system, and after ten years, I don’t want to change it.

But with this entryway, I did realize that I can play my cards a little closer to the vest when it comes to the overall plan, while still sharing the projects as I do them.

So after that post, I decided to come up with a complete design plan for the entryway and living room, keep it to myself, and put it into action. I must say, I’m very pleased with the results. Of all of the many entryway iterations I’ve gone through over the years, this one is absolutely my favorite.

This time, I decided to put the color on the entire wall. I know it looks black in some views, but it’s actually the same custom mix dark teal that’s on the fireplace, which is on the wall opposite this one. (Formula below.)

And you can see that I now have twice the number of bird prints than I had before. In coming up with this new plan, the first question I asked myself was, “What’s my favorite decorative item(s) in the room so far?” My answer was my bird prints! I love the frames with the gold corners, and of course, I love the colorful birds. So I decided to move them from a side wall to a more prominent place, and then add more.

I will be using the paintings that were there before. They’ll just have a less prominent place now. In fact, they’re going on the wall where the original six bird prints started out.

Once I had the arrangement of the pictures and sconces in place, I was able to measure for the exact size that I wanted to build the console table and the ottomans. They’re literally custom made to fit the wall.

I brought back the grasscloth, and fortunately I had just enough left from the previous entryway wall to cover the six drawers on the console table.

It worked out perfectly, and I’m so glad it did because I think that texture on the drawers is just the right touch.

And even with a much darker wall, a neutral/stained wood console table, and twelve white frames, you can see that I still have lots of color with the bird prints, drawer fronts, sconce shades, and ottomans.

As far as the sconces go, they’re not actually wired just yet. 🙂 So right now, they’re just purely decorative. They will work eventually, but in order to wire them, I need to get inside that wall.

And while I can do that from the bedroom (i.e., Matt’s future game room) on the other side of the wall, I don’t really want to tear into the wall until I’m ready to have that room re-drywalled. So for now, they’ll just hang on the wall and look pretty and colorful. 🙂

So that’s it! It’s finished. For real this time. 🙂

So now, let’s take a trip back and see what it took to get here.

When Matt and I bought the house in August 2013, this entryway area looked like this…

I will say that this was the area of the house I was the most disappointed with the first time I saw the inside of the house. I had always wanted a house with an actual, separate entryway, but this house has a door that opens right into a large room. But I was determined to make a sort of “entryway” using furniture placement, the addition of some architectural features, and by doing something grand on this wall just inside and to the left of the front door.

My first attempt was the bird and butterfly hand-painted mural with a black buffet, a gold sunburst mirror, and two coral and white chairs that I upholstered.

That was back when I had a kitchen full of green cabinets, so when I repainted my kitchen a softer teal, that entryway no longer complemented the new kitchen color (which can be seen from the entryway). I also decided that all of that moulding in a room with so many doors and windows was just a bit too much.

So then I went with the grasscloth accent wall and featured my own liquid acrylic paintings and a thrift shop buffet (which I purchased after moving the original black buffet into the breakfast room and painting it a dark purple).

And then when a Cooper collision caused a paint mishap on my grasscloth wall, I opted for a purple Greek key painted wall design. It was a fun project to do, but that purple always felt a little overbearing.

Dark purple Greek key accent wall

And that brings us to this current (and final) entryway wall. It’s definitely my favorite.


DIY Projects:

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  1. This one is by far the best! Even though i really like elements of the other versions, this one is the most cohesive and looks totally seamless. Lovely!

  2. WOW! What a transformation. Normally the three times the charm. We’ll take #4. You hit it out of the park.

    Thank you for your inspiration. Now it’s my turn.

  3. To be bluntly honest, there’s not one design I don’t like. You did an awesome job in all the arrangements, in my opinion.

  4. It really looks nice. And I can tell it’s finished because you actually really put out the decor and made it look settled in this time. 😉

    I think this highlights even more to me how I would handle those chairs for the living room. Your palette is green and teal and aqua with some purple and blue accents. I think the chairs could handle a pink or coral pillow but I can’t see a full coral/pink chair working in the living room and entry space without competing. I’d say to go neutral with bright pillows or a dark teal for the chairs. I’m leaning dark teal personally. And similar to the entry, you can add the coral in like in your picture frame or with the art. Just something to think about!

  5. WOW!! I love it. When I saw the first pic and before reading I thought it was your inspiration photo then I read it and thought you nailed it! It looks great.

    Just out of curiosity since I’ve been looking for a console similar to the one you removed and I follow the concept of if you don’t ask … – are you willing to sell it? If so I can drive to Waco and pick it up. I live off US 77 about an 1.5-2 hrs from Waco.

  6. I’ve been reading your blog for years now, though I’ve ever commented before. I love seeing all of the different things that you try and that you are not afraid to scrap things and start over. I also absolutely love that you blog in real time (and am constantly mind blown by how much you accomplish from post to post).

    I never understand the impact negative comments have until I became a content creator myself. And now I also understand just how important the positive comments are.

