More Fabulous Finds!!

Oh my…I’ve been bitten by the bug. I’ve never had this affliction before, so this new-found excitement is all very new to me. Yes, I’m talking about the flea market/garage sale bug.

It all started with my “new” chairs that I found. Somehow, that find awoke something in me that I never knew was there. Now I’m a bit obsessed.

Yesterday I was shopping in a one of my favorite little stores (Bloom & Bee Swanky, for those of you in Central Texas), and was told about an estate sale that was going on just a few blocks away. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see.

You see, there was this man who recently died, and his items were being sold. But evidently, this man had spent an entire lifetime collecting things–ANY type of thing–and storing it in an old building downtown. I arrived at this old brick warehouse, and when I walked into the entrance, I was absolutely stunned. There before me was over 33,000 square feet of stuff–row after row of stuff. I mean, any kind of thing you could imagine–from yard rakes to furniture, from absolute junk to incredibly valuable antiques, and everything in between. And it all belonged to this man!!

Still excited about my recent chair purchase, I entered the building full of confidence that I would find some treasures, and indeed, I did. I bought two more chairs and a lamp.

After that experience, my obsession with other people’s junk only intensified. Today, driving home from taking my hubby to work, I came across two more estate/garage sales. Of course now that I’m on a roll, I had to stop. And again, more treasures were found. I purchased two fabulous little side tables.

I’ve now determined that I’m going to try to furnish my entire condo with second hand and handmade items (with the exception of my new built-in cabinets that I’m having made, and the fabric I’ll purchase to recover my “new” chairs). I am having an absolute blast. So do you want to see my new purchases?

There are two of the little glass-top tables, and I got those for $2 each. Then I got two of the chairs, and they were $15 each. The funky lamp base was $10. I have no idea if I’m getting good prices on these things. Like I said, this whole garage sale thing is new to me. But heck…I know all too well how much NEW items cost, and I know how much it’ll take to get these items looking fabulous. As far as I’m concerned, I got great deals!!


As I carried my new purchases from my car to my front door, I strutted along with my head held high, proud as a peacock as I walked past my neighbors. Later I got to thinking…I’m sure they were thinking to themselves, “Wow, poor thing. This ecomonic crisis has really had a terrible effect on her. Look at the junk she’s having to settle for now.” Ha!

Happy decorating!



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  1. One mans junk is anothers treasure. Great to hear your having fun and getting some bargain prices too. We all can use the idea of saving a little here and there. When your finding these treasures, keep in mind the colors and feng shui placement in your home.

  2. There is a certain “thrill of the hunt” that adds to the excitement.

    One of the designers on Top Design (Eddie Ross) has a blog where he shows his redos, so that a good spot for inspiration.

    I grew up going to garage sales with my mom. They’re a lot of fun. I would have not been able to leave 33,000 sq. ft. with only three items. 🙂

  3. Thanks Megan! I love it too. I could just picture it painted a chalky white color…very Jonathan Adler-esque. I’m still not sure exactly what I’m going to do with it, though. It may end up being pink…or orange…or turquoise. Who knows!