Is Bronze The New Stainless Steel?

Have you seen Jenn-Air‘s latest color line in appliances? I saw these for the first time a few months back, and my thought was simply, “Huh, that’s interesting.” Honestly, I wasn’t really sure WHAT to think about it.

I will say that I’m soooo sick of stainless steel (and granite, but that’s another topic). I find that I start disliking anything that automatically becomes the “default” choice. I want people to use a little more creativity in designing their home. But is the world ready for bronze? I have yet to see these used in a real-world application. I’ve only seen them in advertisements.

Jenn Air oil rubbed bronze kitchen appliance suite
Jenn Air oil rubbed bronze kitchen appliance suite
Jenn Air oil rubbed bronze kitchen appliance suite
Jenn Air oil rubbed bronze kitchen appliance suite
Jenn Air oil rubbed bronze kitchen appliance suite, refrigerator
Jenn Air oil rubbed bronze kitchen appliance suite, wall ovens

So what do you think? Will oil-rubbed bronze appliances eventually catch on and become the new stainless steel? Would YOU consider using these in your home?



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  1. I am not a big fan of stainless steel; at least not any more. It’s still pretty but everyone has it and like you when it becomes the “norm” I no longer like it. When we moved in our house 4 years ago I actually looked at some bronze finishes but at the time they were out of my budget. I really wanted something that no one else had yet so I say yay for the bronze look! At least it’s something different.

  2. I think I love these- but I’ll reserve final judgment for when I see them in real life… They aren’t anywhere in the Memphis area showrooms- I’ll have to head to Nashville to see them!

  3. I’m excited about the bronze appliances, and I e-mailed Fridigaire and others to see if they have any plans for a bronze line. So far, no luck. I’d like some options other than Jenn-air, and definitely some new options other than stainless or black!

  4. The bronze reminds me of 70’s coppertone. I like it, but think it will date itself, just like Harvest Gold, Avocado Green and Coppertone. I have white and although sometimes I wish I had something else, at least it is timeless.

  5. I have it, and love it. Looks great in my kitchen. Easy to keep looking good. And the quality of the line is wonderful.

  6. I am having my builder install these in my new home. I have seen them and they are really nice. It looks almost like wood in color. The gas cooktop is black with specks of the oil bronze finish. It also comes in a bronze chimney hood that is available for direct vent to outside wall, ceiling or non-vent recirculating. It looks best with very light wood cabinets or the cherry wood finishes. Medium stains blend to much with it. I would go for very light or the color they use on the Jenn Air website. It definitely doesnt leave finger prints. So, coodles to Jenn Air for giving us a new choice. Hopefully, others appliance companies will catch on soon.

  7. Every thing dates itself, so what can you do? they are beautiful and (for now) new and from what I can see the only option if you don’t want the cold look of SS – we are putting them in our new home too – I haven’t even seen them in person, but I have to have them.

  8. I have never cared for the industrial look of stainless steel. It always reminds me of a school cafeteria. I would love to have the oiled bronze appliances in a few years when I replace my bisque-colored appliances. We just installed oiled bronze plumbing fixtures in our kitchen and bathrooms, and they are rich-looking and beautiful. The bronze color is so much warmer than stainless steel. I think the oiled bronze appliances will become very popular in the next two years when they start showing up in appliance departments and showrooms.

  9. No how, No Way!
    Avacado is 70’s, fawn is 80’s, and stanless is so 90’s.
    White is not the rage, but it is tiemless.

  10. Can anyone who has these appliances share their experience with me? I am reading mixed reviews on the real life look? Please share.

  11. I saw these for the first time on HGTV the other day; I think they are beautiful and I never understood the rage for SS. I have begun to change out all the hardware in my home for rubbed oil bronze so I think this is only a natural choice for me.