    So let me say once again that I love your super-details, real time blog posts. They are incredibly helpful because they show the incremental steps that it takes to accomplish these amazing projects–steps that are lost in final reveal type posts. So just know that there are many many people that are happy to keep reading exactly that for as long as you want to keep writing that way. Now, I’m off to dig in your archives to find out where you got that grasscloth!–Tasha

  7. Honestly, I loved your original bird mural and didn’t think any of the transformations surpassed it, until now. I absolutely LOVE everything about your new design! It’s perfect! Great work!

  8. I think what we readers sometimes forget is that since you live in this house, you are the one who knows how all of these different designs actually “feel”. I’ve often thought that when I share a picture of my home on Instagram, it falls flat and never really captures how cozy and homey a certain space feels in real life. So while they’ve all been beautiful that you’ve tried, you knew deep down it wasn’t the right feel for the flow of the rest of your house and what you ultimately wanted. Good on you for not being afraid to keep tweaking and altering until it was just right!

  9. I think this iteration is the best yet. Painting the whole wall makes it look so much bigger rather than chopping it up, as well as tying in with the fireplace. The bird prints are beautiful and show up much better here than on the other wall beside the kitchen door. I am still blown away by your mad skills in building the console and the ottomans. Will the ottomans be used as extra seating for the living room? Speaking of the living room, is it completed? If so, please post photos showing the entryway and living room in conjunction, maybe make a video tour of the rooms you have completed? Great work, Kristi!

    1. Yes, I’ll pull the ottomans into the living room as needed. It’s still quite a ways from finished. I need to finish the draperies, reupholster two chairs, and then I have one very big project that I’m going to tackle (but I’ll keep it to myself for now). 🙂 But I’ll post more wide angle pics as I finish up some of those projects.

  10. I love your final version for the entryway! So pretty. I also really liked how you shared your projects but didn’t reveal the room till it was done. Most of us have a hard time seeing the big picture. It was such a treat to see the console table with the sconces with the ottomans just all come together so beautifully! I love your blog.

  11. I for one enjoy your process and everything you’ve created. I do find it fun and interesting that along the way, sometimes, I found myself thinking (even though I loved everything you did)- something is off (but I couldn’t identify it or figure out why) but then the VERY next post, you’d have made changes and fixed it. lol

    Either way- I appreciate all that you share. Very inspiring. Thank you. 😀

  12. I think this is the best one, I love how you echoed the wall color to the fireplace, I also love the birds as I love birds in general but the way the pictures are placed is fabulous.

  13. yes this is my favorite so far>
    It is the most ‘decorator’ look and for me, the most appealing. I have a difficult time including the purple in the hassocks though. Perhaps by not seeing the rest of the living room puts me at a disadvantage. I love color but using all the crayons is hard.

    1. It’ll make more sense once I finish the living room and do more wide angle pics. The light purple in the ottomans is my drapery fabric. The draperies are light purple with white trim. And I’ll be bringing the dark purple into the living room in a very prominent way. So the purple on the entryway wall will be more cohesive when it’s all done.

  14. It’s too busy for me and prefer your previous versions myself BUT I’m not the one that will be living with it and this one is definitely you. You have to do what is right for you and it wouldn’t be good for us to all have the same taste in decor. Life would be very boring if we did – lol! I just love following your processes and seeing where you go 🙂 x

    1. I agree with Pam, this is just to busy for me. However Kristy you are the one that lives with it. I much preferred the 3 paintings on the grasscloth. I love love the console table, that is perfection. I think the two foot stalls are a bit much placed there however.

    2. I really like the fact that the wall is completely painted now. I felt that the greek key iteration was sort of forced because it was trying to mimic the grasscloth not covering the entire wall.

      The new sideboard is fabulous and a much better scale for that wall than the dresser before it. The colours are lovely as well.

      I just have a couple of quibbles – and they are subjective so take them for what they are worth.

      I really dislike the ottomans. I feel that stylistically they are out of keeping with the sideboard and don’t make a good foil or counterpoint. I can’t say I care for the stripes either.

      I do like the bird prints although I wish your sconces were set at a bit wider spacing (not so in line with the edges of the sideboard) and that the prints running down the sides of the wall were also set out a bit further and gave the sconces a little more breathing room.

      All in all though, I like this version of that wall much more than the last.

        1. Me, too! Love everything, but the ottomans. Removing them would make everything look that much richer and less busy.

          1. I agree. The ottomans add nothing (good) to the overall space and makes the whole thing feel crowded. Plus they are too relaxed(?) informal(?) afterthought feeling(?). You have done fantastic work and it is a beautiful space.

            1. I agree that there is too much busyness in the scene. I heard once upon a time that when you think you have finished placing accessories, remove one piece: I vote to remove the clock and books. Just mainly the clock.

