Make It Happen Monday — Have You Seen This Fabric?

Good morning, and happy Monday to you!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

So my goal last week was to paint and reupholster my $5 “new” ReStore dining chairs…

And if you’ll remember, my inspiration was this picture from House Beautiful

So did I finish them? Ummm…no. I did get them painted and did an antiquing/dry brushed finish on them…

But that’s as far as I got because I can’t find fabric that orange color anywhere!!!

I’ve looked at JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, a local store, and online at Fabric.com, and I simply can’t find this color anywhere.

Have you seen this color fabric anywhere?

I did end up buying some white cotton duck and a bottle of orange Rit dye, but I haven’t tried it yet…and honestly, I’m not too confident about going that route. And I didn’t really want cotton. The fabric in the inspiration picture looks kind of textured and slubby, almost like a heavy linen. Yeah…I won’t hold my breath on finding the perfect shade of heavy orange linen. So anyway, the hunt continues…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned something about myself. If I determine ahead of time what project I’m going to tackle for the next week, I find myself wanting to work on anything and everything except that project. I have no idea why that is, but because I want to work on anything and everything except that one project, I find myself procrastinating on the project I’ve committed to working on, and then my weekends feel rushed.

So this week, I’m going to try working with my personality rather than against it. Rather than committing to a certain project, I’m simply going to go where inspiration leads. I figure as long as I’m moving forward, and progress is being made, then it’s okay if I perhaps jump around from room to room a bit. So, I’ll try it, and we’ll see how it goes.

How did you do on your projects last week? Did you get anything done? Hit any roadblocks? Share you progress, and if you’ve posted on your progress, leave us a link!

So within minutes of posting this, I think I found a fabric that will work, all thanks to Ashley at First Home Dreams. She suggested that I look at Tonic Living, and low and behold, they have a couple of fabrics that I think will work!

The first is this upholstery weight cotton in a color called Saffron Yellow (and really, I guess the fabric in the inspiration pic really is a very yellowish orange):

The second is definitely a truer orange, and it’s an outdoor fabric in 100% polyester, so it would be very durable. The color is called Orange Crush:

Which one do you think would be better? Just as a reminder, my front door (which is very close to the table) is definitely more of a yellowish orange…

…but it’s not quite as yellow as the first fabric…and most certainly not as orange as the second.

I think the truer orange might actually clash with the door. Or is it okay to mix two totally different oranges? What do you think?

If I’m set on going the outdoor polyester fabric route, they do have a yellow that would work, called Sunnyside Daffodil

I did have my heart set on an orange or an yellowish orange, but since my walls are yellow, perhaps the yellow fabric would work best. Gosh, now I’m just all kinds of confused.

Please tell me what you think. Help me decide!! 🙂



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  1. I almost never commit to a project for a set period of time, for that exact reason. I tend to wait until inspiration strikes, and see that through. Although I will work on smaller things between steps (like when paint is drying- great time to tackle something small) as that seems to satisfy my design ADHD 🙂

    As far as the fabric goes, if you don’t find the right shade of orange, you can simply over-dye some yellow fabric (a natural fiber) with the Rit dye. Just make sure you stir in some soda ash with the dye, as it fixes the dye to prevent fading (or bleeding in the wash if you make them removable.) You can find it in the swimming section of Lowe’s or Home Depot 🙂 Just make sure you wear gloves and a mask when adding/stirring soda ash- it’s not good to inhale, I do it outside.

    The chairs look great, good luck with the fabric problem!

  2. I don’t think you can go wrong with either option, truly! Look back at your inspiration picture & you’ll notice that even though it’s a yellow-orange on the chair seat, right behind the chair are drape panels with a faded truer orange hue. Personally I’d love the slightly offset accent of the “Orange Crush” fabric. I don’t like things to look too matchy-matchy or perfectly coordinated…it then loses that collected over time feeling. Homes really speak to me when they have that collected feel…stories there just under the surface to be discovered.

  3. Where do you live? If by chance you live close to Los Angeles, CA. the downtown LA, fabric district has every fabric imaginable to man…..at rock bottom prices!

  4. I like the saffron yellow and I love the inspiration chairs! So coool!

    YES, I am totally with you on the determination to get a project done and being seduced by other projects. I am a bit ADD when it comes to my art and decorating projects anyway so it isn’t new here, lol. I do like this idea of getting the projects done and it really, really has helped keep me focused. Especially since I just moved in almost a month ago. I still have A LOT more to do in the little cabin but because of this blog it is helping me get my stuff done. 🙂 Thank you!

    I have been working on my walls and boy what a job. I am almost done putting up the paper. My landlords came to check it out and loved it too! YAY!

    I started on the idea for what to put on the paper and I think it will be pretty darn awesome when it is done. I went from kind of a cabiny/Tudor look to something more fun and hmm I don’t know what I would describe it as now. I really wanted French Country but for some reason it just isn’t a French Country style of place so off I go to ecclectic! lol

    My inspiration came from a site online (maybe BHG?) but I cannot remember where I saw it so I cannot credit the source. Here is where the walls are now, what do you think??? http://photobucket.com/wallofpeople My job this week is to finish the rest of the paper and hanging people (haha I just love that.)

  5. Darn, I always forget to say something on previous posts lol. By the way, the push pins recede with the silhouetted people now. Funny too, the only ones who actually notice and are bothered by the clear pushpins are men. Isn’t that funny? Personally I would have rather not used them but again since I am renting I needed a quick, non-permanent solution to those dreary walls. Thankfully they are in a pattern so it does look better than one would think it does. 🙂

  6. This weekend we began painting the exterior of the house, tearing up ginormous azalea bushes that were allowed to grow into a hedge, and grouting the walls of the new tub surround we recently installed…which is why I have no post this Monday to link to! Just can’t do it all, you know?

    I totally relate to the procrastination and the zigzag process issues. I’m with you: some progress is progress. Who says we have to work from start to finish on one thing?

  7. Myself, I see too many shades of yellow competing for attention. I’d go with the orange. But its your kitchen. Do what you want.

  8. My vote is for the saffron yellow!. You did a great job on the chairs! Will you be doing a tutorial on how you do the antiquey finish?

    I finished my Kitty Cat Doormat which I absolutely love! I intended to use it for the front door but I think it will work under kitty food bowls or the kitty litter. I also worked very hard on a kitty bed using a box from Costco and paint sticks but now my kitty won’t sleep in it so I’m not sure if I should finish it or just call it a project fail. 🙁

    I also had my ministry website hacked on Friday. Soooo not cool. I wrote a post about it so any bloggers out there might want to read about what to do if it happens to you!

  9. My vote is for the Saffron Yellow. Given your first impulse and that it looks to me like your door is a warm but strong yellow…I think it would work. No…I think it would be gorgeous!!! The good thing is that you won’t have a lot of money in the fabric. But, you could always order samples first….if you have the patience. 😀

  10. I like the first fabric. I did manage to hem 4 sets of curtains that I’ve had up for about 3 years…that’s an accomplishment on top of painting furniture and getting ready for a market on Saturday!

  11. Can you have them send you sample pieces of fabric? A lot of online stores will do that, and then you can hold it up to your door and walls and see how they look. Definitely worth a try!

    P.S. In my opinion, that saffron yellow is the perfect mix of yellow and orange. But color is a very subjective thing, so go with your gut!

  12. Hi Kristi, I love what you’re trying to do with your chairs. Well I’m currently working full time in the office so all I did this weekend was get my spa pool out of storage and put it up in the conservatory. My blog shows the special room we created for it last year but the floor was damaged in our house flood and needs replacing, hence the new temporary measure. I thought you might like to see it though.