  12. I was in a panic trying to decide what appliance color and line to go with in my new home…I too am not a fan of stainless…in fact I don’t even want a stainless sink…I was delighted to have found the bronze suite by Jenn Air. I’m not 100%, I’ll make my decision as soon as I see them in person. My cabinets are oatmeal glaze…I think these will go well with the bronze line.

  13. Jo, if you decide to use them, could you possibly send us a few pics of your new kitchen? Maybe we could add them here and let people see them. I think we’re all curious to see them in a real kitchen!

  14. Using The Bronze series in a Kitchen Right now. They are beautiful. I will tell you that the sides of the fridge are black vinyl as is the side of the doors. Only the front surface is the bronze. Most people would never notice. Some will!! FYI.
    Otherwise they are great. I can get whoever wants to see it pictures when the kitchen is finished!!

  15. Anon, I would LOVE to see pictures of the kitchen when it’s finished! Would it be okay if I post the pictures here so that others can see it?

  16. We are really leaning towards the oiled bronze cabinets but are worried about other people not liking them if we ever need to sell our home in the future. Also, our cabinets are white, but our table is wood and our chairs are leather-espresso so I think it will go…..our back up is stainless steel which would be the easiest thing to do…..Help, any pics from anyone using them currently in their home?? My email address is: [email protected]

  17. Correction, I meant to type, Oiled Bronze Appliances NOT cabinets. Our cabinets are white. Thanks, Elizabeth Real

  18. With Oil Rubbed Bronze becoming more and more popular– what do you do with the rest of the metals in the home?? I have a client who has designed a kitchen with Stainless and is going with brushed Nickel for faucets– Now they are interested in using oil-rubbed bronze as the entry hardware finish– what next– bathrooms too? If all hardware is Bronze — does that mean Brass Hinges and window hardware?? Are we going in a trend back to the yellow metals??
    I think I will show these to them and maybe they will go YELLOW METAL!

  19. Yes, they are beautiful, but I ordered the full suite in july and was told this past Friday (Oct 10), as my countertops are being installed, that the CHIMNEY HOOD WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL MARCH 2009!!!! Needless to say I’m extremely upset as I won’t even be able to cook in my completely remodeled kitchen… Jenn-Air should never have offered all the other appliance if they couldn’t produce the hood (I heard they don’t even make them -it’s a company called Broan). I am googling even as we speak for a substitute, but since there is none I feel like suing both Jenn-Air and the company I purchased them from as they have ruined my kitchen remodeling which has been going on all summer now, and can’t be completed because of Jenn-Air!!!!!!!!!!! I’m at a loss as to what to do.

  20. I am considering buying a new home that has the Jenn Air bronze appliances already in. However, they don’t make a bronze microwave so the kitchen has no microwave. Any suggestions?

  21. Hmmmm…well, for me, that wouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t used (or owned) a microwave in five years. 🙂 It’s harmful to your health and destroys the nutritional value of your food. So I guess you could learn to live without one (it’s really not that big of a deal, believe it or not!) If you absolutely must have one, you could probably use a black one and it would look fine. I certainly wouldn’t let that be the only issue that keeps you from purchasing the home if you like everything else about the house. There’s a solution for every problem.

    You could also convert one of your cabinets with a door into a “home” for your microwave. Have an electrician install a plug inside, and then keep your microwave in there. Open it when it’s in use, close the door when it’s not.

  22. I absolutely want bronze tone appliances!!!!! I have a lot of bronze accents in my home, and I hate mixing it with stainless steel. White and black appliances are too stark and boring.

  23. Interesting. I just clicked on the link in the post, and it directed me to the Jenn Air home page. I suspect that this color wasn't as popular as they had hoped it would be, and they've already discontinued it. That's too bad. Stainless is so overused.

  24. I used a product called Sophisticated Finishes in blacken bronzed on my appliances and they look great. Michael's carries the product. Just be sure and put the sealer on it. Use the bronze window tint film from Lowes on the glass part and the key pads.