    3. I’ve come to realize that I generally prefer spaces to be much busier and way more colorful than what most people are comfortable with. 🙂 When I try to restrain myself, I become bored and antsy to make changes, like in my breakfast room. I’ve decided to just embrace my “busy, colorful” side since I’m the one living in it. 🙂

      1. That’s ok…your style is certainly not mine…or mine yours. I like warm and cozy with lots of wood…you don’t.
        Looking at this latest redo I believe if you had something purple on the console table it might pull in the ottomans more. Just saying…

      2. I have loved elements of each of your interpretations. I don’t think my, or our opinions are always so easy to have because we are not in the house, the light, the room orientation, etc etc. All of that drives what I feel becomes a more valid objective opinion but even that is subjective based on our own likes.

        It is interesting how we evolve in our tastes. I once loved the rich and darker styles of perhaps 15-20 years ago. Now, not so much so I appreciate them in the homes of others. They were busier and heavier. Now going for lighter and fresher, more colorful like you…. still working to not have too much stuff or too small decor elements. Your designs push me to do better in those areas. Grateful.

        Experimentation and “go for it” are clearly strong elements you are trying to teach us in your blog. Caught myself saying the other day “bet Kristi wouldn’t be such a chicken, would have changed this paint by now.” So maybe we channel your decor courage to augment our own. Works for me! Thanks. Love it or hate it makes no difference to me, I have learned so much and you do quality work.

      3. That’s perfectly fair Kristi.

        I like a lot of colour and contrast myself, I always have. I have never been afraid of embracing bold colour in my spaces.

        Where I find my own taste changing these days is in the busyness department. I am finding myself taking away decorative items to clean and then not putting them back – a more edited look if you will.

        That said, I love my stuff and would never have what would be thought of as a spare decorating style. LOL.

    4. I agree that this iteration is too busy. I love many elements individually but all together I find it’s too much.

      First, the console is beautiful and I love the 6 prints directly above. The wall color is gorgeous and ties in the fireplace on the opposite side.

      Some constructive feedback: the balance is off. It feels like everything in the room is placed on this wall. My suggestions: move the ottomans in the seating area and remove from the entry way. Remove all prints that are currently above the ottomans and add back the faux tree to one of the corners. Simple and elegant.

      If you want a larger grid of prints, I’d remove the sconces, orient the prints all the same way and add to the existing grid, expanding beyond the edges of the console. Brooklyn Limestone did something similar in her beach condo and it looked great.

      1. Those suggestions sound great for someone whose style could be defined as “simple and elegant.” Perhaps for your house? Simple and elegant = boring to me, and it makes me antsy to start changing things…again, which is what I feel in my very put together, calm, and coordinated breakfast room. As I said above, I’ve come to realize that I like things busier and more colorful than the average person. I’m perfectly fine with that. Simple and elegant is the opposite of what I want in my house. My entryway is finished and makes me perfectly happy just as it is, busyness and all. 🙂

  15. Kristi,
    You are a genius, but find the Ottomans distracting to the eye and the overall design. It would be interesting to see a picture without them in it?

    1. I prefer more stuff and more colors. I realize I like way more color, pattern, and things than most people are comfortable with, but that’s just my personality. When things are too predictable and put together, it becomes boring and stale to my eye, and I become bored with it, like with my breakfast room. So from now on, I’ve decided to embrace my love of color, stuff, and busy-ness and just go with it since I’m the one living here and Matt doesn’t care what I do with the house. 🙂

      1. Oh Kristi, this is it, perfection, you, exactly you, not the you other people think you should be!!! I have loved all three of your other entryway designs but they were never quiet YOU, never completely finished and settled in, this, this is and it’s beautiful, because it’s all your own design and thought, no one elses opinion!!! Like gou I’m very indecisive and second guess my own designs and ask for advice and when I use said advice, I’m never happy with it!!!

        This is you, beautiful, colourfull and vibrant and cant wait to see the finished living room.

        Oh and I much prefer you doing your “room reveal” this way because it turns out to be YOU, all you with no self doubt.

        You Rock

  16. This entryway is truly stunning. Everything works so beautifully together and ties is so well with the rest of your house. It is just gorgeous!

  17. That turned out amazing!! I LOVE it! I have enjoyed all of variations of this room, but this is by far my favorite and I feel like it blends the best with your personality and the rest of your home.

  18. Looks great!

    I have a couple of thoughts:

    1) I love that you included a personal photo. You should really do that a little more. It’s what makes a room part of a home and not just a professionally decorated room.

    2) I think your new rule of thumb should be, “If something has been repainted more than once, just go teal the next time around.” 😉

    3) After all the trouble and expense over the grass cloth, I’m glad you were able to use it somewhere.

      1. Rule #2 is secondary to Rule #1, which is, “If I say I’m going to paint something a neutral color (besides trim or picture frames), just stop me. Please. Seriously.”


  19. It looks AWesome! Is that a picture of you and Matt? I have always been curious about what Matt looks like. Beautiful job!

  20. <3 <3 <3 <3

    It's funny how you don't notice you didn't like something until you see a version that you LOVE. I was definitely a lover of the original bird mural and was sad to see it go. I liked all of the other versions, but they never had quite the same wow factor to me. When I see all three past designs in a row, it becomes obvious that they were too small, too confined. They didn't do justice to the space. The console wasn't big enough for the wall, the framing out of a space made it feel disjointed. I didn't get that sensation until I compare them to the final version, but now I can see that this one, this one is perfect!

    I love the mixing of textures- wood, grass cloth, fabric, metal, glass- and the many bright but complementary colors. I also personally love having the birds back in that space, even though they are different birds than the painted mural. I think that's a much better showcase for the artwork than where they were before. And, I love that your design fills the space perfectly.

    Thanks for being bold and brave and not afraid to start over again and again. Your final versions are always you, and utterly perfect.

    Now, can we get some shots of the new entryway with views of the rest of the house? I want to see how it looks from the music room and the kitchen and get the view of the living room in too for perspective! I can't wait to see how it all ties together!

    1. I loved the bird mural also. Kristi, what about bringing it back – or a version of- in your studio. Only a mega big size! -the birds that is- kind of like the giant floral murals that are so popular right now. That would be dramatic!

    2. I hope to get those wider angle views soon. I just want to finish up a few projects first. I’ll also be doing a fall video tour in a couple of months so y’all can see in video form how everything goes together, and the changes that have been made since the spring video tour.

  21. wow! looks awesome and i’ve loved the suspense! And you can use some of those battery led remote candelabra bulbs from amazon just for funzies until you get those sconces wired!

  22. PLEASE don’t become one of those bloggers that just shows the end product. How boring!

    I agree with you that commenters have a big effect on your design. This one feels a lot more like what you were originally intending for the entry way with the console table, flanking chairs, and pendant lights (weren’t those things all part of your original design?) So, it took lots of practice, but you basically got back to what you wanted in the first place….except with little changes to improve the scale and overall design!
    I think you really knocked it out of the park with this one! The symmetry is delicious, and all of the colors go so well together. They also have a lot of the same elements as your finished breakfast nook without being matchy-matchy. It’s all very cohesive!

  23. I truly love the direction you went, the wall color is spot on. The console table is perfection, the pictures, the sconces, decorations…it’s all beautiful and screams Kristi. However, that gorgeous console table is competing with the ottomans. Not that my opinion matters, but, I feel it is too clustered together and my eyes don’t know where to focus. If it were up to me, I would relocate the ottomans. I couldn’t help but cover the ottomans up with my hands on the computer screen. Sorry, but thats my honest opinion.

    Respectfully, your house, your design and I do feel as though you hit the nail on the head with this direction. Excellent as always.

  24. This is lovely. It’s amazing how different a fully finished space is from one that’s not quite done. I love all the color. The Schumacher birds were cute and I really liked that entry but the new one is much more sophisticated and the framed birds add a lot of punch. I didn’t remark on your sconce shades in that post but it’s amazing what a difference the shades make in the overall scheme.

  25. I LOVE everything about this… except for the ottomans. I feel terrible even saying it because I KNOW how much work goes into all this, because I’m in the middle I feel doing it all myself too. But I find the ottomans are just too starkly white, and I’m just not sold on purple as an accent colour to all the great stuff you have going on there. But the console table is just beautiful, and so is your gallery wall with the birds and painted in that dark teal!

  26. Beautiful! I especially love the bird prints! When you originally posted on the prints and I visited the source site, I couldn’t imagine how you managed to settled on just six. If you’d be so kind to share, what size image did you download and what paper did you have Walmart use for these prints? Thanks, Kristi, for sharing such a great, inexpensive diy idea for such a high-end look.

    1. Kristi,
      I’d also love to see how you hang all your art. How do you get it perfectly spaced and straight? What kind of hangers do you use?

      1. I have all of those details in this post towards the end: https://www.addicted2decorating.com/new-living-room-artwork-gallery-wall-of-bird-illustrations.html

        Now on this wall, I didn’t use the tape method because I wanted them spaced more, so I actually used a small yellow level as a spacer. So I first hung the picture that’s right in the middle on the bottom. I got it centered and level, and then pressed it to the wall. Then I used my small yellow level (it’s about 2.5 or three inches wide), sat it on top of that frame, and then used another longer level on the side of the frame. Then I just placed the next frame on top of the level/spacer, and up against the vertical level and pressed it to the wall. I continued on that way until I had all of the pictures hung, perfectly spaced, and level.

    2. I actually saved the images to my computer and then used my photo editing software to crop and resize them. I have a folder with all of the resized images. I’ll see if I can upload those and make them available so that those of you who want to use them don’t have to go to the trouble of cropping and resizing them when I’ve already done it.

      I had them printed as 8 x 10’s on matte photo paper from WalMart. I uploaded them to the WalMart website and ordered my prints online, and they were ready for pickup in about 45 minutes.

      1. Seriously that would be amazing.

        You keep following your heart lady.

        You do amazing things. Whether I’m a fan or not of any result is of no consequence I appreciate all the detailed education and connect with what I like for myself. You are one hardworking gal and fearless I dare say.

  27. I love everything! I do think a view of the entire room will make sense to the people having a problem with the color of the ottomans which tie into the color of your drapes in the living room.