  25. I designed my whole kitchen around the Jenn-air line. Why? Because I love bronze not just beccause I hate stainless steel. I also have a battered bronze fireplace surround!

  26. icast can you please post a pic. Also what type of sealer and how long does the finish last. Did you use stainless to start or sand it down?

  27. I am searching for a picture of the Jenn Air oiled bronze collection to plan my custom kitchen. I had one, but my dear hubby inadvertently destroyed the one I had! I love the Tuscan/Mediterranean/European look…I am planning my new kitchen in part around these beautiful appliances! I can't wait! They are perfect for the old world look I want!

  28. Fabulous !! I first saw these appliances a couple months ago and just today again on HGTV in a "Spice kitchen" make-over. I'll be redoing my kitchen within the next 12 months and oiled bronze is absolutely going to happen for me !! So exciting and so elegant !!

  29. Love, love, love this look! I want to use the oiled bronze appliances but am unsure about the cabinets. I would like to see pictures with different cabinet colors so I can decide. Any suggestions about where to look?

  30. The 2010 design is even better the 2009. The 2009 design had SS handles. 2010 is all oil bronzed. They must read my mind. When I first saw the 2009 design, I thought why did they stick those SS handle on them. Now they just need to do a fridge with ice and water on the outside.

  31. I found these two years ago and have been waiting for other manufacturers to make a bronze finished appliance. I'm not a big fan of stainless at all …it's such a cold look to me. I got cabinet specifically to match a brushed bronze appliance but the Jenn-air brand is way too big for my small space. Someone PLEASE make a smaller brushed bronze appliance!

  32. Hi
    I live in Canada and I am looking for these appliances. They so much warmer and inviting than SS. We are buliding on and doing a complete renovation on our house. I am going with oil bronzed thought out our home.

  33. Hi, I saw the oil bonze in our local appliance store. I am really liked them. I do not like SS way to cold looking. I am just concerned when we sell our home people may still want SS. Any thoughs on that? Iris

  34. Love the oiled bronze look! So much warmer than SS – which many have commented on. For those who have the line – is it possible to get away with a black cook top instead of the "oiled bronze" version (which looks black anyway)?

  35. I first saw these the other day on HGTV and found them to be very pretty on the show. When we bought our first home in January I decided on white appliances because I didnt want the hassle of keeping the stainless steal clean. Its crazy that white is even easier to keep clean. I would love to have the new Bronzed appliances, so when I replace my appliances I hope the bronze is available as a option.

  36. I have the suite and absolutely adore it. No fingerprints. I went with the second-gen with bronze handles rather than stainless. Although I did purchase a discontinued oven and replaced the handle with a new one from Jenn Air. I don't have cabinets up yet or I'd take a picture; I've been picking up the appliances one at a time. I really think the finish is glorious. Will it date like harvest gold? Perhaps. But who cares? I've been admiring them since they promoted in 2007/08, and I love them! You really can't go wrong.

  37. I love everything in oil rubbed bronze. I've been waiting and waiting for a refridgerator that is a reasonable price and offers the features I want in this beautiful finish–so warm and pretty. Please encourage Jenn air to offer more options or other manufaturers to join in!

  38. Stainless aluminum (they aren't steel) appliances look like the kind they use in industrial kitchens (e.g.military,prisons,cafeterias) Granite countertops have that cold feel of rock slabs like used in a morgue where they do autopsies.
    Worse than that they are the monkey see, monkey do choice of decor without individual taste or creativity.
    The I-must-have-this-because-I-saw-it-on-TV or because it's "in" or the "fad" or Helen and Bob just put it in their kitchen or saw it in a magazine is terribly dull, ordinary and too,too common.
    I still have classic, timeless, white appliances but would love to have some retro 60's avacado, persimmon, nutmeg instead of polished aluminum.
    If you want to see some real eye (and pocketbook) popping color in appliances,
    check out Thank you.