  28. Wow! This is amazing. I usually do not care so much for a lot of different bright colors in a room, but your use of all the color in this entryway is absolutely stunning–and I absolutely love it! I liked #1 (that’s the traditionalist in me, I guess), but this version just really catches your eye. There are so many places to look and “explore.” I love the bird pictures, the console, the sconces–just all of it! The vase caught my eye as did the framed photo. Even though it’s all so many different colors, it just all goes together so well! And I may just have to build a modified version of the console for a room in my house!

  29. Wow! Definitely a different direction from where you started. I agree with others, it is very nice to see a finished room all in one post. I’ll probably get a lot of “boos” for my comments, but here goes. I like most of it, but no matter how many times I look away and then back again, the only thing I really see is those ottomans. The purple stripes seem to be competing with the color on the console. Love the new wall color and all your accessories. Nice to see a picture of Matt to finally put a face to a name. Don’t hate me, but Kristi does ask us for our opinions. I’ve been following for several years now and am still amazed at how much of this that she actually DIY’s. Amazing talent!

    1. I agree. My mind sees a nice floral on those ottomans. There is a lot of straight lines in this vignette, in my mind it needs some softening up with curves/soft lines; which could be accomplished with a nice floral on the ottomans.

      A great job overall. Always amazed at your talent and vision Kristi!

    2. Hi. How fun to see it all finished! That console is beyond beautiful Kristi. Honestly, that is my favorite DIY to date!!!!!!
      And I also hesitate to make comments on a finished space, but when my sister comes over i always need her eye and by-in..so here it goes.
      What about trying your orange/coral chairs from the bird mural picture? You would lose the ottomans and bottom pictures….but they might be great there! The ottomans will work in another room, because they are beautiful, but dont feel right there….
      But overall Kristi, fantastic!!

  30. Your skills cannot be denied:) however, the purple on the ottomans does not work (for me). The purple competes with the navy (teal) background wall and the grasscloth blue. I feel like a contrasting color like your oranges or corals would work better in that stripe. There is just no reference for the purple in that room. It looks thrown in.

    1. Her living room curtains are purple and white and the rug is predominantly purple, and it’s all basically one big room.

    2. I have to agree that I think an orange or coral on the ottomans would look better. I have to say I agree with what someone else said, that even a floral print in an orange or coral would look fantastic. I understand that we are only seeing the room from one perspective and are not seeing it with the living room. I know Kristi did those in the purple to tie in with the drapes in the living room but I don’t feel like they go with the other things in the entry area. I could see those being used in the living room with chairs to match or chairs in a solid purple and the striped ottomans but again, it’s so hard to know without seeing the whole space together. I absolutely love everything else about that entry wall, though. Great job, Kristi!

  31. Nice photo of you and Matt. Just curious, Matt lives here too. Does he have input too. Would be curious to know what he thinks about it too sometimes.

    1. She has posted many times that Matt doesn’t care what she does. “Happy wife, happy life” type of thing 😜

    2. Matt generally doesn’t care what I do as long as I’m happy with it. 🙂 His one and only standing request is “no pink walls.” (Although when it comes to my studio, even that request is null and void if I decide I want pink walls.) Other than that, I could probably count on one hand the number of times he’s actually had an opinion about a decorating/design decision, and when he expresses an opinion, I try to oblige. But for the most part, he truly doesn’t care. He gets more pleasure out of me having fun, decorating, and loving the end result than he does in giving his opinion about how he thinks things should be done. Lucky me!

  32. I elected not to read the comments first. I am guessing the end result you achieved is a big hit with most. Lots of effort went into that wall. Quite a series of transformations but it appears you have arrived at a final destination.

    The colors are beautiful. The solid wall is a lovely backdrop for the other things. I am so glad you changed that to this.

    On the other side of the coin: as a lover of symmetry too, I appreciate you achieved that, but one element jumps out at me as unnecessary. The hassocks seem to crowd the wall space. Are they there just for effect? Will anyone really sit on them positioned as they are? They don’t blend; to my eye, they dominate because they are white. I realize the stripes will tie into with the purple elsewhere. Perhaps, that will save the day.

    I know you have fun with your projects. As always, it is fun to weigh in and it is perfectly fine to be ignored. May you continue with whatever strikes your fancy. Your audience awaits the next act of this fascinating drama.

    1. I sat on one just yesterday to put my shoes on before going outside. 🙂 I think that’s what seating in the entryway is generally used for — just to sit quickly before exiting. But they’re also right there by my living room (it’s pretty much the same room) for extra seating when needed.

      1. The hassocks: Good jumping off point and, as you described it, Peeve thinks so too. I have to chuckle about the two furry friends as they see you work. Cooper clicking along the wood floor and watching the show. Such surprises galore for them and new places to explore as the changes come.

        Kristi, I appreciate your attitude so much because you listen to your readers’ when you solicit votes or opinions and you also are open even when they comment after the fact. You know what makes you happy and what and how much you want in your home. You stick by your principles. You make your own decisions, of course. I don’t pick up that you are offended and I don’t perceive you resent reading alternate objective viewpoints. They are not mean spirited. Who knows? Such comments might even be catalysts to spark your thinking about a future change or an entirely different endeavor.

        Comments like, “It’s not my taste…” might awaken an alternative question for the person saying it. (‘So, what do I like?’) “Personally, I couldn’t live with…” (What do I want to live with?’) “I wouldn’t like that much color…” (‘How much color do I want and what can I do to incorporate it?’) Such comments are useful. I would hope that, although they are honest though subjective observations, they still help everybody who follows your blog to rethink what we choose to change, update, redo, pitch, add or even create in our own spaces. Or, to remain content with what we’ve already done.

        What’s next??

  33. So MANY different colors and textures……I LOVE IT! Looking back at your other “attempts” would be someone’s perfect design. All are unique…….however, you totally SCORED with the final! If only I had one wall that large, instead of view windows……….

  34. I loved the bird and vine wall that you had, although not so much the chairs with it. Wasn’t too crazy about the greek key wall, but that was just me. Also loved the grasscloth, (boo, Cooper!) and was sad it had to come down. But THIS —-THIS IS STUNNING! There is not one thing I dislike about it! Well, maybe I would cover the books to look cohesive, but that’s me. Please continue to like it, so I won’t be sad! LOL!

  35. I love the composition with the prints and the sconces, and the table is the best piece you’ve had there. However, I do think some editing is necessary: The ottomans are too much; even if they were just white, they’d detract from this beautiful entry.

  36. Oh my goodness!! Kristi, I LOVE this so much!! Though I liked the previous iterations, this design is hands down the most complete. Seriously, it looks like a photo from a high end decorating magazine. I’m impressed with your mad woodworking and design skills, but even though the ottoman is truly stunning, I feel that it is the one (two) thing(s) that I’m not sure about and I think it’s because I’m not IN the room. That’s one thing about design… we don’t design in the vacuum of a single wall… we design and decorate for the whole room. Having said that… I want to say… this is extraordinary and I hope it makes it into that high end decorating magazine. Congrats on a job well done!!! (What did Matt say?)

    1. He likes it! I mean, he doesn’t really get excited about decorating 😀 , but he’s always impressed with and proud of my accomplishments, and loves it when I’m happy with the results.

      1. Wonderful! Everyone needs someone who encourages us and is proud of us. I’m so happy to hear that Matt is that for you!

  37. Adore. Adore. Adore. This is without question the most beautiful one ever! Please keep this up and run with your instincts!

  38. Kristi, I’ve followed you through all of these and this is by far my favorite. My mind and shoulders went, “ahhhhhh.” You do very well without all our input lol 😉

    1. Well, my rug in the living room (which is the same room as this wall) is purple. My draperies are purple and white. (The light purple on the ottomans is scrap fabric from the draperies.) I don’t see how they DON’T fit in. 🙂

  39. I read every post but rarely comment. I’ve liked every one of the versions of this entry but I agree with others and think that this one is my favorite. I appreciate all the work you do and the effort you take to explain your process. I will say, this feels like a treat! We got to see the components come together and then got to see a complete reveal. I loved it! I really enjoy being presented with a completed design! It FEELS like a fully realized and implemented design. I realize that part of that is because it IS… To me this was really the best of both worlds. Following along with the process on the different pieces and then a surprise reveal. I have no idea if this was more or less difficult for you but I appreciate that you were willing to try and challenge yourself to try a different method. I’ll happily follow any path you decide to take but I really commend you on your willingness to try something new. I can’t imagine the difficulties that come with creating new content so regularly. Thanks for letting us share the journey!

  40. Your bird mural was always my favorite design, until now….. I think I love birds…. I still love the Peacock handles on your music room doors. You should have a bird of some type in every room to be found in your decor. Your “Mark” as it were! Lol! Seriously this is beautiful and the custom furniture is perfect!
    Sheila F.

  41. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!! Looks like a spread you’d find in Elle Decor or Architectural Digest. A blending of colors, styles, etc. That, best of all, is ALL KRISTI!!!!

  42. I have loved every version of of your entry way! I love color (I have a navy blue, pink and Chartreuse living room) and I appreciate your color sense. Keep creating I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  43. Please ignore ottoman comments and move on to something else. If , in the future, you decide to use them elsewhere, well and good. This space has had enough of your time and attention lavished on it. Call it DONE!

  44. I really like what you’ve done, and I’m so happy for you.

    Your readers can’t seem to stop giving their opinions even when you didn’t ask for them. “Voting” and “chosing” when you never asked for everyone to pick their favorite rendition. Giving you “ideas” and “things to consider” when you clearly stated that you considered it done and that you were thrilled with how it turned out. People, when there’s a final reveal, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.