  39. Stainless aluminum appliance remind me of the industrial uses of as in prisons and army kitchens. Granite counter tops are cold like slabs in the morgue. Whats worse, they both represent the epitome of the I-must-have-it-because-everyone-else has-it decor mentality. Monkey see, monkey do. Total absence of individual creativity. HGTV and clever marketing to the tasteless masses. Gawd awful stuff.

  40. Love the oiled bronze look! So much warmer than SS – which many have commented on. For those who have the line – is it possible to get away with a black cook top instead of the "oiled bronze" version (which looks black anyway)?

  41. With Oil Rubbed Bronze becoming more and more popular– what do you do with the rest of the metals in the home?? I have a client who has designed a kitchen with Stainless and is going with brushed Nickel for faucets– Now they are interested in using oil-rubbed bronze as the entry hardware finish– what next– bathrooms too? If all hardware is Bronze — does that mean Brass Hinges and window hardware?? Are we going in a trend back to the yellow metals??
    I think I will show these to them and maybe they will go YELLOW METAL!

  42. sure would! I hate the stainless so much. I liked my black textured doors but they only make the black satin finish now.Had to buy a new one fridge an hour ago. Fingerprint city here I come. I actually don't care for the cool shades on appliances at all. Black, beige or this new bronze would be great

  43. I LOVE bronze!!  I'm waiting for it to become the default choice.  By then, there will be cheap versions available with bronze just being the accent.  I'd like to see almond (bisque, beige) colored appliances with bronze accents just as you see white appliances with stainless steel accents today.  Hopefully, someone will remember to include a matching coffeemaker in their line!!

  44. I am just finishing my kitchen using ge profile-ss with curved black glass for the cooking appliances. Do you think the orb frig would go with this? Cabinets are a med brown rustic alder. The area appliance store has had the suite on display for 3 yrs. and only sold about 1 suite per yr. Does the orb make the room dark? Wondering if the kitchen would look too unmatched. Will currently keep my bisque frig. because I didn't care for any panal ready frigs. 

  45. Thanks for the post.  We are building and I love the suite displayed at our appliance store too!  Was all ready to order but began reading negative comments about the quality of the jenn-air appliances, especially the range.  Problems with control panel & the electronics.  Am planning my entire kitchen around these bronze appliances and no other company handles this color–so frustrating.  Its a rather expensive venture for me so I can't simply buy them for the color if the quality of the appliances isn't there.  What has your experience been?  Thanks very much for a reply. 

    [email protected]

  46. What type of bronze appliances did you buy. We have biscuit but will be updating the kitchen set soon.

  47. The rage for Stainless Steel was really started by the advent of men cooking in kitchens, especially batchelors. We use bisque but i think bronze of good quality –much like good smudge resistent stainless, is a good choice for the right kitchen ie one with maple cabinets and a high ceiling environment. We will seriously consider them  but NOT stainless steel. The last set I saw was so wretched and of poor quality that I was almost speechless! Quality over colour always reins. By the way, i have been cooking for 24 years…

  48. The Bronze kitchen looks FABULOUS!  I've been looking for a BRONZE metallic freestanding microwave for ages.  Any idea where I could get one?  I'm fed up with stainless steel or white ones – so BORING!  Coloured ones have started to come in but they are bright red or green or purple.  I want a BRONZE one!

  49. Yuck, we had better NOT be shifting back to the yellow metals.  If so, then I guess I'm going to be the rebel who keeps her stainless steel.  I've always liked that look – before it was popular.  This new bronze style is just the latest craze.  "Everyone" who is "anyone" will simply "have to have it!!"  …Blech.  Go ahead and follow the crowd.  It will be amusing watching the "one-ups-men" trying to outdo each other.  As for me, I'm happy with what I have.

  50. People either like the bronze look or they like the stainless look.  They are two completely different styles.  I like more (European) modern and so I appreciate having the stainless.  Some like a more Traditional (American) look where one normally finds bronze.  To each his own.  Glad you like your look.