    1. You are right. I did it too! So why do we all want to leave our opinions?
      We are so conditioned to share our viewpoints, that even when Kristi doesnt ask for them, we give them 😣

  45. Kristi, wow! I love this iteration so so much. It’s much more sophisticated and coherent. Even though I liked some of the other versions of this area, this one really rocks. The only element I’m not sure about is the ottoman covers, but perhaps that is because we don’t see the rest of the room in this picture, and I suspect the view of the area as a whole will resolve that little doubt in my mind. Your color palette based on the gorgeous bargain rug have been inspiring me to rethink my own living room, which was terrific initially, but now pretty tired. Pets take their toll. The solid dark wall is really really special with the bird prints. And the overall feel of the area is so lovely yet homey with all your accessories. In fact, I love your vase and hydrangeas to pieces and I just have to copy that for my own apartment! Imitation is the sincerest form of compliment, of course! A word about keeping the plan to yourself – for me this isn’t necessary at all. In fact I identify with your fountain of ideas and changing viewpoints. I work that way too. I think you are keeping it real, and even though I can’t do the carpentry part, I love reading your exploits. Keep up the inspiring work and never doubt how genuine and real you are! We definitely don’t need your blog to be “sanitized” of process and basically dumbed down. Just my opinion.

  46. With it all put together the lights look absolutely fabulous. I really love it , wish
    I has an entry way.

  47. As always your workmanship is incredible. I am so thrilled you are thrilled. Having said that….there is So.Much.Going.On. I love “a lot” most of the time, but this just overwhelms me. IMO (and that is obviously all it is, ha) too many bird prints and the ottomans are unnecessary and a different “vibe”. Between the blocking on the drawers, the baskets, all the frames and the ottomans, wow….
    I see at least two too many bird prints, maybe six too many. I would have loved the large prints better, without the paint inset or keyhole. BUT, your skills are amazing and fun to see! Go love your room! I wouldn’t even dare to express all this, except for the fact you seem to be open to hearing others and staying true to yourself as well.

    1. I know it’s too much for some people’s tastes, but I’ve just come to realize that I like rooms that are busier and more colorful than what most people are comfortable with. Pared down rooms start to feel boring to me very quickly (e.g., my breakfast room) and I start to feel antsy to start adding things and making changes. I think I require more visual stimulation than the average person, for some reason. It’s just how my brain is wired. 😀

  48. Bravo Kristi! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I can hardly wait for the big reveal of the adjoining living room. Keep true to yourself. You’re doing an amazing job. 👏👏👏

  49. Kristy, I just adore your bird prints! That whole wall is gorgeous. I collect porcelain birds and have them all over my house so, I can definitely see some bird prints in my future. Thank you for showing us how to get this look.

  50. Bravo! This looks final! All your touches put together give it a ‘final’ look! Looks fantastic! Also, I love that you blog in real time!

  51. Sneaky sneaky how you repainted the wall, but didn’t tell us! Haha. Actually, I love the new teal color AND being surprised by the change. It all looks fantastic. And the best part is that YOU love it.

    Am really excited about what’s to come next! Enjoy your weekend.

    1. When I wrote the above comment I had only read the post and viewed the photos on my phone. I went back to see the photos on my computer, and it is even better than I originally thought. I still can’t get over that you built that gorgeous console from scratch.

    1. She thinks it’s for her, of course! 😀 So far, she’s tried to eat my hydrangeas twice, the ivy once, and she’s rolled around thoroughly on the ottomans and the top of the console to mark them as hers. 😀

  52. I love seeing all of your versions of the entryway, although I sympathize with how long it took you to get to here! The newest version is great – colorful, stylish, warm, sophisticated, and interesting to the viewer. I also think you found a good balance with filling up the space in this one. I do wish the ottomans were the color of that red bird in the middle (love!) but I’m intrigued to see how purple will pull in more with the rest of the room. Keep staying positive!

  53. This is a stunning design. The dark wall makes the bird prints pop! I love birds and these prints are so colorful and vibrant. Is there a blog on how you made the console table? It looks like something you’d find in a high end furniture store. Also love the sconces. The only thing I’m on the fence about is the purple on the ottomans. But you might have purple in other areas of the home so it might all tie in. This is my favorite so far, other than your amazing kitchen. Great job!

    1. All of the entryway DIY projects are linked at the bottom of the post. You’ll find a link to the console table project there. I shared the whole project in three separate posts, but you’ll find them all linked on the post that’s linked on the DIY projects console table thumbnail above.

      1. Awesome! I’m going to check out all the DIYs. And I think i might have to print out and hang some of these prints in my home! Thank you for sharing all of your ideas and work. Very inspiring!

  54. Those beautiful bird prints are much like the bird mural-its your love of birds in a different form. Two thumbs up. For myself, I love both ways of presentation and, in the end, it has to fit how you roll, your personality, your life. Your completion of these projects always motivates me to finish …..something……anything! Thank you.

  55. I really love where you ended up! I love the blue wall. I felt like the grasscloth and the purple-greek-key cut the wall down and messed with the scale. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the birds and the frames. And, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the console. The bird pictures and the console are elegant and incorporate color in a more sophisticated way than the large block of color than some of the previous credenza versions. I’ll be interested to see how you incorporate the artwork elsewhere. Personally, I loved the tryptych in the music room and would love to see them there.

    Anyway, yay! You’ll need to update your video soon!

  56. I just realized how long I have been following your blog. I started when you had the apartment and yours is one of the few blogs I still get excited when i see a new email. I have learned so much from this blog, I love that you don’t follow trends and go with your own flow.

  57. I think your entryway is gorgeous! Once everyone has a chance to see the entire room the ottomans will make sense to them. Your rug and drapes are purple which they are not seeing in these pics.

  58. Kristi,
    I so look forward to your blog. your decorating ideas have been a real inspiration for me. I have usesd so many of your videos to do things for my home. I love your tufted coffee table i did a headboard for my bed using your technique. was the best on line by far….. that was several yrs ago and that is how i found you. I feel like i know you!!
    This pic of your new decorating was ,… IMO and remember it is IMO too busy. the beautiful buffet you made you hardly see it. I would remove the baskets under the drawers. and the beautiful ottomans also take you eye off of the beautiful buffet. I will probably be making one of those buffets some day!!!

  59. I LOVE IT !!! And we all love YOU! You amaze us in all what YOU DO FOR YOU! and that is all that should matter.

    I am a single gal…I am trying to do…sort of what you are doing; trying to ‘do my house’…paint, design, and decorate. I am injured…a VERY bad back. HOW do you do it? How did you move all of that furniture around? In and out of your house? I have heavy pieces as well…and I get ‘stuck’ just in those issues; how do I move the ‘big’ pieces? Those buffets can NOT!!! How do you manage to move them in and out of your house? I know it sounds like a ‘dumb’ question but I was just wondering. I would think that getting a ‘dolly’ to use would not be easy either.
    But just love your work…as I have said before…Whatever makes YOU happy!!!!

    1. I do have help sometimes, but I’m also a very determined person. So if I want to move something and there’s no one around to help, I’ll generally find a way. 🙂 I have a furniture dolly (the large, rectangular one with four wheels), those furniture glides that you put under the legs. I think it helps also that I have hardwood floors throughout my house with no threshold transition strips. Everything’s just flat, so furniture slides very easily. When I made the console, my brother happened to be here, so he helped me move it into the studio. Then when it came time to move it into the entryway, I moved it myself by putting one end up on the furniture dolly, and just lifting the other end to “steer” it through the house. Removing the drawers before moving it lightened the load quite a bit.

  60. It is great to see you so pleased with the outcome! One thing I have noticed is you have found your sweet spot and celebrate it. I always look forward to seeing what is next!

  61. I recently moved to a new home that is a completely different style than our previous one. I’ve been sitting for a few months trying to pin down what my “style” actually wants to be (other than “it was cheap on Facebook Marketplace”). I think the answer is “Just Pinterest Kristi’s entire brain, you always love it.” Colors, floral/nature prints, cozy symmetrical busyness, with brass and wood.

  62. WOW! It’s crazy how people don’t hesitate to tell you exactly what they think of your designs, even when their opinion is critical or negative. As someone who is very indecisive when it comes to my own decorating, I can’t imagine trying to design or decorate a space with so much outside input. No wonder you are constantly second guessing things!

    I think this latest version of the entryway is the most you. It feels HAPPY and COLORFUL — two things that I always associate with your designs. Beautiful job!

  63. I agree with your comment about liking more color and a fuller look as that’s me, too. I think our style isn’t always ‘in style,’ but we need to be happy in our homes, too! Let those people have their minimal color palette and their mostly empty rooms!! There’s a Southern decorator that when I see pictures of his homes, I get a catch in my throat–and there’s really hardly a blank spot, but it’s all got a story and has so much color and life. He’s an old man, now, if not already passed on. Charles Faudree is another favorite–I have every book he wrote, and he’s another that seemed to have no likeness for empty spaces! I loved every space he ever decorated–it just felt like me. To most people, I think they would be in horror at one of his spaces. I’m thankful I’m very decisive about what I want, and it’s rare that I’d ask for someone’s opinion. I just feel like it’s my home, and I want it to be me and my husband (who fortunately loves what I do, too!

  64. Isn’t it just the best feeling when you finish a room or area and it’s just how you imagined it would be? To feel happy every time you come through the door is wonderful and how delightful that you get to experience that on a daily basis.

  65. Hi Kristi,
    I’m wondering if you have had a chance to try to upload the cropped versions of the bird prints for us? If so, I missed it.

  66. This is my favorite version of this area. The custom built console with the gorgeous grass cloth drawers, the beautiful bird prints, the dark teal wall- they are all absolutely perfect in scale, color and richness, but to me, the items that set it all off and make the space so “bellisima” are the sconces with the awesome shades! There really is no other word than “perfect” for the way the sconces finish the space- love, love, love this space! I think it’s my favorite you’ve ever done and maybe it’s because you kept your own counsel during the design process as you said. It is sublime. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.

    1. I’ve just come across your blog and love this room. The bird prints are elegant and lively. Love to know where you found them.

      Thanks for sharing your home! Cheers